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Trading the Ichimoku Cloud

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This video is designed to give the trader an introduction to the Ichimoku Cloud, a popular Japanese trending indicator with high accuracy in all global markets. Get a FREE practice forex trading account: - For EU/UK residents click here: http://go.xtbaffiliates.com/visit/?bta=38017&nci=7867 - For Non-EU residents click here: http://go.xtbaffiliates.com/visit/?bta=38017&nci=7837 Want to get my Price Action Course for FREE? Click here to find out how: https://2ndskiesforex.com/xtb/
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Text Comments (45)
Kalani King (1 year ago)
Is it effective & accurate for penny stocks or nano mkt caps under 50M mkt cap?
2ndSkies Forex (11 months ago)
So I only trade the Ichimoku Cloud on the 1hr TF's and up. In the original texts, they never went below the daily, but from my experimentation over the last 15+ yrs using Ichimoku trading, I find it more effective on the 1hr and up.
Kalani King (1 year ago)
Why not? Is the 9 & 25 period too long to predict penny stock volatility and accurately pinpoint support & resistance lines? It would make sense to back up ur opinion w/ facts & reasoning.
2ndSkies Forex (1 year ago)
Hello Kalani, Sure, I don't think that's the issue, but I wouldn't be day trading them with the ichimoku cloud. Hope this helps.
Lincoln C Mitchell (2 years ago)
good video
doodoo bangbang (2 years ago)
Dodododododoo bang bang
Ellis Russell (3 years ago)
Does the Daily time frame have to be in sync with the weekly time frame? Meaning if I am shorting the market on the Daily, does the weekly have to be also in a downtrend,? .
John Currie (3 years ago)
How can you call yourself an Ichimoku trader when you don't use the Chikou span? Big mistake in my opinion as the Chikou when used as a filter keeps you out of bad trades.
2ndSkies Forex (3 years ago)
+John Currie Hello John - thanks for sharing your opinion. First off, we do use it as per our course but in very selective ways. Secondly, I'm guessing you've never read the original texts or Sasaki's text. If you did, you'd realize that in the 7 chapters, he spends only 1 talking about the 5 lines. On top of this, he mentions the Chikou maybe 5% of the time throughout the book. Hence the masters of Ichimoku place less importance on the 5 lines than is generally understood, which also means the chikou is not as major as its generally made out to be. Hopefully this clarifies things a bit. Kind Regards, Chris Capre
DailyStockPlays.com (3 years ago)
Excellent Ichimoku Cloud video
Vicky Jeter (3 years ago)
You keep say crossover. What exactly do you mean by crossover?
2ndSkies Forex (3 years ago)
+Vicky Jeter You can find more about the requirements on my mentoring page here (http://2ndskiesforex.com/mentoring/) Kind Regards, Chris Capre
Vicky Jeter (3 years ago)
Could you please provide more information on the Private Education/Mentoring.
Vicky Jeter (3 years ago)
I figured it out. Thank you so much and my apologies for the delayed response.
2ndSkies Forex (3 years ago)
+Vicky Jeter Hello Vicky...which part of the video are you referring to (timestamp)?
Andres Marrero (3 years ago)
What is the name of the thick line between the tenkan and the kijun called?
2ndSkies Forex (3 years ago)
+Andres Marrero Sky blue? likely a 20EMA (not part of the traditional ichimoku system) but something I always use. Hope this helps. Kind Regards, Chris Capre
Desirous Info (4 years ago)
gr8 one. thank you very much.
great video, thanks for uploadingh!
WorldRichestWomanCOM (5 years ago)
The Ichimoku Cloud = very good
2ndSkies Forex (5 years ago)
Hello Murali, That is a 20ema which I always have on my charts, whether its a ichimoku or price action chart. Hopefully this clarifies it. Kind Regards, Chris Capre
Murali prasad (5 years ago)
what is the blue line between tenkansen and kijunsen ,,
2ndSkies Forex (6 years ago)
Hello Ke4wzm, if you watch to about 5:40 in the video, I explain this and say they work 'basically' like moving averages, while giving these calculations about the 9-26 hi/low periods. Kind Regards, Chris Capre
ke4wzm (6 years ago)
9-26 are not moving averages but the avg of the last 9-26 hi-lo periods
Dave MacKay (6 years ago)
Most helpful, thanks Chris.!
