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Stock markets the most rewarding career. | Harsh Goela | TEDxJIIT

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In his talk, Harsh Goela talks about the stigma surrounding stock markets. He clarifies how it is different from gambling and how proper knowledge and avoiding reckless indulgence can yield profitable results. Harsh Goela a young business expert and public speaker. He is the co-founder of Goela School of Finance. He has been conducting seminars in Delhi and various other cities to make spread financial awareness among students. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx
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Catto's random vidz (1 day ago)
I really hope the Indian society becomes more optimistic in the near future.
Acting Ka Qeeda (3 days ago)
All companies are startups when they start.
Arjun Kocher (3 days ago)
It’s funny, how people are still wasting their time on bs like this.
Arjun Kocher (3 days ago)
People are still afraid to tell the truth. It makes me feel sick.
Arjun Kocher (3 days ago)
One should Get into Investing. Not just Stock Market.
venkatesh battula (7 days ago)
now right now
Noufal (7 days ago)
VENTESCRAFT MEDIA, they will teach you how to make money from stocks, they have very very best strategies, if u r interested check their instagram page
Arnab Bhattacharya (8 days ago)
Good crisp talk
ademola ayobami (8 days ago)
Thank You for the message. I am powerfully motivated and I am definitely taking a step real soon.
Be Strong In Life (9 days ago)
Great Inspirational Story Sir
Be Strong In Life (9 days ago)
Indian Education System sucks.
kuldeep raina (9 days ago)
Money will just change hands in stock markets ..no value addition is there..older experts grow on money lost by new chaps..if there are no new chaps what will they earn
Quizzer Zone (10 days ago)
Stock market is great u got to develop ur own skill to stay in it or else full wipe out don't ever take loan or sell anything to invest in stock market because nobody knows wat happens all of a sudden
Jyotishka Saha (10 days ago)
Mayank Ojha (12 days ago)
never go to stock marker.ये आप को बर्बाद कर देगा ये एक नशा है। मै एक stock ब्रोकर हूँ। 200+ clients है। कोई पैसा नहीं बना पाया ये सब tai कोट पहन के लंबी लंबी फेंकते हैं। म्यूच्यूअल फण्ड या कोई भी इंस्ट्रूमेंट जो शेयर में पैसा जाता है डूब जाएगा 20 साल तक मुटुअल्फण्ड में पैसा लगा कर खून जलाने से अच्छा है fd या पोस्टऑफिस सेविंग में लगावे पैसा धीरे पर लगातार बढ़ेगा ही सरकार के पास पैसा सेफ है। मुटुअल्फण्ड का बुलबुल जल्दी किसी फ़्रॉड के साथ फूटेगा।
Inderism (14 days ago)
Which stocks to buy for that 30000 rs?
Adam Ismail (15 days ago)
More learning comes from your practicing something
shahu bhuyar (17 days ago)
Hats off 🙌
KING KAREEM (18 days ago)
While my people are mocking me i worried about it... Now i got confident to face them.. Thank you tedx team... Thank you speaker..... Im gonna continue me investing journey😊😊😊😊
Nitin Acharya (21 days ago)
Read "ONE UP ON WALL STREET" by Peter Lynch and "BUFFETOLOGY" by Mary Buffett
Anup Sindagi (26 days ago)
I have been into trading, have to say one thing. Never take any paid course on trading, most of it is bottom line scam. You can learn the basics on the net for free and then create your own strategy and test and adjust. Nobody will teach how to make money in trading. Think of basic human psychology, if anybody knew a successful method for trading, they have no incentive to share it. I have my main own method which I developed over time. This guy is no different, he has some online course that he is trying to sell. This talk is basically a promotional video for his "School of Finance" which I found out. "If you can't do something successfully, you teach."
Michael Wilson (27 days ago)
I am a investor Australian shares and American stocks/ now firstly after a while you start realising it’s very boring !! It is no career or job and reason why schools don’t teach it is because it requires next to no brain power to do ! All you are doing is downloading a app or trading platform , researching what you are buying which I do through a simple app “simply wall st “ and having a look at what companies are doing , you do not need heaps of money to start and you can start small until you build your confidence however it is indeed very boring after about a year the novelty wears off and it becomes dull , you want to invest over the long term . there are indeed some tricks , dividends are good !!
