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Midnight Oil - Beds Are Burning

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Midnight Oil's official music video for 'Beds Are Burning'. Click to listen to Midnight Oil on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/MidnightOilSpotify... As featured on Diesel And Dust. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: http://smarturl.it/MidnightOilDADiTun... Google Play: http://smarturl.it/MidnightOilGPlay?I... Stream more music from Midnight Oil here: http://smarturl.it/MidOilMulti?IQid=M... More from Midnight Oil Blue Sky Mine: https://youtu.be/Ofrqm6-LCqs The Dead Heart: https://youtu.be/16bFBzx7I_0 Forgotten Years: https://youtu.be/X9eap_cKLP4 More great 80's videos here: http://smarturl.it/Ultimate80?IQid=Mi... Follow Midnight Oil Website: http://www.midnightoil.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/midnightoilof... Subscribe to Midnight Oil on YouTube: http://smarturl.it/MidnightOilSubscri... --------- Lyrics: The time has come To say fair's fair To pay the rent To pay our share The time has come A fact's a fact It belongs to them Let's give it back How can we dance When our earth is turning How do we sleep While our beds are burning" #MidnightOil #BedsAreBurning #Vevo #ClassicRock #VevoOfficial
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Text Comments (22205)
Jonny Red (3 hours ago)
Anton Peters (8 hours ago)
josefheinz nussberger (9 hours ago)
GOD BLESS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Robert Christerson (19 hours ago)
Time has went skip on rent ..1983 us festival see ? Better then burning man clown ..17.50 a day 3 days plus country day ..from Cocoa Beach Cape Canaveral and Tallahassee Fla to San Berndino ca ..cold Sunday 82 wasn't a joke clown ..😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Robert Christerson (19 hours ago)
Sometimes I wish I would have paid the rent ..😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Leslie Grayson (21 hours ago)
I love that a certain bald man became an Australian Minister and made the so called problem worse... he introduced solar power rebates.. encouraging Home owners not renters to put Chinese solar panels on their houses, this means that the average renter has to pay even more for his energy coz the home owner pays up front for ten years worth of Solar panel energy.. leaving Energy companies to extract the short fall from POOR PEOPLE.... LABOR (Socialists) JUST doesn't think, it has no idea of whats fair, it doesn't encourage, it hates, it whinges, it wails, it accuses and the worst of all it has no real answers other than give up and lay down be tolerant and obey the SOCIALIST commands. not a fan.
andrijacro (1 day ago)
Did you know that he is croatian?! I am so proud with it!
Różal (1 day ago)
2019 ?
Will Swanson (1 day ago)
its still 2018?
Don Rossco Joe (1 day ago)
Różal Your a little early brah
vThE DeviL In I (1 day ago)
How I dance after a few beers 2:53
Savage Gamer (2 days ago)
i never knew someone could dance without moving their feet
Kim Kelly (2 days ago)
It's a shame that we don't take care of our planet. Some people just don't care what happens to humanity when pollution makes it impossible to be happy, healthy human beings.
R-g BerNa (2 days ago)
la besto musica .. como me gustaria estar en esos tiempos la ptmr xdxdxd
drag0nk1ng74 (2 days ago)
The Lead Singer is like a HUGE, bald Talking Head/Devo Dude!!! HAHAHA!!!
RealmWalker (2 days ago)
Don't worry the Earth is not really turning. We are fixed, stationary, and flat. Research Flat Earth. This Globe illusion is almost up.
Govanmauler (2 days ago)
MY Furiosa !!!
MisterBrauner (2 days ago)
Why is he missing eyerbrows?
Mike Northrup (2 days ago)
Correct me if I'm wrong.....but if you love this song, you should automatically be given Australian citizenship!
Alexander Chavez (2 days ago)
Omg one of my favorite songs of the 80s😍🎵🎶
Lachlan McKinnie (3 days ago)
No Garrett no! No Garrett no! No no Garrett, no!
José Vercher (3 days ago)
Llamame para actuar en Barraca, Valencia a
José Vercher (3 days ago)
Vixca Barraca, Vixca Valencia i Vixca la vida LLIURE.....
Piere XD15 (3 days ago)
esto es musica carajo
Con esta canción me acuerdo de mis vecinos judiciales!
Mydang Forrester (3 days ago)
Swash Bucklin (3 days ago)
Israel need to give it back and return to the dream time.
Lupe Gonzalez (4 days ago)
[HVC] Fåtė (4 days ago)
tonemingo (4 days ago)
30 years and nothing changed..
Michelle S. (4 days ago)
Listening in 2025 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 great song!
Natasa Vukadinovic (4 days ago)
oooo come on... for once .. listen to lirics,,,
CSX EMD Train Lover (4 days ago)
I love this song
John-boy (4 days ago)
I feel like watching Crocodile Dundee for some reason
Belinda Blue (4 days ago)
How to impress the ladies on a first date. 2:53
max Murdoc (4 days ago)
Layca ???
Marcello Santos (4 days ago)
Brasil 2019 !!!!
Gary Rihia (4 days ago)
The time has come to say fairs fair let's give it back ow..
Milos Cokic (4 days ago)
This man so resembling to Jim Carrey!1:42!
Jt Williams (5 days ago)
Great song. But, “Give it back”? That’s an absurdity
Steve Taylor (5 days ago)
one scotsch 1 bourbon 1 beer lol<
Gordon Brown (5 days ago)
This song made me pay the Provvy wummin...for a week ☺️
jocyone bdantas (5 days ago)
2018 2019 topicima 👏👏
selliii selliii (5 days ago)
Anyone 2019?
Ombia (5 days ago)
December 2018?
0:15 que susto
christina172006 (5 days ago)
I love the natives eyes so much. They are beautiful.
