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Why Do You Get Nightmares? - Dear Blocko #4

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Text Comments (7561)
M3m31lif3 (1 hour ago)
*my nightmare is loosing all my money in jailbreak*
Safiah Samsudin (1 hour ago)
#DearBlocko What if earth have 61 moons?
Shewaz Shahez (3 hours ago)
Why do you have nightmares?
Shewaz Shahez (3 hours ago)
*dear blogo
Glasses Guy (3 hours ago)
This is a series comment I have been having a nightmare(ish) dream lately. It has always woken me up abruptly because it would be of me doing something completely normal then next minute I’m falling through a some sort of void. Just thought I’d share here :)
lenny in space (6 hours ago)
#DearBlocko Why is my nightmare is even i am awake during night?
Dominator Boy465 (10 hours ago)
My nightmare is not having internet!
Mya Foxy (10 hours ago)
0:50 does that mean you can see god for a short amount of time! AWESOME
Red septiceye (11 hours ago)
#dearblocko what would happen if you turned into a zombie
Ashley Smith (10 hours ago)
Or a vampire.
Chara Dreemur (11 hours ago)
I once had a nightmare that a lady was stabbed with needles in a hospital and her heart was coming out of her chest
Ayu Fadzliana (12 hours ago)
I just woke up this morning and I had a nightmare...it was about everyone turning into zombies after they played a scary game...
SANTIAGO MOROCHO (14 hours ago)
Is sonic.exe can be a nightmare?
Robyn Jones (14 hours ago)
But I’d like you in a Friendway
Robyn Jones (14 hours ago)
Blanco you look like a rip off of Minecraft
Edric Morales (15 hours ago)
pizza is my night mare :p
Bre Bow (19 hours ago)
#DearBlocko What do you call a fear of nightmares
Toro 96 (20 hours ago)
Dear bloco iwat is the difrenses of vape wnd smoking and whitch is stronger
CalebWu OMG (23 hours ago)
CalebWu OMG (23 hours ago)
#Dear blocko Who is circila are you dating her??
gamerpup (1 day ago)
#dear blocko is there any glicth zombies?
Bob Hopeless (1 day ago)
He said I have nightmares so I can deal with them in reality,...…..I have nightmares that are not even real, like fantasy but scary.
Why is a 666 bad
Iwsif k (1 day ago)
My WORST nightmare is James Charles
Jeffy The raper (1 day ago)
#dearblocko my world every hates me but idc i just live how it is i don't care. Want other think about so my world i just live life
Anthony Padial (1 day ago)
my worst nightmare is I dont have nightmares that’s my nightmare cause I wanna know what it feels like ;w;
Jacqueline Falconer (1 day ago)
What if we can be killer s
#DEARBLOCKO are scp's real?
Madison Lam (1 day ago)
#DearBlocko how od you talk without a mouth
Madison Lam (1 day ago)
tik toc is my nightmare
Aria Febrian (1 day ago)
My nightmare is nothing beacuse nightmare are afraid of me
rOckStaRsin thecAr (1 day ago)
Dear blocko, is there a zombie plant
Craig Matthew (2 days ago)
you loser noob
ChaosDestruction303 (2 days ago)
#dearblocko can you bring a stickfigure from another animator (AvA)
Kai Whetstone (2 days ago)
dear blocko I would like to give you a tour of my world
Janeth Bautista (2 days ago)
#dearblocko wheres your mouth
TriggerPlz (2 days ago)
#DearBlocko Break the 4th wall
Bowrna Chandrasekaran (2 days ago)
Are there other human beings on the other planets????????!!!!!!!
Kellen Arndt (2 days ago)
#dearBlocko why is our body made of water
domz gardose (2 days ago)
#dearblaco if you have dream like you got kidnap by strangers😱
batman 2019 (2 days ago)
Dear blocko why when we die and turn in to angles and animals don't
batman 2019 (2 days ago)
My badist nightmare is babadook
wu yanna (2 days ago)
Blocko, your the best!
Simon Simukitis (2 days ago)
#dearblocko is full moon really dangerous
Spourgiti Poulou (2 days ago)
1:38 watch at the window
AlBloxian (2 days ago)
#DearBlocko what happened if we Hold our Bladder in a Week?
XVII BlitzXz (3 days ago)
#DearBlocko How and why do you sleep talk?