Narendra Parmar (27 days ago)
Good one 😆
Dp sh (1 month ago)
I started trading in stock market when i was in 12th sci.
Abu ikhtiar (21 days ago)
Tell me your experience
AhamBrahmasmi (1 month ago)
Clichéd story. Bkl kuch stocks k bare me Bata.
Diksha Chhetri (1 month ago)
Thanks you soo much sir for this knowledgeable motivation lecture 🙂 I am very simple person soo I thinking stock is very risky for ordernery people 🤔
Ranjana Pancholi (1 month ago)
Hats off
Dharamveer Singh (1 month ago)
Akashdeep Singh (1 month ago)
School is scam
Entertainment Trendz (1 month ago)
That's interesting.....
Avanish Mishra (1 month ago)
Inspirational! People like you are one, who can make our country into a capitalism craven society
रावण the Power (1 month ago)
आज से 10 दिन तक शेयर मत खरीदना , अमरीका में आनीबानि लगने वाली है
Familytree (1 month ago)
Stock market is the best investment tool that our generation our have ❤️
sagar dev (1 month ago)
Amazing speech, I like the way he connected the concepts and shattered all the misconceptions !!
Aafreen Saifi (1 month ago)
sir can u tell me..which streem students can do stock market course
Abu ikhtiar (21 days ago)
Any stream can invest in stock market
pradeep kumar (1 month ago)
Say anything.. but 5% people Will success in stock market and 100% brokerage companies will get money...
kuldeep raina (9 days ago)
Sahi Kaha Pradeep Kumar..stock market is only a place where money exchange happens..no value is created..money is just changing hands
pradeep kumar (1 month ago)
+Umair Patel tum samajthe nahi...
Umair Patel (1 month ago)
pradeep kumar chooti soch
Nischay Maan (1 month ago)
Sumeet Chavan (1 month ago)
Superb talk sir
sarnava chatterjee (1 month ago)
Nice try. U r correct. Hope people understand.
Gary M (1 month ago)
The same compound interest scam
Md Aftab (2 months ago)
Stock market need right thinking, clear goal and calculated investment......These are the three mantras I would say.
Irfan Mulla (2 months ago)
nice words
Nikita Sinha (2 months ago)
Thank you so much sir👏👏
ayan shukla (2 months ago)
10:36 startups can not raise funding from stock market as they are not listed, small startups get their fundings from angel investors. Get your facts clear genius
Shreyan Jain (2 months ago)
Shubham Gupta (2 months ago)
This is absolutely brilliant!
hina gupta (2 months ago)
Check Varun Malhotra for proper guidance he is far better than this guy
imran khan pathan (2 months ago)
Markrefferal Service Private Limited me invest karo weekly payments lethe rho 5000 invest karke weekly 298 per week :isa total 250days takh 25000 invest karke 1750 per week :isa karke total 200 days takh 75000 investment karke 6062 per week :isa total 150days takh 100000invest karke 9821 per week :isa total 120 days takh
SWAP SHINDE (2 months ago)
sandy kawade (2 months ago)
Aisa lag raha hai ki fek ke mar raha hai stock market 😂😂😂
Muzbook music (2 months ago)
My story also similar Got 77.2% marks and don't go to college and start trading in stock market.
Deadpool Reborn (3 months ago)
I want to learn more about stock markets I am active investor can someone share his experiences with me cuz I want to gain more knowledge about strategies.
Ashik Shetty (3 months ago)
helpfull info...
turu nending (3 months ago)
But do startups get funding from stock market really??
I C (3 months ago)
Glad to hear I'm not the only one who absolutely loves the market atmosphere!
Khushbu Verma (3 months ago)
superb bro excellent... people think stock market is equal to loss bt the real fact they all are less aware about it..
