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Bitcoin Cash - Nov 15 Hard Fork UPDATE [Part 2] - What's Going to Happen?

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⚫ Video Part 1: https://youtu.be/A3_MyOvVcGs Bitcoin Cash - November 15th Hard Fork (Bitcoin ABC vs Bitcoin SV) (Craig Wright vs Amaury Séchet) ⚫ Bitcoin Cash Hashrate Pie Chart: https://cash.coin.dance/blocks ⚫ Tone Vays interview with Craig Wright https://youtu.be/ACEUOCoVvmw ⚫ Image source (image from WeChat): https://www.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/9tqk92/faketoshi_i_win_or_it_all_goes_down/ Calvin Ayre. Craig Wright (self-proclaimed satoshi), nChain, Coingeek, Amaury Sechet, Bitcoin ABC, BitcoinABC, Bitcoin Unlimited, November 15, 2018, Bitcoin SV, SV Pool, 51% attack, Hard Fork, Hardfork, Split, Network Upgrade, Hash War - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Disclaimer: The views expressed in this video are strictly my own and are not to be construed as trading advice. Do not buy, sell or otherwise trade cryptocurrency based on the content of this video. I am merely sharing what I have done and what I would do in various situations as an educational tool only. #bitcoincash #bitcoin #btc #blockchain #cryptocurrency #tokens #coins #crypto #news - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ⚡Colin Talks Crypto⚡ addresses/wallets: 💜 EOS donation address/account name: colintcrypto 💜 Ethereum (ETH) address: 0x5b90414Aeb115f910698304E63C2C3092739c9c0 💜 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) address: qpzc3apy9s8x2qtlqxxgnalfxtzgnkg5nq352w9k2t 💜 Bitcoin (BTC) address: 1Da6ivdriJpzqnLkNEa1XnKk5nGCiyRZrF - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - You can reach me at: 💗 Website: http://www.ColinTalksCrypto.com 💗 YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/ColinTalksCrypto 💗 Twitter: https://twitter.com/ColinTCrypto (@ColinTCrypto) 💗 Steemit: https://steemit.com/@colintalkscrypto - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - T-shirts and merchandise available. Because... why not? https://teespring.com/colintalkscrypto - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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Text Comments (162)
open......1-blok,open,open👽,,,, Graig now is satochi.
thank to all of you, Satochi is not is Graig, sorry.. satochi will arrive in 2019 and will remove the first blok the real one when he arrives will kill hin.👽
Dwayne Cunningham (24 days ago)
If the mining pool data you shared is correct, then what can we do? As I see it, this will hurt all POW coins, because it will sew distrust in that infrastructure.
FanofDocumentaries (24 days ago)
I think one day someone will do the same thing to BTC. BTC will then be used to totally control and monitor everyone.
swcblad (25 days ago)
you fight they make money. this is the world it always been.
Chris Muller (25 days ago)
One guy mining 60% of a coin? That's "Bitcoin Craig", or "Craigs Coin"...
Thomas Hägg (25 days ago)
51% does not equal an attack and if an attack it's also not necessarily an attack on the Bitcoin Cash chain as such. You'll have to check after the fork to know what the actual networks look like.
Only Bitcoin (25 days ago)
I m ur biggest fan bro from India. Which country u belong bro...🇮🇳🙏
Colin Talks Crypto (25 days ago)
Hi! thank you. USA!
atsushi 369jp (25 days ago)
i would like to know how benefit big is. it seems the hard fork just made confusion which makes price going down.
Colin Talks Crypto (25 days ago)
The price went from like $460 to $600 and now is back down to $480. It's volatile.
Jack Naneek (25 days ago)
One of the best analysis of the dynamics at play here, including potential countermoves by ABC chain to gather more hash. Excellent thoughts!
Colin Talks Crypto (25 days ago)
Thank you, Jack!
Jack Naneek (25 days ago)
Ace in hole, I think, is moving BTC hash to support BCHABC (bitmain?) Is this a reasonable thing?
