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My Foreign Currency Collection 2018 + Exchange Rates USD (PART 2)

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So here it is people. Part 2 of my currency collection. In this video I show you the foreign bank notes I've collected throughout the years. In the next video I will show you the coins that my wife and I have collected! Exchange rate to USD included. Foreign Bank Notes in this video: Israeli New Shekel, South African Rand, Czech Koruna, United Arab Emirates Dirham, Thai Baht, New Taiwan Dollar, Vietnamese Dong, Australian Dollar, Swiss Franc, Peruvian Sol and Indian Rupee. Part 1: https://youtu.be/OQfyyYISuFI Social Media: ► Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eliterb28/ ► Snapchat: www.snapchat.com/add/eliterb28
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Text Comments (138)
katarina McKeon (3 days ago)
What about Costa Rica in my opinion they have the most colorful currency in the world.
Jay Darling (5 days ago)
The coolest banknotes in my collection are Barbados 2$ bill 2013 series And Bosnia and Herzegovina 10 dinara from the 90s
Jay Darling (5 days ago)
I have 170 countries
Anu Sindu (8 days ago)
Hi I am from India I also like to collect foreign currency can please tell me How can I get on online Can any body sell me plz
Param Singh Chib (10 days ago)
Haytham Mofeed (11 days ago)
50 shekels isr has no blue water Mark on back it is an ink on by a pen.not as she told you
Satyaki Jana (12 days ago)
Where r u from?
Satyaki Jana (12 days ago)
I want to collect bank notes but I have no source.can u suggest me anything?
Satyaki Jana (12 days ago)
From where do u collect?
Satyaki Jana (12 days ago)
+The Angry Spud thank u 4 ur reply.....Love from india.
The Angry Spud (12 days ago)
The Angry Spud (1 month ago)
Check out my new gaming channel messijessi28 be sure to SUBSCRIBE!!! Thanks 😘 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_KJFn46S8NL7QxNI7DJolg
ali zain (1 month ago)
i like swis cruncey ❤️
IBRAHIM MOOSA (2 months ago)
Your collection is dope bro. And I think you just joked about UAE. ❤️🙏
The Qhayz (2 months ago)
I got 300 shekels lol
X JudahD X (2 months ago)
i have mostly ww2 german dollars
Santino Mamone (2 months ago)
australia prints like money for 30 countrys plastic polyphonic money in canberra
Adrian Witkowski (3 months ago)
Israeli Shekel is almost the same value as Polish Zloty :D Rich people of UAE have a lot of money but the same value of this cash as money in Israel ,Poland, Romania , Brasil ... :D
seetha devi andiappan (3 months ago)
Well in my collection i got pound steling and some other bank note
seetha devi andiappan (3 months ago)
Welll iso like forrency currency and like the vidio uplode 1 dan2 dan3
Yes we are the world's most richest country fuck you trump
Goonesia Good Indonesia (3 months ago)
Im from indonesia and i have Indonesian Rupiah (of course),Malaysian ringgit and 1 yen from japan :v
Ukraynalı Dinozor (4 months ago)
Saj we saj we qAuhsar
ayu racanda (4 months ago)
I have hong kong dollar chinese yuan and indonesian rupiah
sidkings (4 months ago)
You're missing Egyptian Pounds, Bangladeshi Taka, Tanazanian Shillings, Morroccan Dirhams, Lebanese Pounds.... quite a few I think.. but for sure you need thesein a collection.
mivec mitsu (4 months ago)
I live in malaysia and i did collect more than 100 countries banknote. Some are unc that i bought online. Some are aunc. And some are circulated banknotes. I have curacao banknote. The country that no more exist now. And i also have nigerian pound banknote. Would love to own panama's balboa banknote one day. And greenland kroner as well.rarest banknotes.
Smart Knowledge (4 months ago)
Sir from where did u buyed vietnamese dong i also wanna buy please tel me
sharique sharique (4 months ago)
My favourite currency is Indian currency I am use Indian currency I have 94 currencies in the world
Nilda Hernandez (4 months ago)
I live in Israel and I have the shekel and nira and menat and syellcales rupee
Christian Ramirez (4 months ago)
Liechtenstein is the richest country to date
Sionnubi (4 months ago)
In my collection I have the old "Una Sută Lei" (old 100 Romania lei/ron from the comunism period) and 2000 old Romania ron (eclipse edition) and 20 Leva crom Bulgaria.
