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Bitcoin price technical analysis - 4th August 2018

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Bitcoin price prediction. Bitcoin price technical analysis. Where will Bitcoin price be heading? See the video for my analysis on bitcoin price Over the years I have learnt that the best traders are the ones that develop their social network. In this game knowledge is power and one can never have too many contacts. For that reason I have created this channel to share my knowledge with you and broaden my social network. Check out my 5 concise videos covering all there is to know about Elliott Wave: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=thgfMAr2Z9o&list=PLax5Lv43whofuY36wS99SpSumgaWFCFs8 👍Please like, share and subscribe to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkVYpd8VHPBePTrk8v8cjJQ ☎ Follow me on: 👉Twitter - https://twitter.com/wavesix18 👉StockTwits - https://stocktwits.com/Waves618 👉Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Waves-618-338234023360982/ 👉Steemit - https://steemit.com/@waves618 👉Email - [email protected] Disclaimer: The information provided by Waves618 is not to be used as financial advice. The information provided is for educational purposes only. Waves618 does not advise that you buy or sell anything. Always perform your own market research and trade at your own risk
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Text Comments (67)
Love your Video. The most I’ve learned so far. I wish I would have found it sooner.
Rascar Capac (7 months ago)
Loved ur video! really appreciate the work u put into these TA vids. just a question : doesn't X usually retrace to .5 - .618 of W ? where u had put ur initial X, it's less than .5. Is .382 retracement acceptable as well? I'm still learning, so forgive me if it's a silly question.
Waves618 (7 months ago)
Hi Numair, not a silly question at all. I've not heard that X wave cannot retrace less then 50%. I think a 38.2% retracement is reasonable and from my experience I have seen many X waves retrace to the 38.2. The X wave just joins 2 corrective patterns tohgether and will retrace to different levels depending on the sentiment in the market
Alex Borisov (7 months ago)
What month do you think we will bottom out? And do you see the bullrun starting late this year or in 2019?
angeld1120 (7 months ago)
I already told you it was going to break the folk and break out of 10k. Take profits now because its going back up to 10k-11k
angeld1120 (7 months ago)
Btc is not going to 4k your gonna have to cut your losses lol. You could do all the analysis you want and try and be 100% accurate but the btc charts dont respect analyst's.
OyeBeto7 (7 months ago)
Thank you for sharing your analysis
Jeux vidéo (7 months ago)
If you think he is all correct, he must be the richest man with cropto-currencies. I bet he does not own even 1 bitcoin.
T W (7 months ago)
Look forward to these videos, thanks! Can you give quick thought on the S&P 500? thankyou
M M (7 months ago)
Would appreciate a tutorial on how you apply Moving Averages
Raj S (7 months ago)
great analysis and knowledge. thank you for posting!
Yaron Manor (7 months ago)
Another great video. Thanks for the detailed explanations. cheers
Michael Cole (7 months ago)
head shoulders knees and toes knees and toes
leealtman (7 months ago)
best TA of the day by far, thanks again 618!
Russell Craig (7 months ago)
You're one of 2 main TA guys that I respect and follow. The other guy is Alessio Rastani who is a seasoned veteran and comes across as a decent, rational and knowledgeable guy but he recently suggested when BTC went up to $8.4K that we could now say that the bottom was in and that the next stop was $10k enroute to a bullrun in due course. I had to disagree based on your TA with the fib/time focus. For the first time in my 10 moths crypto trading experience, I can say that I asserted a more likely drop back down to $6k range quite strongly based on your Fib/time analysis. It has been amazingly consistent ever since I first started watching your videos on it back in May/June. At the time, Aug 25th seemed like ages away and not likely to play a part in the current bear market but now with it being only 3 weeks away it seems like it will figure strongly. In fact, I now doubt that we'll see the bottom within the next 21 days and thus I expect that your fib/time alternate suggestion of Jan 2019 to be the date to be keeping an eye on. That suits me fine as it'll give me a lot more time to accumulate more Fiat to buy some BTC ready for the big ride north! Kudos,.. and BIG thanks!
