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Sustainable City | Fully Charged

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We spent an amazing day at the Sustainable City, a housing development in Dubai with 3,500 people already living there and it's still not quite finished. This truly is a remarkable achievement, a stark lesson to building contractors the world over. It's not more expensive to build and it's hugely cheaper and more efficient to live in. Inspiring sustainable city planning! Spread the word if you know any builders! More Info: http://www.thesustainablecity.ae/ Support the show on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/FullyChargedShow
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glsracer (2 years ago)
I'm quite impressed by what they've accomplished. Now if we could just get one of these cities in Arizona or Colorado...
Herbert Bentele (7 days ago)
You will have to start by voting for people who promote this sort of thing rather than those who only think of themselves or the USA and refuse to see further than today.
+Consig1iere oh wait were on the same planet
Camille (9 days ago)
+LMLMD why would reverse cycle air con be better? Everyone in Australia has those, and it's absolute shit at warming houses up. Basically, it's only warm if you're in the direct path of the air coming out.
Donna E (18 days ago)
doug ohboy ... yes, but once it's set up, they won't need fossil fuel funding anymore... this is a perfect example of how a successful transition takes place.. it's all good
Blake Bolin (21 days ago)
Ryan C I live in Texas and I agree that we need to stop being 🚗 dependent. I’m about to go to college in Brenham Texas (home of Blue Bell Creameries) and there wont even be a greyhound station.
YouMerge (13 hours ago)
A nice place to live in. If the houses were more different from each other and if there were some more cultural places like squares with cafés, fountains, and banks, it would be perfect.
Yung Padwan (1 day ago)
City of the future! What I've always been dreaming of
Ebnyflyer (2 days ago)
Shows what can be done once the bickering and politics get out the way. Well done.
Vy Tuong Ly (3 days ago)
What do you call the thing that they use to farming?
M. Reese (3 days ago)
Why can't we have something like this in california???????
Booyamakashi (3 days ago)
City is a big word for a neighbourhood.
Yonatan Surujon (3 days ago)
0:46 wow his accent is really good
k . moneyy (3 days ago)
This is beyond amazing .
Corben (4 days ago)
And there are no people there because.......... ?? Why?
Corben (4 days ago)
And it's 3 million dollars per home. Moving along.
Brian Bhoy (4 days ago)
Now this is what I've long time advocated!! ANY new build should meet stringent environmental and sustainability tests and be encouraged to tap into low cost maintenance contracts with homeowners. Just think, council tax could be reduced to virtually zero if a building site dealt with waste, recycling and communal spaces in an environmental, ecological & sustainable fashion. The current crop of UK housing developments are scandalously wasteful & damaging enterprises. Low in build cost, low quality, low brow design, yet high in financial returns, highly polluting and highly uninspiring.
Patti Murphy (6 days ago)
They have no chem trails..why?
Reapersmovies (6 days ago)
As a reluctant US citizen, I have to say it's more and more obvious every day that in this country we're literally decaying at the seams with some of the Very Worst "sense of importance" in the entire whole world, and it's Only getting worse and worse with every decision our pathetic leaders(and citizens) are making every single day...Then you see something this amazing(always knowing its very possible, if you had half a brain anyway) and being completely blown away by how perfectly they have everything planned out and executed for the Actual betterment of humanity's sake, while MOST Americans are worried about the local McDonald's speed of service times...smfh!!! :(
Rok Špoljar (6 days ago)
im amazed that these kind of ideas are alive, Its incredible what has been achieved so far, I hope engineers see the challenge in creating ideal sustainability
Michiel Desmet (6 days ago)
This is a beautifully constructed example of greenwashing. A lot of the buildings in Dubai are constructed by workers who have been tricked into abandoning their lives abroad, to chase a high paying job in Dubai, only to find themselves as slaves working enormous hours for next to no pay at all. This all happens in very poor living conditions. Dubai should be ashamed of itself and the way it has come to be. Nothing sustainable about it.
CosmicMicron (7 days ago)
Cities in the north can utilize wind and water, in the south sun and wind this is actually viable for the whole planet. It's only the ones that have to gain from selling fossil fuel that is holding the world back. Much like the religions held science back for hundreds of years because they would loose followers (like it is happening today). Amazing show. Again. Keep spreading the word brother. This is the true word that will save us all. Save the planet-save ourselves.
Billy Boulton (8 days ago)
Backward Country. Chop your hands off for stealing, Womens rights are few, blah blah, need i go on. False economy that lives off of Oil
ClaY CLAY (7 days ago)
Go sleep kid
David West (8 days ago)
Ironic that this was paid for with oil money and is in Dubai.
Josh Johnson (3 days ago)
Why is that ironic most major oil co are the ones funding and in a lot of cases carrying out most large scale eco programs like this.
