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Passive Income: How To Make $100 Per Day In 2019

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Lets discuss the holy grail of money, investing, and personal finance: How to make passive income. More specifically, some ideas that have the potential to generate $100 per day OR MORE in 2019. Enjoy! Instagram: GPStephan -- SHOW MORE 👇🏼 The YouTube Creator Academy: LIMITED $100 OFF at checkout using code 100OFF: Learn EXACTLY how to get your first 1000 subscribers on YouTube, rank videos on the front page of searches, grow your following, and turn that into another income source: https://bit.ly/2STxofv Get a FREE STOCK when you join WeBull: https://act.webull.com/i/Vowbik9Tm5he Now when it comes to making passive income, there are only two categories this falls under: The first is the passive income you generate by investing your TIME The second is the passive income you generate by investing your MONEY So lets begin with the first one: Investing your time, since this is something we all have. Creating passive income like this means you invest your time upfront to create an income source that then pays you in the future, regardless on how many MORE hours you to spend on it. First: Affiliate marketing. This is when you promote another service or item, and you get PAID a percentage if someone buys it through you…and the easiest one to set up is to join the Amazon Affiliate Program. Second: YouTube Ad Revenue. For example, I could spend 9 hours creating a video, post it, and that video continues to generate revenue for months or years to come, regardless of what else I do. The best way to do this, IN MY OPINION, Is to make how-to videos that people will search for long term. Like “How to invest in an index fund,” “How to invest in the stock market,” “how to make money online for beginners,” etc. This is the best way to get your videos a consistent amount of views, long term, and then get a backlog of these videos that rank on the search results. Third: : Creating a how-to program. For example, I have that YouTube Creator Academy program (link above) that I created to teach people various strategies on how to grow on YouTube. Now I also spent about half a year creating my program “The Real Estate Agent Academy” which teaches real estate agents how they can grow and make money in the business. Fourth: Renting out an unused room on AirBnb, ARBO, HomeAway, etc. or rent out an unused storage space. Now another way to make passive income investing your TIME is by renting one of your unused rooms on AirBnb, VRBO, homeaway, or any one of these sites - or even just renting out one of your unused rooms on a short term lease. You could EVEN go even further than this and rent out your garage as a storage space! If you’re living in a place right now with an unused bedroom and don’t mind sharing your space with a room mate - this could be an INCREDIBLE way to start generating some passive income by using what you already have. Same if you have extra storage - someone likely would use it! INVESTING YOUR MONEY FOR PASSIVE INCOME: First: Investing in Dividend Stocks. These are just stocks that have a payout every 3 months, and for most stocks, that payout ranges from about 1-8% annually. Your goal could be to get a mix of stock price growth - meaning it goes up in price over time and through that - you make money - while at the same time, they’re giving you a dividend payout every quarter. Just make sure to hold dividend stocks in a tax advantaged account, otherwise they’re taxed as ordinary income…and that’s bad…I’ll make a video on this shortly! Second: Investing in growth stocks. These are stocks that DONT pay a dividend, but because they DONT pay a dividend to their investors, they have more cashflow to invest back into the business, and that should increase the stock price even further. If you chose just to follow the average of the market with an index fund, you should expect to see - ON AVERAGE - around a 6-8% return per year. Third: REAL ESTATE The reason I like this is because there are SO MANY WAYS to make passive income with this one. First, you can go the traditional route and buy a property to then rent out. Second, you can move into a multi-family property and live for free! Third, you can rent out your unused bedrooms! Fourth, you’re paying down the mortgage, and Fifth, the property will hopefully go up in value long term. And yes, this IS something that requires upfront work and capital to set up - but if you have the 10-20% down payment to buy a property, and you have the interest and time to learn about real estate, this could be a phenomenal long term investment. For business or one-on-one real estate investing/real estate agent consulting inquiries, you can reach me at [email protected] My ENTIRE Camera and Recording Equipment: https://www.amazon.com/shop/grahamstephan?listId=2TNWZ7RP1P1EB
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SPYSHOP (3 hours ago)
All show great but my opinion Final part You should talk about crypto not stocks
Eddie3074 (4 hours ago)
You need to stop asking for likes, man. But nice video, like anyway.
Graham Stephan (3 hours ago)
It helps the algorithm!
