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Queen - Who Wants To Live Forever (Official Video)

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Subscribe to the Official Queen Channel Here http://bit.ly/Subscribe2Queen Taken from A Kind Of Magic, 1986. Queen - 'Who Wants To Live Forever' Click here to buy the DVD with this video at the Official Queen Store: http://www.queenonlinestore.com The official 'Who Wants To Live Forever music video. Taken from Queen - 'Greatest Video Hits 2'. Check out the Absolute Greatest Queen Hits Playlist http://www.youtube.com/user/queenofficial#p/c/1507EC9B440BED51/0/-tJYN-eG1zk Subscribe to Queen Official: http://www.youtube.com/queenofficial Follow us on Twitter: @QueenWillRock (https://twitter.com/#!/queenwillrock) Join us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Queen
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niky sagdiev (2 hours ago)
Queen time no end freddie died and freddie fans here and love freddie freddie alive on hearts ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Valentino Perra (4 hours ago)
Who wants (Freddie) to live forever 😢😢😢😢❤❤❤
Gerard White (6 hours ago)
When the stars and planets align you get queen we will all be long dead before it happens again let's be thankful we were here when they did
Kinsey Madeline (8 hours ago)
Who waits forever anyway?
Samir Sarbassov (8 hours ago)
Ear Rape Channel (9 hours ago)
There's no time for us There's no place for us What is this thing that builds our dreams Yet slips away from us? Who wants to live forever? Who wants to live forever? There's no chance for us It's all decided for us This world has only one Sweet moment set aside for us Who wants to live forever? Who wants to live forever? Who? Who dares to love forever Oh, when love must die? But touch my tears with your lips Touch my world with your fingertips And we can have forever And we can love forever Forever is our today Who wants to live forever? Who wants to live forever? Forever is our today Who waits forever anyway?
John Vollmar (10 hours ago)
Down votes watch Kardashians regularly. Nuff said.
Shelbie Esclavon (12 hours ago)
Freddie is the greatest singer....past. Present. Future. Period.
AW S (12 hours ago)
R.I.P. Freddie. We will make sure you live forever.
Dana Pao Martinez (13 hours ago)
Queen and Freddie Mercury FOREVER!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💗💗💖💖💕💕💕💓💓❤️❤️❤️💓💓💓💕💕💕💖💖💖💗💗💗💗❤️❤️❤️💓💓💓💓💕💕💕💖💖💖💗💗💗❤️❤️❤️💓💓💓💕💕💕💖💖💗💗
pachequitolin loquito (13 hours ago)
Rolon who wants to live forever
gta por siempre 100 (13 hours ago)
Who wants lo live forever ?
Sophiexxx (17 hours ago)
I'm now discovering Queen Before I wasn't interested in this band but after listening 'The Show must go on' a couple times and when my mum told me that he sung despite of his disease I decided to listen their other songs and I have so much respect for Freddie.. I have never heard before that an singer artist would do something like that ... And there's something in his voice... In this song I want cry its beautiful...
Mary Parker (19 hours ago)
Absolutely love Queen. But my favorite is Tear it up.
Фредди живой, Фредди бессмертен!!!
Lewis Maxwell (21 hours ago)
Waiting for 100,000,000
hamed hamed (22 hours ago)
No one wants to love forever my dear ❤️
Tyler Mann (22 hours ago)
#100 million coming soon
Juanita Richards (1 day ago)
You will live forever Freddie.........
