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The Best Way to Invest Your Money

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Text Comments (742)
Steven Thompson (8 hours ago)
@4:13 🤣🤣🤣🤣👍
And Such (2 days ago)
I like a lot of Dave's principles, but don't agree with everything he recommends. Also, his arrogance is hard to look past.
SageMode Jesse (1 day ago)
And Such how much money have you saved?
supershrpy (2 days ago)
Dave's good for getting out of debt ... Other than that look elsewhere!!!
James Onan (5 days ago)
Also not accounting for the reinvested dividends coming off of the S&P 500 index
James Onan (5 days ago)
He’s using the arithmetic calculation for average returns. Not the geometric average
VH Tress (6 days ago)
Tens of millions of dollars giving out poor advice, good for you. The level of arrogance in taking advantage of people then using their money and criticizing those who made you rich is repugnant .
VH Tress (6 days ago)
surprised you didn’t recommend moonshine and gator huntin’. Amazing how you have so many people thinking you’re worth listening to
afilmbyryanashburn (8 days ago)
Your attitude is distracting
Sigal Smadar (8 days ago)
Listen to more videos. Sometimes he hammers it, other times he is very compassionate to individuals. This is a "rant" video. You're going to get Attitude!!
samih daifallah (9 days ago)
How can you teach me please I will do what ever you want
Candis Carnegie (11 days ago)
Does he know he's not funny?
QBEY (15 days ago)
This isnt grape surgery
ToniTruth (16 days ago)
Learn poker and apply Day trading mindset to the cards. Rake in 20$- 100$ per hour Playing very conservative and winning small pots with low risk. Then invest winnings or save it in High yield savings account.
Pemex Trokiando (16 days ago)
best career that will make you rich is drug dealing. Im a wealthy man
Li-Ann Maria Vivalva (17 days ago)
I live in San Fernando, Trinidad... Can I still pick Mutual Funds that out preform the SMP500 ...?
FaMulan (19 days ago)
Invested in Trading with my savings of 30k with Shelby Alvani. Then a terrible turn of events happened and I lost my house and my car but Thankfully, the money i had invested saved my life and is still doing so till this day and i now have a better car and house. Lesson: remember to always invest for the rainy days because it will come
Isaac Jibben (22 days ago)
He should become president!!!!!
George Yang (23 days ago)
Past performance is no guarantee of future results, Dave.
Sandie Bock (26 days ago)
OUT performing is nice but at what risk or what fees are you paying to outperform and when you figure out what you would have in MONEY when your fees are taken out of the money you made and you probably made LESS. % is one thing but then look at the bottom line what the index would have given back to you and the fund fees and then at YOUR Mutual Funds and see what MONEY is in the account after all the fees front end and back end etc and you will may see you have less money in the account.
TheKnuckle44 (27 days ago)
For everyone saying, "Invest in index funds instead" I say why not both? That's the big brain strategy. Active/Passive is what it's called in the investment world
Asking dave for investing advice is like asking fast food worker how to operate semi truck...
Rick Leon (26 days ago)
Why did YouTube suspend your account?
Steven Robinson (27 days ago)
He's a millionaire. Are you?
Fooly Cooly (29 days ago)
pay him to be a millionaire
luke millard (1 month ago)
I made my first million from investing in Trading as a beginner, this expert is Mrs Terriese White, we met at a trading conference and she accepted to trade for me, I've had no course to regret ever since
Mike Jones (27 days ago)
luke millard you got a email to contact u at
Ross Mac (1 month ago)
But what about the mutual funds annual fees? Are you taking that into account when comparing with s+p 500?
TheKnuckle44 (27 days ago)
No he's not. There are a lot of things wrong with his numbers.
mdooms76 (1 month ago)
I'm learning more from the comments than from these videos. I don't get his cocky, flippant attitude towards people who are trying to learn and understand what they don't know. No one is stupid. No one cares about his millions and millions of dollars that he's always throwing I'm his listeners faces. You don't need millions to be financially secure or to live well in retirement. Everyone is not going to be a millionaire. Tell people how to manage their hundreds and thousands.
MegaMiir (1 month ago)
You intimidate me dave.