Tony Fullmer (8 hours ago)
MaphenG (10 hours ago)
“Like ricegum” I had to pause I was laughing so hard
Graham Stephan (6 hours ago)
Moha Elahwal (11 hours ago)
Amazing video
Graham Stephan (11 hours ago)
what are those website about renting rooms ?
Remy Buitenhuis (14 hours ago)
high quality video
Graham Stephan (14 hours ago)
Remy Buitenhuis (14 hours ago)
great, great info.
Graham Stephan (14 hours ago)
Nikki D (1 day ago)
you put SO much effort and time and research into every single one of your videos it's incredible. this isn't even your full time job and you put more effort into helping and informing your viewers than any other youtuber i've ever seen!! you deserve so many more subscribers im sure they'll come your way in no time...THANK YOU anyways !!! xx
Punky&Pudgy (1 day ago)
I’m so glad I found you! I have been wanting to make more income and I feel your advice would help me out!
Graham Stephan (1 day ago)
Paul Touya (1 day ago)
You should make a video on how to smash that like button
Graham Stephan (1 day ago)
Hahaha yesss
Pure AE (1 day ago)
Didnt expect to see tekking101 XD
Graham Stephan (1 day ago)
Jonathanislas (1 day ago)
Dude you’re the best.
Graham Stephan (1 day ago)
Below Average (1 day ago)
Peter McKinnon loves coffee more than you
Graham Stephan (1 day ago)
Ok true
Justin Lugo (1 day ago)
Your a very likable person.
Graham Stephan (1 day ago)
Gamer Mode (1 day ago)
Short answer: get a fucking job
Aldo B (1 day ago)
Thanks, Graham.
Graham Stephan (1 day ago)
you got it!
john doe (1 day ago)
But you didnt mention about the process of making the algorithm bring your video to the top! Unsubscribed! jk. Haha. love your vids.
Graham Stephan (1 day ago)
Dan Bagby (1 day ago)
Its true once you have some passive income, its hard to work on anything else. I have a blog that is getting close to $100 a day. Now its hard to work on anything else.
Marleny Jimenez (1 day ago)
http://share.robinhood.com/marlenj2 My Robinhood free stock link :)
Nick Greenup (1 day ago)
If you love coffee so much why have I never seen you drinking it? :)
Graham Stephan (1 day ago)
I drink it before ;)
Tyler Francis (1 day ago)
Don’t invest your money, invest other people’s money. That’s the most important lesson I learned from grant cardone.
Graham Stephan (1 day ago)
You need collateral for other people to give you money
Trey Sullivan (1 day ago)
Isn't it against terms and conditions to show your YouTube ad revenue?
Graham Stephan (1 day ago)
Eliter Roguer (1 day ago)
What a complete fucktard. A youtuber makes a passive income video and guess what he suggests : - sign up for 1 free stock - make a youtube channel what a fucking joke dude
Graham Stephan (1 day ago)
I'm literally showing you what to do...
Phil J.L Fig (2 days ago)
Make a video on how to make passive income with 0.00 upfront ;)
Gavin Olivas (2 days ago)
Came to this video wanting to make passive income, left with a Nicholas Cage pillow
Ryan Bolin (2 days ago)
I challenge your claim on coffee love. For no one loves coffee more than I.
Andrew Machalek (2 days ago)
you sure its not bitconnect?
Andrew Machalek (2 days ago)
+Graham Stephan I definitely didn't think you'd comment on a video from a few months ago. I'll admit I discovered you from the Tesla video you did and I did make a shitbag comment that got a lot of thumbs up. Since then I've kept following and I've learned a lot. I made over $200,000 in the past few months trading shitcoins (I bought A LOT of SNTVT on IDEX at .00000100 or less) and I'm going to start investing that into real estate . I respect the hustle and I respect the cake. Keep doing your thing and keep killing it. I'll be here watching you along the way.
Graham Stephan (2 days ago)
Close ;)
Lee Ralph (2 days ago)
Great video, but as a total novice in this field, about the @ 19:24 mark you mentioned holding dividends in a tax advantage account. I was lost as to you meaning. I understand getting a dividend...but when you say hold it in a tax advantage account, do you mean depositing it in to something like a IRA/401k? Could you elaborate a bit more on this? Also, why would you not reinvest the dividend instead? Thanks
Nav S G (2 days ago)
Graham Stephan (2 days ago)
Korben Ferrel (2 days ago)
thank you!! appreciated more then you know!.
Graham Stephan (2 days ago)
You got it!
