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RX 580 Vs. GTX 1060 | Core i5-8400 | 12 Games Tested

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RX 580 Vs. GTX 1060 | Core i5-8400 | 12 Games Tested In this Video I'll Show You Gaming Benchmarks of amd RX 580 8GB and Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 6GB (Both Paired with Core i5-8400 System Specs : Core i5-8400 @ Stock MSI Z370 Pro Mobo 16GB DDR4 RAM @2666MHz 2TB HDD Gigabyte RX 580 8GB Aorus XTR (Adrenalin Edition 18.6.1) Gigabyte GTX 1060 6GB G1 Gaming (GeForce Graphic driver 398.36) 1080p Gaming Test : Vampyr 2018 Far Cry 5 Warhammer Vermintide 2 Kingdom Come Delivarence Fortnite Battle Royal Wolfenstein 2 Assassin's Creed Origin s Middle-Earth : Shadow of War Rise of the Tomb Raider Grand Theft Auto 5 Rainbow Six Siege Also Watch- Core i5-8400 Benchmarks/Comparison Playlist - https://goo.gl/kjuFhB Core i3-8350K Overclocked Benchmarks/Comparison Playlist - https://goo.gl/LXxpdo GTX 1070 Ti Benchmarks/Comparison Playlist - https://goo.gl/rmLg9T Ryzen 1200 Benchmarks/Comparison Playlist - https://goo.gl/g3BFXj Coffee Lake CPU Benchmarks/Comparison Playlist - https://goo.gl/4nY8vm Core i3-8100 Benchmarks/Comparison Playlist - https://goo.gl/mdJ6Ub GT 1030 Benchmarks/Comparison Playlist - https://goo.gl/PgPZJY ALL Benchmarks/Comparison Playlist - https://goo.gl/njtyMF Requested Benchmarks/Comparison Playlist - https://goo.gl/4idZne if You Requested any Benchmarks or Comparison before... Please Check Requested Benchmarks Playlist - https://goo.gl/4idZne Thanks For Support and Watching My Video... Please Subscribe my Channel For More updates News.... Twitter - twitter.com/njtech0 facebook - fb.me/njtech0 Email - [email protected] Intro:Watch_Dogs Intro by TwiFeedo #RX580 #Gtx1060 #i5
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Text Comments (1050)
blazingUnknown (2 months ago)
[Results] Far Cry 5 - 0:10 [0:54] Warhammer Vermintide 2 - 1:00 [1:45] Vampyr 2018 - 1:51 [2:35] Assassin's Creed Origins - 2:42 [3:25] Kingdom Come Delivarence - 3:32 [4:16] Fortnite Battle Royal - 4:23 [5:06] Middle-Earth: Shadow of War - 5:13 [5:57] Wolfenstein 2 - 6:04 [6:48] Rise of the Tomb Raider - 6:54 [7:38] Grand Theft Auto 5 - 7:45 [8:28] Rainbow Six Siege - 8:35 [9:19] The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - 9:26 [10:09] Temperature - [10:16] Power Consumption - [10:23]
Brandon Shak (4 days ago)
blazingUnknown r
Steve Thea (11 days ago)
+Minh Trương how?
Minh Trương (12 days ago)
Rx 580 is so much better AND we can hav 2 game code (REvil and ACreed) for free
Steve Thea (21 days ago)
My sight shows RX 580 slightly smoother in the video and easier on the eyes..?
PGN Gamer (1 month ago)
Ibragim Ibragimov (17 hours ago)
Nice AFK Test!
Senoia (1 day ago)
d3d11 is outdated, i dont know why the most benchs in 2018 still are with DX11 Everyone is on Windows 10 with DX12 right now
Denis (1 day ago)
Rx 580 stock or oc?
Gabriel Monsueto (2 days ago)
kd a porra da temperatura das placas no video como faz teste assim??
WojownikGrodd (2 days ago)
Why I7 8400K ? TreadRipper 1950X win
RCS Merdicaly (3 days ago)
What about both
juanme555 (3 days ago)
welp . 5 thousand pesos diff in my country (a little over 100U$D) , i think i might give AMD a shot
WigleYeah! (3 days ago)
both look like the same so buy the cheapest card
Pc Gameplay (5 days ago)
I think RX 580 has a better price to performance ratio but the RX 580 has a lot of microstuttering compared to the GTX 1060. Look at the frametime graph. The RX 580 seems to be stuttering a lot more even when it has a higher frame rate which completly ruins the gaming experience in my opinion. Just check the kingdom come deliverance test in this video and see what I talk about.