Jason Haspineall (8 days ago)
An appallingly scripted and presented video about a great concept, "right, wow & yeah". There are more and better adjectives in the English language.
Toriana Douglas (8 days ago)
How crazy do you think people would call me if I proposed bulldozing every city in america and rebuilding it like this
Liam Griffin (9 days ago)
I wouldn't live here if someone payed me. Where is all of the life? Those streets are dead. They put all of this effort in to designing a green city, but with none of the aspects that make a city interesting or livable. Might as well be a golf course.
Jack Saint (9 days ago)
Moad Alghoul (9 days ago)
This place is fascinating
M Zhang (9 days ago)
the man talks too fast
Oz (9 days ago)
Place looks like a well kept ghost town
Rolwhite (9 days ago)
There should be no reason why every city built now, should not look like this!
Jean Paul (9 days ago)
Science at its finest. Hats off (=
Dadlord (9 days ago)
Aha, it is not hard to not emit a shit when your ass is not freezing because of -40* celsius. And relay on sun energy when it is sunny everyday. Yes, I am wondering why people live in such countries like my (
Koyahang Limbu (9 days ago)
Unix Gaming (10 days ago)
If you're interested in UV or IR reflective paint check out Solcold. The paint takes advantage of a phenomenon called 'anti-stokes shift' where the atoms of a crystalline lattice are excited by IR photons and the energy is released in the visible spectrum resulting in a negative net energy causing the paint to actually reduce in temperature.
Ronnie Meagher (10 days ago)
I'm more impressed that this guy just interviewed himself
Arrad (2 days ago)
He’s been developing this place for years, obviously as you go through it you’d have so much to say and more about every little decision.
Marty Fowler (10 days ago)
I wonder what the cost of a villa is in this community?
Sun Hat (10 days ago)
The "city" was interesting, but the way he kept selling everything, and wouldn't actually answer most questions, was really irritating.
Shinta Dwi Mawaddha (5 days ago)
Yeah right?
Isaías Sosa (10 days ago)
We should do something like that in Mexico!!!!!
Gummmibaer (10 days ago)
it looks pretty nice. But still there are some open questions: Is it a private area (gated community) or is it open to anybody? Are low-income people able to afford this neighborhood? Why does everyone need a villa - suburban sprawl is not sustainable. What about public transport? I think they created a well designed neighborhood from an energy-perspective. But it looks like a golden cage for rich people, which is problematic.
Niclas Lindén (10 days ago)
Nice. It is quite interesting though that you would have that extremely many solar panels to power the town, while just a few simple Free Energy (zero point energy) devices could have done the job a 100 times better. And also with free energy devices every single house could have their air condition on for 24h a day year in and year out without running out of power at all. This technology has existed since the beginning of the 1900s, but unfortunately the power elite in the world are making sure all this technology is kept away from the society. All because the power elite would loose their power and control over their slaves(the people) if it came out. And they do absolutely not want that. We have all the technology for free energy that could run the whole world forever, but are forced not to use it. Quite ironic isn't it.
Arpan Chakraborty (11 days ago)
are those Aliens who disliked this video ??
Grant Botto (11 days ago)
Vivek Singh (11 days ago)
America looks third world country compared to this but than also i would prefer u.s compared to dubai ...living Free life even with some dangers is better than a golden cage
TheShokwav (11 days ago)
its awesome. but why arent there any windmills too? weird.
thijs / Eveleyn (11 days ago)
I can see the future here.
Zombastrophe (11 days ago)
Solar, Solar, Solar..... ya it's great near the equator. Large part of the world literally does not get enough sun for solar to be sustainable.
LeeNeeS LyNyS (11 days ago)
Can i call this place heaven?
Cadence James (12 days ago)
People will be getting so much exercise even if they don’t notice! No cars! Healthy people!
Vequi 2 (12 days ago)
Where can I read more about this? I see where jeje Where can I make an internship there? And... is this real real? like.. as real as dogs?
Faris Saeed (12 days ago)
Vequi 2 google “the sustainable city in Dubai” and “diamond developers” the company did it.
Cynthia Kirui (12 days ago)
Futuristic af
HesteBremse (12 days ago)
Just Imagine building a Europen Version,,,, Damn good title! | Fully Charged Thank You ;D
Fredah Wiwu (12 days ago)
I loved this...our African countries should start learning from this....
VibrationsfromMirror (12 days ago)
A bit like hamster cages. All look the same, mind control programming. Dubai the experiment. I feel for the poor folks watching "Disney" UN take over. I thought everything in Dubai was fancy and upscale and out of reach of normal working people. UN planned sustainability is also population control and separating families. I hope you can make that dream a reality without lab grown kitchen meals!
