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30 Day Living Libations Experiment (Part 1: First Impressions)

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I’m starting a new experiment exclusively using Living Libations natural skincare products for 30 days. In today’s video I show you the 5 products I selected (based on your requests and recommendations), plus I use everything for the first time and share my first impressions. Out of the 5 products I used, one of the products in particular completely blew me away (probably one of the best Living Libations I've ever tried - check out today’s video to find out which one!). Over the next 30 day I’ll be doing updates on Instagram Stories how my experiment is going (my instagram username is : @theclearskinessentials). At the end of the 30 days I will do a full YouTube and blog review of all 5 products, and the results I got using them. For more on my 30 day experiment using Living Libations products, check out today’s blog post (in today’s video I share my first impressions, and over at today’s blog post I have a written article talking more about why I selected each product and what Living Libations claims they will do): https://www.theclearskinessentials.com/living-libations-30-day-experiment-first-impressions/ - - - - - - - - - - - SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL: http://bit.ly/theclearskinessentials-yt - - - - - - - - - - - If you’ve got breakouts or adult acne you want to clear up naturally, join my FREE Email Course: https://www.theclearskinessentials.com/free-acne-email-course/ - - - - - - - - - - - - PRODUCT LINKS - PRODUCTS I'LL BE USING FOR THE 30 DAY EXPERIMENT: Best Skin Ever - Frankincense: https://www.theclearskinessentials.com/l/livinglibations-best-skin-ever-frankincense.php Royal Rose Honey Mask Active Enzymes + Clarifying Clay: https://www.theclearskinessentials.com/l/livinglibations-royal-rose-honey-mask.php Rose Renewal + Frankincense Firming Fluid: https://www.theclearskinessentials.com/l/livinglibations-rose-renewal-frankincense-firming-fluid.php All Seasons Serum: https://www.theclearskinessentials.com/l/livinglibations-all-seasons-serum.php All Seeing Eye Creme: https://www.theclearskinessentials.com/l/livinglibations-all-seeing-eye-creme.php OTHER PRODUCTS MENTIONED IN THE VIDEO: Chocolate Karat Serum: https://www.theclearskinessentials.com/recommends/livinglibations-chocolate-karat-serum.php RoseGlow Serum: https://www.theclearskinessentials.com/recommends/livinglibations-roseglow-serum.php SoothSayer Serum: https://www.theclearskinessentials.com/recommends/livinglibations-soothsayer-serum.php Best Skin Ever - Seabuckthorn: https://www.theclearskinessentials.com/recommends/livinglibations-best-skin-ever-seabuckthorn.php Best Skin Ever - Sandalwood: https://www.theclearskinessentials.com/recommends/livinglibations-best-skin-ever-sandalwood.php LIVING LIBATIONS WEBSITE: https://www.theclearskinessentials.com/recommends/livinglibations.php - - - - - - - - - - - - OTHER VIDEOS YOU MIGHT LIKE - Living Libations Hair Care Review: https://youtu.be/9Tk2M_v1GzY Living Libations Blemish Bundle Review: https://youtu.be/WOtwGMrPuOU Green Beauty Favourites 2017: https://youtu.be/z23IrQloGQQ Epic Empties 2018 (Product I’ve Used Up): https://youtu.be/6qqoBOIwiTg Honey Cleansing Acne Prone Skin (Demo + Tips): https://youtu.be/lauH2D1RZiA Oil Cleansing Method For Acne Prone Skin (Demo + Tips): https://youtu.be/d3kmVDuC2o8 How I Cleared Up Adult Acne Naturally: https://youtu.be/pdpD7iOkeK4 - - - - - - - - - - - - SHOP MY FAVOURITES - Skin Care: https://www.theclearskinessentials.com/favourite-natural-skincare-products/ Body Care: https://www.theclearskinessentials.com/favourite-natural-body-care-products/ Healthy Kitchen & Home: https://www.theclearskinessentials.com/favourite-kitchen-home-appliances/ - - - - - - - - - - - - CLEAR SKIN VIDEO COURSES & CONSULTATIONS - FREE Acne Solutions 5-Day Email Course: https://www.theclearskinessentials.com/free-acne-email-course/ The CLEAR SKIN Diet Rules (video course): https://www.theclearskinessentials.com/diet-rules/ The CLEAR SKIN Skincare Rules (video course): https://www.theclearskinessentials.com/skincare-rules Acne Causing Health Foods (video masterclass): https://www.theclearskinessentials.com/what-health-foods-cause-acne Telephone Coaching with Natasha: https://www.theclearskinessentials.com/coaching/ - - - - - - - - - - - LET’S CONNECT My Blog: https://www.theclearskinessentials.com/blog Instagram: https://instagram.com/theclearskinessentials/ Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/theclearskinessentials/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theclearskinessentials/ Email: [email protected] Mailing Address: Natasha St. Michael 302, Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, #01-1840, Suite 5667-H Singapore 560302 - - - - - - - - - - - DISCLAIMER: This video is not sponsored. Some links in the description may be affiliate links. If you use my links, it will help to support my channel. Thank you!
