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What If The Sun Went Out for Just One Day

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Have you ever wondered what would happen if the Sun just suddenly stopped shining? The first thing that probably comes to your mind is that it would get a whole lot darker and colder. True, but that doesn’t even begin to describe what kind of catastrophic event it would be because eventually humankind would meet its eminent demise. In the first few minutes after the Sun stops burning, life goes on as usual here on Earth because the sunlight itself is still traveling towards the planet. But after 8½ minutes, the skies go black, as if someone just flipped a switch. After an hour, once everybody has realized the situation they’re in, panic ensues on the side of the planet where it's supposed to be daytime. The temperature across the globe drops by several degrees and just keeps going down. One of the worst things is that photosynthesis stops within 24 hours. Within a week or so, the average temperature on the planet falls below zero. Most plants have already perished due to the cold, and heat-loving animals start to disappear shortly after. People build shelters and try to survive the cold and lack of food. They might be more successful in areas with a lot of geothermal activity, such as Iceland. After just one year, the planet might host some types of bacteria that can survive even in unbelievably low temperatures. But other life forms on the surface have been wiped away. Just remember, though, this scenario was just a hypothetical “what if?”. As for the real future of the Earth, it’ll stay firmly “tied” to the Sun. Music: https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music TIMESTAMPS The first minutes after the Sun stops burning 0:54 An hour after the Sun went out 2:21 A day after the Sun went out 3:27 A week after the Sun went out 4:14 A year after the Sun went out 5:36 What happens to planet Earth itself? 6:26 The real future of the Earth 8:35 SUMMARY Summary: -8½ minutes after the Sun stopped burning, the whole entire planet would be plunged into darkness. You wouldn’t see the Moon either since there’d be no sunlight for it to reflect. -An hour after the Sun went out, people would start to fall into the depths of depression. The temperature across the globe would drop by several degrees and keep going down. -If the Sun didn’t return after one day, the planet would fall in utter chaos. Every living creature on Earth would start having difficulties due to the diminishing oxygen. -A week after the Sun went out, the temperature all over the world would drop below zero. Most plants would have already perished due to the cold, and heat-loving animals would start to disappear shortly after. People would build shelters and try to survive the cold and lack of food. -After a year without the Sun, the surface of the Earth would become as cold as 100° below zero. The top layers of the seas and oceans would have frozen over by this time, the only survivors among people (if any) would be on the ocean floor, near geothermal vents. There would be no life on the planet. -If the Sun stopped burning, its gravitational pull would vanish, and the Earth would fly away into outer space at the same speed. After 43,000 years, the Earth would near Alpha Centauri, the closest star to us. -As for the real future of the Earth, it’ll stay firmly “tied” to the Sun that will increase in size in several billion years. Hopefully by that time humanity will have found ways to explore and colonize other planets orbiting younger stars. Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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BRIGHT SIDE (10 months ago)
TIMESTAMPS The first minutes after the Sun stops burning 0:54 An hour after the Sun went out 2:21 A day after the Sun went out 3:27 A week after the Sun went out 4:14 A year after the Sun went out 5:36 What happens to planet Earth itself? 6:26 The real future of the Earth 8:35
Judy Cummung (1 day ago)
+ASHER You Are Alive
John Marston (11 days ago)
100th reply
Silas Silvestre (12 days ago)
Forgot a Month without a Sun
Undertale Spring (18 days ago)
And you said A DAY
I love Squishies (1 day ago)
The dislikes are by the moon 🌑
CuteCat349 TheFurry (1 day ago)
conclusion: everything dies
Ultimate gaming (1 day ago)
Dirty lie
Billy Willy (3 days ago)
Hey guess what Happens every night
geert muylaert (4 days ago)
my ice cream can no longer melt
hacker gamer 3D (4 days ago)
Midnight Moon (5 days ago)
*Sees thumbnail* Is this pour soul possessed!!?
