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How To Invest Your Money In Your 20s

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How on earth are you supposed to invest your money, when your young? What if you're in your 20's? In this episode Kris shares exactly how you can take a little bit of money in your 20's, and turn it into an handsome retirement. Watch and Enjoy! Kris Krohn & Nate Woodbury RESOURSES: ======================== Limitless Seminar: http://bit.ly/2j5r8wM Mentor Programs: http://bit.ly/2lPGp9d Free Real Estate Audiobook: http://bit.ly/2oiORxy Free Conscious Creator Audiobook: http://bit.ly/2sZmaYU EQUIPMENT ======================== Camera: http://amzn.to/2oRnnAA Favorite Lens: http://amzn.to/1QEqTF4 External Mic: http://amzn.to/1Sx8Jq0 Camera Backpack: http://amzn.to/2oy5JAR MUSIC ======================== Tobu - Infectious https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ux8-EbW6DUI Artist: https://www.youtube.com/tobuofficial Licensed under Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 Support This Channel: ======================== ==SUBSCRIBE== http://bit.ly/1TOqKBN ==LIKE== Your "Likes" help more people find our videos. ==COMMENT== Comment and ask Questions ==PATREON== https://www.patreon.com/REInvestorTV ======================== Video by Nate Woodbury (The Hero Maker) BeTheHeroStudios.com
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Text Comments (905)
Mark Avi (17 days ago)
Retire at 26 huh lmao
Lopez (1 month ago)
Im 13
john superhist (1 month ago)
But In Ireland is 20% down payment
Sevidzem Lesley (1 month ago)
where i am now I've notin saved up but am willing to involve in real estate dealings. i need advice on steps to take
antonio thomas (3 months ago)
I make around 15k a month working overseas. Trying to look for business partners in South Carolina Georgia area to buy up some houses
Patrick Doneld (4 months ago)
That Tobu intro though
sagar sth (4 months ago)
I've got the easiest way to retire at whatever age you are at that is really simple its by dying...
Derek Lukasik (4 months ago)
nice shirt
Clarence M (5 months ago)
First, I want to retire comfortably. One step at a time.
nour eldin (5 months ago)
LOL I also retired at age of 14
Ivan Fran Gugić (5 months ago)
i am 20 yo
Anthony X (5 months ago)
Guess what? You're not retired if you're making this video.
Perfect video, but, how many times you can use home equity in a year? How many homes can you buy in a year and does bank see your credit to give you the home equity? Thanks
Joe Terry (7 months ago)
I am happy i came across expeditetools,com ,they helped me out when i had a difficult week ,I received over $35,000 through their tools.
Anonymous 1 (7 months ago)
What was your job when you started investing Kris?
Caroline DD (7 months ago)
start earning from cryptocurrency today, they still need more network,was browsing you tube till I found this man Dilliwala praveen,he helped me start up now i am on my own with a lot of profit weekly
Jhoge Luceno (8 months ago)
bruh wtf is this guy ? his a faker dont believe in him yall better listening to tai lopez and garyvee. This guy is fake smart
Help please. (8 months ago)
sp noormohamed (9 months ago)
U remained me tai lopez
Elliott Ward (9 months ago)
I'm living in the uk paying almost 1000 a month after bills and rent can this be done in the uk
Stephanie A Morales (9 months ago)
You guys did it together I’m single and live in California , no way
Keithprestige (9 months ago)
The hardest thing to do is saving money
Jake Canning (9 months ago)
How do I get mentorship from you?
rahul sonwanshi (9 months ago)
Will This technique work in India, Mumbai ? - Please reply
only need a few bux for a hut...jk....not sure homie
Jacob Hall (9 months ago)
3% down-payment?... you yanks dont know you're born!.. 25% over here in the UK to get a rate that won't cripple you on the repayments... Sheesh!😳
Aishwary Sharma (10 months ago)
Sir I'm college student and I live in India and I'm 20 years old... Please guide me where I can invest my money in my country? Because there is very high range of property.
Jessica H (10 months ago)
THANKFUL TO kryptohacker.wordpress,com FOR GIVING ME A HACK TRANSFER OF $50,000
Joseph Levi Glea (10 months ago)
I wish i live in the US. Thanks from PH
Thomas Hay (10 months ago)
Kris you my new best friend 😁
Excel Godsown (10 months ago)
Show me love... Love me...
devwrat dubey (10 months ago)
Hi! Can you explain how you got the property how's actual cost was 150k and you got that for 110k? It seem unrealistic (was the owner mad). ......just kidding
The Independent Mind (10 months ago)
Has to be a select few because if everyone was doing it you'd have clientele. Not that I'm questioning your credibility because I've known about you for years, but you know that not everyone is intelligent or organized enough to take advantage. I love your honesty though and I appreciate your down to earth description of the opportunity. Please send me some information. It's perking my interest.