Oli J Henna Designs (5 months ago)
In my collection I have : Thai Bhat,Chinese yuan,Indonesian rupiah, Singapore dollar,Indian rupee
Oli J Henna Designs (5 months ago)
I'm aussie and I use the five bucks note cause I'm a kid so I don't have a lot of money .😥😥
Dexter Morgan (5 months ago)
Actually uae dhirham is not the strongest.. It's the kuwaiti dinar! Then the Bahraini dinar and then the omani riyal.. All middle east countries! 😄😄❤️❤️❤️🇧🇭🇧🇭
mickeydiver17 (5 months ago)
That 20 Baht note is a special edition for the old king who died last year. I only collect banknotes from places Iv'e lived or visited & have 60+ currencies but many are no longer used. Australia was the 1st country to use polymer (plastic) banknotes with a $10 1988 special edition for it's Bi-cenntary. I added that last just as useless trivia! lol :- )
张家滈 (5 months ago)
i can't understand why a foreigner loves to collect a bad condition banknote..that is unacceptable for me .......
Mansi Sharma (6 months ago)
from where you collect all this
NaH_Gaming (6 months ago)
Where do you get all of these
JACOBO CLICK (6 months ago)
I’m from Switzerlqnd My favourite banknote is the banknote of 50 swiss francs
ليجو عربي (6 months ago)
Kailash Joshi (6 months ago)
Indian rupee
oshawott45 (6 months ago)
maltese lira me no see pls
Scott Sterling (7 months ago)
we are much richer. sips tea while counting Kuwaiti dinars
Krishna Kumar (7 months ago)
Yeah UAE !! I'm from India and I see you don't have many varieties of Indian Rupees banknotes. I collect banknotes and coins and so I can send you some Indian rupees.
can u parsel me any country note plz
Mathew (7 months ago)
I am from Poland and I have notes from South Korea, Ukraine, USA, Czech Republic and Euros. I also have old coins from Poland, Hungary, Italy, Germany, Russia, Netherlands and Greece. Love collecting more coins and notes :)
Mathew (6 months ago)
+DaWizardNoob TV Just five 1-dollar notes
DaWizardNoob TV (6 months ago)
Mathew Which U.S. banknotes do you have?
I live in Vietnam and we use Vietnam Dong a lot and I collected a lot Vietnam Dong and yes Vietnam Dong is my favorite
No it’s dir haaaam
WorldCurrency Collector (7 months ago)
South Africa does not all have green banknotes only the 10 rand is green plus Israel 50 sheckle note that blue smug is not no water mark
Mohit arora (7 months ago)
If you want some suggestions about what banknotes to collect then here is my list of banknotes that every numismatic should have. I am not including super expensive banknotes like those of Panama or Palestine but the ones which can be easily collected by an average numismatic - 1. Zimbabwe 100 Trillion Dollars - Yes, this banknote tops the list. This is the one with highest number of zeroes on the face of the banknote. But remember, this is NOT the highest denomination of banknote ever printed. That would be Hungarian Pengo. 2. Montenegro Perper - These are super cool banknotes. Even though the currency was in circulation for only 10 years between 1906-1916, the banknotes are available on numismatic markets around the world. Especially the 1 Perper banknote is not very hard to find. 3. Russian Rubles Tsar Era - These big sized banknotes can really become the highlight of your collection. Especially the 100 Rubles from 1910. For around 10 USD you can find an awesome piece of history for your collection. 4. Swiss Francs - I see you already have one. These banknotes are really a piece of art. The amount of security features on these banknotes is impeccable. Plus, the new series has been designed with so much intelligence that it baffles one's mind when all the details about a single piece of paper is revealed to them. 5. West African Banknotes - They are much more beautiful than the Central African banknotes. But I am talking about the older series of 80s and 90s. The higher denominations are expensive but you may get 500-1000 Francs at reasonable prices. 6. Thailand 60 Baht square banknote - An odd denomination on an odd shape. This banknote is one amazing commemorative banknote. Features King Rama IX. 7. Barbados banknotes - As soon as you see them you will want to touch them and have them. They are that good. Beautiful colors and great security features. Plus, Barbados is such a beautiful country and they have given a glimpse of the country on their banknotes. 8. Bermuda banknotes - Just like Barbados banknotes, Bermuda banknotes are also a piece of art. They are all hybrid banknotes (paper + polymer), All are vertical and features the colorful birds of the country. There are many more banknotes that I think a collector should have. Like Germany notgeld or the Mark from the era of WW1 and WW2. Japanese Invasion Money (JIM) from countries like Philippines, Malaysia, etc. All these banknotes are very reasonably available at local numismatic markets. Otherwise you may contact me and I can arrange them for you.
