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5 Ways to Make Money with Revit (Business of Revit)

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Subscribe for more! Please Like this Video! Revit can be a Business! Tutorial on 3D floor plans in Revit: https://youtu.be/ZX-03TD-FEg https://youtu.be/e7R96a5Nedo Websites for selling families online: https://www.turbosquid.com/Search/Index.cfm?keyword=revit http://www.revitstore.com/index.php Freelance Websites: https://www.upwork.com/ https://www.freelancer.com/ In this video I show you 5 ways to make money with the business of revit! Follow me on social media: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mr.balkanarchitect/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Balkan-Architect-278024016289562/?modal=admin_todo_tour Twitter: https://twitter.com/ArchitectBalkan Additional Tags: Freelance, make, money, get, rich, payed, earn, more, business, revit, model, 3D
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Text Comments (212)
jo ger (9 hours ago)
Hello Balkan, can you create video how to override 'paint' in view.
A.D. Architects (8 days ago)
Hey Balkan Architect. Great training videos. They are one of a kind. I started learning Revit full-time 5 months ago and I already completed 5 projects in Revit. Your tutoring videos were fundamental in learning Revit skills. I highly recommend your videos. Hope you keep making more. Will always be a fan of your site. Thanks!!!!
REMO Aj (16 days ago)
plzzz make tutorial on BIM
REMO Aj (16 days ago)
thank u so much for all this
Geminiano Antipuesto (23 days ago)
where is the best school or training center in the philippines to learn architecture revit?
PhyZeik (25 days ago)
Personally I think revit is more difficult than autocad
Bidisha Saikia (1 month ago)
i am very glad to be the member of your channel sir. So, I am Bidisha Saikia, a student from school of engineering and technology, Kaziranga University, Assam,India. sir i have watched your videos and tutorials for the growth of my learning skills in the 3D software i.e.Revit, I am really doing great in that skill everyone here is appreciating me for the development of my knowledge. and this is by default possible only because of you. sir i want to say to you that can you please provide tutorials on how cars/trucks models are designed on 3D software (REVIT) . i would feel blessed if you do so. Thank you sir!
Sam Liedtke (2 months ago)
There’s also always the option of actually working for an architectural firm, but I’m pretty sure everybody took that one as a given.
Drafting Video (2 months ago)
Love your videos
JaSamPetar (2 months ago)
Fajk pare brao
Nishizaka Steel Company (2 months ago)
I got a business grant of $34,000 credited to my bank account all thanks to lutherangrants ,com
Nishizaka Steel Company (2 months ago)
I applied for a grant from lutherrangrants,com and within 24hours they got me the amount credited to my bank account
Vamshi Manni (2 months ago)
Really? How it's possible of that much money?
MUHAMMED ASHIQ PB (3 months ago)
I am in intermediate
mohsin asghar (3 months ago)
Hi, really informative video, how to start your own with the help of Revit
Mark Ballada (3 months ago)
Serena Key (3 months ago)
It once was my desire to acquire vast amounts of cash within a few hours daily. For that reason, I tried out to apply different ways and techniques to be successful. I`ve found “fetching wovo space” (Google it) froma good friend. Nowadays, I gain for not less than "$100" everyday. This plan is definitely efficient. Actually, it delivers wonderful results..
Ragini Sahu (3 months ago)
Hello sir.......i want to add a double panel door in my floor plan in revit...how do i do that as there are only preset modules
TRAVELLAR BOY (3 months ago)
OK aap ad bhi kr sakte ho family se
Shihas Mohamed (4 months ago)
You read my mind! I think I'm fairly good at making smart parametric families and was looking for a way to make money out of it. Let's see how far I can go with this idea. Thanks for the video though
mohammed hussein (4 months ago)
your English language very clear, so you can learn us
Graig Bartlett (4 months ago)
You and "Learning With Rich" are The Best videos I've found! You explain everything in such detail that it's simple to follow and understand. You have helped me out Tremendously! I am studying to draw mep (mainly; Plumbing and Heating and Cooling). By the way, on a side note, for us English speaking students, I've noticed that you have basically eliminated your accent. That is extremely difficult! You stopped rolling your R's. Thank you. Lol. Please keep up your fantastic videos! You are such a nice likable guy! You deserve a CAD metal if one was available.
chris plusplus (4 months ago)
after watching this video, i checked some freelance websites, and there is not much demand, very few are hiring revit..