Mel (10 months ago)
Houses where i live (Toronto) are $800,000. Condos are selling for $400,000. Mortgage rules have been tightened; six figures incone or a huge down payment is required. I'm 23 and have about $20,000 saved up, can't even DREAM about investing in real estate.
Joseph Kenner (10 months ago)
You should get in multi family housing. You can work your way up the bigger cash flow ladder much faster.
aditya sehrawat (11 months ago)
Sir ! I didnt got how you truned $5k to $110k ?
pik thg (11 months ago)
Retarded at 26
Mark Spivey (11 months ago)
Is this possible for me or even an advantage for me since I’m in the army and stay in the barracks for free?
Don't you think the person who sold it to you would have tried that.
marine guru (11 months ago)
Sir can you please explain how to buy home worth 150 k at 110k
Burnzzehh Is Shrek (2 months ago)
Buy below market value
Softer Dofter (11 months ago)
So I'm wondering if you were to buy a house for $100000 when you can pay $10000 you will have to take a loan. You will rent out the house but it will take quite some time to pay this debt off but in the meantime you're buying more houses but your debt is just growing... So can someone explain this to me?
lindor nzama (11 months ago)
Thank you for an awesome video and the context hit home, but I resent myself for not actually being humble enough to learn from the little aspects of financial development,
Spellcaster86 (11 months ago)
I am only 19, but I believe that I am off to a good start. I invest through Navy Federal, and through Robinhood. I possess equity in 30 companies, and in one index fund. Since January 24th, 2018, I have made an 8% return. It isn't much, but I am focused on long-term growth.
LifeofSukh (11 months ago)
I see people bashing this guy, but I know people that do the same thing as him. The only thing is I can’t invest in real estate as it is really expensive in Canada. A small home is Toronto sells for over a $1,000,000. People that I know that do this started years ago before the insane prices and are now multi millionaires. For someone that does want to invest in their 20s and become a millionaire by retirement, the stock is a great way to achieve that.
CRs7HD (11 months ago)
I have 5k euros what can i do?
J (11 months ago)
Sounds great... step one find a great deal on a house purchase
Matt Quaile (11 months ago)
Tell me how you got a house for 40k less than what it was worth at the time. That’s 26% of the overall value of the home.
Noobie747 (1 year ago)
Knowledge is a choice!
Noobie747 (1 year ago)
Were you a part of the food industry?
Ash Fered (1 year ago)
My man gotta the Oakley shade tan line around his eyes
Aaron Wright (1 year ago)
QUESTION @limitless TV (and a few heads up not mentioned in video): Do I sell and invest in stock market or use as down-payments for other homes($70K) or do I keep it as an equity bank for investing in other houses? Or do I buy more houses using equity in this. NOTE: I'm assuming bull market is going to go down at some point and assume 9% which outweighs the interest rates saving if I put more towards principle. My goal is to have a few rental houses for passive income given the rental houses tend be pretty solid investments since people always need a place to stay (decent areas, near good school districts). Background INFO: I have 2 homes in two different states; excellent credit. My investment property mortgage rate is 2.75% (historic low). I walked into equity as mentioned in video (bought for 85K and now worth 165K without any home improvements). I just moved and bought a second house and used a Locked Home Equity Loan using investment house (Equity Rate of 4.5% for 10 years ($30K). Currently I owe $55k on house, but have a $30K equity loan against it. Assuming realtor involved due to my out of state position (6%) plus closing costs, will cost $10K roughly). I could fix up myself for $4k and sell more, but to keep it simple neglecting that. From what I know so far, you can sell your primary home without any capital gains tax within 2 years of moving out of it; so if i sold it i'd have this to invest in market: ($165K-55K-30K-10K)=$70to invest. If I rent it out, I'd be getting about $8-10K per year at the moment (yes that # will increase as principle goes up and interest rate decreases).
Lyan Villacorta (1 year ago)
scam artist haha good lord.
Seth Dino (1 year ago)
*2008 intensifies*
Indresh Rao (1 year ago)
What happens when the value of your equity goes down to 0!