Nav S G (2 days ago)
Nice video. Finally something useful.
Graham Stephan (2 days ago)
RockSolid1023 (2 days ago)
Thanks, Graham! Been looking for alternative strategies for non-traditional income. Keep posting!
Graham Stephan (2 days ago)
Thanks for watching!
o james (2 days ago)
Good job you just told everybody your utube chann3l grosses 450k to 800k a year.
o james (2 days ago)
+Graham Stephan interesting. why? I guess coz it gives u authority to passive income making and makes u look sincere? Idk lots of ppl have a problem with sharing their paycheck info in the open, esp on utube where there's a stigma and some viewers and contributors get mad when they see u have money. But dont get the wrong idea. not me. Not hate just pokin around.
Graham Stephan (2 days ago)
Doesn’t bother me if they know
Ameen Awadallah (2 days ago)
Hey Graham I would love to learn how to really do this. Teach me and let's document it :)
ELIESSTAR 16 (3 days ago)
Good information ..
ELIESSTAR 16 (3 days ago)
Graham Stephan (3 days ago)
Lation Fly (3 days ago)
hahahaha no its not bitconnect lololol i love that dude thank you hahah
Graham Stephan (3 days ago)
RR.STUDIOS (3 days ago)
What's a ricegum?
Graham Stephan (3 days ago)
Just subscribed, awesome Video, thanks.
Graham Stephan (3 days ago)
DramaDrew (4 days ago)
You said sub to pewdiepie instant sub
Graham Stephan (4 days ago)
KOLOB SLC (4 days ago)
I love your videos. Thank you for the great content!
Andrew Welker (4 days ago)
tldr no nick cage pillow link in description :(
Graham Stephan (4 days ago)
I forgot to list it :/
AnimeNothingElse (4 days ago)
13k like 🤙🏼
Graham Stephan (4 days ago)
p3rsian123 (4 days ago)
Good video dude u just missed one thing investing your credit... provided it’s more risky. But u could potentially help people with bad credit that wish to change the fact of having bad credit acquire a mortgage that would eventually get you and them even better credit. In turn u could charge them a sum for your help or investment.
Graham Stephan (4 days ago)
I’d never trust someone else with my credit
Jacob Parker (5 days ago)
man ur great at responding in the comments and ur vids are always quality and funny
Graham Stephan (5 days ago)
TheRisingSalas (5 days ago)
I have to buy these items to make money?! Hmmm. Lol.
Starchyi (5 days ago)
TheRisingSalas no.. lisen to what he is saying..review stuff you might already have.
30 subs please (5 days ago)
3 minute ads congrats
Graham Stephan (5 days ago)
HermanatorPC (5 days ago)
Im gonna go play fortnite
Graham Stephan (5 days ago)
Richard Elliott (6 days ago)
Respond to this lol
Graham Stephan (6 days ago)
chance kiki (7 days ago)
What do you think of those bitcoin investment programs on Instagram? It says you invest $300 dollars and in 30 days you make $3000 dollars. Do you think it’s legit or totally fake?
cybervanig2000 (7 days ago)
Hands down you are my favorite youtuber. Very realistic approaches to money management. Keep it up. 👍
sauccY (8 days ago)
yo where’s the link to the pillow
WietRoKer (8 days ago)
Lies graham. I most definitely like coffee more than you do 😜
Graham Stephan (8 days ago)
F 22 (9 days ago)
Thanks for the information man I’m really interested
Jesse Lane (10 days ago)
Jesse Lane (10 days ago)
Graham Stephan We’ve got to collaborate man!!
Graham Stephan (10 days ago)
Gabrielle Diaz (10 days ago)
I need lambo money.
Graham Stephan (10 days ago)
We all do!
Ethan Assouline (10 days ago)
Hey Graham, you mentioned that Real State needed a big upfront capital investment. You should check out www.leaseumpartners.com they created a tokenised real estate investment fund. It basically allows you to invest your money in real estate and get dividends paid quarterly without having to manage your property. (You can invest as low as 1$ and you’ll never have to invest your time). Personally the best solution I think there is for passive income, expecting 15% yearly including dividend and capital growth.
Randy Navarro (11 days ago)
Peter McKinnon probably loves coffee more than Graham does hahaha... Peter has his own coffee, something Graham should look into :)
Graham Stephan (11 days ago)
Haha fair enough
Marcus Conn (13 days ago)
@Graham: Thanks again for a great video. I will definitely hit those PASSIVE income balls to the walls ideas! Since I am so lazy... the dividends and storage and rental plexus are my plan. I am getting old and I hate burning my most valuable resource on this planet. My Time!