Niall Stack (25 days ago)
great video :)
Initial D (25 days ago)
hi coin talk, this topic is very difficult for a noob like me to understand but, i read you will hold bch through this, the only thing i get is bch as we know today where we put our hard earned cash into will split into bchabc which will be the same as the bch we know today and bchsv, then bchsv will kill bchabc and bchabc will go zero because bchabc will not be able to send or receive transactions if i can believe other vids on youtube, why are people buying bch then? to double the coins? but if bchabc will get attacked by a crazy guy wright and you will be left with SV and worthless bchabc whats the point of doubling the coins, or am i missing on something. is selling your bch now not the best option after all of this ?
Colin Talks Crypto (25 days ago)
I don't know what the price will be. Anyone that tells you they know this answer is not being truthful. The market will work itself out.
Initial D (25 days ago)
+Colin Talks Crypto thanks for the reply collin, but if one of them wins let's say SV wins , will it be the same value as bch today 480 usd or will it still stay 219usd like it is on poloniex now? also if everybody tries to get rid of the coin they don't want ... who will buy it then ? i wonder this cause i got bch myself and don't have experience in trading or understanding crypto.
Colin Talks Crypto (25 days ago)
To me, this is a risky action because we don’t really know the outcome yet. I’m holding all coins and not selling. Then I’ll re-evaluate once the dust settles.
Colin Talks Crypto (25 days ago)
The reason people are buying more coins now is so they can *sell* the side they don’t want as soon as it splits, and this way end up with more of the coin they want (whether it’s SV or ABC).
Cheeky (26 days ago)
CSW is a lunatic who wants to destroy BCH. The guy needs to be on prosac and distanced from the crypto community.
Square Peg (26 days ago)
This is very confusing, I'm glad I got out of Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash and switched to XRP which isn't mined.
Trey Stein (26 days ago)
Best explanation yet. Thanks Colin
Requinix17 (26 days ago)
The winners of this are going to be coins implementing some elements of proof of stake and especially governance. Watch Ethereum and Dash. Maybe Decred
dominique roberge (26 days ago)
you are living in dream land if you truly believe BCH ABC would keep its value when all trade are canceled because ''the market favors it''. The truth of the matter is that the OGs developper/freedom seeker who are truly involved for selfless reasons are a tiny minority. Most of the big players atm are not your early adopters but rather savy traders and institutions. On top of all that let me remind you what influence the price of a speculative asset with no intrinsic value ; the willingness of others to buy it at a certain price. Who would buy BCH ABC when you can't transact with it? How fast will the price plummet when holders and speculative investors on ABC's side decide to cut their losses? Don't be mistaken this is a bidding war. Some are biding on SV, others are biding on ABC. This is a classic pocker game. Some are calling a bluff, others are going all in. On November 15th, the card will be turned and then we will see who shall see ruin and who shall see glory.
Rabie Alkamouchi (26 days ago)
Buy zcash viacoin fujer assic resistens no decentralisit mining
Wagner Vitor (26 days ago)
Alguém de BR pode dizer o que ele quis dizer?
meangrizzgreen (26 days ago)
Colin one of the best youtube brains in the space. I'm still hoping you get back on that Cardano train my man.
meangrizzgreen (26 days ago)
We will see with time. I like Eos and Ether also. The mother of all bull runs is on it's way. MOAB!
Colin Talks Crypto (26 days ago)
Haha. I have my moments of second guessing myself. But so far I'm holding strong to my decision and am not going back. I actually have my eyes on ETH scaling in 2019 (finally). I think at that time, ETH and EOS will be the top picks. Cardano will do well, but I don't see it as a top 5 crypto like ETH and EOS. Maybe top 10 for Cardano.
Oronia Blockchain (26 days ago)
SV to the moon 🌝 Grab your popcorn 🍿
Konna Bonna (26 days ago)
extremely exiting video. cant wait for nov. 15th.
