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Top 10 Cheapest Countries To Live In The World

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The 10 Cheapest Countries To Live In The World For 2018. ============= ► Subscribe for latest video ! ► https://goo.gl/lOasu9 ► Follow me on Twitter: https://goo.gl/srKHao ► Facebook: https://goo.gl/yB9XvG ============= Living in an foreign country for months at a time gives a person the ability to work and enjoy the new surroundings. Designing, writing, programming, teaching English, or working in the hospitality industry is an ideal way to make a living abroad. Many are even choosing to retire in these faraway lands because the cost of living is more affordable than living in the United States. With the American dollar strong compared to other currencies, moving or retiring abroad could be a smart strategy to stretch your retirement savings further. If you're looking for a super-thrifty place to live with dirt-cheap housing, low-cost groceries and wallet-friendly utility bills, look no further than Numbeo's Cost of Living Index, which rates the affordability of each country according to the people who live there. Here are the 10 cheapest countries to live in the world for 2018. 1. South Africa. 2. India. (Note: India is home to 1.25 billion residents, not 25 billion. I'm sorry about my mistake.) 3. Slovakia. 4. Romania. 5. Saudi Arabia. 6. Bosnia-Herzegovina. 7. Nepal. 8. Paraguay. 9. Bulgaria. 10. Kazakhstan. Thanks for watching this video. I hope it's useful for you. (This article is an opinion based on facts and is meant as infotainment) Music by Twisterium: https://soundcloud.com/twisterium ============= If you have any issue with the content used in my channel or you find something that belongs to you, please contact: ►Business email: [email protected]
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Text Comments (2501)
Malice Intended (10 hours ago)
The reason why most of the countries on this list are cheap to live in is: You don't live long enough to brag about it.
alishanqasim (2 days ago)
Please make a peaceful video about Pakistan..🇵🇰
syed khalid shah (3 days ago)
Sham for you.. Iran is the cheapest country for living in the world.... Every thing is cheap there
Flagler Place (4 days ago)
Saudi?! This entire video is bull.
eakraj Basnet (6 days ago)
Lunatic jurnalist,,,,,you have no anyone sane....please in first learn about nepal.......donkey... Nepal is one of the free state not part of india....please correction it
Lionel Bellec (6 days ago)
dev bachu (7 days ago)
What about Colombia ,Santo Domingo
Thant Zin Htwe (9 days ago)
wrong wrong wrong
William Chew (10 days ago)
Bullshit. This writer know nuts about the world
Plainsman1300 (10 days ago)
Forget about South Africa if you are white.. Nelson madella's legacy., white genocide is underway
Raja Ghani (11 days ago)
Why egypt is not in the list? It’s probably the cheapest country in the world.
TheBlueskyson (11 days ago)
Thx. Good info on renting. But where is asia in this? Surely phillipines is cheaper? ty 4 vid.
Albano Pedro (12 days ago)
Is South Africa a cheapest country??? Are you sure???
Dheeraj Draj (12 days ago)
I live in India as a student... My monthly expenses r within 100$...its very cheap
Sivaprasad Reddy Reddy (12 days ago)
smiley queen (14 days ago)
Rick Singh (14 days ago)
It’s. no from me
Anu Motiwala (14 days ago)
India is not cheap to live at all...
Chris DePalma (14 days ago)
If your white in SA, they will kill you.
Troy Jones Sr (14 days ago)
This is Bullcrap, doesn't mention murder rate, beheadings, nothing..heck the woods in Missouri would be cheaper and safer..
John Dessa (15 days ago)
this video is sending all whites to SA to be killed
Juju Rellama (15 days ago)
cape town is nice, but too many blacks there,
Jesse Percifield (15 days ago)
This list is total bullshit!
luvyesmusic (15 days ago)
While many of these countries touted here are great places to visit; most are indeed "shithole-hole countries" and are by far some of last places foreigners should go to live.
Jenny O'Connell (16 days ago)
Great video! If you love Aruba, check out my last travel video!
Javier Perez-Jimenez (17 days ago)
OK, good that people does not discover yet the most affordable place in the planet. But I am going to share it with you if you promise to do not spoil it. PUERTO RICO= is a USA colony that use the same currency. They are ruled by the same USA system federal and local. It is relative safe, just stay away from San Juan, the capitol. The island is a paradise, I would say close to the perfection: beaches, mountains, rivers, you name it. The culture is amazing: a blend of European, Tainos and African. Food, wow.......I wont comment on this. The education is very high, ABET certified,...basically same as MIT, the only difference is that cost you like 5K a year in the public system. It is not perfect, but I would say......close to perfection.