Yazdan (5 days ago)
1060 better on fortnite
alex dats (6 days ago)
This video would be more reliable if the core clocks were at stock values. GTX 1060 was overclocked on this video ( 1974Mhz )
DANIEL PLAYER43 (7 days ago)
I’m getting RX 580 for many reasons, the main ones are, 1) they cost around $130-$200 online on eBay or Amazon, and 2) Cheaper adaptive sync technology (FreeSync) the word free in it says it all.
-CLM17- (5 days ago)
What about AMD's game bundle?
ChrisJHull (7 days ago)
What's with the difference in memory? Also with Warhammer for example, the 580 is being asked to do so much more. I'd say the cards were pretty much the same, with the 580 being cheaper.
SQ D (8 days ago)
Hitarex (10 days ago)
gtx 60 wins
nobeltnium (10 days ago)
holee sheet, 90 Watts different. Someone gonna have a huge electric bill
Fernando Fernández (11 days ago)
Battlefield 4 👍, 1 and 5 please!
Day Night (11 days ago)
RX 580 4gb 210eu 1060 6gb 240eu Only 30eu Ge Force is better this money
Stavros Koul (12 days ago)
In my country the cheapest but awesome rx 580 nitro + from sapphire is 256€ while the cheapest but awesome gtx 1060 in my ciuntry is 301€. Im from Greece.
Mark V (13 days ago)
1060 Nvidia features is betthar than AMD features..
TheOfficialTurks TM (13 days ago)
Rx 580 + freesync
I Lick Trains (14 days ago)
well with freesync I think we have a winner
Luca Rossi (14 days ago)
Wow wolfenstein better amd. Fortnite nvidia. Why that difference?
Philip Algermissen (15 days ago)
when I have a free sync monitor, should i buy amd or Geforce (forgot it) can somebody answer?
Philip Algermissen (13 days ago)
bacKz and can i get more fps through g- or free sync
bacKz (13 days ago)
FreeSync = AMD , G-SYNC = NVIDIA
Justin Slick (15 days ago)
anyone else notice the memory clock??
EX DUECE (16 days ago)
not sure what's wrong with people's eyes (fanboys?) I think 1060 wins overall
Overbite Games (12 days ago)
Wait, why? The 580 clearly meets or exceeds the 1060 outside of GTA, Fortnite, and Assassins Creed Origins. In all of those games it still maintained 60fps or higher. Despite this, the 580 is $20 cheaper, $30 cheaper if you don't want to grab the cheapest 1060 available. I know why I'm torn. I want CUDA cores for development software. I like that the 1060 has a much higher market share (because developing with the hardware you intend to run the game on is a good idea). On the other hand, I'm only upgrading because I have to. My R9 270 is just barely unable to run the stuff I need it to. I'd grab the 2080 but I'd have to wait a month to save up and I'm getting reaaaaal tired of 30hz 4K (which is just janky and stutters way more than it should - instead of losing 1 / 2 frames it feels like it just adds 200ms of input lag - it makes games unplayable even when running at 60+ fps ). I could get an Active DisplayPort adapter for $25 but the other problem at hand is that my VRAM is at 1.1GB out of 2GB with just 4K resolution and Chrome open. If I didn't care about CUDA cores I can't imagine any reason to go with the 1060. Why pay more for less / same? Additional reasons not to go for the 2080 all basically boil down to me not needing the performance right now, RTX not being supported by anything, and the high likelihood of a price drop / better option by the time that changes for me. The 2070 seems like a decent option - it enables enough that I should be able to test RTX + definitely should be able to use RTX to build out single assets in creative software, it's got 1080 performance like a 1070Ti (unoverclocked), and should provide a stop-gap all the way until an actually compelling reason to upgrade exists. The entire problem being RTX not being supported anywhere. Not a single company I care about has given a timeframe other than "We're interested". I don't even know if authoring content with ray tracing enabled will be a very good idea to begin with - ideally it provides the A+ work - the stuff you're aiming toward. That way you can compare the "real results" with what the engine / shaders are doing and tweak to achieve similar results. Realistically, however, it may just wind up making your asset look significantly better than it does in engine and hide a ton of problems up until the point where you've got a bunch of stuff to fix all at once. Heck, maybe the 2070 can't even run RTX on a single asset. Maybe it just doesn't work like that. Maybe it can but not in 4K (using a 4K display as opposed to 2 - 3 monitors). This honestly feels like a shit time to need to upgrade. Not enough known variables.
