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EU financial regulation targets London

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Daniel Hannan's speech in the European Parliament defends the interests of the City of London against regulation by Brussels.
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BUZZTROLL Inc. (8 years ago)
SOCIALISM NEVER WORKS. Campaign for Liberty
jpptubie (8 years ago)
I wish you would return back to the UK and help our Conservative government do the right thing.
CptDunsel (8 years ago)
I wonder if the absence of others doesn't mean that these videos are made during something like the "Special Orders" done in the US House of Representatives. Those are speeches given by members outside of the normal working day of the House. There too, most of the members have left for the day, and the people you see are staff, other Reps waiting to give their own little speeches, whoever got stuck as the "Presiding Officer" that night, etc. They aren't really part of the deliberations.
notashot (8 years ago)
I love Daniel Hannan but in every video it looks like there is no one around him in a very big room. Why aren't there people are these meetings?
Paul Oldenburg (8 years ago)
private session in the EP
Greg Belcher (8 years ago)
@express375 Looks like we are facing our own New Revolutionary War here, too. .. Best of luck to you without any guns....
Shaun Hughes Engraving (8 years ago)
@mallardhead Oh i understand that. I doubt very much will we get out of the EU,the only parties advocating that,got nowhere in the general elections(UKIP/BNP). The Conservatives,just make grumbling noises,and go along with everything. The only outcome is it all comes crashing down,in war.F*cked either way.
boucher63 (8 years ago)
Brits in the chamber are largely traitors, only in it for the money
Greg Belcher (8 years ago)
@express375 Keep telling the EU how they screw up with you UK folk so that when you kick them out they know why you did it... and know they deserved it!
Shaun Hughes Engraving (8 years ago)
@mallardhead As clear as mud?
happyfred3 (8 years ago)
@donroche Bollocks to compromise!
Greg Belcher (8 years ago)
Keep up the good work, DH!
Greg Belcher (8 years ago)
@express375 Learn a lesson from the USA as we used the process right up to the time we kicked your butts... You talk about the problems and point out the defects right up to the point you have to kick butt... That way the guy you kick in the butt (The EU) will understand why you are kicking his butt, that he deserves the kicks...
Greg Belcher (8 years ago)
Screw Socialism!
Shaun Hughes Engraving (8 years ago)
We are so f*cked I don't know how that guy keeps going so calmly,like talking to a deaf ,blind brick wall.
EmpoweredByKnowledge (8 years ago)
@Krampfarsch good question I've often asked myself. we are paying the salaries of those unattending MEPs
happyfred3 (8 years ago)
@donroche I disagree, he simply has nothing in common with the people who want to work with him.
davehardinguk (8 years ago)
@DimitriNakos Even the Greeks don't holiday in Greece !
Dimitri Nakos (8 years ago)
@kubaniski It's summer everyone is in Greece!
kubaniski (8 years ago)
why is he th only one in there?

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