Coolest Queen (3 days ago)
#Dear blocko what would happen if you pour Nitrogen liquid
Elysia Fuller (3 days ago)
#DearBlocko why do nightmares seem so real
#DearBlocko what would happen if you held your breath for more than ten minutes P.S. I love your jokes
#dearblocko i don’t have dreams/nightmares when i dream i only see black help me please if you know why please tell me
Kian Jafarkhani (3 days ago)
#DearBlocko do play any sports? P.S Whae were you born.:)
fox girl (3 days ago)
#dear blocko I have never had a bad Dream,why?
Amer Mushtaq (3 days ago)
#dearbolocko, what is tetanus? P.S I am in grade 2
Seng La HPAUWUNG (4 days ago)
#Dearblocko can you get stuck in your dream?
Seng La HPAUWUNG (4 days ago)
#Dear blocko can you get stuck in your dream?
Aya Re (4 days ago)
#dear blocko what if earth had no moon?
Ayden Ponce (4 days ago)
#dearblocko Do you have rthro in your world?
dogeistan mapper (4 days ago)
2:55 aw thats not so bad... 3:00 holy sh-
Braeden Tube (4 days ago)
#dearblocko how do you survive a tornado
Braeden Tube (4 days ago)
#dearblocko how did Jesus become born because I’m confused
Amy Rose (4 days ago)
How old are you
monica Mendez (4 days ago)
I love you lifenoggin:dearblocko
monica Mendez (4 days ago)
Love your vids
#DearBlocko Make a video of you doing Fortnite dances
*My worst nightmare is gamers*
ars M (4 days ago)
Because my brain is trolling me.
I'm cool (4 days ago)
#Dear Blocko Why do we cry when we are hurted or when we lose someone?
Greatest nightmare of US citizens is Trump's Victory 😭😭😭
Christina Shrader (4 days ago)
#dearblocko hi
XFelix- HcSX (4 days ago)
*my worst Nightmare is "No Internet Connection"*
# Dear blocko is there is any copy of you?
Jenith Malanom (5 days ago)
Dear blocko do nightmares come true to some people
Felisa Jamal (5 days ago)
#DearBlocko how virus get to technology
Affan Jamsari (5 days ago)
#Dearblocko,what will happen if money never existed???
David Robb (5 days ago)
David Robb (5 days ago)
I have scary drimes but I do not have deppsen
CHILL IN (5 days ago)
TangyVivione RBX (5 days ago)
#dearBlocko is zombie life possible?
Foox Wulf gaming (5 days ago)
The pixel experiments gave me nightmares
Inzane ll ._. (5 days ago)
Your scaryest thing
theonly 1 (5 days ago)
My nightmares are about all the chocolate bars I have eaten eating me and it is the worst thing ever cause I have eaten lots of chocolate
Jessy gaming (5 days ago)
#DearBlocko are there countries in your world?
ruby boid (5 days ago)
#dearblocko my name is ruby
ruby boid (5 days ago)
#dearblocko do you have any pets and what are there names (P.S i like you and i love you)
Robert Chamberlain (5 days ago)
Baldi Lol (5 days ago)
#DearBlocko How do games let you tap on mobile devices on Roblox?
Catwolf (5 days ago)
Dead people can come back to life, cmon mom come back... Blocko: In about 10mins of assumed death Me: oh... well I guess 6 years is too much.
Isaiah Climacosa (5 days ago)
#DearBlocko What if the SCP Foundation was real?
Richard Jamada (5 days ago)
dear blocko how do you stop a black hole form destroying the entier universe
omarmarquez8894 (5 days ago)
And next one. #Dearblocko Does you world have Buses and trains?
omarmarquez8894 (5 days ago)
#Dearblocko Does your world have SCP? Give me a LIKE.
#DearBlocko Why does dreams exist?
ricardo hernandez (5 days ago)
Dear blocko how do jellyfish sting
Max Todorov (5 days ago)
I have a my world too it’s tank world
weirder Sailor venus (5 days ago)
“How do we get nightmares.”
Alan waker is my nightmare
wompwompwomp leelee (5 days ago)
#dearBlocko what happens to your body when you cry??
Wow.. How many kids watch your channel lol I just wanted to know why
Austin Bozarth (6 days ago)
I am scarred for life
CrystalEquinox Aranez (6 days ago)
wait Jason nightmares are drowning?! myth confirmed
Grape Juice (6 days ago)
my friend keeps dreaming about trying drugs
Retarded Mario (6 days ago)
*_James Charles touching me is my nightmare._*
Ashley Smith (10 hours ago)

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