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How To Invest $1,000 For Beginners

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Text Comments (120)
Asif Warsali (2 months ago)
How i can get contact with u
CPM (3 months ago)
dude you are a millionaire and saving on a coke entering in your body at chipotle what a shame...
Robert Rodriguez (3 months ago)
Ricky whats up dude
Daniel Heintzelman (4 months ago)
Age of 19, I’m invested about $3k into my business! Started at age 17!
FÜHER FROG (5 months ago)
Ricky, you're Basque? (San Sebastian, Basque Country) You do look more Castilian though
Hom Man (5 months ago)
what lead to may success was a small loan of 20g's and growing up already with money.
Hoang Dinh (6 months ago)
hey ricky i'm very interest in as stock market and i want to learn and make some money will you help how to get start
MD NURUL AMIN (6 months ago)
Thanks for the Video clip! Excuse me for the intrusion, I would love your thoughts. Have you considered - Rozardner Broker Teaching Reality (just google it)? It is a great one off guide for turning one thousand into two thousand five hundred dollars in a day minus the normal expense. Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my best friend Jordan after a lifetime of fighting got great success with it.
Mike Alvarado (6 months ago)
How can you trade if ypu not on the us pls i will like to start
Abdullah Hashimi (7 months ago)
Ricky! Thank you so much for your very helpful video. ❤️❤️
Den Harry (8 months ago)
Go hard or go home im investin up to 10k not at once but in total
L R (3 months ago)
Den Harry like how much have u Made os far?
Den Harry (3 months ago)
+L R na a few ups n downs havent hit a consistent wave yet
L R (3 months ago)
Den Harry did u succeed now? It’s been 5 months.
Den Harry (6 months ago)
+God’s child - not yet its a long term plan but i see the light .the future is bright lets get it!
God’s child - (6 months ago)
Did u succeed?
CHRIS ROM (10 months ago)
What can you do with 20,000 dollars? Any bright ideas out there?
Katherine Woods (5 months ago)
Invest wisely of course.
eva gray (11 months ago)
hi i like to ask what platform you using and what brokers you using i have 1000 euro and i like to invest i need help to find broker and platform thank you
Montague (11 months ago)
Kovaelin (1 year ago)
Don't be a dirty phone reseller.
AskAngelaLin (1 year ago)
You had some great ideas for how to invest 1000 dollars
Katrin Kaiser (1 year ago)
you are such a good soul!!
2628085 (1 year ago)
Is it hard to put into stock I’m doing it for the first time and I’m a little scared on all of it
PootsBruh (1 year ago)
I requested to join tech bud on fb and I'm still on hold for it lol help!
Inge P.K (1 year ago)
Thank you for yur videos!! I would just recommend you to talk a little bit slower, so we can understand better. It's difficult to follow you :P
DonGiovanni (7 months ago)
Be a fast thinker
Inge P.K (1 year ago)
京都アンソニー that's what I do, thank you!! 😄
京都アンソニー (1 year ago)
Inge P.K you can adjust the playback speed to make it slower by a bit.
Your spanish is good Ricky. Gracias desde España
Desinence (1 year ago)
Great information, but you really need to get better at speaking.
Tech tonik (1 year ago)
drink everytime he saids um
L R (3 months ago)
Tech tonik his brain is thinking of the words too fast
Lemi Watts (4 months ago)
You would literally die
Wade Howard (6 months ago)
Hehe you said "saids"
Cesar H Montalbo (1 year ago)
Why in the hell would you ask permission to buy something you f****** dumbass learn proper Spanish
laura rodriguez (1 year ago)
I am wanting to invest money but I don't have any knowledge on how to and what to do.. Can I get help ..
MaghoxFr (1 year ago)
laura rodriguez You live on a time when with just your thumb you have access to all the information in the world. Step 1: stop being passive and lazy.
brock Badeaux (1 year ago)
laura rodriguez books are the best investment... cheap and provide priceless information. And it’s all up to if you comprehend the information and apply it.
Tracey Paul (1 year ago)
Good info to know my head is spinning with ideas
Francesco trotter (1 year ago)
Isnt that kind of illegal and how do u get taxed
FÜHER FROG (5 months ago)
Who gives a shit
Andres Manzo (11 months ago)
Francesco trotter Reselling phones wouldn’t get taxed unless you deposit it into a bank, if you’re getting $150 a week from it, that’s pretty much gas, groceries, or personal spending money you can use instead of money you have in your bank
Alexis Bradley (1 year ago)
Love the way this guy thinks. More people should think like this.
Raul Carranza (1 year ago)
Where Can I get The tech sheets you use to Scan Stocks?
Alexis Castillo (1 year ago)
can you be my mentor?
Build Beyond TV (1 year ago)
Really you make millions of dollars on your own and you want to put in a commercial to make a penny what the hell
907 globetrotter (1 year ago)
Great advice, thank you for sharing Ricky
yezan ismail (1 year ago)
Or u can sling sum dope LMAO jk become rich 😂
DonGiovanni (7 months ago)
yezan ismail then be in jail after 6 months" great investment "
God's Advocate (1 year ago)
Great video.. no cussing! Well articulated and seemingly transparent and honest
Trey Thomas (1 year ago)
Hey Ricky I am 17 years old with 1500 dollars and I really want to invest it I need your advice on something could u please text me at 8174703031
Aizaia __ (8 months ago)
throathammer1 he really did smh
throathammer1 (1 year ago)
Trey Thomas did you really just throw your own phone number on to youtube..?