Murray (14 days ago)
I managed to pause at just the right time for an epic pic. 19:10 for anyone who wants to see it.
Graham Stephan (14 days ago)
Forever Known (8 days ago)
I respect your hustled, Thanks for teach us the best way to save money other than being a scammer. You got my support. 😎 and it's for FREE!
Graham Stephan (16 days ago)
Whoever Whoever (16 days ago)
Or be sperm donor and get more than $100 per oz.
Graham Stephan (16 days ago)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Rick Panciroli Jr. (16 days ago)
Rice gum wasnt ready for the smoke.
Graham Stephan (16 days ago)
MetalChick27 (16 days ago)
I love your videos and love how you’re so genuine and transparent on everything. You include your own numbers, instead of being wishy washy with vague terms. I’m just disappointed I didn’t see an affiliate link for rice gum.
Graham Stephan (16 days ago)
Haha thanks!
Braden Jones (18 days ago)
follow my instagram!!!! https://instagram.com/bradenaaronjones?igshid=oo2nsfpammip
eddie rosas (19 days ago)
Why hasnt any asked how to get into Amazon marketing ? I'm trying to figure it out
Destiny Nieves (19 days ago)
Summary Don't be a scammer, think long term, and offer real value. INVEST TIME to create YouTube 1. Affiliate marketing 2. Ad revenue 3. Programs (courses) Renting 1. Unused space (bedroom, garage, etc.) Blog Same strategies as YouTube (affiliate marketing, etc.) INVEST MONEY to make more 1. Dividend stocks (Invest in growth stocks and hold in tax advantage account like roth IRA or 401k because taxed at normal rate otherwise. Rinse repeat) Real estate 1. Buy to rent 2. House hack (rent what you don't use whether it's another unit or just unused rooms to where your expenses are covered and you live 'rent free' You're welcome ❤ aaaaaaand thank you Graham!
Graham Stephan (19 days ago)
Destiny Nieves (19 days ago)
Subscribe button: hit Like button: HULK SMASH Yes yes yes yes passive income!! 🤑🤑🙌👑❤🙃🤟
Graham Stephan (19 days ago)
Mark's Tech (19 days ago)
"without be come irrelevant....like rice gum" lmaaaoo
Graham Stephan (19 days ago)
Darin Voelker (20 days ago)
Shouldn't this video be titled "How to Make $100 Per Day In 2020"? Since all of these methods are long term :P
Graham Stephan (20 days ago)
Fausto Lopez (21 days ago)
Can I do Facebook I’m not gonna make a YouTube video I don’t have a camara
Samalie Ngin (21 days ago)
Your humorrrrr i cannot haha
Graham Stephan (21 days ago)
Haha thanks :)
Delvige (22 days ago)
Where is the Nicklas cage pillow case affiliate link? :(
Eric Miller (22 days ago)
"Like Ricegum" LOl
Graham Stephan (22 days ago)
Celryst IV (22 days ago)
Not sure if you mentioned this in any of your other videos, but I won’t need any license to simply become a landlord right? I am not looking to become an agent but I like your house hacking idea and will try that once I pay off student loans.
Graham Stephan (22 days ago)
Correct you won’t need a license as an agent!
Steven Clark (22 days ago)
Thanks for these ideas! I got inspired and am taking the DoubleYourMoneyChallenge dot com. So far, up 5%! I'm going to try some of your ideas as well.
Graham Stephan (22 days ago)
Dakota Lally (23 days ago)
Signed up for WeBull. Waiting for bank account verification to deposit.
Graham Stephan (22 days ago)
Doodleluck (23 days ago)
Or marry rich
Graham Stephan (23 days ago)
Or that ;)
DustyTheMexii (24 days ago)
dont say you love coffee then talk about a keurig lol cmon graham
Graham Stephan (24 days ago)
Shawn Sitaras (24 days ago)
I will say i will agree graham passive income is addiction
Graham Stephan (24 days ago)
Renould P (24 days ago)
Thanks Graham for great information on making extra 100 dollars 💵
Graham Stephan (24 days ago)
Thanks for watching!!
Airspir (25 days ago)
Thanks for the tips! I make about 100-150$/day in passive income as a 16-year old.