Vince P (1 month ago)
Warren Buffet, most successful investor of all time, went from normal to top 10 richest people solely by investing well, says the best advice for 90% of people is passive index funds. Dave Ramsey a guy who has "several million dollars" in mutual funds, says investing is like horse racing. Now who should I listen to :/
Cody Gillespie (1 month ago)
Terrible advice.
Footage (1 month ago)
Who watches this useless advice
Using a student loan to buy a home, that he can steal for his own wants. What american or Canadian criminal code I can use to give the right agencies to enforce.
Sorry, you call it a show. let me guess, millions earned?
The morning meeting will be beautiful.
Prove me wrong.
I never got to finish. Massive tax evasion.
In time he will be charged,
He lives in a virtual reality set. Prove me wrong.
You gained a profit, on a horse. gambling. you take from others to benefit your illegal intention sir.
vee tour (1 month ago)
Dave says just pick mutual funds that are winners. Seems simple enough. I guess most people are not listening and picking the loser funds.
Marcos Gonzalez (1 month ago)
I would like to know average expense of his mutual funds...I am sure it is now 0.05% like a Index Fund and more close to 1%. When Mutual Funds post returns they don’t disclose expenses
Deezy24 (1 month ago)
what are the four main mutual funds that Dave recommends?
Majid Shaam (1 month ago)
let's do business together.
William Perkins (1 month ago)
Why dosen't he ever talk about silver and gold? Fiat currency always returns to its intrinsic value; ZERO.
mweb1 (1 month ago)
For me, the best way is to use a retirement counselor that charges nothing, pays out 5% annually for the rest of your life no matter if money runs out provided by a rider, and the best part, no wall street and no risk whatsoever.
james (1 month ago)
I'm not going to argue about whether or not he knows what he's talking about he may be really good at getting out of debt he may be really good at investing strategies maybe he's not good at one of the other I don't know I've only seen a couple videos however and I kind of understand where it comes from on this being as I used to be a taxi driver and it's hard to deal with people but still I think you could be a little less condescending about how people handle their money
FinBrain Technologies (1 month ago)
No human being can analyze vast amounts of qualitative and quantitative data for Stocks, ETFs and Currencies, FinBrain does that for more than 6000 assets, you can visit our website for more.
Ian Vandenhazel (1 month ago)
Investing in securities is much more complicated than that. He's an expert on debt, not investments.
kryptoboi (2 months ago)
Buy the Dow at the bottom “This is not hard.” Yea ok, timing the bottom is not hard said no one ever
kryptoboi (2 months ago)
Bad advice...Past performance does not guarantee future performance, plus you pay a higher management fee, and you are taking on higher risk than the S&P
Andy Boustany (2 months ago)
expense ratio is 0.17
Andy Boustany (2 months ago)
can we talk about the timithy funds expense ratios?
Patrick Hull (2 months ago)
“I love compound interest.” -Warren Buffett
Raymond Ellsworth (2 months ago)
EVERYONE IN THE COMMENTS SECTION Here is some truth. Dont sit on your hands and argue about mutual funds or index funds. Just pick one and invest. Or split your investment and do both. 5% return is still better than your money laying in the top drawer of your dresser.
TheSlotMachineGuy (2 months ago)
6:25 Like A Boss! Thank You Dave!!
leftyla (2 months ago)
Hmm... Do you think your books have something to do with your millions of dollars?
Nari Safaie (2 months ago)
Dave you are funny! I love watching your videos.
MR (2 months ago)
Thank God I have millions !
Cheeky MGTOW (2 months ago)
Dave Ramsey tells people it's great to pop out a bunch of children while you are broke. No thanks, Dave. That should be a step 7 move.
Kay Pitchford (2 months ago)
What are your feelings on the acorn app?
Ronny Soto (2 months ago)
Hi, I have 414 and 457 and I would like very much if you could help me to choose correctly how to invest. thank you
Linda Mora (2 months ago)
I’m waiting on the 4 mutual funds Dave says he’s invested in.... kindly advise
French Filmm The Band (2 months ago)
I find you to be a solid as can be investor your way will grow a great investment. I wish I found you when I was young starting out. I’m 51 no retirement so I’ll end up working until my last day on earth. That’s ok. But I will show my kids the truth about money. You are my Noah of money all these trolls can troll all they want but when the doors close they won’t be trolling more like treading water.