*you're 😂
Nathaniel (1 year ago)
Not really how is it, rather why which is already pretty self explanatory
Sophia (1 year ago)
yeah... can't really do that when you live in California when you are young
Codeine Yellow (1 year ago)
How he say he bought it for 5000 and than 110000 this guy is smart or he just knows how to sell a dream
Alain Culleton (1 year ago)
I don't understand
Fz RIPnDIP (1 year ago)
Leveraging is a risky move. Be aware.
The Private Life (1 year ago)
I told my teachers that today me and my gf I have the idea of bringing 30k and putting it down on a house and renting it out. I'm 18
fezawn scott (1 year ago)
There are mad holes in this dude’s story
Behold the power of leveraging your money using debt! Make sure you know the market you're investing in. Pay attention to metrics like population growth, job growth, and new housing being built in the area. Knowledge is critical especially at this stage of the market cycle.
xAndrzej42 (1 year ago)
It's sounding nice and easy. But there is still debt you have to pay back. How much do you have in loans video creator?
vjensen56 (1 year ago)
how do you call yourself retired you know you make money making these videos
Tsz Lung Yip (1 year ago)
Wow, house so cheap. A broke down house here is being sold over $300,000. I have over $60000 and still can't buy a house.
Kris Krohn (1 year ago)
You can always use credit =)
Tsz Lung Yip (1 year ago)
It will not be enough here to buy a land, unfortunately..
TiMe4FiGhT (1 year ago)
20% down is more than enough. When I first started looking at real estate, condos were going for around 200k. I only had 10k at the time and wanted to make a higher down payment so I waited. In a year I managed to save 35000$ which put me over my 20% goal, but in that same time condos had gone up to over 300k. Long story short I bought for 320k about 6 months ago and its now worth over 400k. The longer money sits in savings, the longer it is not sitting in an appreciable asset. But honestly real estate as your sole investment is not good advice, its the same idea as dumping all of your equity in the stock of one company, except worse, except stocks generally have a higher potential for return.
Alan Betancourt (1 year ago)
I thought this video was gonna have some like some small investments i can make where the risk ain’t to big but this mf wants to buy a home in my 20s! I don’t even know wtf equity is LOL
Kris Krohn (1 year ago)
I made a video specifically for that. Here you go: https://youtu.be/ogW-KQxHdvU
Trump 2020 (1 year ago)
How can you invest in deeez nutzz? Got emmm haha
uzzy ahmed (1 year ago)
And im sure the seller looks at the value of their house before they sell it. They wont be coming up with a random price in their head like 'hmm..i believe my house is worth 100k because i just do'. They will obviously look at the value first before they sell it. And if they dont do that then they will pass it to the estate agents and they will do it for them.
uzzy ahmed (1 year ago)
What are the ways to determine value of a house?
Kris Krohn (1 year ago)
Here you go: https://youtu.be/W-d6fnj9VC8
Ell Day™ (1 year ago)
You wanna make money from real estate, buy land, by a house that needs to be moved or demolished, learn how to place that building on the land and refurbish. This is what got me started. Took alot of hard work and time. That is the truth. Dont listen to this crap. You are just buying dept and putting yourself in a hard posistion.
Daniel Wellington (1 year ago)
well bitcoin investment is still the best and most profiting investment so far, even though the price is fluctuating, only if you know how to actually make profit from it. that's why BITCOIN CYBER is here, they have helped to make me a load of profit. i had just 0.1btc when i started, and its been 3 months working with them, but presently i have 3.82btc they have mining softwares which helps you increase your btc every 98mins. only for those who have bitcoin in their wallets, it doesn't work in an empty wallet, you can actually make huge profit with their help even if btc price is fluctuating. here's their contact email : ([email protected] com) and their whatsApp contact line +19293148512
David Pniewski (1 year ago)
renter nation welcome to your serfdom.
Shri Kanase (1 year ago)
You should definitely invest in Shopify and your own store! That's how I made 300k in the past 3 months and I've uploaded some youtube videos on my own channel regarding this! Keep on hustling $$
Jiaqi Zhao (1 year ago)
that is nuts, I live in Canada and right now for first home buyers they won't even give it to you unless you give 20 % down, the average house price in my city is 900k, and the average condo price is 500k, i had to put down a 35% downpayment to get a 500k condo. The average salary for a new grad is around 30 to 50k, but since i took engineering and i had internship experiences my salary is 70k a year ot start, that means i can only take out a morgage of 350k, which means i still cant buy a house with out help form parents and friends.....
