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Passive Income: How I Make $7,200 A Month (5 Ways)

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In this video, I will show the passive income sources that I use to generate more than $7,000 per month. I'll be honest, I'm not a big fan of the words "passive income." There seem to be many misconceptions about the topic. If you find value in the video, don't forget to drop a like to support the channel! 💰 Invest for FREE with M1 Finance ➤➤➤ https://mbsy.co/q2MDL Follow me on Instagram ➤➤➤ https://www.instagram.com/nateobrienn/ #1 Investing Book- https://amzn.to/2Q5j7Ii Call me to learn my YouTube secrets: https://clarity.fm/nateobrien Take control of your future with this FREE budgeting template: https://goo.gl/P3V2TH Listen to two audio books for FREE by signing up for an Amazon Audible 30 day free trial!!➤➤➤http://amzn.to/2DAuty0 Subscribe for more videos like this: https://www.youtube.com/nateobrien?sub_confirmation=1 Want to grow your business? Check out Santrel Media’s YouTube Channel ➤➤➤https://www.youtube.com/santrelmedia
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Text Comments (2141)
Nate O'Brien (3 months ago)
Hey everyone. I was hesitant to create this video because I did not want it to come off in a manner in which I did not intend. After repeated requests for this video, I came to the realization that it might be best to be open about some of my passive income sources. If you found value in this video, don't forget to drop a like and share it with someone who you think may find it to be useful. Hope you are having a great day, Nate
Monica Villada (21 days ago)
You're a cutie
Mi cocina y mucho mas (26 days ago)
Van Niyo (20 hours ago)
I sell my jizz for passive income. That shit cures everything.
Downswing Player (2 days ago)
I could never trust a man who doesn't film his video in a rented garage full of self help books.
00 Josh (1 day ago)
+Downswing Player The grand wizard of kNoWlEdGe
Downswing Player (1 day ago)
+00 Josh I prefer to call him grand master fountain of all KNAWALEDGE in the world.
00 Josh (1 day ago)
Are you referencing Señor Tai Lopez?
Naumanistani (3 days ago)
You don’t have to own an item to sell then to the viewers right? Like let’s say, Sony Camera, I don’t own one but I can put a link in description and advertise people to click on it. If that makes sense
bcnonken (3 days ago)
He’s so handsome wow
PUN! e ne mi (3 days ago)
I completely agree in school we don't learn anything about money and that actually is way more important than a lot of other disciplines.
noway josé (4 days ago)
Great vid.
Raman Bansal (4 days ago)
Sir i want work in your country But how can apply for job
Rachel S. Lee (4 days ago)
I love passive income. I am an affiliate marketer and all the information shared here are so true and relatable. Some people might not appreciate what passive income can do for their lives but it sure is an awesome resource for online entrepreneurs. Great video, beginners will surely learn from this.
Whickaa (6 days ago)
Subd 👍🏻
Nate O'Brien (6 days ago)
Thank you
Jack Straw (7 days ago)
Have to stop you buddy. Your voice is annoying. You speak too quickly, I believe. You're just not comfortable to listen too. No offense meant. I couldn't watch your whole video
Vinh Bui (7 days ago)
YouTube income cannot be counted as passive income because it requires you to work for it.
LifeOf MICHASSO (7 days ago)
Bruh if you was in the stock market at 11 years old i feel behind
Lovejot Singh (8 days ago)
love from punjab
Nate O'Brien (7 days ago)
Thank you!
A L (8 days ago)
Ok but HOW do you invest in a stock I'm so confused
Nate O'Brien (7 days ago)
Made a few videos on this!
young bibby (8 days ago)
google it
Randy Gonzalez (8 days ago)
Subscribed and liked because this guy seems legit
Randy Gonzalez (7 days ago)
+Nate O'Brien HOLY SH*T YOU REPLIED 😱🤑🤑🤑
Nate O'Brien (7 days ago)
Hey thanks Randy!