Jeffery Connor (26 days ago)
I started looking into cryptos in spring 2017. Saw that bitcoin was meant to scale on-chain. I don't know all the in's and out's of code, etc. I've been told in the past "don't trust so-and-so", and "don't loo there", and "don't listen to them, they're crazy.." So... I did the OPPOSITE of what I was told... I listened to Craig (Valdemort?). Of course, I, like anyone one, could see his faults. But was he knowledgeable?? Did he care? etc. etc. Despite the drumbeat of name calling, etc., actually, because of the name calling, I decided he (and true bitcoin) must be a threat to the powers that be. I understand about co-opting movements, false flags, wolves in sheep's clothing. I mean bitcoin was too important NOT to be attacked be Old World Powers. I'm convinced BCH sv will scale massively on original base-layer codes. Bitcoin is more than software, it's a network. Miners. Users. Developers. I think that once the base-layer is made solid the large economic players can move in and scale operations. Time will tell. But I agree with the Whitepaper and "Satoshi's Vision". (Trolls need not apply. I'm ok with honest criticism.)
darda mel (26 days ago)
Interesting times. Thanks for another intelligent clip Colin! As for Craig Wright, in a way, it is great that he popped up. If this comic book villian wasn't there we wouldn't know if a single/small malicious entity can take over a major crypto. Wright is the simulator that we need to assess if nation states, major institutions or any other power that has conflicting interests with cryptocurrencies, can just take it down by a well payed assault. If so, crypto industry as a whole needs to have some serious debate on how to remain robust. If not, good to know. I have my popcorn ready for this coming clash.
Willi Willers (26 days ago)
what a kindergarten - btc and all the child-shitcoins
Guillermo M (26 days ago)
You are wrong in many ways. I was typing a long comment but I ended up just buying BCHSV at polo. Bitcoin is pure mining and the nature of competition is to have the possibility to have an efficient big competitor, that's intrinsic with freedom. I support the side that embraces free competition even at the expense of losing its position by a new player entering the space. I will never ever trust anyone trying to bypass the process of competition in a market. We need big corporations with huge investments that understand their role and that are bigger than all the propaganda, just like any deep layer of the economy. BCH has always been pro miners. ABC is now using all the same arguments Core did: Miners are bad, nodes mater, let me protect you from this evil competitor. I don't agree with you but I do enjoy your videos and attitude.
tony yip (26 days ago)
Can u please do a video on betdice plz.
will you hold BCH through this?
Colin Talks Crypto (26 days ago)
Yes, I will be.
Mellow Byte (26 days ago)
Thanks for the truth. Good to know
1stMil.com (26 days ago)
I have now finished watching your video. Your suggestion that big money and market will decide in favour of ABC is completely wrong. I can speak just for my own capital and those of my friends. We would dump ALL of our BCH holding in an instant if ABC side wins. Bitcoin is not above law. We would only invest in legally sound crypto. Currently the only one that qualifies is BCH. Post 15.Nov that would be Satoshi Vision Bitcoin. Also, if you are so passionate about this topic, just put your money into the ABC mining pool and go broke in the process.
Colin Talks Crypto (26 days ago)
Thanks for watching. As I said in the video, *most* users/companies/exchanges I've seen have sided with ABC. But not all. You would be one of the exceptions to this. They do exist. :)
1stMil.com (26 days ago)
dear Colin, your channel is great, I have subbed. However, I disagree with your information presented in this video. This is a 51% defence, not attack. Also, nChain is coming out with their own ASIC hardware. Bitmain is outdated. Once Bitcoin protocol is locked down, watch commercial application popping up like mushrooms after rain.
Colin Talks Crypto (26 days ago)
It's fascinating to look at it from both sides. Even right now I can see it both as a defense and as an attack. It depends from which "side" you are considering yourself on. I agree with a lot of the ideas of SV. I find myself flip-flopping back and forth quite a bit (between SV and ABC). Personally, I choose ABC for the reasons stated, but it may not go the way I want. I think in the end, it will be interesting from a scientific observation point of view, and it will undoubtedly be fascinating to see what happens.
