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The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of The World by Niall Ferguson Epsd 1 5 Full Documentary

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Professor Niall Ferguson examines the origins of the pillars of the world's financial system, and how behind every great historical phenomenon -- empires and republics, wars and revolutions -- there lies a financial secret. Episode 1: Dreams of Avarice. From Shylock's pound of flesh to the loan sharks of Glasgow, from the 'promises to pay' on Babylonian clay tablets to the Medici banking system, Professor Ferguson explains the origins of credit and debt and why credit networks are indispensable to any civilization. Episode 2: Human Bondage. How did finance become the realm of the masters of the universe? Through the rise of the bond market in Renaissance Italy. With the advent of bonds, war finance was transformed and spread to north-west Europe and across the Atlantic. It was the bond market that made the Rothschilds the richest and most powerful family of the 19th century. And today governments are asking it to bail them out. Episode 3: Blowing Bubbles. Why do stock markets produce bubbles and busts? Professor Ferguson goes back to the origins of the joint stock company in Amsterdam and Paris. He draws telling parallels between the current stock market crash and the 18th-century Mississippi Bubble of Scottish financier John Law and the 2001 Enron bankruptcy. He shows why humans have a herd instinct when it comes to investment, and why no one can accurately predict when the bulls might stampede. Episode 4: Risky Business. Life is a risky business -- which is why people take out insurance. But faced with an unexpected disaster, the state has to step in. Professor Ferguson travels to post-Katrina New Orleans to ask why the free market can't provide adequate protection against catastrophe. His quest for an answer takes him to the origins of modern insurance in the early 19th century and to the birth of the welfare state in post-war Japan. Episode 5: Safe As Houses. It sounded so simple: give state-owned assets to the people. After all, what better foundation for a property-owning democracy than a campaign of privatisation encompassing housing? An economic theory says that markets can't function without mortgages, because it's only by borrowing against their assets that entrepreneurs can get their businesses off the ground. But what if mortgages are bundled together and sold off to the highest bidder? Episode 6: Chimerica. Since the 1990s, once risky markets in Asia, Latin America and eastern Europe have become better investments than the UK or US stock market. The explanation is the rise of 'Chimerica', the economic marriage of China and the United States. But does it make sense for poor Chinese savers to lend to rich American spenders? http://www.RebelMystic.com
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Text Comments (478)
Akshay Sonthalia (12 days ago)
The video looses its focus too soon. Its been made into a history book and the focus is lost from "Money" .. with varied reasoning and industries being played with . A waste of time for anyone wanting to know about the 'Ascent of Money' .. its full of facts and knowledge points blah blah blah BUT has NOTHING related to what the viewer is looking for and thats story behind what we know today as - M.O.N.E.Y.
Akshay Sonthalia (2 hours ago)
+Lawrence L. : :)) .. as far as I remember he is a Harvard Professor at History. Dont take offence sir as my comment was just an observatory passing remark whilst I was doing research on the subject.
Lawrence L. (6 days ago)
+Akshay Sonthalia How much further can you reasonably go back...? You want this documentary to display the caveman having some kind of bartering system, or Jesus Christ getting mad at the money counters and tossing tables and chairs around? Niall Ferguson is a Harvard Professor...I think he teaches Just fine, thank you very much. Just admit you made a stupid comment because you are an ignorant amateur person and you are wrong, and save face.
Akshay Sonthalia (6 days ago)
+Lawrence L. : Not at all. In fact Ive gone farther back than where this video makes its inception point.
Lawrence L. (7 days ago)
Man, you are narrow-minded...to understand the Ascent of Money...you have to go back as far as possible and understand its History and formation and purpose throughout the different centuries. You expected this documentary to just show footage from the 2000's showing people printing and counting and spending money in malls and stores and online?
psalm (1 month ago)
This smuck moves his face to much when he talks
Doug Evans (1 month ago)
This documentary is mostly garbage, it constantly confuses MONEY with CURRENCY. The dollar isn't MONEY.