Nicholas Kemp (6 days ago)
+Airspir I will man thanks!
Airspir (7 days ago)
+Nicholas Kemp and no. it wasn't that hard after you set everything up and get used to it. It,'s harder in the beginning when you're brand new to it
Airspir (7 days ago)
+Nicholas Kemp I watched some helpful tutorials by a guy called Rory Ganon on Youtube. You should check him out
Nicholas Kemp (7 days ago)
Was the shopify store hard to set up? I've been thinking of different ways to make some income. What resources did you use to set it up?
Airspir (9 days ago)
+Nicholas Kemp Affiliate links on YouTube (multiple channels) and a small automated shopify store. Also another affiliate program inside Fortnite where my supporters can use my code (doesn't cost them anything) on in game purchsdes and I get 5% commission (it's actually a quite bit of money when you have over 4000 supporters each month).
Bruce Collins (26 days ago)
I always enjoy your videos and I like making you richer. I purposely ignore Grant Cardone videos to reverse his wealth. At least, I think that is how it works.
Graham Stephan (26 days ago)
UNKNOWN Phone (26 days ago)
17:23 : Or you buy a 5plex you rent 4 habitation, and on you're own you rent the other rooms :P why stop whit an 4hb rent when you can get like 6 (if the havitation have 3 room you rent 2 of them.)
UNKNOWN Phone (26 days ago)
+Graham Stephan ok so then just buy a 4plex and do the same 🤔🙃
Graham Stephan (26 days ago)
After 4 units it becomes a commercial property with worse terms
Billy Walsh (27 days ago)
Josue Juarez (28 days ago)
Damn... On A Real Note, Rice Gum Is Irrelevant Now :,(
Graham Stephan (28 days ago)
Jeeto (28 days ago)
If you like coffee so much, why not start a roastery or a coffee shop?
Jeeto (28 days ago)
+Graham Stephan Yeah, but if you know what's good quality vs what's bad, and you have a passion for it, it would be a good business to get in to, no?
Graham Stephan (28 days ago)
because I don't need to sell coffee to make it myself ;)
Devtron (29 days ago)
My amazon affiliate account got canceled Because I don't have enough subs. The links were getting a lot of clicks though so it is def worth it.
Graham Stephan (29 days ago)
Never heard of that happening?
Harvey Harris (1 month ago)
"So you can then monetise those vi-" *Ad plays*
Graham Stephan (1 month ago)
llZak (1 month ago)
Honestly wasn’t expecting to see real info about this subject. Most YouTube videos are just guys screaming at the viewer giving vague useless information, great video learned a lot!
Graham Stephan (1 month ago)
Thanks so much for watching!
Ghost Guner (1 month ago)
Selling avocado toast
Graham Stephan (1 month ago)
acooknamedMatt (1 month ago)
Graham, or anyone. What advice would you give to a chef on youtube? Would a paid course sound worth it to people even though I post how tos on my channel already? Thanks!
MrJohnluvit (1 month ago)
I'm a Negro can I make money ? someone suggested I do a Penis puppet show at "Spanky's Bar & Grill"
Alexandros Socratous (1 month ago)
But what if someone has no youtube channel?
Graham Stephan (1 month ago)
Make one :)
Yak Motley (1 month ago)
Your so right! This channel was a side hustle that bought two rental properties. The Amazon links pay for my office. I need to do more of the affiliate deals. You have to get creative with them lol!
Graham Stephan (1 month ago)
That’s awesome!!
David Klimovich (1 month ago)
Hello Graham, I love your videos. Graham, I am 40 years old and my wife and I have a 2 year old daughter and 1 year old son. Would it possible to make a video, in what we can do for children financial future. We have set up a college fund and a savings account, for each of them. But how much should we invest? Thank you
Pierre Miniggio (1 month ago)
I really like how you're that transparent at showing your own numbers for your channel. Thanks for sharing.
Graham Stephan (1 month ago)
Thanks so much!! Glad you enjoy it!
Joe Garofalo II (1 month ago)
Renting unused space...this could be a great idea. I just don't trust people and don't want anyone in my home or in my stuff 😂
Graham Stephan (1 month ago)
haha fair enough!
Bad Music (1 month ago)
I’ll teach you how to grammer
Bad Music (1 month ago)
Graham Stephan (1 month ago)
Graham Stephan (1 month ago)

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