Edward Charles Burger (17 days ago)
This vídeo is a joke!!!
fabio coelho (17 days ago)
Im glad that she didn't mentioned Brazil...hhahahhahahha
Zethinova (19 days ago)
You have listed at least 3 dangerous-to-live areas half way into the video...no thanks
Dan Bartley (20 days ago)
I pay £3400 every month for my rent. I live in north west london.
Arie Fraiser (20 days ago)
I wish this channel would list the expat monthly cost and not the local monthly cost. Everyone knows there's a difference between the two with expats generally paying a lot more.
zennah esmail (20 days ago)
don't mislead people..
nikhil rao (21 days ago)
India??????????? Seriously????????? We are dieing hard here!!!
jambaman916 (21 days ago)
Did the video say India has a population or 25 billion... Wtf
Aexception (21 days ago)
3.......9 Million 😂😂
Adri Lex (22 days ago)
..... this video like many others on youtube are here to misguide.. its misinformation.. you can get better information just by reading the comments
Karkagari Rammurty (24 days ago)
I think you are mad because india and SA and Saudi are not cheap
Paul Bankole (22 days ago)
Your language is unacceptable in a decent word...hiw dare yiu use the word 'mad'?
Aunie Smile (25 days ago)
wrong title better to put cheapest life.
valentinsapte Albu (25 days ago)
BRNO???? ÎN SLOVAKIA??? good joke!!!
Jan Posthumus (27 days ago)
I think the person that made this video smoked his/her socks... total BS.
Martin Prinsloo (27 days ago)
South Africa!!!?? Crap!!
Naser Deen (1 month ago)
oh no that robotic sound
Maryam Bashir (1 month ago)
How is saudi arabia a cheap country
Aisling Smith (1 month ago)
Saudi Arabia...people cannot live there only men can. Awful place.
Leslie Rusch (1 month ago)
Please dont say south africa is cheap I am south african amd we are sick and tired of all the germans swiss dutch and british who come to live here. They dont fit into our culture at all we hate them
Peace Peace (1 month ago)
Please do a video of the cheap place to live in abroad like Canada or usa. I am talking to own your home or rent an full two or three bed room apartment wit a small income
Rafael Camilo (1 month ago)
Go back to your research, you can do better than that.
Primax M (1 month ago)
Bulgaria and Romania are in European Union. Тhis is a great advantage.
Akash Kr (1 month ago)
You don't know about India so don't say anything about India
Saleh Mari (1 month ago)
pakistan also cheap for living
frances fries (1 month ago)
Well of all of those I picked Slovakia (Bruno) Romania Bosnia and Bulgaria.
G RJ (6 days ago)
Just stick with Slovakia, honey.
Felix Valmoria (1 month ago)
Philippines my dear philippines
@Sushill (1 month ago)
Believe me you Can live In India for no more than 150$/Month including house rent
Leon Murphy (1 month ago)
Voice is disgusting
Adefolaju Adenike (1 month ago)
I can't even live in Saudi Arabia for free 😁😁😁😁😀
Mike Varga (1 month ago)
If you can work remotely, Belgrade is a great city to live in and cheap. And one of the safest European capital cities
Imn Vegas (1 month ago)
Stupid ROBOvoice!
Jordan Kelly (1 month ago)
it's a luxury channel, they don't share cheap places.
Ilse Hauger (1 month ago)
South Africa...NOT if you value your life!!
Smriti sijapati (1 month ago)
https://youtu.be/qnZNMWLil1M Go to this link and you will find the best placez to visit.
I wouldn't want to go to India
The Blackside (1 month ago)
the poorest person in USA can even afford villas and condominiums in philippines.
Xyris Anne Chloe Hb (1 month ago)
"Don't judge the book by its cover "
So nice my mission travel in world
Victor Miranda (1 month ago)
NONE of these places are worth to go and live. Unless you are rich. Best places to live on a cheap and limited income of less than US$600.00 per month is...Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Mexico, Ecuador, Panama, Honduras, Guatemala.That is, living out of the major cities. In all big cities, you must have an income of at least 2500 US Dollars. English speaking people are available most of the time. From most Latin countries, you can connect to continental USA in a few hours flight. Mexico and Philippines are the most open to retired Gringos. 02/11/19.
ARJUN B (1 month ago)
1:49 india ....!!!!!!
ARJUN B (1 month ago)
What USA is not on the top of the list ........ this must be definitely fake
Ashish Parujuli (1 month ago)
Nepal is very expensive
Ashish Parujuli (1 month ago)
+Thomas Hopfgartner where are you from?
Thomas Hopfgartner (1 month ago)
+Ashish Parujuli why should I be jealous? No reason, I like Nepal, and for me it is cheap there, I like the Himalayas...