Shlomio (1 month ago)
Dilly Billy (2 months ago)
Tulip mania was the first bubble
Daniel Ledesma (2 months ago)
Incredible the ignorance shown in this video in many aspects. As we see now , capitalism is failing , not because the stock market is doing great , means that people are doing great. Look at what is happening in France ,but the video says nothing about the inequality between the 1 % and the rest of the population and that inequality and the constant and cyclic bubles that burst creating chaos and poverty , are the generators of regime change on a massive scale.Chile in the 1970s suffered the intervention of the most powerful nation in the world that created economic havoc because socialism wasn't going to be allowed to spread in the Southamerican continent. Tango isn't CHilean !! for God sake !! but in this video a famous tango " Por una Cabeza" is played when Chile is being discussed. That's is like play Beethoven to discuss US history. .
mrn4s (2 months ago)
Final Ep6 "Chimerica" is missing, I found it here: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5v4kq5
BuickV (2 months ago)
Always have to call the Napoleonic Wars as conflicts between France and England... while it was between France against groups of Europeans countries.
뾰로롱 (3 months ago)
Furgerson is handsome~♥♥
rbmaserang (3 months ago)
aww hell no!! why the bums in the strip mall gotta be black!! racist bastard
Bugru B (3 months ago)
statues has even smaller dick than mine
Bruce Ahlheim (4 months ago)
There's maybe a hand full of noteworthy economic bubbles and crises prior to central banking becoming dominant in 1913. Do the math... The bigger the government, the lesser the freedom, an obvious correlation.
Bruce Ahlheim (4 months ago)
There's maybe a hand full of noteworthy economic bubbles and crises prior to central banking becoming dominant in 1913. Do the math... The bigger the government, the lesser the freedom, an obvious correlation.
Sidharth Middela (4 months ago)
The best ever documentary on origins of Money, Govt Bonds, Stocks, Stock Market, Insurance, Welfare states, Corruption, Booms and Busts waaoow!!
Redzo79 (4 months ago)
And this is junk. No jews, and we all know who makes money like literary MANUFACTURES money on this planet. Until that "issue" is dealt with and this time PROPERLY DEALT WITH, like every soul and their friends there will be no peace.
Ima Carrot (4 months ago)
wee .. let's whine about anti-semitism
slidenerd (3 months ago)
55:17 will resume there when I watch next time
Gerardo Guerra (4 months ago)
One of the best Documentaries I’ve ever seen.
whatsupbudbud (4 months ago)
Great stuff. Too bad it skimped a bit over futures, options and hedgefunds. I sold my apartment this year and am very happy that I finally have capital to use or keep. Now the problem seems to be - what to do with it? If I keep it in fiat, it's losing money with time due to inflation and, because of the fractional reserve system worldwide, bank might withhold some of it in case of another recession. What other things are there except for crypto, gold and some commodities like uranium?
Mr Floppy (4 months ago)
Take away everyone's money, then give everyone $100 dollars. Now we're all equally rich. Say, how long will it take until there are rich people and poor people again? Centuries? Decades? Years? Months? Days? Or minutes? 😉
Mr Floppy (4 months ago)
This is blocked in the UK. I wonder why. 🤔
niki wiki (3 months ago)
Mr Floppy UK has been The Deepest Deep State Forever
Ikaros23 (5 months ago)
soundtrack at 01:28 ??
780tman (5 months ago)
Let’s make some money
Lawrence L. (6 months ago)
I downloaded this documentary some time ago. I must have literally watched/listened to this documentary at least 50 times. I'm a market option trader....this is like Disneyland and Ferrari and sex and action and suspense movies for me all rolled into one.
Sir Humphrey Appleby (6 months ago)
hi i have this interesting documentary dubbed in Arabic language if any wants it PM me
More Red Pill (7 months ago)
Great documentary! The amount of research and work must have been overwhelming!
Victor Lopez (7 months ago)
Jews loaning money they don’t own to gain real wealth! It still happens today and you morons can’t see your reality. We are slaves to a debt based fractional reserve banking system. Wake up
Dadson worldwide (9 months ago)
It sickens me to hear millionares Defintion of broke or prison. Class still exist no question.
cinnireseisri (9 months ago)
Niall Ferguson..."System of free labor". Call it what it is. Slavery. "Verged on genocide". There is nothing that the Spanish didn't do to the Inca that the Nazis did to the Jews. According to the 1948 UN resolution on genocide it clearly was genocide. Not to mention Spain stole trillions from Peru, Colombia, and Bolivia. Trillions.
om pay (9 months ago)
om pay (9 months ago)
om pay (9 months ago)
om pay (9 months ago)
1:39:50 John law
om pay (9 months ago)
Svvet Lana (11 months ago)
Jeanne Stjohn (11 months ago)
Utube breaking down, so slow, no volumn, waste of time waiting and waiting for a video!
