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Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

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August 15, 2016 by BOBBY CARTER • Good luck trying to classify Anderson .Paak and his band The Free Nationals. Much of their sound is layered atop a soulful hip-hop foundation; from there, your safest bet is to call it a hodgepodge of genres in the best way possible. Guitarist Jose Rios and bassist Kelsey Gonzalez inject a hard-rock edge into the Hi-Tek-produced "Come Down," this set's opening number. When you hear them play the first few jazz chords of "Heart Don't Stand A Chance," it's hard to simply call this R&B. It's been a slow build for .Paak, who released a few mixtapes before his 2014 debut album Venice. This year has marked his official breakout with Malibu, on which he did what so many in his position fail to do: He capitalized. After bursting into the spotlight with his appearances on Dr. Dre's Compton LP, he immediately prepped the release of Malibu. The album sculpted an entirely new lane for Anderson .Paak. He can rhyme with best of 'em, and his vocal styling, reminiscent of '70s and '80s greats, is invigorating when set against today's tender R&B elite. Before all that, he's a drummer-slash-bandleader. I've experienced three separate presentations of this band. First, there's the recorded version, on which .Paak collaborates with some of hip-hop's finest producers. Then, their tight stage show hits you in the chest with 90-plus minutes of pure energy. In the midst of a whirlwind tour, they stopped by the Tiny Desk and reworked three cuts from Malibu, along with an audience request that shocked even them. They stripped down and pulled back just enough to fill the room. Malibu is available now: iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/malibu/id1065681363?app=itunes&ign-mpt=uo%3D4 Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Malibu-Anderson-Paak/dp/B0192ZU8TG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1471013450&sr=8-1&keywords=Anderson+.Paak+malibu+Music Set List: "Come Down" "Heart Don't Stand A Chance" "Put Me Thru" "Suede" Credits: Producers: Abby O'Neill, Bobby Carter, Niki Walker; Audio Engineer: Josh Rogosin; Videographers: Niki Walker, Claire Hannah Collins, Nickolai Hammar; Production Assistant: Sophie Kemp; Photo: Cameron Robert/NPR. For more Tiny Desk concerts, subscribe to our podcast: http://www.npr.org/podcasts/510292/tiny-desk-concerts-video
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NPR Music (1 month ago)
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Morgan ICS (4 hours ago)
Thank you Paak, the world need an Artist like you. Greetings from Italy :-)
Synester Gates (4 hours ago)
His voice reminds me so much of James Brown and his energy . Good shit I'm impressed by this one Tiny desk .
가돌 (5 hours ago)
진짜 미친리듬감.... 넘신난당ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Sebastian King (6 hours ago)
Andre (12 hours ago)
What microphone is using the good Paak for his voice?
Garageband Talkshow tm. (12 hours ago)
What Im supposed to do now???
Paul Morton (13 hours ago)
Interesting fact for you all. This small concert was recorded at 2 in the afternoon. Either that or the clock on the wall was bust.
Ade Mafe (17 hours ago)
The best on you tube just for the first tune (to drum and sing wow!!!!)
maria gatti (20 hours ago)
coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool :V
Jordan Smith (20 hours ago)
Shout out to Cincinnati Ohio's own DJ HI-TECH @πDERSON ¶@¢K your shows be fire my guy! I rock with you for sure.
Venus Zamora (1 day ago)
It's. So. Good.
gustyasa faizi (1 day ago)
Ok mark henry i see u
Geoff Johnson (1 day ago)
This dude is so unbelievably talented! So glad my ears have been blessed with his musical creations.
geomatiq (1 day ago)
I fuck yo bitch witha flash light
Just Rizzy (1 day ago)
I already loved Andy but this video truly made me fall in love with the free Nats
Muzikinis Cechas (2 days ago)
양석훈 (2 days ago)
아니 형 봐도봐도 그러네 드럼치면서 노래는 어떻게 그리 잘하는거야?
