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The Best Ways to Invest in Your 20s | Phil Town

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When it comes to investing, the earlier you start the better. Compounding works in such a way that your money grows exponentially on itself. If you are in your 20s and want to get a head start on investing, here are a few investing tips for beginners to help you out. http://bit.ly/2MYDfgC A person who starts investing just a few years earlier could end up with many times more money when it comes time to retire than they would have had if they started later in life. For more investing tips, click the link above to signup my FREE training, called the 6 Market Crushing Principles of Investing. Looking to master investing? Attend one of my FREE 3-Day Transformational Investing Workshops. Apply here http://bit.ly/r1workshop _____________ Learn more: Subscribe to my channel for free stuff, tips and more! YouTube: http://budurl.com/kacp Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rule1investing Instagram: https://instagram.com/ruleoneinvesting Twitter: https://twitter.com/Rule1_Investing Google+: + PhilTownRule1Investing Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/rule1investing LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/rule-1-investing Blog: http://bit.ly/1YdqVXI Podcast: http://bit.ly/1KYuWb4 Buy my bestselling book Rule #1: https://amzn.to/2R9Gofj Shopping through my amazon link is one of the best ways to support my YouTube channel! investing advice, investing in 20s, investing early, how to start investing, tips for investing, investing in stocks, invest in 20s, investing in your 20s,
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Hey folks, thanks for watching today's video. I hope you enjoyed it! If you want to get started with investing, I want to offer you my free quick start guide, download it here >> http://utm.io/ub0TW
Daniel Gelling (2 months ago)
Where do you get that 100% annual return? So i can sell my refidgerator and have a billion in 20 years...
She Smooth (3 months ago)
Phil Town's Rule #1 Investing Good morning sir what would you suggest if you’re in your late 20s with investing and more near 30?
+Matthieu Carpentier I have lot's of other videos on this, check out my channel!
Mimi A (6 months ago)
+beriigirl How to pay your student loan or any other debt, very basic yet most people don't do it, basically work 60 to 80 hrs a week, you already working full time 40 hrs a week? Find an other side job, it won't kill you ,then save every penny to put it to your debt, Don't keep doing what everybody's doing, cook at home rice and beans,not eating out,no vacations,not even cellphone bill, there some very basic free cellphone, plans like freedom pop, look anything you own and put it for sale ,so basically focus all your energy on getting your debts paid, remember the more intense you go the faster you will be out of debt, and then DO NOT go into further debt ,Once you are out of debt start saving and investing
Ajay Sridevi (1 day ago)
you should rely on a someone's proven expertise to help you monitor risk in the market. Use a smart risk monitor
Stason Herman (1 day ago)
Never did u think I'll get another chance to win, I really like the testimonies about this man Benjamin
Ajay Sridevi (1 day ago)
like Bilalbenjamin565 @gmail, Unless you spend an enormous amount of time monitoring your investments taking classes.
DAN (1 day ago)
Most universities in Europe are a whole lot cheaper than in America - you usually don't get any loans from them and the level of education is on par if not better on some subjects than in us universities - good stuff
54321 12345 (3 days ago)
Invest in a two million-dollar life insurance policy on yourself. Technically you're a millionaire you just have to die to get it. Leave it for my family.
Isaiah Valencia (6 days ago)
My goal: Have $10,000 capital by my 20th birthday
Divyanshu Gupta (8 days ago)
How do I straight away double my money? Don't we earn by investing into Fixed Deposits, which at max have an interest rate of about 7 to 8 percent?
Jacob Manieri (8 days ago)
Join Robinhood and you’ll get a stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint for free if you use my link. https://share.robinhood.com/jacobm4663
River Run (8 days ago)
Great video,,,
I was able to to save $12k before 19Th but I got depression and lost a lot of money, job, college, and frnd. 😫
Abhijeet Johnson (10 days ago)
He looks like Sir Jorah from GOT
rachelvirienna (10 days ago)
What's wrong with mutual funds? Can you expand on why you think they will be a poor investment in a couple of years?