Rashed Alqahtani (11 months ago)
This good and very illustrative documentary. But, I did not like its sole focus on the West to narrate the history of money.
oxesabel (1 year ago)
all this Professor Fergusson's documental series are put together with a more critical point of view in Yuval Noah Harari's book... "Sapiens"
MByobby (1 year ago)
1.25 x fam
Vaibhav (1 year ago)
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Gobin Newar (1 year ago)
4 hours movies
La natra a larancia (1 year ago)
Do not touch old books, please.
Sheik Yirbuti (1 year ago)
Umm, not to be rude, but an updated codec would be appreciated, if possible. It's so blurry these days, especially on 4k panels, that it's really difficult to watch. It's so blurry and it would be a disservice to this videos longevity to let it fall to the wayside. If the OP or anyone reading this could could re-up the vid in a higher bitrate it would be greatly appreciated. If it's already been done, then I Would greatly appreciate a link. Cheers. Gave it alike, because I love this sort of content. It's really great to learn, even stuff I already know, because it just reinforces my memory and overall knowledge. That, and Google Algos have vastly improved.
kelvonb09 (7 months ago)
its free on pbs website. and the quality isn't much better.
cinnireseisri (9 months ago)
It's free. You want better quality, go pay for it.
Mourning Star (1 year ago)
About 3 seconds in and we get the Commie propaganda typical of the BBC and mainstream media in general. Those poor, poor Inca...
Tye Edwards (1 year ago)
Where do I find the part about three types of risk?
Meghna singh (1 year ago)
From where can I can find its written matter for better understanding.
mike w (1 year ago)
Meghna singh if you have iPhone you can download PDF of book to iBooks from internet. Books got the same name as documentary.
Darrell Johnson (1 year ago)
promises are lies money must have a standard value as Gold & Silver purity promises easily broken by all
Nik Zanzev (1 year ago)
Kinda poor tbh. After reading David Graeber's Debt: The First 5000 Years, this seems a little bit too simplistic.
J Rhoads (1 year ago)
We shouldn't have to know this stuff as a precondition of survival. It's BS next to natural survival.
Alex Andros (1 year ago)
What a great documentary - I've watched most on this list http://theaccidentalinvestor.com/money-and-finance-documentaries/ but The Ascent of money has to be one of the best! Thanks for uploading
DemonWarp65 (1 year ago)
DemonWarp65 (1 year ago)
four hours? seriously? this goes on for FOUR FREAKIN' HOURS!?
More Red Pill (7 months ago)
DemonWarp65 worth it :)
何焯 (2 years ago)
I'm reading the book now, the current monetary system is really unfair, why I can not print money😂😂😂
Evan Hyun (2 years ago)
this mans moves way too much when he talks. All his head nods and shoulder rolls make me angry
A really like this video. Everything about the financial market in just 4 hours.
Anand Sree (2 years ago)
Where can I find the violin soundtrack used in the documentary?
Pano S. (2 years ago)
Fantastic video. Worth the time.
Victor Lopez (2 years ago)
Usury and blaspheme was the reason Jews were kicked out of every place they've been. Leaching off of other people hard work and ideas!
Sam Sung (2 years ago)
Outstanding video!
Moses Cherrington (2 years ago)
Worth the 4 hours watching investment. Thank you.
Ra Isis (2 years ago)
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Andrew Clark (2 years ago)
If your watching his for ECON*3730...
Will Vice (2 years ago)
Yung Jinzo I'm watching it , what other videos have you watched fir ECON*3730? Please send me a link, here , or to [email protected] or dm me at @willvicecity on instagram
Anh-Tu Phuc Hoang (2 years ago)
Great documentary
vanscoyoc (2 years ago)
This guy goes to Bilderberger...take with a big grain of salt.
Twgx1515 (2 years ago)
His accent tends to get less and less English and more and more Scottish through to the end of this, lol
GTI Mod Blog (2 years ago)
Do these guys just carry around a projector everywhere they go?
herrbetto 55 (2 years ago)
I don't get much of this seriously. It's like merry goes around and around
Louie Tzepher (2 years ago)
A lot of revisionism in this documentary, a lot!
Mr. P (2 years ago)
2:00:00 bookmarking for myself.
YoSoyGabo (2 years ago)
omg 4 hours OoO
(2 years ago)
Very right wing view of economic history with many many facts left out. Pension reform a good example of lazy scholarly review. A good Scotsman knows better. Chicago economic theory has been proven wrong.