Jane Kay (13 days ago)
Absolutely amazing! '
Great project. Very good thinking. However, Global Warming, now called Climate Change because real scientists clearly show the earth is not warming, but nonetheless the end-game of globalists is to force a carbon tax upon the citizenry. This will be done through technocracy for the people, and the same old plutocracy for the elite. When I hear the buzz words 'we are working hard to reduce our carbon foot-print' it lets me know that the propaganda and global corporate media is effective at its brainwashing (social engineering). Do independent research folks and you will quickly find out that Climate Change is a political hoax. I'm not saying that this wonderful project is without merit, only that we can do the right thing based on fear, which is the wrong reason. Climate change is predicated upon policies of control and deception. Just like vaccines are predicated upon policies of eugenics, and profit. Prove me wrong, I challenge you!
K T (13 days ago)
How much for a house
Destiny (13 days ago)
This is amazing!
AWARHERO (13 days ago)
The "sustainable city" build with PETRO-DOLLARS... How ironic! Anyhow, it's still very impressive.
nadia : (14 days ago)
I love living here i really do but i think its so frustrating that uae can spend millions on developments like this but still refuse to instal simple things such as proper recycling systems throughout the country, making simple sustainability available to everyone and not just a luxury.
Shades (14 days ago)
Really seems like the guy telling about the city is diverting alot, I do mean alot. Anytime you speak of something he side tracks it.
Those car park solar panels didn't look to be connected. the wires and plugs were hanging down.
Colby Capps (15 days ago)
I love these ideas and that some places actually have the money to build a test city years if not decades before it will ever return a profit so we can study and learn from these designs and ideas to reduce our impact on the earth. The one thing I that would keep me away from a place like this, is overcrowded public spaces. Just like a national park or a city park, pool, etc. they can some times burst at the seams, like these photo links below: https://imgs.6sqft.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/03131332/sheep-meadow_crowd.jpg http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_bcPJXkrJqvo/S_rd63kMtvI/AAAAAAAAGHM/LDFU4vNlcw0/s1600/IMG_0255.JPG Correct me if I am wrong, but these test cities like this, are far from filled to capacity. So of course when you tour it, it's nice and quiet, not very busy, but is far from a ghost town and that's very attractive. It ticks all the boxes for just about everybody. But once every condo/villa is rented/bought, the place will look akin to those pictures of parks packed with people and pools so overcrowded. Maybe it's too much to ask, but if I would support a sustainable city, I would want my residence to be quiet, I would want my parks and pools to places of escape from the residence to enjoy sunshine, relaxation, and friendship, without feeling like I am one of a million sardines stuffed in a can all in the same of sustainability.
Emir EC (15 days ago)
City of the future. Love it
Foo-Wing Li (15 days ago)
The Venus Project
UberSuperBoss (15 days ago)
add walls and ifarms and its a zombie survival area
Us Americans need to implement this to better our lives as original inhabitants. Will be using this video for an article in the future. "What American's need to build a community 2019" coming soon!
Juggernaut Gamer (16 days ago)
Maybe it's just me, But why does this feel like an insdiuous James bond commercial ?
da ne (16 days ago)
Still needs a natural river and wild plants area.  !
Gamers Land (16 days ago)
thtas how the governmets must give building permission. anything opposite to fill some s holes pocket nothing else. good job perfect project
Luca Caldari (16 days ago)
what about during the nights... where the energy come from to illuminate all the "city"?
Luca Caldari (15 days ago)
+UberSuperBoss that can't be a model for a big city.
UberSuperBoss (15 days ago)
54jb3r7 (16 days ago)
Sustainability and Dubai. Pick one. Once oil is gone it'll be a desert. Everything paid for with oil money.
ADLER KREIGER (16 days ago)
One step at a time. I lived on a cabin boat for years. Every payday I got something else. Solar panel, regulator, trolling motor, Marine battery, water conditioning and purifier - got it all just the way I wanted it and then they put me in a wheelchair. Thought of everything but a chair hoist. Point is: plan/design and spend for the little you can get it for - one piece at a time.
Sam DeRenzis (16 days ago)
how was living on one, what did it cost etc
Spencer Clark (15 days ago)
Sure would like to see some billionaires build the venus project. Were getting there. Cities that are actually designed and planned are so much better.
Darin D (17 days ago)
If we didn't spend more on our military than the next 8 countries combined, we might be able to do some pretty cool things too.
William Heaton (17 days ago)
A sustainable city in a country who's main, possibly only, income is oil: the very thing that's unsustainable. Oh, the irony.
woulfe42 (17 days ago)
I'm surprised that they didnt incorporate any overhangs or awnings in the middle of the streets as he mentioned in summer time tempatures rich45 Celsius that's hot as hell, and the sun in daubie is stronger than that in Arizona. Especially with no shade being provided and those trees obviously don't provide shade in the open walkways of the community. Suprised with all their Eco Ingenuity didn't come up with that idea.
