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All stock market prediction in Osher's site: https://peopleknowing.net October 2017 was a very good year to bitcoin. Watch out what to consider more.
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Sophie (9 months ago)
fell big time - 75% drop...but it's amazing prediction.
kramaswamy21 (11 months ago)
do you have time and location data for ETH & LTC as well?
Osher Astro Finance (11 months ago)
Please watch out in my channel the predictions to etherum (free) and litecoin (paid)
PEMBAKAR HUTAN (11 months ago)
holy shit its true
Michael Mallal (1 year ago)
I've sold all my Bitcoin anticipating further losses in the near future. May buy more later.
mighty (1 year ago)
update: January 5th: BTC 14,700$ January 17th: BTC 9,650$ that is a 35% drop
Osher Astro Finance (1 year ago)
Hello, but you are responding to a video from 5 months ago.. Please see the last video from yesterday that will also show you the entire process of my predictions along last months including a bitcoin prediction until April 2018
Doldaer Rivaltor (1 year ago)
I belive that technical analysis is some kind astrology:)
Osher Astro Finance (1 year ago)
As you see i'm using technical analysis too, but not trust it completely to view some of most interesting spots (opportunities) entries and sell of the wave..Based Astrology I months ago said that i'm not trusting Etherum, and today Ripple took the 2nd place after bitcoin. See the Video i've introduced Ripple last november: https://youtu.be/zjIZufdlthk Without astrology no one could watch it coming
How will Bitcoin perform in the year 2018?? Tarot Prediction.. https://youtu.be/wIFey1ILIl8
Dips Sahota (1 year ago)
Hey great videos. Can you do IOTA analysis? Thanks.
Osher Astro Finance (11 months ago)
Dips Sahota iota prediction is already online paid content. Peopleknowing.net/crypto
Jazzmin Smith (1 year ago)
Thank you..could you possibly read for Ethereum and EOs
Jazzmin Smith (1 year ago)
Osher Astrologer Finance Investors Thank you for the information..it’s much appreciated
Osher Astro Finance (1 year ago)
MORE OR LESS similar to BTC prediction, no real movement up is expected for the coming year.. Nevertheless, during December I still can expect to around these heights of around 500 .. but nothing worth to spend time on waiting (expecting) it to grow quickly up.. The main cryptocurrencies are going to get effected by such many events (regulations) during 2018 .. the real time to cryptocurrencies to take official validation to crazy heights will be first months of 2019
David R (1 year ago)
Could you do a video on Neo?
Muzaffar (7 months ago)
Neo is popular now
Osher Astro Finance (1 year ago)
Dear Xiao, I don't have any idea what Neo is, I usually choose products and topics that are relevant to big populations - Bitcoin is the king of cryptocurrency
Andre Schneider (1 year ago)
Kool, are you a friend of Bo polnys?
Peter Kang (1 year ago)
Yes! i've been waiting

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