Shihas Mohamed (4 months ago)
Yes, not much to benefit from
Si Boleng (5 months ago)
Pravin Meshram (5 months ago)
Do you know any collage or institute in Florida ? I want lern Revit please let me know
chinthaka rathnasuriya (5 months ago)
Thanks for your valuable opinions and appreciate it. I'm just a beginner and I may probably looking for your help. thanks and keep it up.
Raktim Barua (5 months ago)
How much did you make from Revit?
Akari Kein (5 months ago)
I need subtitle in English
CherryyBombs (5 months ago)
Cool ideas!
Son of Pathan (5 months ago)
If any one have some job contact me just search son of pathan in YouTube
ALTAF ZAMAN (6 months ago)
Anuruddha Thuduwawaththa (6 months ago)
I can see that there are a considerable amount of freelance jobs for architects, but not for mep drafters & designers. Any reason why ?
Balkan how can take class with you man? Im in miami Thats the only problem
Snuffying (6 months ago)
bereket haddis (6 months ago)
I have just started a small building designing company. Ii'v been stuked on ACD, and that was making me bowed.Am i too late to this revit thing? Man! ur making my work interesting and easyyyy. Am gonna bust my business up!!!. Thanks a lot!
prashant ingale (7 months ago)
Nice suggestions. and very true, I was just training but now I will go with other ways.
Shamsideen Olalekan (7 months ago)
Thanks, great I stumble on this video now am in for it. Revit Architecture
NAFSAL nzR (8 months ago)
balkan bro i am a civil engineer , but i am jobless , i like to design buildings but i dont have the skill to design , :-(
Lautaro Lanari (2 months ago)
That's odd. In Argentina you would have a job for sure. Nobody wants to study engineering here, too lazy for that. Populism did this.
How can Revit Certified professional get opportunity to work and earn?
mjncad (8 months ago)
Bloody hell, I may have found the Revit equivalent of TFI (Tips For Inventor). Autodesk's videos and webinars suck.
ASIF IMAM (8 months ago)
I need ....i want to do that
D. M. (8 months ago)
I am looking to start my own business with revit by the end of the year. Been working on ideas for the past several months. Any advice or insight?
Gavin Crump (7 months ago)
Go with one/some of the following; - contracts/management plans - content creation - office consultant (templates, setup, training) Or a combination. If you have professional qualifications use it in the working world first id say, that way you understand the client Hope that helps and good luck!
ash zion (8 months ago)
such a good one love u'all tuts.... ;-)
djamal oued. (8 months ago)
good video.can you do a video for plumbing dimension calculating
parth rasse (9 months ago)
Is this work , if the uploaded file is from pirated version of revit ? ( Will the legal action be taken against it ?)
Biswajit (9 months ago)
I want to sell my Revit components . Can you help me where I can sell it??
Jamoni Jamo (9 months ago)
Do you have to be an architecture in order to be good at Revit ?
frist time to see you ... but I love you ...thanks for this vedio sir
shahaalam samiullah (9 months ago)
thanks a lot Sir
Paul T (10 months ago)
you are so funny! and great, thanks man.
MilosCsrb (10 months ago)
How to make money with MEP ??
Engr. Waleed Khan (10 months ago)
Working as a freelancer and with real estate is more realistic in this list.
farimah malihi (10 months ago)
Thank you sooo much 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Rafiu Alli-Balogun (11 months ago)
Great video
Thomas 2005 (11 months ago)
Update alert at 5:10-------Autodesk "Seek" is now "BimObject"
M.E (11 months ago)
Balkan sir. I am in Nigeria and PayPal doesn't work over here please do u have an alternative means for me to get paid from Revit city thanks pls kindly reply
diego vázquez (11 months ago)
Alguna traducción al español?
