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Sustainable City | Fully Charged

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We spent an amazing day at the Sustainable City, a housing development in Dubai with 3,500 people already living there and it's still not quite finished. This truly is a remarkable achievement, a stark lesson to building contractors the world over. It's not more expensive to build and it's hugely cheaper and more efficient to live in. Spread the word if you know any builders! More Info: http://www.thesustainablecity.ae/ Support the show on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/FullyChargedShow
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Text Comments (1351)
tim1996 (1 hour ago)
so a closed community for the rich?
Autologist S (2 hours ago)
Only billionaires will be afford one of these. 🤔
Autologist S (2 hours ago)
Only billionaires will be afford one of these. 🤔
mareekho (3 hours ago)
There’s nothing sustainable about Dubai. The only reason they are able to do projects like these is because the Emiratis are experts at exploiting the impoverished people of the region for indentured labor
Ellen Stratford (4 hours ago)
I live in Australia but it makes me nervous how sunny it is there haha
Vignesh Naicker (7 hours ago)
You could've kept the fans from the green house on a higher level in the dome or at top with a sun shade, throwing out more hot air than all air. Whereas the cold air will stay at the bottom anyway. Please write me back if there could be any correction to this
Richard Lew (7 hours ago)
And then the oil wells run dry...
Jonathan Eby (10 hours ago)
I almost cried watching this video. This gives me hope for humanity.
Cameron (10 hours ago)
The place is a ghost town
AmxCsifier (18 hours ago)
I rarely watch long YouTube videos, but this video is one of those that make you not feel time at all lol
Kanimortia (1 day ago)
wow, wish my government would do something like this.
Garry Reyom (1 day ago)
Jajajajaja El Jisr / Jisser is what mia amigos call out homie bc he can’t last more than a minute with a girl
Alex F (1 day ago)
Incredible. Wish this was more mainstream thinking.
SkanMLL (1 day ago)
Also, based off my last comment about these being 800K+ this is FAR less impressive. Show me a site like this with affordable middle-class housing and I'll be impressed. The problem with renewables has ALWAYS been the cost.
Adam Nilsson (2 days ago)
Where is the city life? This looks so monotonous, an attractive city is diverse and have a good variation of housing, service and business to engage an active street life. Where is green spaces? And with green spaces I don't mean the gardens or the urban agriculture, I refer to green spaces and parks where people can enjoy an active lifestyle which is really important for public health and development. I would like the interviewer to ask more critical questions and I'm quite skeptical to these kind of "cities". Maybe because I'm Scandinavian and this is far from a nordic city planning.
SkanMLL (2 days ago)
Just in case anyone else is still curious about the price.. I just looked it up and they cost around 800K+ US
heyfindmenoob (2 days ago)
" right. "
Anik Mahmud (3 days ago)
Know Solar Now (3 days ago)
Absolutely amazing. Renewable energy is the future!
Alex K. (3 days ago)
Looks like something I would build in Sim City. Now try that in a country where the sun doesn't shine 360 days a year.
Zeeshan Arif (3 days ago)
SpecialJ11 (3 days ago)
This is extremely cool, and I'd love to see if the same principles were applied within the context of new urbanism. Notice how many of the residents would still rely on cars for their commute. In a new urbanist ideal area, these buildings would be a few floors taller and the ground floor would not be residential, so businesses where people work and shop and entertain themselves are always within reach of their homes and don't require a walk, bike ride, transit, or car ride to a shopping center. Also, on a more personal note, I don't like how cookie cutter the homes are. To me it drains the life out of the development as much as the green and open space gives.
Kjell-Philipp H. (3 days ago)
This is brilliant. The only issue I see are the service providers... They most likely don't live at such a place and cannot afford to do so. The people who make this place what it is, are the ones that make "the rest" of the world unsustainable.
Pedro Coelho (4 days ago)
Amazing indeed!
Jiro Conwi (4 days ago)
Hillary Clintub (4 days ago)
Nice. but I'm disappointed that they didn't go into the economics of this experimental plot.
Rafael Ishkhanyan (4 days ago)
The interviewer: Wow… right… yeah… right… wow… yeah… wow…
Andzhey Kozuk (5 days ago)
Gijs Winkelhuijzen (5 days ago)
I thought those cooling pads were mosques as they are is the middle east
Blackfeather 22 (1 day ago)
C. R. (5 days ago)
I'd like to work for a place like this, for anyone. This is one of the things I would give my life to achieve everywhere.