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Charlotte Hiller (4 months ago)
you give me hope for my skin, it is acne prone, I was wandering what sunscreen you use????
Charlotte Hiller (4 months ago)
The CLEAR SKIN Essentials hi, I am not shure what is happening with my YouTube, but I found two amazing sunscreens one from even Healy and one from Mychelle ❤️
HI Charlotte, I've been trying to reply to your sunscreen question with a recommend & link, but it keeps getting deleted by Youtube. I asked YouTube, and they said to check with you to see if you have any special settings on your account blocking comments or links?
ve sna (8 months ago)
your face glow,I can see different between before and after
That's so awesome, thank you for watching :)
Texas Honey (8 months ago)
I noticed theres coconut oil in the seabuckthorn wash, i really feel coconut oil is no good for me, and just clogs my pores. should i stay away from this product? cuz i really want to try.....i had a serum with seabuckthorn and it felt amazing on my skin
Bangtan VIP (4 months ago)
had the same issue and stopped using it on my face. I switched to the sandalwood one which is amazing and the only one in the line without coconut oil. My face just hates it. Hope that helps
Texas Honey (8 months ago)
thank you for that info
I get awful bumps all over my skin from pure coconut oil, but I've been using the Living Libations products that contain some coconut oil for many years now, and I've never had breakouts or problem with them. I think it depends on how sensitive you are to the coconut oil, how much is in the product, and the actual formulation. You can always buy a sample and see how your skin responds. They do have Sandalwood Best Skin Ever which is the only one in the range that doesn't have any coconut oil. It's lighter than the Seabuckthorn one. Here's the link if you want to check that one out: http://www.theclearskinessentials.com/recommends/livinglibations-best-skin-ever-sandalwood.php
Voilà Elisa (10 months ago)
I loved this video!! One question Natasha, could you make a video with your morning skincare routine?? What moisturiser do you use?? Thanks!!! Kisses from Spain!!
Voilà Elisa (9 months ago)
Thank you!!! :))
I just finished my 30 day experiment, so once I'm back on my regular skincare routine, I will definitely film a morning skincare routine video. As for moisturizer, I like Tata Harper moisturizers (when my face is more oily, the Clarifying Moisturizer is great, when it's dry, I like the Repairative Moisturizer). Also Odacite Oleosome Time Release Delivery Creme is wonderful too. The Living Libations Rose Renewal Frankincense Firming Fluid is beautiful, but only good for oily skin, not moisturizing enough for dry skin. Hope this helps!
Holly Turner (10 months ago)
Natasha, I LOVE your videos! I've been keeping up with them, and your blogs for about seven months now. Your skincare advice has changed my life and my skin. The suggestions you give have been an actual blessing to me, my skin has never looked better so thank you! I have very oily and acne-prone skin. I use the living libations seabuckthorn as a moisturizer at night, and I use suntegrity moisturizer/sunscreen in the morning. I'm curious if the rose renewal & frankincense firming fluid would be a good addition to add in the morning for some extra moisture, or if you find it to be too oily? I'm excited to see how your experiment goes!