Dan Witzke (11 days ago)
Great clip! Keep up the good content:)
Matthew Jackson (11 days ago)
I'm going to shoot holes through your reasoning. It comes down to enjoying life to a large extent. You could save money like a miser and have plenty of dough all throughout your life and still be miserable. You'll never be young twice so why not enjoy this prime time of life and not worry so much about investing during this stage. This is the time you should be seeking, blundering, making mistakes and living it up. “By seeking and blundering we learn.” ― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe  I remember an old man told me to not wait until I was 65 to start enjoying life. To me , this is what you're suggesting in this video, namely, save up till you're rich and old and then enjoy it. I made every damn mistake that you've described in this video and yet I still came out OK. I eventually kicked it into gear and managed to save enough money to cover me in retirement and I had fun and disasters along the way. “Men need play & danger. Civilization gives them work and safety.”  ― Friedrich Nietzsche You're demanding that people play it safe and work hard and this is what enervates and depresses them over the long run. Moreover, if you're so smart , why ain't you rich ?
shivani balram (12 days ago)
Latasha Brown (20 days ago)
i am 22 years old got an associates degree but no job. I am working on my bachelors but this video is gold. I will use this video to my advantage, I may not have a job but at least I will know how to invest before I get one.
Ding Wu (21 days ago)
Glad I have got it all figured out now...
Chanelle Gryson (21 days ago)
I chose this video because I might consider investing. I found it a very interesting video because the message is specifically addressed to students. The explanation was not too long or not too boring, but just the opposite. Thank you for the 7 useful tips, I will try to use them in the future!
Alejandra Quintero (21 days ago)
I love the pay yourself idea. Can you make a video on that?
Justice Maydew (21 days ago)
I just clocked 32 and I'd say I pretty much had it going in my 20's. I started investing in the stock and foreign exchange markets under Norman Watson's portfolio making nearly 170% in profits almost weekly.
MrZed13 (12 days ago)
Ding Wu okay i sent u an email
Ding Wu (12 days ago)
+MrZed13 i could do that but here's way too public for that sort... email me at (robertwu47 @ gmail. com)... p.s. i think talking this out with him would be easier for you don't you?
MrZed13 (12 days ago)
Ding Wu and what’s his method how does he work? can u explain me?
Ding Wu (12 days ago)
+MrZed13 well i don't know about fake followers...I'm barely on any social media i got to invest under him through my colleague who was already a much better investor than I was at the time...
MrZed13 (12 days ago)
Corey Kesaris how do u know he’s legit?
Leo Vega (23 days ago)
But hooowwwwwwwwww!!!!!!! Fuck lol
Afiya Sayara (24 days ago)
So what is IRA 😶
Seba C (25 days ago)
Even if I were to double my money 7 times over my lifetime I'm more than satisfied, and you are saying 20... is that possible? HOW? I'm sorry but this video just sound like cheap propaganda for a very expensive course
Daniel Iles (27 days ago)
These really are the most critical ways to set yourself up for financial success regardless of age. Great video!
Da C. (28 days ago)
Invest in baseball cards and wait to sell them big money!
I K (28 days ago)
The real question is; how do you double your money 10x, 20x? Some of us can pull out 10-20K from a savings account but don't know how to double it. That's the catch.
Paradise Entertainment (29 days ago)
So I’m 23, graduated from optometry school, I’m unemployed. Totally broke, almost homeless, I have hope.... but how does one begin to make money from absolutely nothing I don’t even have a side skill
Ella Bernice (1 month ago)
I opened an investment account with $5,000 in a term deposit account and if I don’t touch that term deposit in a year I earn a few more hundreds in that account 😍
Shermta F (1 month ago)
How do you double your money if your 18-19 if you make $1,200 a month (300 a week)? How do you generate cash flow? I'm thinking of doing something crazy for my 19th birthday this year or my 20th birthday next year, I'm thinking of getting an investment house as I still live with my mother and not planning to move out any time soon. I started reading Rich Dad poor Dad by David and now I track where my money is going for example out of my pay I used $50 for uber (one month) and $50 for hanging out with my friends (=$100 for self). I plan to start putting money aside for a rainy day ($100-150 a week) while saving the rest of money for investment into the future. OR should I investing in myself... Focus on a goal, yearly goal, then break it into monthly goal, then daily goals for example investing in high income skills, skills which generate high income and study accounting to get an idea of how business works before getting into real estate. I'm also thinking about studying marketing, economics, shares, real estates, high return investments, online businesses etc I didn't know where to start. I want to have multiple streams of income by 23-25.