Carlos (5 days ago)
more people like this please
Erick Flores (5 days ago)
This new Minecraft Redstone pack is epic
Ludwig Harisuo (5 days ago)
Smart of the united arab emirates to use some of their insane oil money to make and try out some sustainable options. I mean, they gotta use their money for something.
Benjamin Parker (5 days ago)
1:35 morgz 10,000 dollar mansion
Eddie Varonni (5 days ago)
de sp (5 days ago)
If only the town had better architecture
dragonhunter8807 (6 days ago)
but where do all the service ppl live? how much food do you import?
ihatefindingagoodnam (6 days ago)
This is quite impressive, however it's made possible by the location. How would a city like this function in my Canadian town at -30 degrees in the dead of winter?
apurwabaral (6 days ago)
This is what heaven looks like.
Andrew S (6 days ago)
Hmm. How much Co2 was expelled to create it
Ademo (6 days ago)
Meanwhile UAE is one of the main contributors in the war in Yemen which is has displaced more then 15+ million civilians and responsible for more then 85,000 deaths caused by famine (Most of which are children under the age of 12) and that number is one a daily rise. And yet here we are praising them for such ingenuity and sustainability for climate change .. God bless us all.
Ali Alidrissi (1 day ago)
it's not uae protect the people in south Yemen
Event Hʘriךּon (6 days ago)
they have to start somewhere. Instead of shooting down the good with the bad, go put down the bad on the ones that say its not happening. the things you have said have importance, but not here. They are unrelated to the video.
Carldawgh (6 days ago)
that's great.. but where is everybody?
B. Rippy (7 days ago)
And the only units filled are the ones given to the "farmers".
Zulkifli Mohd (7 days ago)
WOW this is amazing !!
Rikky S (7 days ago)
Tony (7 days ago)
Dude wtf you need to tell your guests not to be smacking while they speak. It's very unnecessary and inconsiderate. I and many others are wearing EARphones and this is inexcusable for supposedly professional content.
Charles_Ray (7 days ago)
Random question, but does anyone know what accent that is that the guy explaining the city has?
Jono Trewin (7 days ago)
Who works in the different facilities there though? Labour laws in the UAE are pretty poor if I recall correctly, and I have a feeling that the workers aren't given as chic accommodation as the people who end up living there. This is obviously just conjecture, but I find it strange that you didn't feel the need to ask about it. Any REAL sustainable city would have to make sure that all its workers are able to profit from the welfare that the city supposedly produces.
BLx Droid (8 days ago)
This is beautiful & a very informative video! Keep up the great work, lads. 👍
WhosGeoffrey (8 days ago)
a kid could throw a rock or crash his bike anywhere and the damage would be soo expensive
TheNewSchoolGamer (8 days ago)
It would be cool to see something like this in Canada
Doyle Tibbs (8 days ago)
I straight up thought this was sim city when i looked at the thumbnail
Tabs T (9 days ago)
Look at that. That's in the bloody desert. Yet everywhere else in the world they are useless.
PETRAKIS69ER (9 days ago)
If you guys see a female driving a buggie do you stone her??
Ashish Pal (9 days ago)
That's the quality content I pay my internet provider for. It gives hope for humanity. Being from India dealing with normal problems like traffic and overpopulation is an enormous task but it sure sparks a desire. We can deal with housing crisis and environmental degradation at same time. Enormous amount of land can be used for afforestation but lays waste. Moving together to the avert the crisis and doing to your part for the environment is the way to go! Use the capitalism to fight the decay of environment because elon musk can't take us to Mars that soon.
rebelcharlie (9 days ago)
They should use vertical farming in those domes to maximize the use of the fooprint
History is Fake (9 days ago)
Short sighted stupidity.
Pedro Gomes (9 days ago)
what a dream
Donny Helvey (9 days ago)
Robin is (9 days ago)
Can somebody please count how often he actually says "right"? :D
rentven (9 days ago)
City built on the backs of third world slavery.
Michel.rs (10 days ago)
this city looks like it came from the truman show, looks so fake and depressing
Philip Batty (10 days ago)
WOW. Fantastic example of sustainable development
APDN (10 days ago)
"Afterthough is expensive" so true!