David Johnson (1 day ago)
Scorpio wants to live forever. We have been betrayed in love much we just want to see how things turn out. Lol
Itsmepugg28 (1 day ago)
F#ck you aids you killed my king,my hero,my idol.My life has been changed by this man and is voice. this song is so sad because when Freddie was diagnosed with Aids he completely stopped making music then after a midlife crisis he wrote this. Thank you Freddie And also Brian you guys are my life and I want both your pop vinyls. Anyone Brave enough to fill your place Freddie will be grateful this is your biggest fan sighing off I love you Freddie and never forget it
Ozorio Okowoyo (1 day ago)
2 0 2 0 🇧🇷 🇳🇱 🇧🇷
Andre Neves (1 day ago)
😭😭😭, miss freddie
darcey (1 day ago)
i'm crying
Barbara Ibañez (1 day ago)
Por qué Freddie Mercury murió tan joven!! 😭
Niamh Gregory (1 day ago)
Who tf clicks on this song and dislikes it
Isabel Murphy (1 day ago)
Hey isabel
Amy Jenson (1 day ago)
I wish HIV would not exist. 😭😭😞
Roz Caffrey (1 day ago)
Bryne you sing sooo good your like Freddie roger the drums you played then were greate John your soooo awsome Yea they all are awsome
Cherie Ana Barker (2 days ago)
Brian wrote this as a love letter to his dying father With the voice of our angel Freddy. One of my favorites of all time
Justin Zepplin (2 days ago)
This man was truly a master of his craft
LEGION 4wermany (2 days ago)
After I watch this video I was speechless I have never seen such a beautiful performance of the band in my life God rest your soul Freddie Mercury
resireg (2 days ago)
Guns n Roses got inspired by them when they made the "November Rain" video, with the band mingling with the orchestra
marinalem (2 days ago)
God , take the Kardashians and bring back Freddy
Adam Green (2 days ago)
A very dear friend of mine passed away in 2016...she wanted this song played as her ashes were scattered. I can't listen to it without thinking about her and it makes me wipe at my eyes.... R.I.P. my dear friend.... I miss you.... every single day.....
Rdr Playz (2 days ago)
Rip Freddie 😭😢😭😢
Leanne Patel (2 days ago)
R.I.P you beautiful man you will live forever in our hearts #foreverqueen 💗🤘👑
Roz Caffrey (2 days ago)
Wow guys we a lot of good words Freddie will love this nevar forget him ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😢😢😢😩😩😩 what a bad story for him
Roz Caffrey (2 days ago)
The guy next door called the cops He got arrested
marina milos (2 days ago)
freddy and queen achieved immortality
marina milos (2 days ago)
resireg except the second is stupid illeterate racist sob....
resireg (2 days ago)
Freddie and Connor McLeod are the same. "There can be only one"
Roz Caffrey (2 days ago)
Vislav (2 days ago)
The song is cut. The ending of the song that is missing here is too good and significant to be omitted. It's a shame to see this happen on an official Queen channel. Makes you wonder...
Remzi Daniel (2 days ago)
Freddie has never died!!!! I love you Freddie!!! I love you QUEEN!!!
GAVIN RUSSELL (3 days ago)
Fredddie mate you and your music is in my heart so you are still alive
Naveen Cooray (3 days ago)
So close to 100M views
Одна из победителей ❤️ навечно 🖤
Giannis Kyriakodis (3 days ago)
Doctor you have 5 minutes to live Me= who wants to live forever Doctor you sure Me= yes
Bella Mahe (3 days ago)
The live version of this is so much better - Wembly 11 July - massive passion from Freddie
Jefferson Bagonoc (3 days ago)
Freddie became the music itself the embodiment of immortality which is music that will exist forever... we love you Freddie
SadieElizabeth (3 days ago)
Brian:There’s no... Me:*Begins sobbing violently
isaiah blue (3 days ago)
This song gets me every. time.
10500 wants live forever 😏
kevin evans (3 days ago)
There has never been or will ever be another artists...like freddie and queen. Savour our era...and know you were there to enjoy them...1996 magic tour manchester awsome..just awsome.
Today this Song Take 100M Looks
Confuzzled Pupper (3 days ago)
I think I read somewhere that Roger was drunk while recording this lmaoo
Shazam 2049 (3 days ago)
Roz Caffrey (4 days ago)
Dad why turn it off We have a bigger one down stairs
Cloud Night (4 days ago)
Who hear this music in 2019?:v
Jo Andre (4 days ago)
I cry everytime I listen to this.... I kinda miss Freddie... I would love to see him just once. I was 4 yo when Freddie died. He still rules beside all the nowadays music, which is pure crap. He is a genius, pure genius!! Love him!
Arthur Morgan 2019 (4 days ago)
I hope Freddie is in heaven
Liliana Giron (4 days ago)
give a like if you want freddie to revive
David Barclay (4 days ago)
True words in this song. Very imotional
gemmaght (4 days ago)
He’s an iconic who never dies
Eva Downey (4 days ago)
Él que cortó el final de la canción es para cortarle la cabeza
Exquisite Mahi. (5 days ago)
Can everyone just take a moment & appreciate the beauty of Sir Brian May' voice & writing skills. This is a complete masterpiece on his part. He wrote it, sang a beautiful part of it, played the guitar magnificently & guided the orchestra as well. This is no less than May's Bohemian Rhapsody. I always did adore him for his calmness , education ,intelligence & of course his great looks but after listening to this the respect that I have for him has reached another level. Simply EXQUISITE... Of course Freddie Mercury has the most powerful & engaging voice but I can't stop but appreciate Sir Brian's angelic voice. Roger & Deaken were powerful as well. A wholesome meaningful & amazingly beautiful masterpiece. R.I.P. Freddie Mercury.