Edward Orem (17 days ago)
B. S.
Flowish Motion (18 days ago)
They didn't cover the most basic resource for sustainable life in the desert - where do they get the water from? All they have shown are desert luxuries . No water, no life...
Emma Blake (18 days ago)
Look at what is achievable when money is spent to enhance life instead of destroying it. Something all world governments need to invest in. Self sustaining, eco friendly and what looks like a lovely community to live and work in. Really impressed.
Amun Ra (18 days ago)
Emma Blake the price of that “free” energy though.
Emma Blake (18 days ago)
Amun Ra Free to run energy wise.
Amun Ra (18 days ago)
Those houses aren't free. They cost $800,000 US dollars each. You literally need to earn at least $15,000 per month to be able to just barely afford this place.
Typo (18 days ago)
No chemTrails in Dubai?
Jack Daniels (18 days ago)
Only for $800,000 USD
J0hnny Lawless (19 days ago)
Right United Arab Emirates okay
J0hnny Lawless (19 days ago)
Looks like you behind California's Studios where they fucking make the movies
Chouso Cveng (19 days ago)
Why there is no air turbines?
Philipp Grafendorfer (20 days ago)
Can this also be realized in a poor country which does not have those massive amounts of oil? e.g. Yemen?
Robin Thomas (20 days ago)
These community cities will probably be very desirable where everyone's participation will sustain the opperation of the city. However, to be fair there must be a place in the society for those of us who do not wish to live in a city or so close to so many other people in an artificial environment, though, beautiful in an artificial way. At least as long as the natural environment can sustain the people wanting to live in a natural setting, I think we should take advantage of the opportunity to do so with using all the abilities we have to impact the environment as little as possible in a negative way.
Rilly Jo (20 days ago)
turtlenecks (20 days ago)
It just shows that the only thing preventing these types of communities on a global scale is governments.
Lewar Zebari (10 days ago)
​+UberSuperBoss and f***ing usa just stole it and says we protect you make no sence
UberSuperBoss (15 days ago)
and money, this was paid for with oil money
Bob 1 (21 days ago)
Why would they choose avacados to grow there? I'm sure I've read that they use huge amounts of water to grow so in a hot place is that a good idea?
KT Doxtader (21 days ago)
simply amazing I'd love to live here
Justin Law (21 days ago)
Well done!!
Simon Shum (21 days ago)
If everyone has an opportunity to live and own a place like that there should be no hunger, desperation and people living in Tents along the highways. How many of these home can one F35 buy and how many thousand of homes can the cost of one aircraft carrier offset and who are our enemies... let's wake up for humanity...Great job and an alternative national security is unfolded and an eye opener about true sustainability. thks
Sam DeRenzis (16 days ago)
the people there want to be, transplant this design to chicago and it would all be destroyed in a few weeks
Really interesting to see how they utilize their solar energy and greywater systems. And the buffers and biofilters... so creative!
Today, this is cutting edge. Hopefully tomorrow, it's commonplace.
K Bell (21 days ago)
When the plan starts with the right ideals then the results are marvelous, all the techniques employed are just basic simple stuff. Didn't see any litter or dog mess the whole place seemed to be peaceful and stress free. The greedy mega rich just keep churning over the same ideas, get every fossil fuel possible and carry on regardless. Another benefit is that a lot of the infrastructure is localized and sized accordingly, just magnificent.
Juan Jose (21 days ago)
R I G H T Y E A H *W O W*
Netani Momo (20 days ago)
Juan Jose 😂😂😂
Risviyaldi (21 days ago)
sim city in real life
About Creativity (21 days ago)
Very good.
Niha Shabbir (21 days ago)
absolutely amazing it captures all the value of sustainability. hope more cities around the world turn into such sustainable once. All the values of ENVIRONMENT, ECONOMY AND SOCIAL SUSTAINABILITY is covered well. Wish to visit it soon
Robert Fralin (22 days ago)
Keep those slaves busy
Pete is never wrong (21 days ago)
You and your facts, spoiling it. ;-)
udit sharma (22 days ago)
The music was 👍
Natalie Rees (22 days ago)
Very impressive indeed. Looks rather like a university campus, pretty futuristics and so clean, no litter as far as can tell! In an oil rich country too, it just goes to show there are people with the imagination and expertise (and the opportunity) to create something like this. I love the circular recycling of the water and waste too, excellent for self-supporting
Eure Sabuga (22 days ago)
Engineers should see this. Make the world a better place again.

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