Zaphod Beeblebrox (2 years ago)
As usual, Niall tries to re-invent history from his skewed neoclassical viewpoint. Truth and statistical data be damned, Niall is the consummate propagandist for the Austrian "The Markets are always right" School.
George Costanza (2 years ago)
Zaphod Beeblebrox Feel free to hate the guy, but at least get the facts straight. He is by no means an Austrian. I haven't watched the whole thing yet, but in the book he pretty straightforwardly stated that the gold standard was a disaster that directly contributed to the Depression, and that the financial deregulation of the 80's was a mistake. Your case against him must be weak as hell if you need to lie about his positions to make you feel better.
Anand Sree (2 years ago)
donna shone (2 years ago)
Stéphane Chalangeas (2 years ago)
Nice, must watch!
Gerald Peters (2 years ago)
if you removed the US war machine...russia, china, iran and isis will fill the void.... you choose.
J P (2 years ago)
Gerald Peters the US war machine created ISIS. And let Russia, China, or Iran go broke playing war.
mrearlygold (2 years ago)
If the queen had balls she'd be king
mer1tiki (2 years ago)
Shylock is a character in William Shakespeare's play but not a true historical figure , unfortunately this documentary supposes that most of the watchers of this know this intimately and forgive r=strong references to him being a true historical person ... Hello ?
Vincent Gaulin (2 years ago)
lol A shylock ... not Shylock
Art'uro TM (2 years ago)
JOHN LAW Is THE MOST diabolical, dirty muthafuckan gangsta to ever live! THIS NIGGA: Collected all of the taxes for the entire country of France, OWNED ALL OF ITS DEBT, Owned the 26 mints that made France's Gold and Silver, The Monopolized Mississippi Company that sold a fuck ton of tobacco in Louisiana, HE ALSO OWNED 1/4 of LOUISIANA, Controlled all of trades from Asia and Africa (Earth MAIN resource monopoly). All while living in the Ritz Carlton... WELL, FUCK. ME. SIDEWAYS.
Hamza Butt (2 years ago)
Its always the Freakin Jews.
Joe (7 months ago)
Well when you prohibit jews from doing other things but dealing with money, who can blame them ?
Judit Cooke (2 years ago)
Thank you for uploading - read the book first which helped to understand the evolution of the curernt system better but I did enjoy the visuals. Great idea to make us understand the world a bit better. I don't see the point of criticising the content , that is the events of histry - men are men, for better or worse.
Gambino (2 years ago)
Superb doco
drumcrazy72 (2 years ago)
I'm looking forward to the coming collapse. Hopefully many bankers will hang for what they've done :)
How can you look forward to collapse? Everyone loses.
Tucknrollgrampa (1 year ago)
Are you not aware the government since Clinton through Bush helped cause this too? Should as yourself why the bank narrative is so large but the government narrative is lost on you. Need to be more humble on what you think you know.
Jeffrey Butts (1 year ago)
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nogh Thangs (2 years ago)
After reading books on economics I no longer agree with what you said even though I used to. If you learn economics, and I would refer you to Milton Friedman's work and a really good book by... someone else called Lords of Finance you would get a different perspective about what money is wether its gold, silver, paper, or rocks.
nogh Thangs (2 years ago)
What did they do, loan money? How about getting upset at the government that forced banks to loan people without assets? How about getting mad at the people who take loans which they will not ever repay except by hope or by hyper inflation?
Freestyle Finds (2 years ago)
Perry Mathis (2 years ago)
Excellent series. Thanks for sharing as I learned a lot.
vkorchnoifan (2 years ago)
Mr. Ferguson, what cause the Great Depression ?  The left says private businesses, the right says government cause the Great Depression. Please tell me who is correct ? Or are the both right ?
vkorchnoifan (2 years ago)
There is a very big difference !! One is legit and the other you can go to jail.
vkorchnoifan (2 years ago)
As far as "print" money, the Fed was instituted in 1917 and was in charge of "printing" money. No backs were allowed to.
