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Malta Blockchain Summit – EU crypto Evercoin | BCH - Robot Sophia

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Malta Blockchain Summit – EU crypto Evercoin | BCH - blockchain + robot Sophia? On the crypto island of Malta everything is possible. Malta Blockchain Summit has already ended but NakamotoJedi continues sharing the most interesting throwbacks. In today’s episode: - Evercoin founder and Gumi Cryptos General Partner Miko Matsumura about non-custodial crypto exchange Evercoin and manipulation on the crypto market - EU Parliament representative Roberta Metsola about the plans of the union for DLT, blockchain technology and cryptocurrency While bitcoin enthusiasts are hanging out at conferences, BCH goes on growing. Probably, this is because of the upcoming hard fork supported by such trading platforms as Binance, Poloniex, OKEX, Exrates, and Huobi. And are you waiting for the hard fork? Watch more interviews on NakamotoJedi cryptocurrency news channel and stay informed! More bitcoin current news on NakamotoJedi social media: https://NakamotoJedi.com https://twitter.com/NakamotoJedi https://facebook.com/NakamotoJedi/ https://t.me/cryptoconsultinginfo https://medium.com/@NakamotoJedi In case of any collaboration proposals, mail to [email protected] NakamotoJedi — Your Jedi Master in Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies! ______________________________________________ Blockchain,Malta,Blockchain Summit,Malta Blockchain Summit,EU crypto,Evercoin,crypto Evercoin,BCH,Robot Sophia,blockchain,cryptocurrency,crypto,cryptocurrency news,crypto news,bitcoin news today,crypto news today,crypto news daily,blockchain technology,crypto currency,crypto authority,malta blockchain,humanoid robot sophia,robot sophia,sophia robot,cryptocurrency today,bitcoin,bitcoin news,btc,bitcoin technical analysis,news,bloomberg,humanoid robot,xrp ______________________________________________ #Blockchain #MaltaBlockchainSummit #NakamotoJedi #EUCrypto #Evercoin #CryptoEvercoin #BCH #RobotSophia #Blockchain #Cryptocurrency #Crypto #CryptocurrencyNews #CryptoNews #BitcoinNewsToday #CryptoNewsToday #CryptoNewsDaily #BlockchainTechnology #CryptoCurrency #CryptoAuthority #MaltaBlockchain #HumanoidRobotSophia #RobotSophia #SophiaRobot #CryptocurrencyToday #Bitcoin #BitcoinNews #Btc #BitcoinTechnicalAnalysis #News #Bloomberg #HumanoidRobot #Xrp ______________________________________________
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Helping Mate (27 days ago)
This is not a comment about crypto currency but about robot Sophia. Hanson Robotics is criminal Jewish company that has been abusing and torturing REAL PEOPLE to develop their robots. During the surgery I was so heavily implanted with all DARPA technologies; my body is nano wired. I started to be aware of robot, when they finished her legs and started actually to tweak central nervous system, so that robot can develop consciousness, all using functionality of my spine. Robotics field is not at all regulated; people are secretly implanted and tortured so that those crooks can develop their robots. Nobody is talking about, but it will soon, when they really make their robots functional and when people start loosing jobs. The same happened during globalization - jobs were outsourced and nobody cared about the people who lost jobs i.e. in US. They were drugged (opioid crisis and dying at the age of 50). This type of outsourcing will be much worse. US Army has been working together with Hanson Robotics, as they are also developing one of Sophia's clones - military top robot. They use already developed technology of quantum tele portation to transfer me to the torture site every night, after I fall asleep. What they are doing right now during the night would make every person's blood freeze in their veins. As I have been writing this on youtube and they want to weaken my legs and spine, so that robot can walk, they are implementing me now for the development of humanoids who would operate excavation dozers, heavy equipment for underwater gas drilling (University Texas, Austin) and other projects. I am under hypnosis left in bed, they teleport me under robot and I have to do all that heavy jobs, to climb, to drill... I know that this is surreal and difficult to imagine, but it is a reality. I read that humanoids would take around 50000 jobs operated by people just in dozer industry, France will have all trains operated by robots in five years, Uber will have self driving cars, medical personals, nurses will be replaced by robots. It is common sense to think that humans will be obsolete. Does this sound crazy - I don't think so. Where are charts and analysis completed by Departments of Labor of different countries, which would show impact of robotization on human beings. Robots are produced by torture and such brutality unheard of in the history of the mankind. They would be cruel, rational and efficient. Here the video I created when I did not connect all these pieces as I was running to save my life and my spine from these thugs. I am now in Europe and so tortured during the night that makes me one of the most tortured individuals in the history of the mankind. But this is really how Sophia robot has been developed and if she is not connected to my brain (which means unless I am hypnotized), she is just a robot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQobcBLL85Y&t

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