LonelyPianist (1 month ago)
April 2019?
Faith Bukky Akindele (1 month ago)
I am not even working
DAYALU BIRLA (1 month ago)
Thanks for this knowledge, I will use it to get closer to my first million!!!
Lucas Wolgast (1 month ago)
So I am 20, have a budged of 200€ (220$) to invest per month. Where should I invest now? Would be nice if someone could help me our get me a source where I can learn this stuff
Alisia Lopez (1 month ago)
Im 18, am on top of all my student debt and don’t anticipate having any student debt in the future. I have a couple thousand dollars saved and am curious if I should learn how to invest now or wait until I have way more saved up.
Simon Geldof (1 month ago)
17 rightnow and ready to get in the stock market lets get it:)
klasyka polskiegoHH (1 month ago)
Top guy
Rosymiss 404 (1 month ago)
1. Learn about investing 2. Pay off student debt 3. Get a retirement account 4. Set up or at least think about setting up a Roth IRA 5. Create a budget 6. Pay yourself first 7. Set specific goals
charls joseph (10 days ago)
Can people from outside of US set up a Roth IRA account?
Matthew Jackson (11 days ago)
8. LIve the doleful life of a wage-slave until death.
Vivienne V (1 month ago)
So I'll live my money off once im old and can't enjoy it or if I die, my kids will keep it while i didn't enjoy anything?
DGonzo (1 month ago)
Hey I'm 9 years old and making $3,000 a week. Is that good? btw sorry for the bad English it's not my first language.
William Parnlee (1 month ago)
Pay my student debt? Word, I'll return to this video in like 20 years
Joey Amor (1 month ago)
William Parnlee 😂😂
Nathalya Granada (1 month ago)
What are your thoughts on all these apps that help for people that do not know about investing?
satish kumar (1 month ago)
*Lesson Learnt* Never buy a refrigerator that costs a billion dollars😂😂
GetInvested (1 month ago)
Some great content Phil. Investing in yourself and watching these video's are a great place to start!
TECH ASTER (1 month ago)
A future millionaire is watching ;)
Reck (1 month ago)
what I learned = refrigerator cost a billion dollars.
Androxzus (1 month ago)
It's sad to see how top countries of the world charge so much money on students... they literally spend their 20s in clearing their student debts. Here in India money is never an issue.. heck I hardly even pay fees to college coz scholarship.
Christine Theodore, RN-S (2 months ago)
You’re wonderful thank you 😊
Thanks for watching, Christine!
Marc477 (2 months ago)
HOW can you double your money every TWO years ?? (20 times over 40 years?) HOW ? Not with stocks, mutual funds or Roth IRA for sure.
joe rocky (2 months ago)
Best way to invest. Dont get married. Dont have children . save save save
Anthony Kist (2 months ago)
one of the problems with these sorts of videos, is very VERY often you need money to being. IT is SO extremely rare and difficult (next to impossible) for someone with next to no money and thousands in debt to turn it around and become a millionaire. Advice is good and all but its super unrealistic to the world we live in unfortunately./
Just for Knowledge (2 months ago)
I am 16 and i cannot stop thinking about earning money. I dont know why?
That's awesome, Just for Knowledge! Keep it up!
rockteebeats (2 months ago)
Just for Knowledge keep it that way. 🙏 go getchu a bag fam
jrdn rdrgz (2 months ago)
No debt got a stable job. Just started buying Stocks shares on 3M yesterday. Is it good idea or not?? I want it to 5 to 10 years
Mitchel B (2 months ago)
401ks don’t work, don’t listen to this guy about 401ks, doesn’t know what he’s talking about
sreekala devi (2 months ago)
Sahi hai
Paul Malatesta (2 months ago)
What if I don't believe the US dollar will live as long as I might?
richj011 (2 months ago)
Invest in the S&P 500. Most fund managers can't beat this index. Or you can invest in at least 5 or more dividend paying companies. Here are a few that will work. O realty symbol ~ (O) Ventas real estate ~ (VTR), Johnson and Johnson ~ (JNJ), Microsoft ~ (MSFT), Altria ~ (MO), Ecolab ~ (ECL), Valero energy ~ (VLO), Boeing ~ (BA). And if the market goes down be happy! You can buy more shares at cheaper prices which means the dividend goes up! And the dividends should automatically reinvested back into the company.