Anastasia McCormack (2 years ago)
This may seem shocking, but look up "Jewish bankers war on America" to see the big picture: 666blacksun (.) net josministries (.) prophpbb (.) com Researching with an open mind leads to freedom.
maskvp mGy (2 years ago)
+amer shakir A solution? For starters... Well, I think "Sapiens- a Brief History of Humankind" by Yuval Noah Harari should be required reading in all schools. Secondly, I think we have to abandon this attitude that grants carte blanche status to Hard Capitalists and the parasitic Elite. Left unchecked they will always resort to avarice, duplicity, destruction. manipulation and resulting misery that goes hand in hand with the unfettered pursuit of power and wealth. So regulation is a good thing in my opinion. I'm just wondering which angle they're grinding now that'll cause things to go pear-shaped. Sub-prime auto-loans are looking very familiar to a former sub-prime crisis... What I do know is that the public will be left holding the bag and paying for it too.
amer shakir (2 years ago)
+maskvp mGy I am not really hoping for a collapse/major correction. I just know it is inevitable. Will I survive a global economic meltdown? Only God knows. "We are staring at very similar inequities that gave rise to Anarchism, Communism and Conflict a century+ ago." How do you suggest these potential problems be solved? I think this is why it is so important that we don't sugar coat what is going on. It is better to tell people that neither Gov Policy or money printing is going to bring prosperity to the average american. Just tell people that they are not longer as valuable instead of telling them that "the rich" or Immigrants are their problems.
Jean-Marc Laventure (2 years ago)
On a lighter note, how is it that the good Professor is allowed to narrate in so many libraries? Isn't silence the first rule of book club?
Space Case (2 years ago)
Lol. That made me smile. Silence is golden.
JUHA MIETO (3 years ago)
Click search bar in youtube, write: Money masters by bill still, watch it! - you are welcome!
JUHA MIETO (2 years ago)
+Marcos 989 I recommend to watch it in 2 or 3 parts if you don't have time to watch whole of it at once.. but after 30minutes i couldnt stop my self heheh :D It's so full of stunning facts!
Allan Johnson (2 years ago)
Yeah, it's long. But SO worth the watch!
Marcos 989 (2 years ago)
3.5 hr's....looking forward to it, thanx.
JUHA MIETO (2 years ago)
I know right! share it to your friends, more ppl need to see that!
Allan Johnson (2 years ago)
+JUHA MIETO Seriously, dude; THANK YOU!!! That's one of the BEST documentaries I've ever seen!
JaegermeisterXtrem (3 years ago)
those numbers seem to be quite equal in those books (32:00 and 54:24)
6socio 6path6 (3 years ago)
all the shedding of blood from history's past to current... all for money... but yet talk about morality. But then again, that is a control mechanism created by those with power to guide the lives of those without.
Manny Bruce (3 years ago)
The Federal Government creating FANNIE MAE to help people get housing loans is where the term " entitlement " programs originated from , because you had to be a white person to be entitled in getting a Government backed loan. At the time government assisted programs were not negatively stigmatized as a free government hand out , but instead viewed as giving Americans a helping hand to prosperity.. Now that people of color are now getting these government assisted programs , it's now a negative concept. People of color have been denied so much wealth in the USA and globally. This video confirms that working hard and dealing honestly does not acquire wealth nor builds powerful nations. Instead cheating , exploiting ,telling lies , bigotry , greed , selfishness , hatred , selfish pride , violence , are all ingredients to making wealth and power. Funny , all of these behaviors are inline with SATANIC concepts , but yet practiced by CHRISTIANS in order to create and operate Christian societies. Your entire existence have been to live from one sham to the next.
MrJohnnyDistortion (1 year ago)
Manny Bruce Then why are Nigerian people so highly successful in the US and far more than whitey?
Tucknrollgrampa (1 year ago)
Manny, you don't sound like you know everything that you're talking about. It sounds parroted and cliche. I don't contest every bit, but you definitely sound like you're not that informed. Humble yourself, please
docsmithdc (2 years ago)
Yes.This situation is also where the term "REDLINING" came from -because it was written GOVERNMENT POLICY that non whites were to be excluded from certain zip codes-primarily the suburbs(these rules were actually typed in red in the housing codes).It was during this time that ITALIANS and IRISH people were designated as "officially white" so as to be eligible to live in designated "white" zip codes.
Dick Tracy (3 years ago)
+Manny Bruce Oh, poor little Manny has it so rough in the United States, that's why his ancestors came here - voluntarily.
Adam Spears (3 years ago)
+jayw65 Thank you! All I have seen are these people of color living (many illegally) off the backs of white people. But its the evil, white, oppressors who rule the world. 'People of Color' get the short end of the stick. -Utter & complete bull shit! Thank you for speaking up.