Damiano Bonazzi (26 days ago)
*block time may go down (if hashrate goes up, till the next difficulty adjustment)
Damiano Bonazzi (26 days ago)
+Colin Talks Crypto thanks for the clarification, I assumed you were talking about BCH
Colin Talks Crypto (26 days ago)
BCH block time may go down with all the incoming hashrate, but the difficulty adjustment algorithm will quickly adapt on BCH. During this same time, BTC’s loss of hashrate will result in *longer* block times and possibly increased congestion.
Tk Gz (26 days ago)
csw is doing a great job, let the 2 bch dump, a nice time to short.
shoaib (26 days ago)
Buy buy BCH
Dr Williams (26 days ago)
Craig Wright I would not trust my investments in his hands. He comes over unstable, border line and childish.. I have zero confidence in this person!
Colin Talks Crypto (26 days ago)
Very much agree.
Erik van velzen (26 days ago)
bitcoin BCH bitcoin BTC
Erik van velzen (26 days ago)
This is not harming in the network Bitcoin cash Bitcoin is moving just another Direction
G Jun (27 days ago)
That's not what Craig said. Craig said they are the one who's keeping the original protocol and ABC are the one who's trying to change the protocol. And there for Majority of miners are incentivised to secure the original protocol and not let them to split.
Colin Talks Crypto (26 days ago)
He said that also. But I don’t believe it’s true. Case in point: https://www.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/9vvt6b/sv_is_not_locking_the_protocol/
Art (27 days ago)
A very interesting, scary, and comprehensive list of points in consideration. Thanks!
Colin Talks Crypto (26 days ago)
Committed Crypto (27 days ago)
What are your thoughts about the Parsl project on Eos and their Seed token Reward Drop? Hey Colin, I have a question. I see a lot of times on Newdex EOS Tokens which make 1000-8000% a day, I have doubts that these tokens are not more than EOS grabs, is it worth to buy token like Horus, Black, eosDAC, Everipedia and things like City(8000% + after listing) or is it the best to exchange every drop to EOS and ignore the Newdex, DexEos trading? Would love to see this topic covered in one of your videos, the EOS ecosystem ist fascinating, I‘ve never seen something like this. Greetings from Austria
Blackman Cooks (27 days ago)
The drama is getting ridiculous but I will hold both. Whoever wins, I win. I will relax and watch how this plays out.
Colin Talks Crypto (26 days ago)
Boid (27 days ago)
VentionMGTOW (27 days ago)
Why would anyone do business with such a back stabbing tyrant? What Veer and Jihad did, jamming the bitcoin network to try to seize control of software as well as mining and media (to preserve their asic boost) was bad enough but what Fake Satoshi is threatening is even worse. I would never touch Btrash no matter what fork of a fork of a fork is it's final form. Forkers will fork. They fork and fork and fork all over each other's forks. They back stab their friends and backstab their enemies. For their own profit (such as to preserve their asic boost) they will throw their entire community under the bus. I would never have any business or personal dealings with anyone in the btrash community. For their pride they will shatter communities and destroy insane amounts of wealth. I suspect they will have trouble finding regular people who will be willing to buy their token no matter who wins this war. Honestly, threatening to destroy alt coins? That's both crazy and evil. Stay far far away. For me, I'll just stick with bitcoin. I'm just a mechanic but due to my frugal lifestyle I buy 1000 USD worth of BTC every payday (2k every month), drop it to cold storage and go on with my life. Bitcoin is boring and grows gradually in value as the years go on. That's good enough for me. I like boring.
FaintAura (27 days ago)
I've only recently started investing in crypto and was planning long with BCH (perhaps dumb in hindsight). I want to sell, but should I get out now or wait for the potential pump (would that be before, on, or after the 15th)?
Colin Talks Crypto (27 days ago)
Personally, I’m hanging on and seeing what happens.
clive mossmoon (27 days ago)
Most likely outcome is something like UASF, where merchant/exchange full nodes ignore the transactions of the belligerents. It could actually work this time because the entire BCH economy is on one side and attackers are on the other.