김동하 (5 days ago)
You had to live forever, Freddie.
Parzival1608 (5 days ago)
Here before 100m views.
Sophie (5 days ago)
i’m sorry but why is no one talking about deaky playing the FUCKING CELLO SJJSJDBDJDJS
MICHELLE NGUYỄN (4 days ago)
@Sophie Thanks for pointing it out. I was surprised to learn that John Deacon can play the cello too. He’s under appreciated by the camera crew. Queen can’t be completed without John or without anyone else especially Freddie Mercury 👑👑👑👑🎤🎹🎸🥁🎸🌟🌟🌟🌟
Andrew Schmidt (5 days ago)
Freddie Mercury will always live forever😀😀😀😀😬😬😅😀😀😀😀!
ANA ROSA MUÑOZ (5 days ago)
vamos a llorar.
robbo291181jessica (5 days ago)
Wow 👌🏻
Edwin Krawczyk (5 days ago)
If I could resurrect 2 artist woluld be Freddie i Mac Miller
id. Moni (5 days ago)
Steelwool Man (5 days ago)
I love Freddies hand gestures in this video. Theyre so passionate.
Mob BV (5 days ago)
Let's get this to 100 Million views for Freddie!
Vasa Vasa (5 days ago)
Samir Sarbassov (5 days ago)
Brian good
Reversed (5 days ago)
He has a beautiful voice
Anna Tetro (5 days ago)
Spiritual Warfare. My gold Korea CD playing, it is destroyed, no longer pretty but traveled a lot, saving my life, from toxic rains and fish, from communism war with the north abusing me, from AIDS Fatima 3rd Mystery fallen angels sprinkling me with it. 2005, serving the least of us because banks won't. people with heroin holes with HIV/AIDS and Hep C come in to cash chqs from Social Services. One girl, ChristAL comes in, 19, with the AIDS Chq, full of blood. The girls and I have Queen CD around, maybe even playing. We stop and stare at it, omg, the aids chq. What happens when a chq comes through all folded hiding the blood? It is their war at us. What should we do? No gloves at work. We used lysol wipes to clean down the place and all got pneumonia. So, be kind, say nothing, customer service, wisdom heart sutra, be love, they are crying, suffering and lashing out at injustices. We must do Reparation and be Christ like. Fingertips slowly and mindfully open it up. You have to authenticate it b4 cashing it so you have to carry it to the back, call for an ok. Then you have to bring it back. You become silly stupid, you wave it at the girls, the aids chq. Get it away from me. Then you have to run it through a scanner and touch everything with the aids blood. Then you have to count out money, it is going viral into the public system and then you have to keep it with all other chqs and in your till. Did we put it in a plastic bag? No. Did we wash it all down and did warn the next person? No. Did we leave a note? No. Contribute to the war. But we had pacified it, because I don't think you get aids from a chq, it is a story, and we spoke lovingly to her tears and we touched her war with our fingertips and now all can live forever. As I met people with AIDS, all came in and blessed me with it or kissed me with it. By the time I left it had disappeared with meds. Just use windex on the counter. Maybe some bleach. Blood spots all over the floor and counter. Speak wisdom, be mindful, have self worth and self respect. But we can't call in emergency toxic spill guys or wear 3rd biowarfare robes and contain the area. Queen is in the thick of it. Stand as immortal light destroying sin teaching us, prepping us, well a chq just became lips and a man bleeding while you serve him, you did not even notice or know he had AIDS, the pharma woman saw it. Just stay love and kind and live. Face it, no object can give it, no saliva, but blood and we build immunity through truth and wisdom and then get tested, paper cut and HIV bloody hand and man and dripping on your counter that you are not being shown. Ahh, she got saved. NOOO< it is melting out of humanity and play. God bless our teachers with immortal light and love lessons for us. Weird view of my stories but I like it. Meaningful and fun for salvation.