OnePhoenix77 (3 years ago)
Lots of fools have no understanding of Money the Concept The functionality and WHAT MONEY IS ! ^^^
Stephen Lock (2 years ago)
If you killed Obama the American war machine wouldn't go away.
Stephen Lock (2 years ago)
I would say get rid of Obama, but he is nothing. He is a pawn used by everybody else.
Stephen Lock (2 years ago)
I almost forgot the Pope. Get rid of the scumbag Papacy.
Stephen Lock (2 years ago)
If we are going to kill anyone we should eliminate off the face of the earth; 1. All the international bankers 2. All the Jesuits and Freemasons 3. The Zionists 4. The Communists 5, Anyone who believes in Charles Darwins theories on evolution 6. The World Bank, IMF, World Trade Organisation, NATO, the EU and the UN. The world would be a much better place without them.
Stephen Lock (2 years ago)
Well it wouldn't be a bad idea if we nuked all the international bankers. They are just parasites on society anyway. But I don't think this will happen.
Jaak Wassmuth (3 years ago)
Mr. Ferguson. You are either ignorant or just a front man for the further misrepresentation of history. There are so many half truths and outright prevarications in this video that I am compelled to think you are just another bought off historian acting as a gate keeper. I was very disappointed in your efforts here. I gave this a thumbs down!
Stephen Lock (2 years ago)
And a lunatic to
NADS IQ (2 years ago)
you are correct. his book was ADD and black scholes formula really had nothing to do w/ LTCM fall bec it was 90% bond fund.
Miguel Espinosa (3 years ago)
+Jaak Wassmuth i would like to do more research on this half truths you mention, care to elaborate?
Andrew Boehmer (3 years ago)
+Jaak Wassmuth What are the points to which you are referring? I'd like to look into them.
Ebro Le (3 years ago)
Arabic numerals had a profound effect on human civilization and mathematics!
mrn4s (2 months ago)
Well, they created some pretty tall buildings for starters
niki wiki (3 months ago)
Ebro Le Indian Numerals, you Deaf, Dumb & Blind Nincompoop🤑
Manjeet Singh (7 months ago)
Brick Lance it was from atabs not muslims. Arabs were way snarter berfore even muslims exist
Marcos 989 (2 years ago)
So did apple eating, your point?
NADS IQ (2 years ago)
yeah and muslims have created squat since dark ages. ps I am muslim.
Phil Limbacher (3 years ago)
00:01 1:59:16 2:04:00
Aurora 25 (3 years ago)
money is the biggest evil,problem and made the biggest restriction to humanity for developing it self in a global power
NADS IQ (2 years ago)
probably a woman. wait til she gets pregnant. she will selling herself...for $
Clem Cornpone (3 years ago)
+Aurora 25 No, I just didn't understand what you were trying to say. Aside from you non-use of the conventions of written English, punctuation and spelling the sentence you began without a capitalization and ended without a period doesn't seem to hold the requisite single idea, even though there are incomplete clauses that suggest you meant to say something. All your exercises of your writing skills have left me with is questions: How is money the biggest evil? Why is the world "problem" there? Why do you think humanity wishes to "develop it self" into a global power? Global power is a term usually applied to nations and so it would seem that humanity as a whole is inherently already a global power? In other words, I tried to make sense of what you said and couldn't for lack of material to work with. Which of us has no brains? I would add to that, which of us is functionally illiterate?
Aurora 25 (3 years ago)
+User Error got no brains mate?
Clem Cornpone (3 years ago)
+Aurora 25 OK, try that again. We couldn't quite understand what your were trying to say?
Aurora 25 (3 years ago)
money is the biggest evil,problem and made the biggest restriction to humanity for developing it self in a global power
JUHA MIETO (3 years ago)
+Aurora 25 In other words it's the greed that came with money that can destroy moneys benefits to a society!
JUHA MIETO (3 years ago)
+Aurora 25 Without money we wouldn't have the standard of living as we do now, Money have had a crucial place in our history, there would not have been markets which gave us technicians and other jobs cause we all had to be farmers. no industrial revolution advanced science ++ our current money system is from shit hole and have to be change, but until we have automated robots doing all the work world wide we still need money period. Monetary reform is the only way to end depressions and inequality world wide. It also would give more power back to people instead of massive corporations.. Watch money masters from youtube and you'' get it!
Jurij Fedorov (3 years ago)
It is also found free on their site too. The quality is still lacking but a bit better: http://video.pbs.org/program/ascent-of-money/

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