Chandan Singh (3 months ago)
🍇🍈🍉🍉🍉🍊🍋🍋🍌🍌🍍🍍🍅🍓🍓🍒🍐🍐🍏🍎🍆🌽🍄🌰🍞🍞🍖🍗🍔🍟🍕🍳🍲🍱🍱🍠🍝🍜🍛🍚🍙🍘🍢🍣🍥🍥🍡🍦🍧🍨🍩🍪🍪🎂🍰🍫🍵🍵☕🍼🍯🍮🍬🍬🍶🍷🍸🍹🍺🍺🍻🍴🔪🌍🌎🌏🌐🗾⛰⛰🏥🌋🏤🏣🏢🏠🗻🏦🏩🏩🏫🏫🏬🏬🏬🏬🏬🏬🏭🏯🏰💒🗼🗼🗽🗽⛪⛪🌅🌄🌃🌃🌁⛺⛲⛩⛩🌇🌉♨🌌🌌🎠🎡🎢💈🎪🎭🎨🎰🎰🚈🚆🚅🚄🚃🚂🚉🚊🚞🚋🚋🚌🚌🚍🚎🚏🚐🚐🚑🚒🚓🚚🚙🚘🚗🚖🚕🚔🚛🚲⛽🚨🚥🚥🚦🚧⚓⛵🚣🚤⛴🚡🚠🚟💺✈🚢🚀🚪🚽🚿🛀🛁🛁⌛⏳⌚⏰⏱⏲🕛🕞🕝🕑🕜🕐🕧🕓🕔🕠🕕🕡🕡🕖🕢🕗🎃🎄🎆🎇✨✨🎈🎉🎑🎐🎏🎎🎍🎊🎊🎁🎫🏆⚽⚾⚾🏀🏈🏉🎾🎱🎳⛳⛳🏄🏂⛷🎽🎣⛸🏇🏊⛹🚴🚵🎯🎯🎯📱📲☎📞📟📠📠🔋🔋📀💿💾💽⌨⌨💻🔌🎥🎬🎬📺📹📹📼🔍🔎🔬🔭📡💡🔦🔦📙📘📗📗📖📕📔📔🏮📚📓📒📃📜📄📄📰📑🔖💰💴💴💵💶💲💱💹💹💳💸💷💷📨📩📤📥📥📦📫📪📬📭📮✏✏✒📇📆📅📁💼📝📈📉📋📌📍📍📎📏📐✂🔒🔏🔏🔫🔫⚔⚒⛏🔨🔑🔐🔧🔩⚙⚗⚖🔗⛓💉💊🚩🎌🎌🚬🔮🗿⚱⚰viewer chandan kumar Singh village-bhojpur city-deoghar jharkhand India
Mohammed Aleem (3 months ago)
16.09 worthwhile to watch 🙏❤
Market Technicals (3 months ago)
great inspiration
Jeet Sharma (3 months ago)
Can anyone help me where can I start learning about stock market?
Abu ikhtiar (21 days ago)
Join some courses first to know the market and start investing with minimum amount
Brightone Obodo (3 months ago)
A real good advice that completely changed our perceptions of life
sanjay Kumar dwivedi (3 months ago)
i wanna invest in stock market!! but i don't know anything about market.. is anyone here to solve dis??
Abu ikhtiar (17 days ago)
Those who are beginners in stock market and want to learn more can join the WhatsApp group 7002300349
sanjay Kumar dwivedi (3 months ago)
how to invest , where to invest???
SURAJ & SAURABH!!!! (3 months ago)
Thank you sir for your amazing speech this video has changed my goal and now you are my inspiration and i will work according to you and there will be a day when i will be speaking at your position. Thank you sir
Vedanshu Bansal (3 months ago)
How do i increase my knowledge in this field ? Also please suggest some good books i can read about stock market investing. Thankyou.
Ebu Qble (3 months ago)
That's what I am going to do,take money from company invest.
Vinayak Inamdar (3 months ago)
There is a stigma around investing in stock markets in India. This has to be taken down.
AMBALAL PANCHAL (3 months ago)
Stupidity at its best When you would like to go for vacations or world tour at your 40s or at 60s??? Just this simple question.
Winston Dsouza (3 months ago)
How would it feel like to rely on your children, when your savings can't beat the inflation in future.. I would say going on a vacation with my own money would still be better. Wanna reach there earlier? Invest more. Lol.. Basics!
Gabriele Licheri (3 months ago)
Can you add the subtitles please?