João Wagner (5 days ago)
Steven Spier (6 days ago)
Is that Rick Scott?
alexis de vincenti (6 days ago)
argentina present!!!
Alex Meyers (6 days ago)
How can I find this kind of stuff from the 70s? I know it's out there.
Mario Alberto (6 days ago)
waldeci henrique (6 days ago)
Zumm danceteria em Curitiba Paraná alguém em 2018
Hubert Vale (7 days ago)
Truer than ever, especially in the USA!~
Thomas Simmonds (7 days ago)
This song at 2 times speed is so funny
Hobojoedogbro 64 (7 days ago)
i love his dancing... and of course the song
Star Lord (7 days ago)
Jason Barbush (7 days ago)
tree names are a good inspiration to write new songs. bloodwood and desert oak
TheBestFabol (7 days ago)
Poland <3
Beruška Vozábová (7 days ago)
My grandparents took me into their home when I entered high school in a small town in Kansas. When I played this, my grandmother would be so disturbed. You'd think I had been playing "Wake Up Little Susie" in '57. With one suspicious John Belushi eyebrow raised and one tapping foot: " *WHY are their beds burning? Doesn't sound proper if you ask me* "
Identity Lols (7 days ago)
“To pay the rent and to pay our share” is the part I always sing to my dad
Eliane Venderametto (7 days ago)
Beauty but. Sad
Tito Luis (7 days ago)
And who was that girl in a yellow dress?
Mikey B (7 days ago)
Still great !!!!
David Garcia (7 days ago)
Franklin Parada (8 days ago)
Great memory 80 the El salvador civil ward..
Francisco Toro (8 days ago)
1:32 WOW jhonny sins is amazing. Doctor, fireman, cop, astronaut, teacher, argentina goalkeeper, and singer! Nothing stop this man
Paulo Cezar (8 days ago)
Um dos melhores sons de rock que já curti, macio, violento, balanceado, simplesmente... Show
nastycanadian1975 (8 days ago)
This song is the .. I don't know.. fkn' awesomest from outta nowhere.. I LOVE IT!
Redjouh Isaac (8 days ago)
Wykiet t (8 days ago)
WHO pay the rent in 2018?
Hayden Rackley (8 days ago)
Why would we give the land back? The Aboriginals were savages before we got to Australia, they would have nothing without us. They come from possibly the most horrific and brutal “society” ( I use the term society lightly because there wasn’t much of a society to speak of.) in human history, European arrival is the best thing that ever happened to the aboriginal people.
LIVE/FUN/and/ DiY (8 days ago)
Still a cool song in 2018 !!! Ps. Still humans rights sucks...
KIN (8 days ago)
Bracia DPW (9 days ago)
April Perlowski (9 days ago)
This was my first time seeing the video to this song. I had no idea it was about reparations to the Australian aborigines. What a meaningful song.
Jaime Montoya Herrera (9 days ago)
Que canción!!!!!! Saludos desde Colombia
Diane Aragon (9 days ago)
Love this song!
M Jay (9 days ago)
Charles Brunsdon (9 days ago)
Im a 71 model and lived there in Deniliquin from 1980 - 1984 as a puppy. In South Africa now and 46yrs old and I miss Ozz so much :)
Kaisa Pallari (9 days ago)
Whose cutting the ring..
Giovanni Modolo (9 days ago)
Brasil ✌✌✌ midnigh oil mt loco
Mack Olsson (10 days ago)
Mack Olsson (10 days ago)
Australia 🇦🇺
Erick Choccare (10 days ago)
Only 2 words: Johnny sins XD... Great music!!
Ninjapanda 255 (10 days ago)
Why can’t I stop listening to this song?
Belinda Blue (4 days ago)
Because it's a great song. 😊
Steven Coates1977 (9 days ago)
It's so catchy
Shikiraamzingly so (10 days ago)
Bed is burning for the 80's ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Mooncalf2012 (10 days ago)
18, 274 Racists dislike this song...
AwesomeDude (10 days ago)
Best song if you are on a demonstration!
Issa Diaz Castro (10 days ago)
una de las mejores canciones de todos los tiempos
Power Level (10 days ago)
Once upon a time...
Keith Mitchell (10 days ago)
40 /60 years of occupation and they were still living like dogs .it is ok ..white men and welfare payments arrived ..
Alex in The Middle (11 days ago)
Its funny to see peter garrett bobbing his head like an emu and then a politician!
Cecilia Tabares (11 days ago)
Sebastian m (11 days ago)
This song and music video had a much lower budget than the movie "Australia" starring Nicole Kidman and yet it made more awareness of indigenous Australians than a million dollar movie. Yet, cultures come and cultures go. So unless vanity is your cup of tea, even so it's an empty cup for all.
Papa Joe (11 days ago)
Who said white man can't dance..Lmao....Someone find DOC, I need to go back home...
Robert Turinia (11 days ago)
modestly devastating I didnt lose
Binx Pova (12 days ago)
When he dances a remind me of the original bush doofs Please someone like this comment if they understand what I mean. This is of course before the new gen came in and totally f'd in the A.
kenneth kimbroug (12 days ago)
what I would like to know, is if We Gave The Bloody Land Back Or Not ??????
kenneth kimbroug (11 days ago)
+Josh Stanton thx man. Also, am I right in assuming most of the people in the video are of ' mixed " descent ?
Josh Stanton (11 days ago)
defo didn't. clearly. abos are not slaves now i guess but they're defo not included in modern Australia.. they're pretty fucked i'd say. I'm not knowledgeable enough to speculate why, but that's how it is now. sad.
Dagmar Lubczański (12 days ago)
The most ECO lyrics ever.
Sebastian Perez (12 days ago)

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