Anna Tetro (5 days ago)
If we divide 2mln Americans by 300 mln Americans it is 666%, Anna Mario. Dr. Brian UK Scholar is showing us some AIDS outcomes. How dare they kill our Freddie? But how can one show up and make it beyond worthy of him. I say I would rather him here and he says i did all this, by your age, gotta keep it manageable. Imagine had he lived, just a singer you love with words and a memory of a myth of a guy God Christ. Now Christ is real, if not then then by me today. In Heaven is where it is at, all the glories and honors and rewards and God does not forsake us. What would you rather, mundane man who wrote a song like you you can hug thanks or all this for the whole. I can't stay baby, I got higher to attend to. Self worth, my dear. Know the value of work. Of love. Of leading and ruling. Of captivating by doing what no one would do. Understand the persian magi and all i had already done before and now is my time to equate and be given to. Now you are a magi and knowing the ones who upheld you so it goes both ways. Can't be Freddie and live with a song a saint loved and stay for a public honor, no. I want it all. Ok, teaching to detach fear, to work and embrace the game, life, the show and learn how to use whatever you get from it. Truly amazing man, Brian. Such presence and grandiosity just standing as a man, for a reason. I hope we get rid of the Problem with AIDS. Handbook is written by Freddie for Soviets having beat Lenin and Wayne to own RU. Prince Michael of Kent king of RU. UK royals 1st. Anglican 1st. They can decide.
Anna Tetro (5 days ago)
Now, Dr. Brian. Dr. Who? I am not your mummy, Elon, in a war, best you fly away. See jumping suicides. I saw your video, stalking me with terror TV UK. How much does it cost America to discard me and support Mario? 8000 US Soldiers, 38000 AIDS victims, 1.7 mln Cancer victims. Bravo US. 2mln Americans is what the fake pope on Fatima Hill takes and eats each yr. 1 Anna v 2mln Americans each yr, your time may be any breath. It costs 2 mln Americans a yr to bug Anna. I win, with Freddie. I am 42. 84 mln Americans fallen angels have chastised and eaten, showing Tsar Wayne wins. Just to spy on Anna and bug her. How many find God, we will never know but angels steal them back at death. Making Anna and Jesus powerful. Then do the world cost for allowing it. Reparation for laying eyes on me without God in you is costly. Mario is in shock it costs 2mln people a yr to lust me.
Anna Tetro (5 days ago)
Canada at 7 1 and I said you best make it 8 1 sainthood and my Sens mayor and 71 bro and PM score. Saving us as usual but not before ruining Oilers. Ok so the clarity arrives showing how much denying a tsar, denying Wayne who is God's wrath for us as Fatima said, is destroying the world. As they upset the ones rising, Freddie, Mario, MJ, they run into more wrath, more conditions of harm and then Elon and Anna and then it is like you can't move without getting attacked or chastised or going bankrupt. The ones who did this. And why? Good to see the path of abusing Wayne and consequences. How even plotting to counter God causes wrath simultaneously. Dr. Brian says in this one song, you see all this. Yes. I am like Freddie in my Seer, I want it all, show me. so I can heal it. My sacrifice to you. Who would sit and do this like a crazy person, for a decade all day long each day? God's light into me would. Govts know it. Already studied it. Natural Observations of patterns. Coding. All you need is a fallen angel showing you coding. But how do we get out of it. Easy as pie. You just have to want it, show a sign and begin to make effort, you sang. Waiting for it, what sign can I show to make it move back to the cure. Thank you for helping us, through Freddie's work. I'm so sorry.