Michael Barker (27 days ago)
Well if Bitcoin Cash crashes (and Wright wins) that will effect the price of BTC as well as alts. It might makes sense to sell your BTC and buy back in after the dust settles. If anything would trigger BTC to touch 4500 this event would be it.
I wouldn't call this as an "attack", CSW and nChain are very open in their intentions, attacks don't happen like this, if you want to attack someone you want to attack them when they are off guard, not telling them to prepare themselves... so this narrative that they are "attacking" BCH doesn't really hold ground. Looking back to what happened with BTC, it was majorly miner's fault for allowing Core & Blockstream to take over BTC, the miners just let it happen. Most miners are just in it for short term profitability so all they are doing is milking the BTC and BCH cow as much as they can. This is what I think now CSW wants to change. I don't see SV as attack on BCH at all, this is also announced in advance a BCH upgrade, so again this doesn't belong in the "attack" type of action... its a planned upgrade. SV client intends to put the protocol back to original, the way it was before Core fucked up BTC (and miners allowed them to do it)... I was for a short time under impression that this original code can't scale past 24MB blocks... because the 2 stress tests did not produce any blocks bigger than 24MB. But CSW and his pool BMG did in fact prove that this protocol can scale... so I have t take this new information on board and adjust my judgement... so I have done that. Now, looking back to what I personally want out of Bitcoin, is to have globally acceptable P2P Digital Cash... that's it... I am sure we all want this, so again, looking at what Core guys did, they created the narrative that Bitcoin can't scale, then want to promote their own side chains which have nothing to do with Bitcoin protocol... if I have to compare this to what ABC proposal is, they are kind of doing similar thing, the ABC guys do not claim that Bitcoin can't scale the way Core guys did, but they are in a way doing it also, they keep saying not to increase block size limit now, wait till they create new protocol changes, add CTOR to me does seem a fair optimisation, but DVS does not, DVS is purely new op-code which doesn't speed up BCH or scale it better, it's again some new feature to have added into Bitcoin, in order to have some 3rd party protocol (gambling or whatever) which CSW keeps warning that it will create Bitcoin BCH illegal, that it will give the government a legal right to ban BCH completely. I wonder why no one from ABC side is talking about this? Sure, Roger is libertarian and anarchist and wants to allow people to do whatever they want, and this seems to be one of those things, but what will be the cost? Lets not kid ourselves, government is equipped with many powers, police, military and laws that all together are very powerful enemy of Bitcoin system... right now there are no legal implications in Bitcoin protocol that could allow them to just ban it, if they could they would have done it already.. but they didn't. Going back to what I want... P2P Digital Cash for the globe... to scale for the mass adoption... this needs miners to give a fuck about this also, not just their own short term profits... so now, I can understand why CSW (especially if he is SN, not that I really care to be honest, but just saying if he was, he would have every right to be pissed off) is pissed off. I personally said that CSW is also very much at fault for allowing Core & Blockstream to take over BTC, and that he did nothing to stop them... if I think about it again... the only real way for him to stop them was to have miners of his own, but I think at that time he didn't have any... so it was a mistake to trust the miners to take control the way they are supposed to, and didn't, so this time around, he is not making the same mistake again, which is why he has been buying his own mining machines and setting up his mining farm, and getting CoinGeek to do the same, and now lately we have few more new mining pools who are backing SV version also. I used to be on SV side, this was before I thought original code can't scale past 24MB, so I thought just raising the block size won't do anything, but now after CSW proved that you can scale, which makes me thing that maybe the stress test result was fabricated so that it doesn't produce full blocks, to give impression that we need optimisations... and I feel for it... I am back on SV proposal, sticking with original protocol, sticking with original Bitcoin... no new features.... optimisations are fine as long as they don't make changes to structure of incentives (and DSV seems to change the incentives a bit by allowing smart contracts that would require regular block space on BCH to use less space, which would cheat miner's incentives). At the end of the day, this hashing war will show who really wants to scale BCH for the masses and keeping the code in its purest form, so to speak.