Ashish Parujuli (1 month ago)
+Thomas Hopfgartner are you jealous about nepal
Thomas Hopfgartner (1 month ago)
+Ashish Parujulia car is not needed, public transport fine, bike, motorbike,...a house is mostly needed, but there are cheap ones, guesthouses as well, and cheaper flats also, but anyway it's the point of view how you rate something expensive or cheap...
Manoj Sah (1 month ago)
Its cheap//
Patricia Makhooe (1 month ago)
Everyone here saying South Africa is the most dangerous country to live in is talking trash, yes it has its crimes and dirt but it’s not the worse to live in and if you don’t believe me google you dumb shits and stop talking about shit you don’t know. It’s definitely not cheap though that’s a complete lie. #Links below of actual facts 👇 https://www.atlasandboots.com/most-dangerous-countries-in-the-world-ranked/ https://www.msn.com/en-in/travel/news/the-world%E2%80%99s-20-most-dangerous-countries-for-foreigners/ss-BBJOkHL
Joon Siriban (1 month ago)
Why Saudi is there
Suman Pakhrin (1 month ago)
Nepal is a cheap country. If u want to see mountains and hills and love mountaineering, trekking and feel the natural beauty at cheap price then do visit Nepal. We don't have a lot of fancy manmade infrastructures and no eye catching cities but as u move away from cities u will definitely enjoy the nature.
dubz4 adventures (1 month ago)
Cool video🙌 Check out our YouTube channel dubz4adventures and please Subscribe if you will! We are trying to build our channel! Thank you so much! 🙂👍
RUDY DUDES (1 month ago)
Leo LIM (1 month ago)
She missed out many countries! 😂 😂 😂
Karen Chastain (1 month ago)
How about Central America such as Guatemala?
Joe Bloggs (1 month ago)
I would never consider living in a muslim country like this Sordid Arabia. I cannot stand arabs. They drink camel urine and wash their faces with it. They kill their own kind. This fucking pIslam is a violent ideology ! (It is NOT a religion !)
Tony M (1 month ago)
When it said India is home to 25 BILLION residents I gave up. I had already give it a pass on South Africa despite South African friends say housebreaking and robberies are commonplace. Living cheap shouldn't also mean living dangerously.
Muhammad Ahsan Khan (1 month ago)
India?? Youll get raped
Nfinity Homes Realty (1 month ago)
BRAND NEW HOUSE IN BACOLOD CITY https://bacolod.locanto.ph/ID_3420585170/Brandnew-House-and-Lot-in-Bacolod-Near-Lopue-s-East.html
Regan Suter (1 month ago)
25 billion residents in India, did I hear that right?
use full (1 month ago)
Hey naeee pig, lady beech dont tell any thing about India 😈😤
Hannes Coetzee (1 month ago)
South Africa isn't cheap anymore and throw in the corruption, black on white racism and crime statistics......no thanks.
AMRAN KHAN (1 month ago)
Saudi Arabia is a only rich country all others countries are extremely poor
Arnold Schiopu (1 month ago)
In Romania things are more more expensive than what shet you say here in romania is hard to survive with 600 euro only a rent in a more biggar cyty is 300 and other bills and gas for car is almost the most expensive in europe soo inform more and more before make a video and don. T give wrong information to others i live in romania...
Tonny Manuilov (1 month ago)
Bulgaria 🇧🇬 <3
Sangwan Phasomwong (1 month ago)
Thailand is the best ....
Onemillionmoney (1 month ago)
Live on a sailboat
wandering spirit (1 month ago)
So. Africa? No thanks.Saudi Arabia? I don't think so.
Weng's Man (1 month ago)
Philippines.....VERY inexpensive to live there...MANY American retirees move there and live very comfortably on their social security.
Paelia (1 month ago)
I dont trust videos with robot voice...
Vedran Zaja (1 month ago)
thats bull shitt....
Vijayant Govender (1 month ago)
I am from south Africa it not cheap to stay here I don't what crap you smoking
Paul Hosken (1 month ago)
Your own mind is the best place to live in the world
ZerOne (1 month ago)
Why Ukraine and Russia don't include to this list? For example beer 0.80$. Rent apartment 100-200$
fhel (1 month ago)
India?? No its dirty there
Sylvia Spandow-Tassi (1 month ago)
In South Africa if you are white you will be hunted and murdered by Nelson Mandela ANC don’t even think of it. The rest are communist or Muslim or have drug problems don’t think so
Ashu King (1 month ago)
India is not a cheapest country
suganya paranth (1 month ago)
Who said india is cheapest?
kafanica mestosadusom (1 month ago)
Who made list?Remove from youtube ASAP!
perry reasch (1 month ago)
they should show the bad side of these places

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