Renqiuguo Li (17 days ago)
Usually,. In the same price of Rx 580, you can only buy 1060 with 3gb. So rx is cheaper
Alper Bardakcı (17 days ago)
I think people should buy which one is cheaper in your country. And if u play fortnite so much 1060 might be better.
Zheng Ns (18 days ago)
Quiero comprarme un RX580, pero no se que ram debo conprarme, alguien e podría decir que tipo de ram le viene mejor?
Dmn0PT (18 days ago)
16 gb for sure but the hz dependes on the CPU you want you can still use it with 8 but you lose fps in some games that need more ram
Mr Master (19 days ago)
rx 580 wins
Mr RedHead (19 days ago)
But can it run Roblox?
Mr RedHead (19 hours ago)
Mhakim Sedhi are u crazy?? Put that thing in SLI and then you can run ROBLOX but on all low settings
Mhakim Sedhi (19 hours ago)
Roblox need gtx2080ti to make it run :)
Ace Marshall (3 days ago)
Ace Marshall (3 days ago)
John Camping Golf (19 days ago)
I'm excited just got my 580 for 160 plus tax. and this thing is about the same as 1060 6g. Black Friday
Simonstar (19 days ago)
Is this good: Ryzen 3 2300x Amd rx570 8gb 8gb ram 1TB HDD Asrock motherboard Price: £599 is that good?
enisnuri okat (20 days ago)
the amd 580 it's better for the future and 2k gaming's
Danthehorse (21 days ago)
Is it me or is there more stuttering with the 580?
꼬기채소 (21 days ago)
VoltBolt Games (19 days ago)
ok and?
dr. whet farts (21 days ago)
low-end crap gpu's. throw them in the trash please.
BeleşKarpuz (22 days ago)
JokerXx (22 days ago)
Rx580 have the powet consuption bigger so thats what i dont like at rx580
lachiejt (22 days ago)
Just go nvidia lol ftw
Charlie Hu (23 days ago)
Does anyone know why the RX 580 had a poor performance compared to the 1060 in Fortnite?
NJ Tech (23 days ago)
unreal engine games better optimized for nvidia GPU's..:)
Mihai Cighi (23 days ago)
I've decided. Rx 580 will be! Thank you very much for the video man!
事售出 (24 days ago)
Th3EnterNal (24 days ago)
Why is the gtx overclocked?
Th3EnterNal (24 days ago)
+NJ Tech theres no 1961mhz or whatever OC mode for gtx, you did it manually...
NJ Tech (24 days ago)
Both are 5% overclock out of the box..:)
Marcus Dias (25 days ago)
Nvidia>AMD Intel>AMD
Юрий Климов (24 days ago)
George Daravigkas (25 days ago)
Why 1060 has 25-30 more fps on fortnite? WTH
George Daravigkas (24 days ago)
+KEKK0x64 No i dont. I was(and still am i guess) amd Fanboy. People forget that for years they had much better GPUs than Nvidia
KEKK0x64 (24 days ago)
+George Daravigkas thanks, just not underestimate amd like a lot of people do
George Daravigkas (24 days ago)
+KEKK0x64 No i am not looking to buy. I have a preety badass 980 gtx :) I knew these 2 cards are almost similar. Just wanted to know why Fortnite was getting higher score. Thanks for answering that!
KEKK0x64 (24 days ago)
+George Daravigkas it depends, I have a rx580 and it works perfectly. If you don't know what to buy I think that those are the same. I payed my 8gb rx580 250 euros and I think it's a very good price. You'll have to ask to someone who used both in order to have a comparison.
George Daravigkas (24 days ago)
+KEKK0x64 Dont most of the games use Unreal Engine these days? Thanks anyway
JORGE GALARZE (26 days ago)
GTX 1060 IN """1970 MHZ ????""" IDIOT ( vs rx 580 in 1450 mhz)
Overall I think the 1060 looks like it can perform better but I'm trying to buy a pc just for r6s so I'm going to have to go with the 580
Sentlee (28 days ago)
Right now, on Newegg, the cheapest 8gb rx 580 is $40 cheaper than 6gb 1060.