DASH is shit, if you can't see that 10% of ALL DASH funds going into "development" is a rip off, you are a fool. But as over and over again I see most people are really nothing but fools, I am not surprised one bit. Thole world is fucked up. And by the way, Fascist America is now making Ukraine start a war with Russia, much the same they did it with Nazi Germany... and FOOLS in America still think they are the best country in the world, they "trust the plan", Qanon garbage... bla bla bla... bunch of fucking ignorant IDIOTS! We are about to get into WWIII and people are such fucking idiots arguing about bullshit!
Luiz Antonio (13 days ago)
hey guys, although the founders of BSV believe in on-chain scaling, how much can it actually scale in practice? A major issue with blocksize scaling is the hardware needed to support it. BSV, at least initially, has the same underlying design as Bitcoin, which means it will depend on volunteer nodes. With volunteer nodes, a blockchain can only handle so much traffic before these nodes are overwhelmed. DASH, on the other hand, has implemented an incentivized 2nd-tier network, the Masternodes, which allow for exponential expansion of hardware requirements to support much larger blocks. I will not waste time with BSV; I will exchange all my BSV for DASH immediately. DASH Digital Cash, DASH is absolutely superior to BSV!
Jill Betts (25 days ago)
My thinking exactly Ed. Well said. Most people are making it about personalities not the protocol. And most people don't understand what Bitcoin as cash is.
+snortingcoffee they could end up mining BTC, true, but they would have lost lot of money just to kill BCH, they would expose themselves as bad actors. I don't see this as happening, I just don't. After watching one of the videos last night with interview with CSW, I now think CSW is right when he says Jihan stabbed us/him in the back by not going along with mining bigger blocks, instead he let Core dictate BTC fully, let them cripple it and fuck it up, and just went ahead and split the chain instead. Now with ABC they are using same narrative of "Community Consensus" (I saw this from ABC.com article explaining what they plan to do on 15th), they want to change the protocol with this DSV code (very similar to SegWit approach/narrative) and be reserved with increasing the block size... for a while now I was not sure who I can believe, but as of last night I believe CSW way more than ABC side. Bitcoin is original code, not protocol changed with SegWit or DSV, the side chains Lightnig, Liquid, Wormhole are not Bitcoin in any shape or form, they are not L2 protocols either. CSW also talked about Jihan's plans to create thousand of other tokens and other crap, none of which provides P2P Money for the world, only Bitcoin system does... and they want to change it again... from everything CSW said, and he does seem to be consistent, he wants to keep the original code in its original form, which is so far proven to be working well... the stress tests I think, we trick to make us thing original code can't scale, agian CSW proved them wrong. So if I am wrong, time will tell, but I have made up my mind now fully, I will stick with SV... not that I can do anything in hashing battle as I am not a miner, or a coder... I am just user, and I will continue to use original Bitcoin.
+hakametal It can't be centralised as long as whoever is mining it is mining original Bitcoin. BTC is centralised because Core do not want to support original Bitcoin... CSW and nChain do want to support original Bitcoin, there is a massive difference there, and I'm sorry if you can't see the difference.
Goperoni (27 days ago)
"Optimize the protocol to remove the bottlenecks" Yeah, sorry. The bottlenecks are in your own client, your own implementation of BCH. NOT the protocol. If your client can't handle it and someone else's can, tough shit. Your subpar client isnt a reason to play science experiment with the protocol. And if that truly were the case, you'd just fork your own coin and mess with the protocol there. Devs signalling != people with skin in the game signalling. Hashrate is king for a reason. Satoshi made Bitcoin non democratic on purpose.
The Navigator (27 days ago)
He can do that, but it can be seen. If you dont like it, sell it, I would. I don't hold any and never did.
Chuck Bell (27 days ago)
It is my understanding that Craig Wright is threatening to have his miners mine empty blocks which would prevent transactions from going through, so the market would not influence what he is threatening to do. He would still get the block rewards, but would not get transaction fees if he mines empty blocks. Is this right?
Chuck Bell (26 days ago)
+Colin Talks Crypto: Thanks for the info!