Kris Latoya (4 months ago)
Barbados made the list...woot woot 😆
The Angry Spud (7 months ago)
Part 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkdKW9-977Y&t=6s
DamienVlogs 15 (7 months ago)
I have US $, Euros (€), Canadian $, Bermuda $, and Croatian Kuna (kn).
Marco Sodano (7 months ago)
I have some North korean banknotes
T K Chavan (7 months ago)
My favorite is Swiss franc
Shib Shankar Paul (7 months ago)
Sir am from INDIA, and I have 111 country notes in my collection till now and except that I've 17 more different countries coin....sir ur r from which country??
The Angry Spud (7 months ago)
ItsAlexKoy (8 months ago)
I live in the USA. And i have in my collection is the British Pound, Vietnam Dong, The Euro,
Mihael Borovec (8 months ago)
You really need Yugoslavia money because that one is special and it will be better collection with it in it
Mohit arora (7 months ago)
I am from India.
Mihael Borovec (7 months ago)
I am from Croatia, you?
Mohit arora (7 months ago)
Ok, I agree. The banknotes from that era were really beautiful. I especially like the banknotes printed in 1930s. The ones with Queen Maria and King Peter as a child. Too bad WW2 completely destroyed Yugoslavia and then the split made it even worse. Look at what has become of Bosnia after the partition. Where are you from?
Mihael Borovec (7 months ago)
Mohit arora I think that is special, is one of most beautiful money and best years are 1920s - 1960s
Mohit arora (7 months ago)
How is Yugoslavian money special? And which era are you talking about? 92-93?
THEBOSS9996 (8 months ago)
Go get the zim dollars 🤣
THEBOSS9996 (8 months ago)
U should get the new money that South Africa has
quốc phan minh (8 months ago)
I have chinese yuan singaporean dollar euro taiwanese yuan indian rupee
GAURAV GUPTA (8 months ago)
Hi plz reply my comment
GAURAV GUPTA (8 months ago)
The Angry Spud plz only 2 Canada dollar and 4 Singapore dollar
The Angry Spud (8 months ago)
GAURAV GUPTA I’m not currently giving out currency. Sorry bud.
GAURAV GUPTA (8 months ago)
The Angry Spud hello bro... Can u give any currency
The Angry Spud (8 months ago)
Hello! 😁
Andre G (8 months ago)
I'm waiting for Part 3, will be interesting to see what coins you got.
gabie dubin (8 months ago)
well lol , the smudge mark is not supposed to be on the shekel , you've been duped
Gil Garmiza (5 months ago)
Yes lol i am israeli its not supposed to be in it
Vedant Patwardhan (8 months ago)
I have Turkish Lira
Travelling around World (8 months ago)
I live in indonesia we use indonesian rupiah
St3thrich (8 months ago)
The left swiss banc note (viewers view) is the new one & that circle with a dot “water mark” is not a water mark its for blind people to identify which money bill they have in their hands
Kakashi Hatake 0.1 (7 months ago)
St3thrich .
ONKEY (8 months ago)
That "watermark" on the swiss franc is for the blind people so that they know what they have in their hand. the 20 franc banknote has a square and the 50 franc banknote has a triangle.
khai izzat (8 months ago)
khai izzat (8 months ago)
i have all asia banknotes
Jeivek K (9 months ago)
Qatar is richer then UAE I mean number 1
Fairuz (9 months ago)
U miss ringgit
GreenTeaKitKat (9 months ago)
I can’t comment all the ones I have but my recent additions are: 10 USD note 1 USD note 10 CHF note 2 10 Polish Zloty notes 2 1 Qatari Riyal notes 10 MYR note 5 MYR note 20 SGD note 20 BND note Ehh I really have a lot
Kakashi Hatake 0.1 (7 months ago)
Pierogi [Pearl] can u parsel me ur some notes please? Please? Please
heena shah (9 months ago)
I want it how can I purchase it
The Swedish franc is vertical
ONKEY surprisingly they aren’t
ONKEY (8 months ago)
Franc => Switzerland / Krona => Sweden Those aren't the same countries :P
ONKEY don’t know
ONKEY (8 months ago)
iPhone 3GS Kid Since when do the swedes use the franc instead of the krona?
Lasse Bresser (9 months ago)
Cool! I have 26 diffrent currencies!!