TiMe4FiGhT (1 year ago)
Canada has much stricter mortgage approval requirements than America. You may be upset that Canada doesn't let you buy a house you can't afford, but in 2008 when the economy crashed ultimately because of loans people couldn't afford, Canada's housing values only dropped by around 50% where America's dropped by significantly more. On a side note, I live in Vancouver and I bought my condo with less than 20% down. So idk.
EnnJayy (1 year ago)
If you are this already rich why make YouTube videos? Is it just because you want to share your knowledge to everyone? Or is it just something you are passionate about? Or maybe something else? Just curious.
Abelino Aguilera (1 year ago)
How I could start
Elvis Iyobor (1 year ago)
add if you really want to try it [email protected]
halfhott (1 year ago)
Pretty sure that's how dave ramsey went broke years ago lol
Von Visions (1 year ago)
I just won $50k on a scratch ticket and I want to invest it wisely and tips?
Bob K. (7 months ago)
Its it all gone yet?
Aleksandar Petrovski (11 months ago)
Vons Creationz rather than going to a financial advisor you came to a YouTube video for advice?
John Viise (1 year ago)
Vons Creationz cocaine and hookers
Kris Krohn (1 year ago)
Watch this video https://youtu.be/crBmo86MCG0
Top Comment (1 year ago)
Same thing Dave Ramsey did and went bankrupt
George Wessels (1 year ago)
George Wessels 1 hour ago Hi Im just taking a chance here , im from South Africa and im looking at your videos and advice , i just got into the property market and got 3 student houses so far ... im still thinking that the american market is better to get into and easier cause the intrest is so low , we pay about 12% ... is it possable for me to invest in your country to diversify ...thanx
This is some next level advice. Thanks a lot.
Bhargab Deka (1 year ago)
The advice and audio quality is amazing
Kris Krohn (1 year ago)
Thanks. Glad it helped!
Rukus Mon (1 year ago)
why is age so important?
Salmon Tree (1 month ago)
Cos compounding
Kris Krohn (1 year ago)
Great question.. .it's actually not important at all. But so many of our viewers write in asking if they are old enough to invest, or what age they need to be to buy real estate.
Timothy Lenczewski (1 year ago)
I appreciate the help
Kris Krohn (1 year ago)
You're welcome!
KVN (1 year ago)
I'm turning 20 soon. Still don't have money or job or skills.
Markus Helman (1 year ago)
Love the video i would say that you can use that first time home buyer loan on a four family. This way you can use that first time home buyers loan to its fullest.
Emmanuel Nyame (1 year ago)
Hi, I'm in Ghana and i think there is a great headway we can pave here
Yayy Areaa (1 year ago)
Is this even remotely possible in California? Lol have you seen the housing market lately?
Zach P (1 year ago)
This made zero sense. 40k in equity? 40k in debt
you got me
Matt Rieger (1 year ago)
Not trying to sound cocky or show off, but I’m 21 years old I’ve been working full time for about 2 years now as a car salesman making a great amount of money on commissions. I have saved $50,000 so far. But I do not know what to invest or where? I know it’s a good enough amount to get started. Just not sure where
Kris Krohn (1 year ago)
Yes, my team can help you find several properties to choose from. You have enough for one to get started. Click here to chat: http://limitlessmentor.com/TV/index.php?id=comments
Royson Goveas (1 year ago)
Hey can you tell me best online investement sites right now?
Our Best Lives (1 year ago)
Brotha where have you been all my life!!😂 I'm only 19 and I'm already on my way; but it's hard a lot of the time to gain much needed info. Especially when these "gurus" talk for 20 mins. All the while not saying a single mf thing. I appreciate your wisdom brotha. Keep passing it on, and we all will do the same!🙏
Kris Krohn (1 year ago)
Glad you like it!
g3baller21 (1 year ago)
This is bullshit , just ignoring how any of these 3 homes were paid for after the 5k down , yes I understand equity , also your networth out of college would not be 250k, you bought 3 houses you would have all that debt
KAIZOKU LUFFY (1 year ago)
Fucktard stop misleading people..
H Boogie (1 year ago)
I have a better idea. Invest in cryptocurrencies.
Corbyn Payne (1 year ago)
You also started StrongBrook Real Estate investment company that didn't own any real estate and charged lots of money for investors to come learn via direct sales (multilevel marketing). Returns of 8-10% don't even beat the S&P. I met you in Seattle and I think some people made money with you. But it wasn't my cup of tea. However all those payments to become sales members definitely made you rich. What was the retainer fees? $4,000? Upfront before you could buy with them.
TDE (1 year ago)
He saved money. He invested in real estate.
Straight Forward (1 year ago)
3 words: Housing Market Bubble.

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