Waves618 (7 months ago)
Thanks for the kind words Russell
Barnabas Szakal (7 months ago)
This is unbelievably outstanding TA, I am really thankful that I can see such quality work, thank you so much!
AA Crypto (7 months ago)
Well... you've been pretty spot on my friend. Thanks for your videos. Still would like to see ETH if you can squeeze it in.
Joe Hardy (7 months ago)
good job mate, great analysis!!
Alex H (7 months ago)
great TA !
Ghengis Villacrez (7 months ago)
what is the configuration of the main schiff pitchfork of the down trend?
Waves618 (7 months ago)
The lines I always use are: 1 and 2 (on that particular fork I included 1.5 and 1.75)
Tim Barrett (7 months ago)
Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your videos. Thanks so much... Peace and Prosperity..
Carlos Rios (7 months ago)
Amazing analysis. Thanks for explaining this last leg up as someone new to reading charts I thought we were in a 3 to 4. Also thanks for introducing me to how effective the pitchfork is in analysis. I wasn't familiar with those at all. You are really helping noobs like me, Thank You.
kyleucf (7 months ago)
Thanks for the update! I have 2 questions... 1) Are you considering the potential for an ETF to invalidate what's going on? The hive mind seems to think ETF approval will cause huge increases. What do you think? 2) Would you mind talking a little more about why and when you use the log chart vs the normal chart?
Waves618 (7 months ago)
Hi, no I'm not concerned about the ETF, I don't trust many crypto fundamentals and I think that their hype is often used by the smart money to create liquidity. I feel that the likelihood of an ETF being accepted is no more likely than it not being accepted I've been focusing on the log chart as I find that charts with exponential price movements such as BTC/USD seem to have trend lines and pitchfork lines which work better on log charts
Kads Chowdhury (7 months ago)
Fantastic video!
CryptOmelet (7 months ago)
Spot on ! Few hours later a dump is happening on #bitcoin... Tried to play Long for a rebound but with no success due to this. As I missed the short (stop out) from this top, I'm gonna try to play a rebound around the 6800 USD. And then try to set a short sell for the next "big" wave down. I'm still counting on the same low targets (sub 5k) - as "predicted" long ago also by Nas (FF) - to start investing on cryptos. Also most of the #Alts are on the edge, or already down ahead new bottom discovery (especially for the most recent ones)
Crypto Style (7 months ago)
Man, you should have at least 100k subscribers, the level of your videos and TA is very high
Natasha N (7 months ago)
Matt Rowland (7 months ago)
Wonderful TA class, Boss! You rock!
Carlos Laasi (7 months ago)
Good Videos !
Kok Vasin (7 months ago)
Great video, as always I didn't short the top at 8500 no position right now. I laddered my short starting from 7800 to 8800 stoploss at 9200. Do you think the price could go above 8300 to make double top - or is it too late? Thank you
Waves618 (7 months ago)
No, I can't see it going back it going back up to 8300
Dennis (7 months ago)
Very nice! I am so happy I found your channel a while ago! Very solid TA!
borgilskye (7 months ago)
Fine Ta as usual, thanks man. Hope people have the balls to deal with the panic when it comes. Big opportunities will open up for those who want to play 5% or 10% of their investment assets,, but not for the faint hearted!
Steven Desmet (7 months ago)
Loved it again. Could current leg 'up' not simply be an abc, whereas we're currently in the b of b; so one more leg up before further correction? As you're showing, no real bull trap in this. The one from some time ago seems a little weak, not?
Waves618 (7 months ago)
I can't see it going higher than 8700 as that would break out of the down trend
Potsafe (7 months ago)
Thank You
Francesco Bottazzi (7 months ago)
Great vídeo, thanks a lot
Trader KR (7 months ago)
Soo.... Did you make that discord yet?