Ronelia Sarile (9 days ago)
@t just click the link register for free and earn
Joe Farouk (9 days ago)
Jamshaid Ali (9 days ago)
Poor people only have 1 source of income. The rich will always have different ways to make money.
Zak aria (10 days ago)
can you speak slowly , please ? :(
Kevin Louisa (10 days ago)
Hye man, put french subtitles please
Enrico Anisco Jr (11 days ago)
What if i dont have a credit card? What can i do?
Anthony Russo (11 days ago)
This man put an ad at the very END of his video. Thank you for your moral compass and integrity.
Vhilicious (12 days ago)
Money falling from the sky 😂😁
Jin (12 days ago)
So this kind of channel make 7k/mounth crazy
Alberto Lamandini (12 days ago)
I'm here just to read comments on his shoulders
Alberto Lamandini (11 days ago)
+Nate O'Brien haha cool, well, take it as a compliment, I like your videos, no offence ;)
Nate O'Brien (11 days ago)
I had no idea till I posted this video
Better2Day (12 days ago)
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Hadley Salinas (13 days ago)
make money
Stephen (11 days ago)
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Y Gui (16 days ago)
Sounds too good to be true lol
aab434 (16 days ago)
Agreed high school does not teach enough things to get started in life. All it is is teachers engraving into you that you can't get anywhere without a college degree which isnt true
Tuxster3 (16 days ago)
Yet another USELESS YouTube video!
Baptiste lhc (16 days ago)
video starts at 2:05
Passive Money Project (16 days ago)
Love it! I created a channel too on Passive Income! I hope to make an impact like you have!!!! After using the techniques you teach and created income streams over the past few years enough to quit my full time job if I wanted. I want to help people nearing retirement that don't quite have anything to show for it set up income streams online, so they can live a life that they dreamed of!!!! Its so easy to make an impact!!! Thanks for the good content!
l8Os (16 days ago)
Davyn Thompson (16 days ago)
Great video definitely subscribing👌🏽
Jason Mike (16 days ago)
Investing massively into trading crypto earned me my first million dollar, with the help of a very good and caring expert trader Mrs Terriese White
Jacqui M (3 days ago)
So excited to be a part of this! Love working with Terriese ☺️
The Gold Project (16 days ago)
I and my husband are on two different crypto investment with her
Andrea D (16 days ago)
Terriese has made me a lot of money handling my trades,
Robert Sunderland (16 days ago)
+mrWolfman She is very disciplined, recompose your mails, be official and straight forward
mrWolfman (16 days ago)
please someone talk to me, i don't know why she is not replying my mails. Hope I'm not doing anything wrong i really need this
Tim Durden (17 days ago)
Park it at a bank?!?! For 2.something% HELLLLL NOOO. I'd rather park my money in an index fund and secure a much higher rate without adding any significant risk. Even a US treasury bond has higher rates than that and that money is guaranteed because they can print more
Christian Walsh (16 days ago)
1. YouTube videos (ads) 2. Amazon commissions 3. Stocks 4. Bank savings account 5. Product shout outs online
Laugh Studio (18 hours ago)
Thanks lol
Joseph Broseph (3 days ago)
Crle can you set this up for me? ... for money
CrLe (9 days ago)
Open amazon affiliate account, buy php script for amazon affiliate shop, instal it on hosting, paste your aff link, advertise site or do seo yourself, 50$ cost to start, hundreds $ to make daily
Ivar Losna (17 days ago)
Savings accounts at 2.25% don't even cover inflation, not really a source of passive income.
Ivar Losna (17 days ago)
Skip to 7:11 if you're tired of hearing how to make money from YouTube videos.
Dennis Beekhuizen (17 days ago)
Great video/very informative I’m in my late 40s wanting to gather as much information about passive income and where to start and take some action, great job keep up the great work 👍 look forward to your other video thanks
Eric M. (17 days ago)
you could be an actor dude you have the face for it. that will be your 6th way
Nate is a very good person and you must take my word for it
RM B (17 days ago)
Nice vid!
