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South African rand

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The start of my travel in South Africa starts with having the South African rand.
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Marcelo Mijolović (1 month ago)
There is no awesome money like south african rand
Ralph Venter (1 month ago)
I'm from South Africa
Leon Shaku (6 months ago)
This 5 green and 10 reed are EURO
Magnificent Sizwe (10 months ago)
Can anyone help/advice me what to do. I have FAKE South AFrican Notes I got from a buyer. About 19:00pm on 14 April 2018 (yesterday) I sold my iPad Air and my Huawei P8 and the guy counted the money in my watch/ in my presence then put it all in a StandardBank cash bag. I noticed when i got indoors that the money was FAKE. this morning im gonna go to the nearest Police Station to report the crime case. If anyone is willing to advice me on what else to do -Im contactable on 0838900454 #FAKEMoneyMustFall
MKROXTON (1 year ago)
Great video Adriaan :-)
Donnie Sparks (1 year ago)
nice Monopoly money
SeekerOfTruth (1 year ago)
Adriaan De Bisschop If you fold the ends to the middle you can complete a cave drawing
Adriaan De Bisschop (1 year ago)
It's real money!
David Brown (1 year ago)
Its not as bad as all the asian countries
pholoso Calven (2 years ago)
beautiful videos...hope the rand recovers....
pholoso Calven (2 years ago)
that's the truth of the matter,can not argue that at all...
Adriaan De Bisschop (2 years ago)
pholoso Calven for us who pays with euro it's cheap
PK PK (2 years ago)
Rand? Pffft.. the Rand is so weak, women are marrying for love again.
I am from South Africa
Xxxtentacion Fan (2 months ago)
danie van Stryp (5 months ago)
Me to
Wilbur Wonka (9 months ago)
I’m from South Africa too living in the USA haven’t been back home in over 6 years
Chantel Pienaar (10 months ago)
Poblacht na hÉireann Deachtòir: me 2
AMMU (1 year ago)
Poblacht na hÉireann Deachtòir I love south africa
Tammy S (3 years ago)
Super leuk! If you like the colours of the South African rand, then I think you would like Australian money. They have nice colours, that are bright and is easy to tell the amount just by the colour alone :D

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