Trader KR (7 months ago)
Waves618 I better be the first person you invite! Ha
Waves618 (7 months ago)
Hi Kev, I looked into it, but I don't think I'll go down that route. May end up creating a private facebook group though
R K (7 months ago)
What is your opinion on the governments will take over Cryptos and create their own legal coin and declare any other coin illegal? I mean today I was at a ATM and there was a sticker on it saying: Due to the decrease of interest in cash we are removing this ATM. So they slowly preparing for a cash less society. Imagine they will succeed with this approach! That would mean total control. Every tax rise per mouse click. Every coffee you buy they will know about. No cash payment for fixing your car or plumber anymore. I don't know if this is bringing us financial freedom or more slavery. At the moment I feel like a free range chicken demonstrating for being held in cages.
CryptoRene (7 months ago)
Very nice video, thank you so much for your technical analysis, really appreciate it!! You, Nas and AMD are the best!!
Chris Rust (7 months ago)
Thank's u r 1 of the U tube Champions.
Chris Rust (7 months ago)
Thanks, I am not familiar with any of the once you mention except The Chart guys, will check some of the others out. I just finished the Bitrage TA course (only course I ever did). At $400 I think it is reasonable , there style is 2nd to none and easy to learn imo, plus you get a money back guarantee. If you like the style of there videos you would like there course.
Barnabas Szakal (7 months ago)
Not too easy to find unfortunately. Also depends if you like to learn TA or rather to be informed about the state of the market. I have a lots of respect to JD Marshall, I pay attention to his opinion. If you would like to explore, might consider Krown's Crypto Cave, TheChartGuys, Philakone, A P, I think you are aware of them, you might not like the style or the format... I just discovered Credible Crypto, only seen one video, not conclusive yet, but I am still hoping for some hidden gems. The courses are quite expensive (for me) it would be nice to know if there are worthy ones out there. Let's keep in touch about these issues, it is a win-win for everyone.
Chris Rust (7 months ago)
U r welcome, got any other favourits yourself I can check out ? (I''m always looking for new talent.)
Barnabas Szakal (7 months ago)
Chris, very elegant list, thank you!
Chris Rust (7 months ago)
Bitrage, Financial Freedom, Crypto Crew and also Tone Vays plus Real Crypto.
Jose Aira (7 months ago)
One of the best TA. THANKS BRO!
Matthew Cessor (7 months ago)
I lost 27k *2.6Btc when I started trading CRYPTO it was devastating, I thought i will be able to trade without the help of anyone until I found a comment about Mr. Ellis I contacted him and he made me understood trading is what he loves doing and his career and he went along promising to help me not only to recover my lost money but to earn for the rest of my life, now I make as much 40k every week from his tradings , he is reliable, honest, consistent and very experienced, contact him at [email protected] com or +1(318)607 0868
Richard Stevenson (7 months ago)
i must agree he's the best trader i've come acrossed
Frank Lazslo (7 months ago)
i make 18 btc weekly with Mr Ellis Trading strategy he's a genius
AURORA GARCIA (7 months ago)
Mr Ellis the best Trader ever I can’t mention the amount of Btc I’ve made since I contacted him and he’s so visible Gosh!!!
Emory June (7 months ago)
Mr. Ellis is a mastermind trader he made my dream possible now i have 20Btc
Michael Stevenson (7 months ago)
Mr. Ellis one of the best trader I've come across he's an expert in trading he helped me also to be honest
Simon Williamson (7 months ago)
Thanks for the video, great TA.
Jack Jackal (7 months ago)
Curious what you think will happen once we hit either 3k or 4k?
Waves618 (7 months ago)
I would expect to see a Wyckoff accumulation phase with price moving sideways before moving up
Erol Suleyman (7 months ago)
Very clear and helpful, many thanks!
llol gp (7 months ago)
I would love if u made more videos!
Ravi shankar (7 months ago)
very good analysis. appreciate your efforts in explaining the stuffs. I really hope BTC plays out the same pattern as you have predicted so as for me to make an entry around 4200 - 3800 range. 😋
K I (7 months ago)
Much Respect Ty <3
Todd Schultz (7 months ago)
Good Job, Thank You

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