The Sorrow (29 days ago)
1060 is the best card so far hands down if u want 1080p 1070 + 1080 for 2k not 4k 4k need two 1080GTX so save ur money dont BE stupid u want cpu and mobo + rams etc be smart dont buy NASA PC
Unk Nown (29 days ago)
580 - 230 euro 1060 - 270 euro
Ender Bartnik (1 day ago)
+SDKeN ZeKaI do you realize the price difference between a 400 and 500watt psu? Not to mention the fact that I actually ran a xeon x3470 overclocked to 4.2 ghz and an rx580 overclocked on a 400W psu!!!
MrArchy1986 (4 days ago)
580 8gb-169£ 1060 6gb -220£ Just bought rx580 to upgrade from GTX760. Nvidia too expencive
SDKeN ZeKaI (11 days ago)
​+José G. Galindo ups 320w 650va enough for 1060 but not a rx580 xD nvm in my country both are same price :)
José G. Galindo (11 days ago)
+SDKeN ZeKaI only 90 watts more xD
Jeremias Ryynänen (1 month ago)
I play fortnite mostly so im just asking how fps would I get with ryzen 5 2600 and radeon rx 580 with medium or low settings?
ColdFireBall (24 days ago)
Jeremias Ryynänen over 60 on the highest settings.
LegenKusho (1 month ago)
The 1060 and the RX580 have all and the same power OK this two Grafik Cards have the same Power because the RX580 have more Power in this game , and the 1060 have more power in this game its all the same !!!
Hazim Jamli (1 month ago)
Unless your computer is using a 550W PSU the extra power RX 580 consumes are negligible. I would recommend RX 580 not bcoz of performance advantage (let's admit it, you can't see difference unless it's more than 15fps) but bcoz of freesync monitors are cheaper than g-sync monitors and thus giving you a cheaper investment. But, if you're planning on upgrading to the high-end realm in 2-3 yrs then getting a GTX 1060 wouldn't hurt. Also, these cards are the best for 1080p monitors so do remember that!
rómeó szabó (1 month ago)
Gtx 1060 in oc 1970mhz and rx 580 only in boost clock
Kostas (1 month ago)
the cards are pretty similar just get the one thats cheaper in your country
Pein Zhang (1 month ago)
Unnecessarily Loud (1 month ago)
Gtx 1060 is now more expensive. I can find an Rx 580 8gb for 220 and a GTX 1060 6gb for 240
UnKnown Person (1 month ago)
At the end was that the power consumption for all of that and also if 400w psu enough for a rx 580 cos i already bought a new 400w psu any ideas?
Guilherme Henrique (1 month ago)
Rx 580 win
RakibBhai (1 month ago)
Fake he sab
The NobleNoob (1 month ago)
580 has better price to performance, plus free-sync is on lower-end monitors, unlike G-sync. RX 580 is a whole 80 bucks cheaper on amazon.
Clayton Domingues (1 month ago)
Please test benchmarks with game Quake Champions
Flat Wood (1 month ago)
Lol in the warhammer test the rx560 had to load more in
Dgisch (1 month ago)
2000mhz memory clock more and 500 core clock more but 2gb less=nearly same fps
João Tavares (1 month ago)
Awesome video, straight to the point! For more videos like this!!!
*Short* Nvidia Expensive AMD Cheap *Long* Nvidia Cheap AMD Expensive Why? Watts
ppddrr11 (1 month ago)
Should've added "term"
Dennis (1 month ago)
Hey NJ Tech, which Software do you use to benchmark the games? And how do you calculate the avg and 1% scores? I tried benchmarking my system whith fraps but it only outputs the avg i guess.
익스트림a (1 month ago)
채굴기 돌려본 업자들은 요 두녀석 성능 잘알지..ㅋ RX580이 1060 쳐발라버림
TheXtrendonAndroid (1 month ago)
So guys i was planning on building a pc with a ryzen 5 2600, a gigabyte b450m, and the rx 580, of course including 16gbs of ram and all the other stuff, you think with mainly the cpu and gpu i just listed, you guys think that i can run at least R6 siege on high? Not planning on playing on 4k
Sceptsickle (24 days ago)
+ColdFireBall Wow cool lol, promise you wont regret it, its awesome gaming at 1080p Ultra at 60fps.
ColdFireBall (24 days ago)
DemonicScepter I’m building the same pc lmao
Sceptsickle (1 month ago)
Yes definitely. Ironically Im building the same pc but with just 8GB. How much does yours cost?