RacerRed (2 months ago)
This might be a dumb question but i have had trouble finding the answer: Why should i start a roth IRA when i could invest with an app like STASH which i can take money out of without the %20 penalty at any time? The roth ira invests in the same market but seems to have a lot more penalties involved if you want to remove it before retirement age. I know i am wrong. I am just looking for someone to tell me how I am.
erick canto (2 months ago)
Dave worth 55M.
Aquarius (2 months ago)
Some mutual funds may beat the S&P on some years & those same mutual funds may underperform the S&P, Thats why in the disclaimer it says"Past performance does not prove future results". Or something like that(LOL).
Noah Oxley (2 months ago)
Keep to the marketing and charging broke people for courses Dave, investments are not your cup of tea ☕️
Flockodoves (2 months ago)
If such great mutual funds exist please share them, because to me it seems you have amazing advise about saving but no advise about investing. That is because all you net worth is from talking and your books. Most people want to know the wining horse and you dont know you just tell them they can win and keep playing,. That's negligent by far!
og jenny (2 months ago)
lol! you just took the words out of my mouth
Audio (2 months ago)
You also paid at least 2% in fees. Most mutual funds charge high fees. No, you did not make 13%.
Karrigsturn (2 months ago)
Dave: "How did I get so much money lol". Maybe from getting paid to shill for mutual funds?
Adela Juarez (3 months ago)
Just started listening and paid off credit cards and going to celebrate tonight with my scissors lol😆🙏Thanks Dave now to invest!
Léo Pold (3 months ago)
That guy would be perfect as a traveling salesman in a western movie selling wacky magical elixirs to the ...gifted?
WDY 84 (3 months ago)
Invest in cds ??
stevenstrumpf7 (3 months ago)
I love your attitude dude 🤣😚
Quick Attack Films (3 months ago)
My God, he's not saying "DONT INVEST IN INDEX FUNDS!" He's literally telling you what HE did and what got other people rich. There's no arguing that it doesn't work. If you have what you know to be a more efficient way of investing, I'm sure Dave would be all for you.
Optimus (3 months ago)
i've learnt nothing from this except that people think you have no money and according to your records, you do. So, how exactly does that help me? kmt...
MisterZ3r0 (3 months ago)
Really like Dave's advice on most things, but he loses me on mutual funds. Index funds still charge a fee, it is just very minimal compared to actively managed mutual funds. There are people out there that consistently beat the market, like Warren Buffet or Peter Lynch, but those people are few and far between and whose to say you will have access to them. Many of the smart ones don't want to trouble themselves with the regulations involved with small investors and refuse to structure their funds to accept everyday investors so instead create hedge funds. It is better to invest in the benchmark rather than trying to beat it if you are the little guy.
r bt (3 months ago)
Sure the S&P has been on fire earning many people 12+% the last 7 years or so thanks to MARKET MANIPULATION by the federal reserve ..,. Quantitative Easing (QE) if you don't understand what that is look it up. It's essentially an anabolic steroid injection for the market that yields diminishing returns the more it's used (see Japan's experiment with it). That party is now over and the reverse is happening along with rising interest rates. The days of 12+% return on funds that track the S&P are over. His closing statement however was good. "You've got to understand what's going on out there in the real estate world and the investing world."
Sam Petitfils (3 months ago)
Wow. Dave is outstanding on debt free living. Kudos. Investing? After listening carefully to this video I got the impression he's never read a quality book on investing. "Rocket Surgery?" Uh, what's that? Dave, we need more highly intelligent research brought to bear on the science in investing. Passive investing beats all, as most all economists teach. We conclude that not because we "heard a talk" or "saw something on the internet." Oh, I get it. You're selling something. You've done well with your other material. Please stick to your area of expertise.
Raw Dog Nation (3 months ago)
Since your so jolly about your mutual funds.. I'd love to get a copy of your investments..so we can both celebrate. How bout it ey🕺
Will (3 months ago)
Growth Fund of America is a great example that what he's saying is valid. Even after fees, this fund is a rock star.