Lisandro Leiva (5 days ago)
The sun is a star bruh
Nathan Drake (5 days ago)
If the sun went out...I’d do “/Time set day” problem solved
brat jew nigga (6 days ago)
I'd play Minecraft in my room with the light bulb and air conditioner on
Stardestroyer Gaming (6 days ago)
I thought it said for 1 day
Ayaan Rashid (6 days ago)
Bright side is smart
Jacob Mahaffey (6 days ago)
why does it say one day but then it goes to like forever
Eisa Hayat (6 days ago)
Bright side is our sun
Dark side indeed
Sephjolyn Lumapas (7 days ago)
Lol the thumbnail
Soriano Emma (7 days ago)
Fire underwater
Japh urtecho (7 days ago)
Sun: Im tired Im not gonna Work for a day Mercury: YO GUYS LETS DITCH THIS SUN Planeta: WOOOOOHH NÉXT day SUN: everyone gone well i HATED them SUN: Im a BEATIFUL star LOL Planets: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! *dead* *the end ;)*
Ghaiyyur Quraishi (7 days ago)
Ghaiyyur Quraishi (7 days ago)
This was scaring me
Bright Side uses Nickelodeon TV show clips?
The end of the video : Now wasen't that *Fun?* Me : Umm, NO! Your just making me sad the *DARK* Side!
FoR JuST onE DAy
Freddy’s Adventure (9 days ago)
I (in my opinion) don’t like the animated guy
Racheal T (10 days ago)
The vids good but it's stretched to 10 min tho
Ujwala Peddapallikar (10 days ago)
The clip of zootopia If you see the movie please like👇👇👇
Jeremiah Lewis (10 days ago)
i'd be mostly afraid of the darkness
Title:what will happen if the sun went out in one day Video:more than one day Me:bruh
SuhasSavesTheDay (10 days ago)
when thanos snaps the sun and everyone dies "Yeah totally meant to do that!"
Ror Rabert (10 days ago)
If the sun was gone for 1 day The Bright side is gone for 1 day Becuz the sun is bright
the fear of the unknown
OsK K (11 days ago)
you said one day
Janette Cabarubias (11 days ago)
When i saw the thumbnail my head said well the vampire would attack us
Night's Watch (11 days ago)
I dont wanna be billie elish
matthew kovich (11 days ago)
How would I survive? It's easy. I would travel down to the deepest parts of the ocean (to buy time). Construct massive, connected, and highly insulated buildings close to hydrothermal vents located on the sea beds. The vents would provide me with heat, light and a potential source for enegy. I would begin cultivating the bacteria that thrive off of the heat and light created by the vents. Since they are still able to go through with photosynthesis and produce oxygen, I would divert most of my resources to farming these specific types of bacteria. At this point in time, the researchers and engineers that I have brought with me have started constructing a machine capable of converting heat from the vents into actual usable energy from the geothermal activities around us. The energy would then be used to power artificial sunlight necessary to sustain plant life which provides food to keep us going. Our skill intensive laborers would work hard to fabricate appliances, furnishings, and everyday items to accommodate our growing community. Mining colonies would branch out and collect materials from the mineral deposits around us for bigger and more elaborate projects, and humanity would continue to improve and refine its technological advances until we reached a level of efficiency and innovation needed to move on from Earth. It would be some time after, but with dedication to our cause and the means to do so, we would find a planet (preferably one with a sun), capable of supporting human life to which we can call our new home.... And than I realize this could never happen because I am broke af. 😂😔
Magic Gacha (11 days ago)
Bright side: What if the sun went out just for one day? Me: It’s depressing Lol jk
Big Dogg (11 days ago)
Everybody be rob lol
Michal (11 days ago)
why is the guy so happy about it
LoKi 10304 (11 days ago)
What's with the click-bait thumbnail? Don't insult our intelligence.
roseyrojas Daisy Gacha (11 days ago)
It said 1 day not more than 1 day!
Catikigames (11 days ago)
I fear for my pets
Kanisha Jeffes (12 days ago)
,welp I never understood Alaska!6 months light then 6 months of darkness 🙄🙄
This is clickbait!!!!!!!! You:how? How: the thumb nail says 1 DAY and it goes to 1 year instead of 1 day
This is clickbait!!!!!!!! You:how? How: the thumb nail says 1 DAY and it goes to 1 year instead of 1 day
Ahmad Pissol (12 days ago)
It will.. one day.. trust me..
ourlife112233 (13 days ago)
ourlife112233 (13 days ago)
AMAN SHUKLA (13 days ago)
description is what will happen is the sun will go for on day abd u are telling of more than 1 year
Wolf In Slytherin (13 days ago)
Wow. I am never complaining about the heat in Australia again.
- d r a c o - (13 days ago)
in about a few million years, the sun will be about 10% brighter.