The CLEAR SKIN Essentials (10 months ago)
Hi Holly, I'm so happy to hear your results! You've put a big smile on my face. The Rose Renewal Frankincense Firming Fluid would be a great addition to your skincare routine, definitely try it out. It's not oily at all. It will bring hydration to your skin without adding oil (and it will make your skin velvety soft). This is good for oily skin that needs hydration but can't tolerate anything heavy (the consistency is a little lighter than a lotion, but not watery like a toner. If you've used an essence before, it's quite similar, but a touch denser). Let me know if you have any other questions.
Alissa Evelyn (11 months ago)
I love Living Libations! So it’s really interesting to see you using just purely their line and see how all the products work 🌸
Alissa Evelyn (10 months ago)
The CLEAR SKIN Essentials ooh that’s so intriguing! I can’t wait! X
The CLEAR SKIN Essentials (10 months ago)
I've been really enjoying the experiment! I've been using Living Libations for so many years, but never exclusively just their products. I have to say, the experience is completely different. I'm now about halfway through the 30 day experiment, and so far I've had to make a few adjustment to the routine. Some of the products working great for me, others products I'm still not sure about. I look forward to seeing how the rest of the experiment unfolds and putting together my final review :)
Green Life In Dublin (11 months ago)
Great video Natasha, I really enjoyed watching it 💕 will make sure to watch the follow up videos too, as I am really interested in seeing how will you getting on with the products. And, umm, l am adding that moisturiser to my Living Libations wishlist 😁
The CLEAR SKIN Essentials (11 months ago)
Yes I'm loving the products, especially the Rose Renewal + Frankincense Firming Fluid, I was really surprised how great it is. Stay tuned for more!
J K (11 months ago)
Luv these series of videos!! Theres not enough youtube videos about Living Libations that goes into this much details. And their website deletes all the negative reviews, so I always buy the product without knowing how well it will work. Thank you for making this video looking forward to your next upload.
The CLEAR SKIN Essentials (11 months ago)
I'm so happy you like the series! I agree, it's always a risk buying anything online because you just never know how it will work out for you and your skin. I also wanted to stick with only these products for at least 30 days and document using them because sometimes it takes a while to see how your skin responds, or sometimes it's the reverse, it's great at first, and not so much later on. So far so good. I'm especially impressed with the Rose Renewal + Frankincense Firming Fluid (it's such a beautiful product). I also really like the Honey Mask. The All Seasons Serum absorbs beautifully but I'm not sure if it's moisturizing enough for me... I have to wait and see. Still experimenting!
Kaitlyn Jacques (11 months ago)
Watching you do this on camera I saw how great these products made your skin look in real time! I'd love to try some of them too but would you say as someone with rosacea I should not use certain ones? Thanks for this great new video series Natasha! So glad you have moved into your beautiful new home!! :)
Kaitlyn Jacques (10 months ago)
I will! :-)
The CLEAR SKIN Essentials (10 months ago)
Awesome, let me know how it works out for you!
Kaitlyn Jacques (11 months ago)
Thank you very much Natasha! ❤ I will be giving the firming fluid a try! Keep these great videos coming! :-)
The CLEAR SKIN Essentials (11 months ago)
Glad you enjoyed the video! Along with rosacea I know you also have dry skin. For Rosacea, I wouldn't use the Royal Rose Honey Mask, even though it's a pretty gentle physical exfoliant, I think it's too stimulating for Rosacea. On the other hand, I think the Rose Renewal + Frankincense Firming Fluid would be a lovely addition to your skincare routine. It's super hydrating and softening. On it's own it wouldn't be enough as a moisturizer for dry skin types, you'd still need to use a moisturizer on top, but it would give your skin a boost of hydration (which is what most dry skin type need). If you ever feel like your moisturizer isn't giving you enough, this is what you could add into your routine.
Melmood (11 months ago)
Perfect Idea! I‘m very excited for your final thoughts! Greetings from Germany
The CLEAR SKIN Essentials (11 months ago)
Thank you! :) Updates coming soon!

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