Bart Van Riel (3 months ago)
Outperforming the market by 0.4% and paying 1% in fees isn't a great deal
Joe Chavez (3 months ago)
I guess if he keeps handing people poor advice they'll continue being in a position to need his advice. Good strategy.
leon kigen (3 months ago)
😂stopped watching after hearing Abraham Lincoln said everything on the internet is true.... Am now going to search for when he said that😂😂...
pstratt (3 months ago)
FCNTX, beats the market consistently. Look it up
B Ruane (1 month ago)
Is this Fidelity Contrafund ? Contrafund bets on Tech and has been doing well. As long as Tech stays up it will do very well.
pstratt (3 months ago)
Sounds to me that it’s more important that people INVEST than it is to decide whether to invest in mutual funds or ETFs. Personally, I have a mix of ETFs, Mutual funds and individual stocks.
Dionisis G. (3 months ago)
96% of all mutual funds in U.S. (about 5000) cannot beat the market (index S&P 500) after fees and the 4% that can is not the same every year!! Of course there are mutual funds that are great and have been winning the markets, but even they cannot do it every year! Warren Buffett put a $1 million bet that in a period of 10 years 10 different mutual funds cannot beat the market. The period is not over but until now he's winning!!
Dionisis G. (3 months ago)
+ShareWorthy Yes, you are right i'm sorry! But, that's not the point! What i want to say is that the majority of mutual funds and hedge funds are useless!!
ShareWorthy (3 months ago)
Warren's bet was on was hedge funds. There are a good bit of differences between, headge and mutual.
coffeejunkie33 (3 months ago)
I only invest in gold and silver. Our dollar is worth a whopping. $0.04 and it will collapse. A lot of risk in the stock market. Libor is ending. A lot of countries are dumping the dollar. Every large country is buying massive amounts of gold. What's coming is a collapse of the global debt system. Your 401k will be worth nothing soon.
O'Shea Jeff (3 months ago)
All my life i have never seen a way better than investing in Crypto trading Most people loose and cause panic to others because they lack the right experience and they don't let an expert like Mr Shaw Brandon trade for them Since Mr Shaw started managing my trades i have never lost, 17 wins in a row
Casey Abrell (3 months ago)
"Everything on the internet is true." - Abraham Lincoln
Jack Hargreaves (3 months ago)
12% Lol..
Vision_Wise (3 months ago)
First of all this guys voice is absolutely amazing, everything he talks about is amazing, this guy is amazing
frany alva (3 months ago)
youdjparents (3 months ago)
If you want to understand mutual funds google Orlando the cat
Chris Malcon (4 months ago)
Trading with the help of Shelby Alvani is a more feasible option
aidylweiss (3 months ago)
Chris Malcon Lol! Ok so other than that, no red flags? I'm curious how she trades crypto. Thanks Chris
Chris Malcon (3 months ago)
yeah, i still work with her and my experience has been great except she won't let me date her unfortunately because we aren't supposed to mix business with pleasure :(
aidylweiss (3 months ago)
Chris Malcon Hi Chris, are you still working with her? She sent me a link to website called itradeslive which seems to be a glorious scam. She also said that she would help me to copy her trades. What has been your experience with her? Thanks
nanahachi kurenai (3 months ago)
does she have YouTube video? i just want lecture, not actually communicate with her. since idk when i can get scammed trying to email them and keep getting spam
Chris Malcon (4 months ago)
her email is [email protected] com
David part (4 months ago)
I bought Netflix at IPO. I guess I am a genius. I guess I should have my own talk show too. No but seriously mutual funds can be a small part of your total wealth allocation but it should not be the majority of your stock holdings.
Roy boy (4 months ago)
Where does this fool have his money
Chill Will (4 months ago)
ok so as someone who is new to investing, i am very confused as to why you talked about mutual funds for the first 3+ minutes of the video. i clicked on this video to learn about ways to invest but you just come out of the gate talking about something when you should just assume we know nothing. not hating, great video man
darren kaine (4 months ago)
Warren Buffett must not know what he's talking about... 🤔
Kharí Clark (4 months ago)
Rocket Surgery is dope! Most Rocket Surgeons make good money, but they still need to save and invest... but those student loans are killing them.
Christopher Hanley (4 months ago)
Dave is wealthy. The trolls with fake names are not. Wonder who's right?
Dionisis G. (4 months ago)
Index funds beat 96% of all mutual funds (after fees) and about 70% of all hedge funds (after fees)!!!

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