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News BTC Bitcoin Analysis January 15, 2018

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BTC/USD Bitcoin bounce from a trend line during the trading session on Friday, as well as the $13,000 level. Because of this, looks like we may get a little bit of bullish pressure, but quite frankly, it’s not until we break above the $15,000 level that I feel comfortable buying. This could end up being an opportunity to sell for another attempt at the uptrend line, but I suspect we are going to see volatility more than anything else. Monday as Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday in America, so expect quiet trading. BTC/JPY Bitcoin has continued to drift lower over the last couple of sessions, and that looks likely to be the running theme. I think the market is going to go down to the ¥1.5 million level over the next several sessions, where it should find plenty of buyers. The volume is reasonably quiet, so I think this is a simple continuation of the overall consolidated move. Thanks for watching, I’ll be back tomorrow.
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Wolf (1 year ago)
this video came from the future
Krešimir Galić (1 year ago)
Today is the 12th of January?
I find NewsBTC to be a really good source of info. Who ever is discussing these charts knows what they are talking about. I have one issue. The crypto market is super fast paced. This video was posted this morning 9am 12th Jan. It discusses today as the 15th Jan... maybe the video was even produced last night 11th Jan. Today is not MLK ... next Monday is. The lag time on this video is probably 72 hours. Anyone who trades crypto knows that just about anything can happen in 72 hours. I'd like to see more up to date info (relevant to the date being mentioned) Thanks, Gerry.
ned nostes (1 year ago)
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