POWER IN SILENCE (2 months ago)
1.learn to investing 2.pay off student debt 3.get some retirement account 4.create budget 5.pay yourself first 6.set specific goal.. 7.make it double 8.compound interest
Hugo Ricard (2 months ago)
well... I mean... you kinda need a refrigerator....
Paul Thomas (2 months ago)
You got a book?? I'll buy it
Shae Reub (2 months ago)
Recently turned 25 (I told myself I'd start investing this year. Than I'll have at least 40 years before retirement). I've been on a strict budget so I'm good at saving. I've determined how much I'd need each week for the next 40 years (including the 3% inflation, and a 35 year "mortgage" weather it's rent for 10 and 25 years mortgage). No college degree so no debt. I haven't decided what I should do long term I'm just working 30-40 hours/week at $10/hour gross and 16 hours/week at $9/hour gross (I've determined I'd need a little under $19K/year plus whatever I put away for retirement). I already have $6K saved and could save/invest $1800/year if I made $400/week ($19K/year would be about $385/week). I'm just working my 2 jobs in the meantime until I figure out what I want to do. Any tips?
Daniel Adams (2 months ago)
Mr Donald Earl has really helped me make a lot from Stock Exchange.
alex sandoval (2 months ago)
Those dollars will turn until "millions" 😂😂 yeah okay
Soonwee Siong (2 months ago)
Hi Sir. I have a question here. May I ask you what I can do with 1000 dollars? And my financial goal is becoming a millionaire by 20.
VoiAhoyTV (2 months ago)
I thought he was talking about the IRA lol
Real State (2 months ago)
Hey, i have a business idea. im looking for 13/17 years old guys that want to make money with No money. ( Guys Only ) I want to make an empire helping and making money all togheter. it doesnt matter if you are 14 years old, you just need the right mindset it doesnt matter if you have 0 money you just need to be able to learn.
Roy Brown (2 months ago)
Can someone invests overseas?
ImpactoDelSur Enterprise (2 months ago)
Assuming a 7% growth per year, which is above conservative for the average investor, the money invested with compounding will double in 10 years. To double it 20x, that would require 200 years! By that time your money will be ripe for your great grandchildren.
Haunted Goblin (2 months ago)
I’m 24 with 70k saved up am I doing good so far lol did it all on my own, paid for college by myself saved it up making minimum wage .. college didn’t work our for me but I have no debt .. I’m now working a job that’s $20 hourly I wanna make more but I’ll get there ... I live on my own and save at least $1000 a month
R Leung (2 months ago)
I am in my early 30S, I have paid off my student debt. Not much money left in the bank. Discover that the little salary earned every month is minimum. I would like to learn how to compound my money and give a better life to my family, my fiancee and future family.
Samuel Moses (2 months ago)
I really need some help on this
Real State (2 months ago)
Hey, i have a business idea. im looking for 13/17 years old guys that want to make money with No money. ( Guys Only ) I want to make an empire helping and making money all togheter. it doesnt matter if you are 14 years old, you just need the right mindset it doesnt matter if you have 0 money you just need to be able to learn.
Ernesto Ruiz (3 months ago)
Yeah just pay off student debt while you barely make enough money to pay for rent and I suppose you have to starve yourself and eat toast without a refrigerator
hyou zan ren (3 months ago)
Save 10% of my income then invest it in a handfull selected stocks work for me!
Tim S (3 months ago)
I don’t have any investment plan. Still learning
Rex H (3 months ago)
Starting later than ideal at 30, but taking my savings and investing in compounds and developing passive income streams. Shooting for that early retirement.
Veni Vidi Amavi (3 months ago)
*not in debt, but I am still in flight training and only 1/2 to my Bachelors so shit's getting SPENDY man* great video! repeated some tips I've heard before so I want to invest at least $1K, but it's sure hard when you gotta pay for classes. So I'll start smaller, the point is just to start* :) thanks for the tips!