Colin Talks Crypto (27 days ago)
Here it is: https://www.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/9whvmw/how_craig_wright_is_attempting_to_dishonestly/ It describes various attacks to be employed.
Colin Talks Crypto (27 days ago)
Yes, he is. I am still understanding what the full implications of his attacks will be. There is one Reddit post. Let me see if I can dig it up.
Brian Jadlowiec (27 days ago)
This is a great watch. I feel the same. Craig is a threat to the cryptocurrency community and investors. Listen to his tone in past videos. He is a fraud. He claims to own 1 million bitcoin.....roughly 6.5 billion dollars. Do an internet search. He does not. He is a belligerent lying piece of human trash. I hold bitcoin cash.......yes it is way down again today. I am going to hold. There are too few people controlling billions of dollars. I am positive there is a master plan here to get rich. This folks is market manipulation at its core. I think they (ABC and SV) are on the same side........Watch......they will come to terms before the fork. Just my opinion. Anyway....this was a great video and I enjoyed watching it. A lot of it reflected my feelings. Thank you Colin.
Gaz Mellen (27 days ago)
Roger transparent...now that is hilarious...bye bye
Jesus (27 days ago)
BSV is the original bitcoin.
Jesus (27 days ago)
+Jacob Johnson it's serious
Jacob Johnson (27 days ago)
Horses are the original cars.
0 P (27 days ago)
Claiming ''Lost'' Dormant Burned Coins...fuck this is grand theft bitcoin.
Lennart Kirkevik (27 days ago)
51% attack,... There is no such thing. You will all learn this. You do not need to do what you are doing, this is going to get bigger than you ever can imagine.
Colin Talks Crypto (27 days ago)
51% attack is defined in the whitepaper
IntotheFire (27 days ago)
Will I get these coins if I already hold Bitcoin Cash???
IntotheFire (27 days ago)
+Colin Talks Crypto Great. I have mine stored on a Trezor. Cheers Colin
Colin Talks Crypto (27 days ago)
Yes, if you hold the private keys, you will get any splits that occur.
Tom7 (27 days ago)
ABC going right to 0.
genesisblock (27 days ago)
coins like DGB have 5 mining algo's so a 51% attack of the network is almost impossible
Colin Talks Crypto (27 days ago)
No one has cared enough to attack DGB yet. If someone with several billion dollars wanted to take down DGB, I bet they could do so with ease. Bitcoin Cash is just a higher target. You would 51% attack DGB with whatever mining hardware DGB uses (be it computers or graphics cards)
Christopher Manning (27 days ago)
lmao more like craig wrong! wtf is that guy smoking xD
James Burchiel (27 days ago)
Great Video
Colin Talks Crypto (27 days ago)
Thanks, James!
xZeroTheGreat (27 days ago)
Calvin said that he'll join ABC if it wins. Big focus should be also on exchanges
Thomas Hägg (25 days ago)
I seriously doubt he meant that. You should probably consider context more.
Ulises Bernales (26 days ago)
Abc is getting killed
xZeroTheGreat (27 days ago)
+Colin Talks Crypto He wasn't active earlier, so we'll see
Colin Talks Crypto (27 days ago)
I wonder if he is just saying that as a political move, or if he means it.
Jonnah Maz (27 days ago)
can we put our BCH in a stop limit sell order in case of major dump on 15th november and get in the same time the new BCH coins ?
gary roach (27 days ago)
All this nonsense is starting to make DPOS and governance look pretty attractive.
xZeroTheGreat (27 days ago)
Not if u calculate cost of "nonsense" in relation to any DPoS ledger. It'll be cheaper
Colin Talks Crypto (27 days ago)
Have to agree that this method of forking has its shortcomings. I understand it *does* offer a way out for a group who disagrees with the direction the chain is taking, but it also isn't very constructive. There must be a better way. Is DPOS it? Possibly. That's why I'm into EOS as well. But even DPOS has its shortcomings.