Chri Mitc (10 days ago)
Chri Mitc (10 days ago)
Think if all the cars were tesla
Savior NT (10 days ago)
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Asterio (10 days ago)
You would probably be fined for creating such city in Australia, the Liberal government believe burning coal is the way to go and global warming is a lie.
dxelson (10 days ago)
I feel like these technologies could be applied to Singapore
Farajaraf (10 days ago)
Here in Ohio we went through our oil rush already, we too built a few grand cities by the standards of the time.
Frank From Upstate NY (11 days ago)
Doesn't have any appreciable animal production or plants...needs to be a factor of 400-500% more to be sustainable. It's a good start...but, it's only a start.
Mohit Singh (11 days ago)
Plz come to india and design and launch something like this here...
fuzzywzhe (11 days ago)
Also notice it's pretty much empty - where are all the people?
Orange Chicken (11 days ago)
How many times did this motherfucker say RIGHT
Dee Dal Hambre (12 days ago)
5:47 What are those? What are their purpose?
Manish Kumar Yadav (12 days ago)
Can anybody tell me why don't we have these types of cities in whole world.it will be great of whole world looks like this
Blurry Flag (10 days ago)
it's expensive and takes a lot of time, builders want to make houses fast and sell them soon
Martín Gtz Q (12 days ago)
Jacob B. (13 days ago)
How much did it cost to build all this compared to a conventional city?
MyRealNameWontFi (13 days ago)
This is a pipe dream and not economically viable, perhaps only in small countries that are in a literal desert wasteland that also happen to be sitting on top of one of the largest oil reserves in the world. *Tell them to stop exporting their oil worldwide if they’re serious about stopping climate change. Haha. :,)*
Michal Viktorin (13 days ago)
You live in a desert. Adobe/Cob contains 70% of sand, and you did not build with it. And you call it sustainable you fucking hypocrites? Also all buildings are the same. No personality, just ,,modern bullshit" Basically this is stealing sustainable technologies to create dull crap,
Is it ironically mostly funded from oil profits?
Sultan Alowais (3 days ago)
What if I told you Dubai doesn’t have oil
This is great for the world, I subscribed! My channel uploads eco ideas too.
nik91ola (13 days ago)
How many slaves from Nepal and India were needed to build this beautiful city?
Itai Eiron (13 days ago)
looks good but expensive and very inefficient in space
The Shaolin Six (14 days ago)
you need to STFU and not interrupt the engineer when he is trying to explain how something works.
Lightnin' Gamin' (14 days ago)
me: wow, I want to buy a villa there [googles the price] 755,000 USD me: I can survive without food for a decade
Niels van den Kieboom (11 days ago)
That's actually a lot less than I expected. With current housing prices in the Netherlands averaging $350,000+ a fully sustainable villa without service costs in a community like this seems to be well worth the price.
Vslsnks (14 days ago)
He didn't mention the fucking mullah screaming his guts out, five times per day, just a few meters away from your home.
BENNY RASHASHA (15 days ago)
AWESOME!!! To bad no self-respecting lazy, fat, fucking 'Murican would would give up their SUV to live here or anything similar.... "Muh truuuck"
Rafael Fuentes (15 days ago)
I still belive that vertical buildingis the way to go to makea citymore sustainable
Zed Gaming and more (15 days ago)
How much did the project cost?
L00PdeL00P's Channel (15 days ago)
Anyone would want to live here I mean look at it I wonder what it cost and what processes were used to gather the necessary materials for the city
S S (16 days ago)
This is the best video I have come across so far about sustainability and it's use. It's very very inspiring. Wish I could be working on similar projects in the future!
james ohara (16 days ago)
The foundation of Agenda 21 Sustainable Development in action, the third worlders are selling their inheritance for a space blanket and a bowl of soup leaving their old country for us to buy up for a song :)
Daniel Rice (16 days ago)
Using the powers of capitalism to solve global warming. If only more people can learn from this.
John Bezos (16 days ago)
MYB Misa (16 days ago)
Yes but built to almost slave like workers
Logan Worthington (16 days ago)
This is amazing.
Quinten Piek (16 days ago)
totally not sustainable, they said sustainable in terms of energy. Well done you did that right you got it. but in terms of uses of plastic, metals, stone etc it is totally not sustainable. Those resources will never come back, wood for example will. it's a step in the right way, but not quit there yet, well designed city though
Shanky Sakhare (16 days ago)
Alright what's the price? How can you miss something so important for such a great city

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