John iTz Back (1 month ago)
What software do u use for benchmark?
NJ Tech (1 month ago)
msi afterburner..:)
iComboEater (1 month ago)
We all know a GTX 1070 is better
ExitusHD (1 month ago)
The rx580 and the 1060 are the same price where I live, so which one should i get?
Johnye Liu (1 month ago)
Oreo (1 month ago)
On the fortnite part, I got a fortnite ad lol
Anthony N (1 month ago)
Thanks for the test. It doesn't make sense for me to upgrade my video card.
Siegbert schnösel (1 month ago)
Gtx 1060 is faster in most non vulkan games. It also has a much higher overclock potential. For example most 1060s can run +600mhz on the VRAM without any issue, which gives u a huge boost in memory bandwith. ( My 1060 now has 225Gbits memory bandwith with +600mhz (9400mhz)) You can also pump up the core clock to stable 2100mhz on most 1060s with no problems. Comparing to max 1550mhz on most rx 580s which is only a minor improvement over stock clock, you can safely say that an overclocked 1060 is faster than any RX 580 around.(stock cooled) My 1060 clocks at 2189mhz @1093mv and disabled power target(shunt mod). I get a 4940 GPU score at time spy.
ugron (1 month ago)
Память видеоплаты грузит у меня на 3.8- 4 гб из 8 в тесте джта 5 , в видео 5 + , у меня монитор на 60 герц может от этого быть слабенькая загрузка памяти ?
az8868 (1 month ago)
in my country the rx580 is freakin cheap rite now like 20% cheaper than 1060
nkL CS (1 month ago)
right now in Brazil the rx 580 8gb is 75 dollars cheaper than the 1060 6gb
Rauxami (1 month ago)
In india rx 580 is cheaper but then also its expensive
bá dương (1 month ago)
temp gpu ??
Honey i shot the kids (1 month ago)
Holy shit so many retarded fanboys in the comment section. Just buy a card thats currently cheaper. They are pretty much identical in performance.
PjotrII (1 month ago)
Both are good cards! I can´t see any difference in color (as somebody suggest). Interesting is how the fps is dependent on game.... AMD wins 137 -108 on Wolfenstein, Nvidia wins 118 - 99 on Fortnite. If you want low power consumption, the 1060 is good, if you want more future proof with 8GB of RAM AMD RX 580 is good.
keepon gaming (1 month ago)
Is rx 580 on the left?
Gazpacho Gusto (1 month ago)
keepon gaming - Yes, read the top
Joseph (1 month ago)
Rx 580 have better textures and colors
bndit laz (1 month ago)
Who thinks amd is getting more better
Rajesh Lenka (1 month ago)
Why I see AMD having better textures and color
Troll Oyuncu (1 month ago)
Best of best channel always like yiur videos
7jjG 1502 (1 month ago)
Nowadays you found the RX 580 8gb for a better price, I recomend the RX because It has a better performance in dx12 games
Toast Huawei (1 month ago)
How much??? (for the RX 580)
SadNoise ́ (1 month ago)
Water cooler?
NJ Tech (1 month ago)
Nope... Stock Cooler...:)
Fizz Baba (1 month ago)
RX 580 or 1060 (prize is not problem)
Fizz Baba (24 days ago)
+ColdFireBall o kadar da değil amk
ColdFireBall (24 days ago)
Fizz Baba RTX2080 lmao
AUTONOMOUS (1 month ago)
Bottlenecked by CPU.
Max (1 month ago)
Rx 580 cuz nvidia are giving us bad drivers
Only Me (1 month ago)
Try it with the new drivers ;D RX 580 wins!!!!!!! ( but the TDW is a sh*t)
Watermelon Jones (1 month ago)
Both cards are worthy.
Foeti Oink Oink (1 month ago)
how do you compare two different scenes? :D
Anakin Luc Selig (1 month ago)
the 1060 hasn't a baseclock of 1924mhz?
Thracian (1 month ago)
A lot of fanboys in the comments but honestly they're exactly identical lol
Jessy U (1 month ago)
This is the exact video I needed. I watched the i3-8100 with 1060 and saw the CPU bottlenecks in some games... I'm here to see if this one does too! The only suggestion I have is to show the average at the end of all Gomes combined in a graph, but thanks for the awesome videos!
scotty morgan (1 month ago)
Hoiw is this video even worth it? The RX 580 is a 8GB card to a 6 lols, and for a cheaper price.

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