AllGood (27 days ago)
It's a hostile take over. Maybe someone will step up to help. Maybe by exploiting the weakness of the 128mb block of the new chain. What I find really disappointing, is if nchain-CW had forked to another coin, and not created so much drama, I would have probably supported their idea in part or at least given them the benefit of a doubt. Now I find that hard to do.
Colin Talks Crypto (26 days ago)
+AllGood I created a video snippet for that very fascinating quote: https://youtu.be/sPELjfncJgM
Colin Talks Crypto (26 days ago)
+AllGood Now that's a big claim. He does a lot of talk and I am waiting to see him back it up. He talks about all these technologies and ideas and they never make them. He talks about it or releases papers. If he actually pulls something off like what he is saying then... wow. Til then I'll wait to see some actuality of his claims.
AllGood (27 days ago)
+Colin Talks Crypto Cw, just claimed on a video that BTC will not exist by end of next year. https://youtu.be/MXMCzhwm554?t=1205
Colin Talks Crypto (27 days ago)
this was proven with BTC keeping the ticker. All the network effect was maintained that way, and they knew it.
bob ami (27 days ago)
the idea of faketoshi is to keep the BCH ticker. just like when buying a successful business , you buy the name. otherwise he could easily fork off like you said n fxxk off and name name it whatever the hell he wants with no drama. but he knows without the BCH ticker his coin is worthless.
Martin Hernandez (27 days ago)
Fud. The split is more simple than shown Craig wright is an attention whore. He fucked up with the threat. Btc to btcash to fud. ABC is obviously more stable. Wright's true colors are shown he showed his weak hand
Email Alpha (27 days ago)
I don't care if SV has 99% of the hashrate, I am not buying $0.01 of SV. I will continue investing in Bitcoin Cash.
Colin Talks Crypto (27 days ago)
That's how the market will speak.
Nano Science (27 days ago)
POW is dead. all you need is 10 calvins to take down BTC. you think that day isnt coming. think again.
xZeroTheGreat (27 days ago)
That's short-sighted. No one can mine ideologically forever, u've to pay energy bills. So u've to have good enough blockchain for users to stay around
White Glove (27 days ago)
Such a sad ..... and we make fun of governments.. LOL 😂 these people will NEVER come to consensus for common BTC holders.
Michael Muwanguzi (27 days ago)
👍 That’s why the future of crypto is DPOS
xZeroTheGreat (27 days ago)
DPoS is not crypto. There's no open mining. Just distributed trust. Attack on DPoS system is much cheaper than 51% attack on big PoW chains
Colin Talks Crypto (27 days ago)
Have to agree that this method of forking has its shortcomings. I understand it *does* offer a way out for a group who disagrees with the direction the chain is taking, but it also isn't very constructive. There must be a better way. Is DPOS it? Possibly. That's why I'm into EOS as well. But even DPOS has its shortcomings.
Marcus (27 days ago)
Should I sell?
Jacob Johnson (27 days ago)
Some but not all probably
xZeroTheGreat (27 days ago)
Hedge your bets
AllGood (27 days ago)
I did, was not comfortable to hold until the dust settles, hoping to get in once it's all done.
Willis Chitwood (27 days ago)
So are you saying there is going to be a big dump on Nov 15th
Michael Muwanguzi (27 days ago)
There’s always a dump after a fork or mainnet launch
Colin Talks Crypto (27 days ago)
I really have no idea what the market is going to do on Nov 15th. I do think if BCH ABC survives this attack, it will BOOM in price.
bob ami (27 days ago)
thanks for the video. kick Craig out .
G Jun (26 days ago)
That's not what Craig said. Craig said they are the one who's keeping the original protocol and ABC are the one who's trying to change the protocol. And there for Majority of miners are incentivised to secure the original protocol and not let them to split.
Derek Mcrae (27 days ago)
If bch survives the difficulty will be left high, maybe increasing the price. That is if it survives.
Jc Morin (27 days ago)
After the war is over the hash rate will follow the price, not the other way around. Miner switch between BCH and BTC for better profit.
xZeroTheGreat (27 days ago)
DAA adjusts quickly. It much better than BTC's version

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