2ndSkies Forex (6 years ago)
Glad you liked it. I have a ton of articles and videos on my site regarding the Ichimoku Cloud which you can find in my new to forex section scroll down to the section on Ichimoku. Hope this helps. Kind Regards, Chris
2ndSkies Forex (6 years ago)
Hello Politicalmessage, yes, you can trade it on the 5m and 15m. You just have to tailor it a bit based on the instrument, volatility levels, and based on a few other ichimoku parameters. But yes, it can be done. Hope this helps. Kind Regards, Chris
2ndSkies Forex (6 years ago)
Hello Vince, Yes, I have reviewed it and after thinking about it, I now include the chikou span or what is called the 'lagging line', which you can see in my new ichimoku daily setups posts. hope this helps - Kind Regards, Chris
2ndSkies Forex (6 years ago)
Hello Vince, All the same that I teach in my ichimoku videos, but I teach specific setups on the 5m chart in my advanced ichimoku course which you can check out on my site. Hope this helps. Kind Regards, Chris
2ndSkies Forex (7 years ago)
Hello @angrybear, I personally can visualize the chikou based on current price action, so what the line would tell me I can already see. however, not everyone can do this, so I have started to incorporate methods for my course members how to use the chikou in regards to reversals and trends hopefully this clarifies it Kind Regards, Chris
jim liu (7 years ago)
Hi Chris doesn't the chikou span tell you the strength of the trend, how come you think completely useless?
2ndSkies Forex (8 years ago)
@classicallyliberal Good question - I generally recommend the 1h, 4h and daily but can be done on 30m once you get good with it. Hope this helps Chris Capre
classicallyliberal (8 years ago)
Hello Chris, what time periods could the ichimoku be used on?
2ndSkies Forex (8 years ago)
@TickleMehNancy I can understand your apprehension in believing this but I am going to disagree here as our funds' track records + many of my former students who are only trading ichimoku are clocking in with similar statistics so it can be done, has been done & will continue to be done. Generally western or european traders have lower accuracy levels but in asia, I appreciate you sharing your thoughts and always enjoy a dialogue on this Chris Capre
John Jameson (8 years ago)
@CurrencyWolf It is too good to be true that is why. No indicator will give you an 80% success rate alone...maybe in hindsight but trading based on indicators is a novice mistake.
2ndSkies Forex (8 years ago)
@vincentalderman Hello Vincent, I would suggest starting w/the book, 'Trading the Global Currency Markets' (cornelius luca). That would be a good start. If you also sign up for my newsletter, you'll get my eBook for free which will also talk about getting an edge in trading. From there, you can also email me [email protected] and I'll give you another one of my eBooks for free 'Striking Gold in Your Trading' which will give you a good base and perspective. Hope this helps - Chris Capre
2ndSkies Forex (8 years ago)
@ChangedByTheVoice Good question - I actually do not use MT4 for my charting so that is why its hard to get my template. I use Intellicharts for my charting so they will always look different. Hence, I do not have a tpl for MT4 or MT5. Sorry I could not help any further. As always, good luck trading - Chris Capre
2ndSkies Forex (8 years ago)
@SilverShamrock71 Your welcome. Make sure to check out all the videos and Ichimoku articles on the site as they will definitely help you understand how to use this method further. Chris Capre
HelloThere (8 years ago)
@SecondSkies Yes it does Chris, thanks for your responses.
2ndSkies Forex (8 years ago)
@SilverShamrock71 Hello again Jon, Unless you have it tailored for a specific proprietary method, I would use the exact same settings that are standard for them (12 for momentum and 14 for ATR). I only tailor indicator settings when working with modeled proprietary methods. Hope this Helps, Chris Capre
2ndSkies Forex (8 years ago)
@SilverShamrock71 Hello SilverShamrock, Good Question. I do not trade this method on the 5M time frame except with a proprietary method from our Ichimoku Course so I could not give you something specific to really bite on. However, on higher time frames, a couple of standard options would be to have a trailing stop behind the Tenkan or Kijun. Another option is to wait for a Tenkan - Kijun cross in the opposite direction. Hope this helps put you in the right direction. Chris Capre
HelloThere (8 years ago)
Also which settings would you use for the Momentum and ATR indicators when trading a 5M time frame? Thanks, Jon
HelloThere (8 years ago)
Chris, what in your opinion is the best way of deciding when to take profit and exit a trade? Let's say for example on a 5M time frame, on EURUSD, I know there are lots of factors to consider, but do you have a "line in the sand" type approach?
2ndSkies Forex (8 years ago)
@CurrencyWolf Hello Currency Wolf, This is a strong method/system for trading the markets and I think as you work with it over time using the right application of it, you will find a high degree of success with it as many other new traders have. Chris Capre
gambler (9 years ago)
nice one

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