Parth Vashist (13 days ago)
Ice age will come
KIKO- FANCY (13 days ago)
Btw we in Sweden have no sun in 6 month att winter nothings happening
Classic J. (13 days ago)
I just flipped the switch
Amena Daya (13 days ago)
Rosa Saloukie (14 days ago)
I am so sad when there are clouds or rain
MU'MIN 215 (14 days ago)
I feel depressed even when the sun is out
Dante Arcenal (14 days ago)
what movie is that? edit: the one with the fog one
MU'MIN 215 (14 days ago)
The "mist"
Gacha Galaxy (14 days ago)
I hate this channel they act like they know everything
Diament TV (14 days ago)
What if bright side would stop lying?
Skinny Sister (15 days ago)
This made me hope reincarnation isn’t real😰
MartinIsDerpyDev (15 days ago)
The sun wouldn't just go out, it would explode and the entire galaxy would be destroyed.
Helen Mayhorn (15 days ago)
But you said just one day
Saneliso Sizwe (15 days ago)
7:31 which ground will they fall to?
Jonathan Hughes (15 days ago)
God wants us to obey ask and receive while we are alive.
SCORES FOCUS (15 days ago)
Fake, only God knows everything.
Bharti Lingote (16 days ago)
There would be no summer ☹️🙁😭😭😭😵💀
Shadow Wolf YT (16 days ago)
The thumbnail eye is my furry oc's eyes
LYLE KNISLEY (16 days ago)
No Sun? Wow less bikinis :(
vhuerta1222 (16 days ago)
I like the part where you put in the part where the nuke comes in Terminator 2
Alexandria Johnson (16 days ago)
Mr.eruptions (16 days ago)
You said a day.
TJ mCKEENER (16 days ago)
People in Alaska come out with 10 jackets on "it's alittle chilly today."
REE Team (16 days ago)
Who else came for the thumbnail?
Kelly Moore (16 days ago)
wow!!!! I did not know that would happen to our planet If the sun went out for a day or a week. Well, now I'm going to enjoy the heat of the sun and go play outside! Thanks for the information Bright Side!
Pushmita Seth (16 days ago)
Me:* looks at thumbnail* Billie wassup what ya doing huh😎🤪
Damilola Ashama (16 days ago)
Thumbnail = Just causally being Billie eliish
Gxcha Puma (17 days ago)
Lets do what animals do Dig in until u feel warm lel and sleep forever lel or u can say burry alive your self If that happens hehe
This video is awesome. ..... but it was supposed to be 1 day. You showed for an year
M SINGH CHANNEL (17 days ago)
The fear of unknown
julie holt (17 days ago)
Blame it on the BOOGIE! yeah dont blame it on the sunshine, dont blame it on moonlight, dont blame it on a drug addicted paedophile, blame it on the Bbuggerer..... whoops i mean boogie.
julie holt (17 days ago)
some major differences between sun vanishing totally and instantaneously, and the sun stopping emitting light. If it stops shining then theres a difference depending on the cause of it going out. many of these differences relate to the masses and therefore gravities involved.
Trash Draws (17 days ago)
*Then that day would be nighttime.* o h w a i t
your saltyyy (17 days ago)
wait can we see the planet?.... uranus
Alen Zcn (17 days ago)
Lets say IT in 1 word NOTHING
Little Bear (17 days ago)
What makes us move our body? I hope you can answer that pls
welp, good thing the stars still come out at night, am i right?
Jaykob Sarcasmo (17 days ago)
(0:45) the dark side is more brighter than you think
Weird Dawg (18 days ago)
*Plants left the chat...*
you reading my name (18 days ago)
Lie whole day in bed
DaGamingMonster (18 days ago)
Were in the endgame now
SAX Games (18 days ago)
Who else got annoyed by the animated guy
SAX Games (18 days ago)
3pm isnt the middle of the day 😂
SAX Games (18 days ago)
Thumbnail clickbait
molterio (18 days ago)
what does the thumbnail have to do with the video.
Pt Duckz (18 days ago)
4:14 I thought the title said one day hmmm I’m being lied to
Galaxy cat in space (18 days ago)
If we still manage to survive while earth is wandering,scientist will probably find new galaxies!!,🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂
Enrich Guleng (19 days ago)
What if earth gets caught by another star in the habitable zone?????
Yakarot Sennin (6 days ago)
The surviving bacteria may evolve and recolonize the planet. Any bacteria kilometers deep underground wouldn’t be affected by the surface freezing over. As long as the core provides heat and energy, bacteria will be the ones to survive.
Johnathan Allen (19 days ago)
No Colonel Sanders you're wrong... mama's right!
Damian Garza (19 days ago)
Wasn’t it just one day

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