Adkins Investing (18 days ago)
How old are you?
Adkins Investing (15 days ago)
Nate O'Brien Me to brother! 👀🤩
Nate O'Brien (17 days ago)
20 :)
Jean Torrecilos (18 days ago)
What a shoulder this guy have! I was think was the chair behind him!! Like a square one
Nate O'Brien (18 days ago)
The comments on this video are making me realize that my shoulders may be a bit wide
Prafull Thakur (19 days ago)
Doing great man.
Nate O'Brien (18 days ago)
Thank you!
Tyela McGee (19 days ago)
Discovered you not too long ago and I have been liking your content, new subbie
Tyela McGee (17 days ago)
+Nate O'Brien you're welcome!
Nate O'Brien (18 days ago)
Thank you Tyela!!! I appreciate the support
Joy Gutierrez (19 days ago)
For starting with making YouTube videos. What do you suggest starting out with for topics?
Erik Swiger (19 days ago)
I have no problem creating content for revenue ... I just don't know what content I should focus on.
Erik Swiger (17 days ago)
+K.C Reacting Hip Hop Fans! So, sort-of MST3K-type stuff, watching other people's content and reacting to it? I've strongly considered that. I've got some ideas in mind. But can I profit from that in the same way as Amazon FBA?
Erik Swiger weaction weedeos
River Baja (19 days ago)
Cheyenne Alvis (19 days ago)
PLEASE invest $100 in BeyondMeat whose stock tripled in 3 days. Invest $100 each in the 3 companies that privately invest in DWAVE quantum computing. And, just Leave that money for 20 years.
Tazboy (19 days ago)
U look like Spiderman with pc Master race hairstyle
Sandish Singh (19 days ago)
Thanks Nate ❤ ❤ ❤ Heartily thanks ❤ ❤ 💖
T C (20 days ago)
I don't understand how you get paid from a YouTube video. You demonstrate something and the company that makes the product you're pushing pays you? It sounds like a temporary passive income source. I can see getting money from stocks for dividends or tying up your money in a savings account. But that really doesn't grow in any real way, does it. Passive income doesn't require you lifting a finger on whatever it was you started. You'll know it's passive if you went away for several years and discovered you had a fat bank account from all the money that was being stuffed into it the entire time you were gone. And, aside from the effort of starting it, you never had to lift a finger toward it ever again. Passive.
Elizabeth C (20 days ago)
I wish I would’ve been you when I was 11!
Nathalie Nieves Jones (20 days ago)
I'm amazed by the way he speaks. It literally sounds sooo perfect lol
Jonathan Pettersson (20 days ago)
Great inspiration and motivation! Thank you!
Tushar Singh (21 days ago)
Please , you say Hindi language
michael wagner (21 days ago)
Thank you for sharing your experiences. 👍
Oh-So -Graceful (21 days ago)
Hi Nate how are you? I would love to network with you a bit? I'm a high ticket affiliate marketer and wanted to know if you would like to be a jv? If not that's alright Going to invest in a camera etc over the summer and really build out my youtube channel
LongDuckDong 1 (21 days ago)
Buy Bitcoin.
gun slinger9094 (21 days ago)
how can a small youtube channel under a thousand subs like myself can make any revenue with their policy
Jay Ferrero (21 days ago)
I never subscribe to these types of guys but I had to sub to your channel. Great advice especially coming from a young man like you. You’ve got a very bright future ahead
1363 1363 (21 days ago)
Very smart guy. You’ve got the skills
Camenraider CC (21 days ago)
1 U are an escort 2 U are a thief 3 U are an escort
Zoe S (22 days ago)
I appreciate your honesty and genuine help! Your videos have been helping me a lot. Thanks! 💗
Nate O'Brien (22 days ago)
Thank you for the kind words Zoe! Wishing you the best of luck
Sisco (22 days ago)
Hey Nate! If you don't mind me asking, what mic do you use?