After hearing this I got pregnant
izem tunc (2 days ago)
he cute
juancar 75 (3 days ago)
Me acabo de dar cuenta de que es la música que usan a veces en la Resistencia jajajajaj
joanne jones (3 days ago)
Go ack and listen to Rez and you hear the same sound.
joanne jones (3 days ago)
Love Paak.
ZACC CHEN (4 days ago)
Absolutely love that they’re having a blast, Paak was smiling through the whole thing 😂
MrCrashLandis (4 days ago)
she widdit'
Gabriela Patat (4 days ago)
La energía que transmite al tocar es hermosa, la precisión relajada, un deleite Anderson, no me canso de este vídeo.
Cramunhão Rasta (4 days ago)
Vlw MV bill
Gleyson Coelho (4 days ago)
Where is that library?
Gleyson Coelho (4 days ago)
Is it in Berkeley California?
Nhovy Jann (4 days ago)
He sounds like Cee-Lo Green! Damn.
Nhovy Jann (4 days ago)
Where was this when I needed this in 2016?! Fuck youtube! Vibin in 2019. Damn. Its not too late.
Finding Leila (4 days ago)
the introduction of this vid is legendary
Muito bom!! Som pesado. Abraço Brasil.
Songwriter Phil (4 days ago)
this is about the 10th time i watched this, most modern music auto tuned computer generated pap this is a breath of fresh air
max tunnicliffe (5 days ago)
RIP Trev
Mick Marshall (5 days ago)
All fuckn class Paac.. all class..
Lorraine Lala B (5 days ago)
Is he blind!? Just wondering. Never heard of the band until today. Rock on fellas! Nevermind he took the shades off.
Candance Hendricks (2 days ago)
No he isn’t.
castor21 (6 days ago)
I am not sure what to think, the npr version is better than the cd versions of these songs. You need to release these!
xNamsu (6 days ago)
Oh my god the dude on the keys is killing it the whole time.
Iris Zwartbol (6 days ago)
Full all the dutchies here: Anderson .Paak is the secret brother of Alain Clark :')
I am officially hooked on TINYDESK
cristian alfaro (7 days ago)
Great job at coachella
Fernando Nasser (7 days ago)
O Nego manja hein?!
Rob Jackson (7 days ago)
Paak and The Free Nationals gotta do a collab with Bilal😎
Game Load (7 days ago)
he sound just like Kendrick l on that second song
Luis Veitia (7 days ago)
He's like a more jazzy kendrick
LENIN990 (7 days ago)
dacrowster (7 days ago)
I broke the thumbs up knob on this one :)
His voice is so amazing. Not to mention his awesome motor skills.
Dirty Mota (7 days ago)
I owe everything to whoever requested S U E D E
Missy Hill (6 days ago)
Devin Ingram (7 days ago)
Ive been playing the drums for 25yrs. What he's doing is pure talent and straight up... Feelin the music! This kinda talaent cant really be taught. Just saying
Davon Hopkins (9 days ago)
oh man dis nigga funny lol smh is what white people gonna say when they leave from watching this show lol
Miquel Ferrer (9 days ago)
Gustavo Gallegos (9 days ago)
I’m playing this to my boss rn and we’re not working because he’s vibing
Remember to stop before you go bankrupt 😂
Gustavo Gallegos (9 days ago)
Idc how gangster a friend is whenever I play this to anyone they always be like “aye who’s this ?”
Gustavo Gallegos (9 days ago)
Y’all niggas got me hot !
Cameron Rogers (9 days ago)
Please try to get John Mayer on the show
Mali G (9 days ago)
Anybody listen to this everyday like I do?
Miss Pretty Girl (8 days ago)
me lol
anthony Stanley (10 days ago)
Holy shit his smile is infectious
Tavite G (10 days ago)
I would LOVE if these performances were on spotify or something, but part of me doesn't want that. That's what makes these performances so special, you won't find them elsewhere.