Marcus Divine (1 year ago)
Smart and gorgeous. I'm in love.
kaybronson100 (1 year ago)
Marcus Divine 😖
Mayerlin (1 year ago)
You should do videos in Spanish 👍🏽
Steven Buteau (1 year ago)
Is there a good place to find phones in bulk even if they have broken screens. Or can you help me to figure out the best place to buy a phone because to me it seems hard to buy a phone on Craigslist or offer up for a cheap price and then turn around and sell it for more
ren apigo (1 year ago)
hey ricky im a big fan of yours you motivate me to do daily trade. im watching all your video and helps me a lot. thank you
rahim_thedream 98 (1 year ago)
i wanna know who thought you all this i wish i had some one teach me how to hussle ike u bro
Dividend Reaper (1 year ago)
You have to become hungry for information. Search up beginning investing videos and then go buy a copy of "The Intelligent Investor". Most people I know who have done well in the market have damn near memorized the book front to back.
dwayne searcy (1 year ago)
Great insight bro!!! How can I become a member of Tech Solutions?
Alex Michie (1 year ago)
You need to relax.
DonGiovanni (7 months ago)
Ricky Gutierrez no brother keep doing you
Jackaboi900 (1 year ago)
Ricky Gutierrez Not really
Ricky Gutierrez (1 year ago)
+Alex Michie do I speak too quickly?
Emily Hernandez (1 year ago)
Where would you start with penny stocks?
TheBagBalm (1 year ago)
Emily Hernandez investorhub is a goodsite
Dr. Dre (1 year ago)
What what do you think of Alibaba ? I'm in general ..also I seen Huawei p10 phones $60 Or so on Alibaba..they sell $500 brand new online or in store ...do you think these are safe to resell ?
Kenny Johnson (1 year ago)
Is there a video showing how to actually start trading? What software to use etc. etc. some kind of step-by-step guide. Thanks.
Nelson Gil (8 months ago)
Use robinhood it’s free and takes zero commissions and then use something like thinkorswim for actually finding the stock you want to trade
claireabella (1 year ago)
TL:DR buy things low. sell those things higher.
Donaciano Sandoval (1 year ago)
Hey Ricky, I found out about you through Graham! I loved this video because you went into specifics about the process, and what to do. You're awesome, and real unlike some other youtubers in the community. Keep up the great work, and we're here for you!
Ricky Gutierrez (1 year ago)
+Donaciano Sandoval thank you so much for the support brother please let me know if there's anything I can do to assist you.
Ro Man (1 year ago)
Hey could u make a video about short selling and how to do it?
momenntum (1 year ago)
good video man!!
A 11 (1 year ago)
I am 15 and like for 3 years i have been reading business books and stuff to grow my millionaire mindset i have been learning trading for 1 year and been using demo accounts after that ill use real account and that income to buy and flip bikes and other investments!! You guys can do it just have a goal and break it down and work to it!! Everyday spend 1hr on your goal and increase your financial knowledge by reading book. The poor buy tvs the rich butly books. The poor by expensive things the rich but assets!
Kitkatz!!! 26 (1 year ago)
Ancil Aviation 7
Nathan King (1 year ago)
What books would you recommend reading?
Pepsiaddicto (1 year ago)
If you can find 144 phones per year at 60% price on common buying platforms, why the hell would people be paying 40% more for them ever?
Hoodrixh Jay (7 months ago)
Pepsiaddicto exactly . We all look for the best deal, it’s not like EVERYBODY is stupid.
MaghoxFr (1 year ago)
Pepsiaddicto there's always someone
Robert J. duPreez (1 year ago)
Looking forward to buying a TechBuds shirt. Be sure to test market the artwork before you comment to any design. Time to brand yourself.
Harrison Smith (1 year ago)
Hi anyone willing to help! I have ~500 to invest and can invest ~50 a month into it every month. I have an Etrade account and i want to open a roth IRA and put multiple ETFs in it...What is my next step? The only thing preventing me from making investments is that every trade incurs a fee. If i'm putting that little into the account is it even worth it? Would it be better to put $50 a month into it or better to put $200 ever 4 months into it? Is there a better brokerage to use than Etrade or does that even matter too much? Also how do i go about researching the right ETFs? lastly, should i be using Acorns? im 25 college student with 40k in debt all the loans have varyinbg interests from 2-6%. please help me as everything is so complicated and specific. Im just trying to take the ultimate path for my status.
Ryan Stewart for binary trading what platform is great to use and where can I learn more about binary trading?
damiean (1 year ago)
With this many users in techbud we need to invest as a whole in real estate, businesses, and other endeavors?
Frosty Feet (1 year ago)
Then end up in federal prison for stock minipulation. lol
Ryan Stewart (1 year ago)
damiean Yes man I think you have a point there, because you did make double even more from others investment such as Binary trading .
Joel Solis (1 year ago)
Muy buen video ricky! Saludos :)
Toto Babu (1 year ago)
You speak spanish huh....so you are from spain ricky?
FÜHER FROG (5 months ago)
He looks Spanish. He's probably a castizo.
Evolution Lancer (11 months ago)
he's from Mexican background .
OhhFree (1 year ago)
You should make a new video about swing trading.
Dividend Reaper (1 year ago)

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