Top Compilation Videos (3 months ago)
Sorry but 1000 x 20 is 20 000 not a billion
Isosocold (3 months ago)
By the time I pay my student debt off I’ll be in my 40s lol think I’m gonna deny that advice and invest in assets that generate me the cash flow to live comfortably while being able to pay down debt but priority is always to pay yourself first.
Tegbaru Amelwork (3 months ago)
please,if i were you ,i do it for you,surely.let me ask only one question please i want to change my life ,but here i didn't do it ,cous you know what thier is shortage in my life ,that is what you konw it.i want to learn from you.know you this gmail address [email protected] please change one life
derek mostero (3 months ago)
PLUG is up with no news, nothing to show for... Is that strong hold sign or?
SevenRiderAirForce (3 months ago)
Rule 1: Live below your means, don't do dumb shit, invest in S&P 500 ETFs, repeat.
Unique Guy (3 months ago)
How interest you going to earn on the $1000 that you going to invest. Lol
Thermic (3 months ago)
I’m only 13 and I don’t know shit about investing but I heard that if you go homeless (not necessarily living on the streets) you save a lot of money? Also don’t go college, I know that already
Georgi Georgiev (3 months ago)
just lost 100 billion dollars of my time
Zack Elbadri (3 months ago)
How do i start?
k dawg da wolf (3 months ago)
does anybody have any ideas or recommendations for an investing platform? (I don't really have much money, so the less it costs the better. And I love outside the US and UK, so preferably something that doesn't require you to be there either) Thankssss
Mario Perez (3 months ago)
Image if there was a series on how buffet used that penny in penny stocks and made like 10k off of it
Jesús Cambra (3 months ago)
Hi Phil, i didnt really get how u wanna double 1000$ through compounding investment.. is it through investment funds?
Deler Mohammed (3 months ago)
So i am a 28 years old guy who’s single i am studying in university because of some problems in the past i didn’t have the money or the time to get a college degree , i work as a hairdresser for the past 5 years and i’ve been successful with my job but the salon i work in is not mine but the salary they’re giving me is worth working for them for the past 5 years , also they taught me the profession , so in the next 6 months i’ll have enough money to either buy a new house without any debt or mortgage or start my own big salon business , i need some advice that would be appreciated
CDarthDynoP (3 months ago)
YOLO weekly options.
HomersIlliad (3 months ago)
I consider that fridge an investment in my quality of life: I don't want to wait 20 years before being able to store my own food again. Besides, making your food at home is much cheaper than eating out.
Tobi (3 months ago)
So don't buy a refrigerator, got it.
Veronica .La (3 months ago)
Do I just go to any bank and open a retirement account?
Noah Benavidez (3 months ago)
Absolutely despise the whole "don't go to college" attitude developing these days. College grads make more money on average than non degree holders and people like engineers and physicists are absolutely vital to the world. Getting a degree, other than a useless liberal arts degree, should really be encouraged!
She Smooth (3 months ago)
What would you suggest in your late 20s leaning closer to 30
Wannapa A. (3 months ago)
I’m almost 20 and I’m planning ahead to have 10k in the next 5 year. Right now I’m learning how to invest, make some money, and save money as much as I could. Also, thanks for making a great video!
Great work! Thanks for watching.
JustFunAnimeX (3 months ago)
Who else see grapham viewer watching this?
KiwiboiNZ (3 months ago)
In NZ we have zero interest student loans.
NotJack_78 (3 months ago)
Oh yeah
Paige Pena (3 months ago)
...did he really just tell us to not have a fridge 😂 lmao. (He probably meant don’t buy an expensive fridge but it kinda didn’t sound like it) PS eating out gets expensive.
Randy Mbouge (3 months ago)
I would personally like to say THANK YOU. I’m an 18 year old professional keynote speaker and I’m truly grateful for being able to watch your videos. That’s something we tend to Take for granted and that is why seeing A - Class people like you KEEP GOING is so inspiring. On my Channel I work my hardest to motivate as hard as I can. THANK YOU. 🙏🏿🌎💯 I will always be an advocate for HARD WORK and that is why I must stay focused and trust the process. I will change this world on a GLOBAL SCALE.  #staytuned

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