Garrison Bradford (10 days ago)
I feel like Anderson Paak is the secret lovechild of Kendrick Lamar and Phoelix (Noname's coproducer on telefone and exec. producer on room 25)
Dominic Christiansen (10 days ago)
Is that Joe Dart on bass or am I tripping
I.d. on the sunglasses??
Eva-Catrin Reinhardt (11 days ago)
Wow , so cool
Alex Batz (11 days ago)
This dude is blankly and obviously a musical genius needs more praise in our society if you ask me
Arjun S. (11 days ago)
Still Woozy tiny desk plz
Ojasv Sachdeva (11 days ago)
It's so amazing to see MARK HENRY play keys.
Drummerboy_4712 B. (11 days ago)
I love Anderson Paak, but as a drummer myself, I hated hearing the snare and hi hat hit at different times during Heart don’t stand a chance, I don’t think he was going for a flam
Gustavo Gallegos (9 days ago)
Drummerboy_4712 B. I agree bro ! I was like why would you ruin something so smooth :/
Happy Mash (11 days ago)
I can't get over his smile 😍
BLAQK ! (12 days ago)
🦍🎙️🖤 Anderson kind of sounds like JAMES BROWN.
nitseD (9 days ago)
Same type of raspiness in his voice
M K (12 days ago)
Playing drums and singing are not so easy - okey? 😚✊
M K (12 days ago)
White teeth and good music 😀
M K (12 days ago)
Ok, I'm a fan from now 😽
Cristóbal (12 days ago)
Always coming back to this masterpiece🔥
Leon Bemand (12 days ago)
love this.
simon folkvord (12 days ago)
I didn’t know Ronaldinho played the drums
Jasper Neil (13 days ago)
Everything about this man says star.
deewrestling (13 days ago)
High key one of the best things my eyes have ever seen
Eric B (13 days ago)
The chorus on "Put Me Thru" sounds much better with Paak singing as opposed to the album version.
Jack OConnor (13 days ago)
Wanna play guitar with Anderson on the drums
Threelly AI (13 days ago)
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Agent00Burns (13 days ago)
This Is dope ✊
Marcelo Henrique (13 days ago)
sunglasses indoors
Carlos KarmaKoma (14 days ago)
If you don't like this, you like reggaeton.
Marcelo Magoga (14 days ago)
sensational lol
Andres Hurtado (14 days ago)
This is one is the best one. Yep. Done. It was written.
Diogo Bras (14 days ago)
Who sensored 12:57... lol so many fucks and niggas through out the whole song but that part in specific why?.. I've been listening to this in and out recently so I know these changes must be recent. Such a shame. This is art! You don't sensor this shit. It's like stealing from humanity. I love youtube but doing this to my music is a sin.
Selma (14 days ago)
Joao Eduardo (14 days ago)
Vim pelo Kivitz, me mandou por uma musica
Matheus Maia (14 days ago)
We need a Childish Gambino tiny desk concert please
Gart Gartsman (12 days ago)
there's a triple j one that's essentially the same thing.
Mikael Serra (14 days ago)
This is amazing! Pumpumpumtudumdumdum niceeee
Kyyp3r (14 days ago)
loved how he self-censored two fucks in a row and then literally 2 lines later he dropped a nigga and a bitch
Jay P. (14 days ago)
fran & sam (15 days ago)
singing....and.....drumming........................at this precision...........whfienkljdsnuifdnf close to impossible
Cali kid (15 days ago)
All this boy does is smile and jam to his own music. Must be nice.
Ange Cook (15 days ago)
Sexiest Motherfuckin' Smile in the universe.
Shateria Shannon (15 days ago)
He sounds like James Brown mix with Kendrick Lamar to me lol. I love it
Naomi Villa (15 days ago)
seeing him in june ❤️❤️❤️
Riley Greene (15 days ago)
Straight 🔥
SirRoc From da Low (15 days ago)
This my 6th time in 3 days of watching this at least 30 minutes out of my day this Group is Amazing
Mar Uccellini (15 days ago)
Yes lawd!

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