Austen Sperry (11 months ago)
So friendly and informative!
Hani M.TARTOUR (11 months ago)
Awesome video thanks
Gözde Ünal (11 months ago)
mm, ı guess fall in love, Balkan architect...soo ♡❤♡very sweet and intelligent
M.E (11 months ago)
Gözde Ünal am also sweet and intelligent lol
Juan D A (11 months ago)
I liked you a lot more when you didn't full fit your videos with publicity, I know you want to earn money but come on, is worse than watching TV
Skip Laughtuber (11 months ago)
sir where you use to sell it and what are some links for applying as revit tutor
aaa Kim (11 months ago)
thank you :)
tejas mane (11 months ago)
hello sir, I'm from India. professionally I am civil engineer and I have completed revit architecture software last 3 months ago. I have good practice in revit architecture as well as basic AutoCAD. I couldn't found any job related this software. I'm thinking about work online from home. Can you give me any idea which will help me to find any company who gives online project and pay for it or job for mi..
roohul ameen (4 months ago)
If you are from Delhi you can easily find job in BIM firm you have to search out and make contact with them, there are many firm in Noida Gurgaon Delhi NCR
Pappu plays Pubg (4 months ago)
Tell me if he replied
Faheem Rasheed (7 months ago)
+prajwal madghe i was also looking for the same.
prajwal madghe (7 months ago)
tejas mane hello tejas..Where are you from?city?
i used to make money with revit like producing 3d presentations for various companies
rudy taquichiri (11 months ago)
Could you share some pages for architect competitions?
Gardening and Cooking (11 months ago)
you did not mention that making youtube videos is probably the fastest way to start making some money regularly
Cousin Singo (6 days ago)
But its harder
Balkan Architect (11 months ago)
These were good ways to make money with revit fast, but yes you can make money with youtube tutorials, but as my finding out it's a long process and to make any decent money one has to do it full time..
revit secrets (11 months ago)
Nice Video!!!!
SABARISH MOTHISH (11 months ago)
brother just tell me how to sell components in revitstore website . i can't find the link inside the websites to sell components
Ayman Biomy (11 months ago)
thanks for video but i think you can not earn mony or earn a very little mony comparing to the high efforts you exert in designation and due to the high competitiveness between a great a mount of offered designes
Parag Ramteke (11 months ago)
hello sir, I'm from India. professionally I am electrical engineer and I have completed revit mep software last 3 months ago. I have good practice in revit mep (electrical) as well as basic AutoCAD. I couldn't found any job related this software. I'm thinking about work online from home. Can you give me any idea which will help me to find any company who gives online project and pay for it.
Asad Tarique (11 months ago)
Parag Ramteke Electrical engineering krke Architect ka job kaise milega bhai?
Ikram Ali (11 months ago)
balkan architect good job bro..
Abdul Basit (1 year ago)
hi Balkan whatsup man ........... i want to learn Revit from where can i get to start ?
How to upload my families to http://www.revitstore.com/index.php?>
Neeraj singh (1 year ago)
I have done 100+ project in revit architecture Anybody there to give me online project/work for revit
mohamed yasheer (1 year ago)
Dear sir i am beast revit workers
Maroš Luby (1 year ago)
First one...Why would someone download a family for their project from someone who dont know what they are doing and just want to make Money as u said? ....like seriously??
Luciana Lu (1 year ago)
Hi from Brazil!!! Thank you for the tips. I liked your other vídeos too! Please avaible the subtitles ! :)
Raad Yusuf (1 year ago)
Thank you very much. I will try to make some of dat moneyyyy
Cool video. Thanks!
henry igugu (1 year ago)
Thanks for the videos Balkan Architect!!! Now I'm sure my Revit Journey will be smoother
rajan roy (1 year ago)
How design revit sprinkler and fire alarm can you help?
zhorton ryo (1 year ago)
I use Revit MEP , Do you know any company that needs Plumbing Tutorials ?