Ashley AZ Mom (23 days ago)
I just got paid .5 cents in dividends for my stock.
Harniel Ermias (24 days ago)
Them shoulders look like coat hangers jk
airking26 (24 days ago)
Starts at 2:06
Sophia Makoni (25 days ago)
Thanks Nate but does this work in an economy bedeviled by inflation,corruption and banks that are no longer doing its duties especially in Africa
Adam (25 days ago)
i got legit 0 dollars rip me
levi james (25 days ago)
This isn’t fair ..... attractive and smart, choose one like the rest of us.
Mario Grego (23 days ago)
levi james agreed fam
james villegas (25 days ago)
Nice video appreciate the information
Dogs and Vlogs (26 days ago)
passive income should be renamed frontloaded income
da ne (26 days ago)
I need a passive income , means side contracts or YouTube or contracts that pay residual percentage on services .Like say radio time for pop rock or movies or sitcoms or inventions or Patten's etc....
Michael Manning (26 days ago)
You're Awesome, Intelligent Minds!
The Ohio Outdoors (26 days ago)
Math seems to have favored you fairly well in high school young man. 😁
Aaron Stone (27 days ago)
Check my channel out if you’re interested in a free affiliate program to try
Jazmin Rodriguez (27 days ago)
Super smart and insightful! Your parents raised you well.
Tazboy (19 days ago)
Sultan Mehmet
I love the structure of this video, really great content!
Hyrill Ationg (27 days ago)
Nice explanation
Step by Step Money (27 days ago)
Keep it up
Steven Clark (28 days ago)
Awesome video! Some great ideas. I've been working with doubleyourmoneychallenge dot com (among other things) and have given me some excellent ideas! Thanks
Alex McCabe (28 days ago)
Passive income for people who are already rich
Reverent Consciousness (28 days ago)
Part of why people are posting daily videos is because YouTube's algorithms. Which than creates a ton of trash chasing the dollar. I have some YTers I love the core content, but than have to ignore or than unsubscribe as they post just to post
Colin Toft (29 days ago)
Modest not gready and very informative new sub thank you.
Sammy Baxter (29 days ago)
I didn't watch because the first two full minutes were rambling about nothing, and I didn't know when you would ever get to the point! First rule for making money: time is valuable; don't spend it listening to rambling! C'mon, man, respect people's time!
ANNA DORCA (29 days ago)
How can i trust you?? some people are scammers using social media as a source of stealing money from people
宋少閑 。 (29 days ago)
Great video, thanks for your content!
Garret Andreas (1 month ago)
You do an amazing job with your videos and thank you for being open about something like this. When I first clicked on your video I was expecting some snake oil scambaiter promoting a product but I was happily shown wrong. Keep it up!
mywonderjam (1 month ago)
A lot of people are impressed with your meager earnings, I am not. You should aim better than to be talking 'side hustles' (which no one will attempt) and go for showbiz. You're missing out on the millions right now. Someone should wake you up. Oh! It's me. At least I tried. :)
Nate O'Brien (1 month ago)
Lake Vongphakdy (1 month ago)
Great video man keep; it up, inbox me if you are interested in making passive income, 38 videos in total.
Solspot Collective (1 month ago)
You weren’t bragging at all. You’re trying to help people. I learned a lot. Thank you!
LABallin247 (1 month ago)
Dude take a deep breath, and slow down. You're speaking way too fast.
The wisdom acedemy (1 month ago)
Your style like dhruv rathee in india😊
Great video! Thanks for providing the great content!!! We have a trading room and I told all my traders to watch this video. Keep up the good work.
Rodrigo Serrano (1 month ago)
What bank did he mention?
Shawn j (1 month ago)
This guy said he stumbled in stock trades & receiving dividends at 11yrs old.......yea right..... his family did it for him........most 11yr kids r playin video games n riding bikes
THE REAL BOSSTOP OB4L (1 month ago)
Lool for real

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