PunkrockerCPPS a (9 months ago)
I live in Uk. I have no banknotes but in coins I have us dollar, israel shekel, chinese yuan and euro
whydoIneedaname (9 months ago)
0:40 the lady lied to you XD it's not a watermark
Moiz khan (9 months ago)
Please tell me how to collect banknotes
You can also buy it online for pretty cheap some under a dollar on ebay
Moiz khan (8 months ago)
Anish Pillai Thanks
Anish Pillai (8 months ago)
Moiz khan Just whenever someone you know visits some other country, tell them to bring a note for you.
Jordan Tan (9 months ago)
The colorful Malaysian Ringgit (RM) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2ylCdKr7fo
LE SOVIET SPY (10 months ago)
Can't Wait till part 3.
Pirañas del Caribe (10 months ago)
I have in my collection old 5, 10,20, euro. Peseta española. Lire italia. Germany reichmark Nazi. Germany mark DDR. Germany mark inflation 1920. Russian rouble Soviet union time 1960, 1920. Russian empire rouble . Grivna of Ukraine.
Иван Иванович (10 months ago)
How can I mail a bill for you? What are the requisites? Box number and address?
Ryno Henning (10 months ago)
south africa🤘
Zaakir D (4 months ago)
Ay Bru same
Deputy_ Commander (10 months ago)
Have you ever heard Indonesian Rupiah?
Adrian Witkowski (3 months ago)
Poland :D Egy Maulana Vikri , Indonesian Messi xDDD Best regards from Gdansk .
Delbert Tube (8 months ago)
Dave Christopher Rumambi Im indonesian and live in indonesia
britainluver431 (11 months ago)
I have a bunch of WWI-pre WWII German banknotes.
Olive Obelisk (11 months ago)
South Africa
Wacky Dawg (1 year ago)
Richest in the world is Qatar, not UAE
Jeivek K (9 months ago)
Dazza Johnson I agree with you
Kamal Gill (9 months ago)
Dazza Johnson Ok bro
Wacky Dawg (9 months ago)
Kamal Gill Kuwait has the highest value currency, not the richest country
Kamal Gill (1 year ago)
Dazza Johnson kwait not qatar
Calum Westbrook (1 year ago)
new one is second one with nobody on it
Eda Akınay (1 year ago)
I have all countries and full sets in my collection,long years of collecting,and I use Brazilian real cause I am from Brazil:D,my currency is in singular real like 1 real and In Plural it’s Reais,like if you have 2 and more then it’s reais,and it’s reading like HEAL AND HEAIS,cause we read R like a H,and too Peruvian sol I can say,I lived in Peru for 2 years,and I don’t know why in US it’s so hard to get roubles Russian,yes I know politics but still,you can get those currencies like KRW and RUB like everywhere,once I collected Syrian pound in Brazil,and North Korean won in China...by the way good video,like!i hope that I taught you something about our currencyXD,I spent like US$300-500 for the banknotes every month,by the way sorry for maybe bad English.Thank you for reading my comment and I wish you nice day. Regards(saudações in Portuguese) Felipe -Philip
Eda Akınay (11 months ago)
Manuel Fokkens yes,they were expensive
Manuel Fokkens (11 months ago)
hey do u also have panama balboa banknotes ?
I wanna see you pronounced these words 😂 Caoineadh (crying) Taoiseach CAOILFHIONN (it’s a name) D’fhéach mise agus mo chairde an clár “An Cluiche Domhnach” ,agus d’itheamar a lán milseáin agus críospaí. This is all Irish,and after 8/9 years of learning it I still can barely speak it 🇮🇪😂
Silly String (8 months ago)
PeteWentzfromMyChemicalRomance andigotcheesewhiz why where are you from?
Lee Daniel (1 year ago)
awesome video
Lenni Väisänen (1 year ago)
Litlle babyyyy awwww XDDD
ML DiscipleGaming (1 year ago)
5553 subs now
BG gopnik (1 year ago)
I live in Bulgaria and we use lev.. in my collection i have:bulgarian lev, russian rubla and brittish pound.
bacon lord 06 (5 months ago)
uae dirham South African rand
bacon lord 06 (6 months ago)
euro UK pound and Danish ore
bacon lord 06 (6 months ago)
Thai baht Japanese yen and Indonesia rupiah
bacon lord 06 (6 months ago)
Turkish lira ckeck kcorona Mexican peso Philippine peso Russian ruble
bacon lord 06 (6 months ago)
Canadian doller australian doller Saudi riyal Hong Kong doller Malaysian ringgit

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