Mukesh Singh (3 months ago)
Very useful for me 👏👏👏👏👏
Balaji Prime (3 months ago)
Super talk which attracted more to stock market
vicky pati (3 months ago)
Such a great speech
Siddhi Patel (3 months ago)
This is great except it seems like you are lazy. You know there are real people who go to work everyday and are on their grind every single day. You're making these people look bad.
Winston Dsouza (3 months ago)
@siddhi Patel He dosent look lazy.. He looks relaxed. Because he chooses to use his brain, time and money in a smarter way. If the "real people" choose to go the grind everyday it's their own choice. Don't like it? Make a decision to take a few steps to change that!
I Creating Me !!! (3 months ago)
You look shock
Suraj Kamble (3 months ago)
Man you are simple Awesome 👌👌👌 No words
Aadya Mathew (3 months ago)
Penetrating insights about such a technical feild. My paradigm has shifted. Fellow spoke his heart.
Prakhar Singh (3 months ago)
Bad audiences
Divya shringi (4 months ago)
Michael Corleone (4 months ago)
Its not. Tension rehta bhai
Joshua Jess (4 months ago)
what course after 12th can i take that is in someway related to stock markets and investing
JP (4 months ago)
Amazing presentation my friend, I appreciate the inspiration dearly. 👏🏽🙏🏽✌🏽
KAUSHAL BOTHRA (4 months ago)
I'm now inspired to invest in stock market.
Salman Sajid (4 months ago)
5cr. And change. Did u take time value of money into account??
ripper boi (4 months ago)
I'm in college right now and highly interested in the stock and forex market. I started with 100$ and have made 235$ already in the last 3 weeks
vishnu krishna (4 months ago)
Sir. Really I say thanks for this speech. This is the 1st speech I heard from you. This speech turns alot in my life. Now I'm working in stock market. My Designation is Dealer. But one day I will get position at Research Analyst
Ashok Vankadaru (4 months ago)
by insipiration & motivation from you i started to comment in public or in social service application ...it's is beautiful & motivated to learn English in easy way 👏
kedar kulkarni (4 months ago)
Great inspirational talk on stock market. Usually we hear negative comments. In short you made it clear that we can make this as career or full time business. All we get in the market are the Trainers those who conduct one or two days seminars and charge heavily and hardly teach anything. We again end up in getting little knowledge and reach no where. Kindly advise us where to go and learn A to Z about stock market, become professional & make it as full time career...
Rinkesh Gokulchandani (4 months ago)
Can anyone explain how did he arrive at that number(Rs. 5,58,00,000)
Just Friends (4 months ago)
He's right
Vikey Kumar (4 months ago)
Any help regarding intraday tips always helpfull ping @ 90665 22359
Rushabh Runwal (4 months ago)
sacchi baat che
Furqaan Shariff (4 months ago)
All the people watching this video. We have taken action towards our life. And we will be rewarded, I don't know exactly how. But, I know we all will be RICH! Law of cause and effect.
dharmesh bathija (4 months ago)
Torrent Pharma can be a strong buying opportunity now ?
Hernandez10052 (4 months ago)
Obviously the education system lacks that part to teach simply because the education system is not build to produce rich people, it is made to produce workers. Even a doctor is simply just a high-paid worker, but still a worker, and the huge amounts of debt that they have to pay for loans and for school is another wall set by the system so that they can't become rich even with the amount of money that they get paid. Entrepreneurship and investing is ultimately what makes people rich, make the money work for you, don't work for the money. But that's the exact opposite that the education system teaches you, it teaches you to work for your money, hence going to school will never be a guaranteed way to make money, only a guaranteed way to work more, and work for the people that are truly making the big bills.
NARAYAN RATAWA (4 months ago)
Per month 500/- ka jugaad kya h bhai ?
Aditya Patil (4 months ago)
U are absolutely right!!! Go ahead!!!
grim789 (4 months ago)
Finally someone who really understands the markets and the reality. Trading is a skill and takes years to develop and get to even making consistent profits.
Rohit Kataria (4 months ago)
Great Communication skills!! 😘😍
Divya Lad (4 months ago)
Great dude just great!
Gokul Agarwal (4 months ago)
He is damn good man
Abhijeet Singh (4 months ago)
start listening from 5:00
TEAM GORA (4 months ago)
Am I only the one who noticed that baggy pants🙄

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