BrahypelmaBohemei (1 year ago)
If I could I would give You 50 likes. Sadly I can give just one, so there You have it
ephraim kevin (1 year ago)
Thank you brother, good idea
Stuff I Want To Do (1 year ago)
Thanks for sharing your tips! Always good stuff on your channel. I am very interessted in starting something off as soon as i feel that i am comfortable enough with Revit. I am also glancing a bit on those 360 cameras that also scans the room, but then you have to be located at the scene instead of working from home so i guess its a matter of what you feel like doing. What kind of job would you think would be a good first gig? making families etc?
Moses Munah (1 year ago)
i started with archicad when I got to college but am kinda falling for revit ,,,,,thanks bro am always waiting for any video you upload I wanna know more about revit
Enes Ozdemir (1 year ago)
Hello Everyone. All this stuff he is saying is pretty accurate. I work for a curtain wall company that didn't have any Revit models and I started working with them modeling the curtain walls. 1.5 years later now I am full time employed by this company in their design team. it's an open world out there. Anything is possible now a days :)
Enes Ozdemir (1 year ago)
13aran hey I’m not in Turkey I’m in Canada. And yeah I am Turkish.
13aran (1 year ago)
Hey, your name caught my attention. I'm guessing you are Turkish. Is this job you mentioned in Turkey.? I am curious about revit jobs there or online.
Hannah Wen (1 year ago)
Youre hilarious. Dont just email ikea and be like YO you need some revit models hahahahahaha
Julius Psalms (6 months ago)
Lols does ikea make models?
sunil j (1 year ago)
Thanks bro...U are god send to me...Prayers and blesses
D. M. (1 year ago)
I really want to get in the business of creating & selling my own revit home designs. Could anyone help me?
Jeremy Montoya (1 year ago)
He failed to mention that you need a paid licensed version of Revit.
jamesosul (1 year ago)
You should consider working on the acoustics in your videos. you seem to have a good enough mic but the room acoustics and softening of your voice could be improved upon. C'mon man you're an architect sort that shit out ;)
Andrew Warby (1 year ago)
I created permit drawings for a real estate company with the very limited knowledge of Revit at the time. Good $500
Phuong Dang (5 months ago)
Hello Andrew, I have 3 years experience in Revit and worked with projects in US, Australia and Vietnam. Can we have a co-working if you want? Contact me at [email protected]
jaganjacfan (10 months ago)
It really dependes on where he lives. And can you clarify a bit more what do you mean by permit drawing(s). Is it 500 per project or what?
Andrew Warby (11 months ago)
Please allow me to clarify. I was paid $500 for creating a permit drawing.
Andrew Warby (11 months ago)
Please allow me to clarify. I was paid $500 for a permit drawing.
SofaSpy (1 year ago)
$500 for permit drawing? bro you got ripped off!!
Grubiantoll (1 year ago)
Good advice
CommanderEagle1 (1 year ago)
BIMObject is also another good website for finding families and models as well as Revit City
Chris Dashford (1 year ago)
Hey just wondering where a good place to go to start looking for competitions would be? Thanks!
Cyrena Anderson (1 year ago)
I love all of your tutorials! I have learned a lot from them. I really like that that they are short and sweet so I can quickly learn and be on my way. Thank you!
Mohammed Talha Hyder (5 months ago)
I recently did a backyard scene tutorial on my channel "MTH REVIT TUTORIALS" check that out
André Wandelewe (1 year ago)
Very Informative!! Thanks Balkan
Mohd Aadii (1 year ago)
Hmm seriously..
Christian Basiya (1 year ago)
We'll I used Revit for Quantity Surveying. That's another way to earn money
Kaleeman1 (1 year ago)
I make money with revit offering in a freelance site my services as BIM modeler. I worked as a BIM modeler for the precast concrete industry and decided to go freelance, actually atm i am working on a project a client ordered on the freelance site. You are right when you say you dont need to be an architect or engineer but the more you know about the profession the more accurate and the better your resume and portfolio will be since you know what you are talking about.
Armenian Ararat (1 year ago)
Your whole business will be eaten by Indians and Pakistanais who can sell models online 20 time less than others .

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