Anna Tetro (5 days ago)
Mario connects AIDS to invasions, rapes, so Hemophilia to AIDS to Suicide/Murder and a date Dec 6 with 71. Soldiers get hit 22xs a day and lose to Satan. So Wayne Alexei is attacked or Elon MJ Anna. Leads to sexual immorality commy agent threats to your blood, war, wrath of Freddy, oh cmon, Elm is where I live next to Princess and then if not fighting right but supporting Nat 71 Pig Demon, suicide. Alexei killed, Lenin AIDS commy tsar agent attack, then Stalina suicide and murder, choking game. Most found in US army not helping Mario. Bravo, good job, he says. Chastising them for being Nat not God. Freddie layers of this story that without true charity and Fatima Consecration and so much love for Queen you let them coup you, send me a shirt, you would miss it and it is a Sacred Heart Supernatural Magic story, cool, unthinkable wars. AIDS Lenin Protesters show up, sprinkle us with blood blessings. How can they ever encompass me or Freddie now? They do not put themselves in Saviors and so the demon gets in and suicide happens in Nat, eating your soul, on the Hill and dead. Some connection here. When 71 guys bug me they become suicidal ish, depressed, self violence, it turns on them, peace into the war or suicide. Aids and Suicide have a thing in music, in Adam and in me, that Mario shows. Self biting seeking wrong aims and ways. How is AIDS like Suicide, what demons are in it and why, what are they doing? Blood is wisdom, light of immortal Christ fighting Satan, piggy back viruses. If you say no to harming me or we walk away, they turn on you. IDK yet why the path is Hemophilia, hit and bleed, to AIDS hit and bleed to Suicide, how is it a hit and bleed. Cutters. To Cut Kritikka King of the World Demon Stone cold crazy harsh truth. Cutter Diamond of pure light wisdom. The demon uses it as impure, flip zen meditation to self harm. to bleed you as Baal and those who drop blood in Christ have power so trying to get power. Breath is cut off and they die hanged. Pills? Jumping? Pills are like Communion and jumping is like breaking space/time to soar through matter one with God. Moksha, if you are God, jump and fly. Mocking ways of God, using them to give demons power. Hemophilia blood invaded becomes AIDS and the fallen angels chastise those leading it to kill themselves. Destroying the dominion, power, lords and authorities harming Wayne, NATO and US Army. Ok, close to something. RU has an HIV epidemic, fastest and largest growing. Since 2015 when Putin and Wayne hid this from me as like germs, lying to me and putting me in danger but the only way to win with Freddie, headlong. It is Anna Malkin Nathalie.
Anna Tetro (5 days ago)
Mario is chastising the US army because Nat killed their Babylon Arabia king, 71 aids nation hockey win. Keeping him prisoner is their prison to come if not already. Now on Dec 6 with 71 yr pig demons there is an attack that just became known through Freddie AIDS savior. I suffered it but it caused the snake curse to hit me and he said, I do think I did that to you. It hit the US army and no soldier is safe. When Mario puts peace into war it only shames evil and warns us, shows new info on cures. Queen, can stay here all day showing new stuff. Amazing.
Salvatore Palazzolo (6 days ago)
Who Is so Crazy ti dislike this? This Is One of the best music of story
venus oge (6 days ago)
10K disliked this they must be out of their minds to dislike QUEEN!
NIKA MAX (6 days ago)
I love you
Mary Fiaola (6 days ago)
very well talented in his music and very handsome.....luv his music and what a great band
TheSanhiya (6 days ago)
Breathtaking ... you should have live forever, Freddie <3
Eric Taylor (6 days ago)
Best song written by an astrophysicist? Would it be Sir Brian May, Dr. Brian May, Dr. Sir Brian May, or maybe Sir Dr. Brian May?
Everyone wants freddie to live forever.
nyairorokidul2000 (6 days ago)
The first time I heard this song was in 1986. I had just lost someone very dear to me. To this day, when I listen to this song, memories of her come back and so does the pain of knowing that she is gone. It is strange how powerfully a song can affect you when you have a history attached to it.
Leito MD (6 days ago)
voy a llorar ;(
Lasky Baty (6 days ago)
where's the "Love"-Button, when you need it...
Nimet Yüksel (6 days ago)
Quenn very very nice🖤🖤
ermay yantie (6 days ago)
Jan Hickey (6 days ago)
Love this song, love Queen, they will live forever.
Alfredo Vidalon Perez (6 days ago)
Samuel Kosina (6 days ago)
Freddie is God
Higero (6 days ago)
Wish that still Mercury would be alive, did hear these song when I was a child and I do still miss that voice of singing.
Ина Рафф (6 days ago)
He looks so divine, I cannot deal with his death and every 5th of September I feel guilty and sad
This made me cry... love you Freddie... you live forever in our hearts ❤️:’(
tanterliser (6 days ago)
If any person deserved immortality it was Freddie ❤😀
Jakob (6 days ago)
Queen: ”Who wants to live forever” Lord Voldemort: ... ”Am I joke to you?”
Jasmine Rose (6 days ago)
the 10k dislikes are from the name who shall not be said (p**l p*****r)
Robyn Brynolf (6 days ago)
Miss you Grandad

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