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How I made $2000 on Robinhood - RIETs and Cannabis Stocks

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Text Comments (285)
The Kerns (4 days ago)
You just need to stop bro. This ain’t right. You’re terrible at this 😂😂
Ruh Roh (4 days ago)
The rarer stocks... why does it sound like you're talking about Pokemon?
Tsablis Thoj (5 days ago)
2:24 lol, why you no get D+ in math you're out 15.59% of whatever you put in, dam
BadCode (5 days ago)
Bruce Wannng Robinhood Sounds like a batman want to be 😂😂😂😂 I'M BATMAN
Bruce Wannng (5 days ago)
Every Batman needs a robin
good a.m. (8 days ago)
Just started my own robinhood challenge, BEST GAME EVER!
GrubWarp (8 days ago)
Just got Robinhood
kehaan syed (15 days ago)
I’m an high school student i was wondering if this could be my future and i don’t need to go to college but rather succeed into trading taking classes etc. do you think this is a good future idea for me, thanks in advance!
thatboy JoJo (13 days ago)
yesss man'
wallstreet bailey (15 days ago)
Bruce Wayne?. Your batman
Mariana Medina (15 days ago)
if the fed hikes interest rate, your overall so called $2000 investment portfolio(lmao) will go to "o". buying stock at all time high is purely stupid. rather buying gold & commodity stock if you must buy.
Bruce Wannng (15 days ago)
Don’t buy stocks it’s to risky💪
Mariana Medina (15 days ago)
$2000? you serious? joke.....
Money Makin (16 days ago)
hating ass mfs
MissLaurenAlyce (17 days ago)
I started the Robinhood Challenge because of this video so thanks ❤️
Rajon Rondo (17 days ago)
You can tell he doesn't really know what he's talking about
Bruce Wannng (17 days ago)
I don’t know anything
dbone024 (17 days ago)
So... You made $2000 on Robinhood by losing $300+? Sweet dude. Lol you haven't even scammed your audience enough yet to balance your account with the free stocks. Smfh.
Bruce Wannng (17 days ago)
Gessi Banah (20 days ago)
He got that money from Robin Hood
Bruce Wannng (20 days ago)
Yeah. They paid me🤑🤑
DJ Dammbro (21 days ago)
Bro.... why are you wasting your time with this broker? I don’t think you can ever make money this way. You know April 30th I had invested on a Netflix´s option. I invested 1600 for 10 options x160 per option and just that single options maybe me almost 10k 3 days after. If you don’t believe me check the graphics. April 30th 2019.... DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS BRO. YOU WANNA BECOME A MILLIONAIRE. INVEST YOUR OWN MONEY AND LEARN GRAPHICS.
DJ Dammbro (20 days ago)
Bruce Wannng thanks man. Nevertheless, I already hit that M. Mark long ago. Not to brag but invested 10k on amazon options yesterday. Today I have made over 50k in less than a day. If you don’t believe me check the graphics on Hourly, candle sticks and open and close option. And you will see buying amazon yesterday around 3pm NY time selling today at 1130m.
Bruce Wannng (20 days ago)
Keep it up! If you can trade like that 100 more times you’ll become a millionaire. 💯
William Akiu (21 days ago)
Asian Batman
Bruce Wannng (21 days ago)
darin khath (23 days ago)
Why do limit and not just buy Market prices on the spot? Is there a pro / con to this?
Bruce Wannng (23 days ago)
Limit order is better because it’s fixed price. If you buy with market the price jumps up and down.
J Murphy (25 days ago)
How I made $2000. Wait. I didn't. I'm down $300........tf.
Bruce Wannng (25 days ago)
Terry Tibbs (25 days ago)
In the words of the Virgin Mary , “Come again”
Bruce Wannng (25 days ago)
al whits (27 days ago)
I actually made 820 in one day . And I just started trading lmao
al whits (26 days ago)
Bruce Wannng yea man options trading is not for everyone.
Bruce Wannng (26 days ago)
I'm jealous bro!!! good job keep it up. You re GOAT 🐐
al whits (26 days ago)
Bruce Wannng don’t be jealous
al whits (26 days ago)
Bruce Wannng nope
Bruce Wannng (26 days ago)
did you lose it all after?🤣
Adrian Carrillo (29 days ago)
I trust him because hes aisan
911LiesWorldWar3 (20 days ago)
Life lessons smh it’s not hard to read a book on this stuff and do your own research instead of trusting someone just because theyre again
911LiesWorldWar3 (20 days ago)
Adrian Carrillo he’s lying trust yourself and do your own research he invested under 2k and made maybe a few hundred dollars in investments not bad but this is click bait
Life lessonsSassyTV (28 days ago)
Adrian Carrillo haha , me too tho 🤷🏽‍♀️
Bruce Wannng (29 days ago)
d peters (1 month ago)
Bruce Wannng (1 month ago)
Gottem🤣🤣🤣 bro save money and invest. That’s how you can make more money. Good luck.
Krists G (1 month ago)
I really hope that you will start using a different trading platform if you want to advance in trading stocks... Robinhood isn't the best option, because it doesn't show many essential indicators. It's pretty much gambling if you use Robinhood imo
Bruce Wannng (1 month ago)
Im not looking to trade stocks on an advance level. I’m only investing a set amount on a schedule and collecting dividends.
Ben M (1 month ago)
You're so full of shit, it is coming out of your ears. If anyone gives advice involving Robinhood, they're garbage. This guy is trying to become successful from being a YouTube star. Don't listen to a word he speaks. You. Will. Blow. Your. Account.
Mo Miagii (1 month ago)
Hey hey everyone, check out my channel. Just posted my first video about how to make LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS...yeah just how to make money on Robinhood...feel free to completely destroy me in the comments, critique me, would appreciate the help. Bruce Wannng is A1 btw - great video man!!!
pricofilipinaamerica (1 month ago)
From when did you start investing the 100 a week?
pricofilipinaamerica (20 days ago)
Bruce Wannng (1 month ago)
September 2018
cocobloko (1 month ago)
Uhm, they're called REITs, not RIETs. Real Estate Investment Funds
Bruce Wannng (1 month ago)
Yes bing! I need to fire my copy writer😅
Adam Sarrazin (1 month ago)
Can you invest in precious metals on robinhood
Arceli McDowell (1 month ago)
Life Upgrade 100 (1 month ago)
nice info! I subscribed!!
Fabio Gonzalez (26 days ago)
I recommend clay trader to you ,this is garbage
Bruce Wannng (1 month ago)
NickFlairWoo (1 month ago)
HOW I MADE 2k! - I deposited $100 every week and I'm still down $300... GTFOH man. Don't give this guy your free stock guys
Linda hoe (22 days ago)
+Bruce Wannng fake.
Bruce Wannng (1 month ago)
I love it😘
Rambo (1 month ago)
Used your link 💯
Bruce Wannng (1 month ago)
Hey! Thanks💪
jaguar warrior (1 month ago)
No penny trading? You're missing out on massive profits by hopping on a bandwagon my friend.
Bruce Wannng (1 month ago)
That sounds reasonable! 💪 and logical💸
jaguar warrior (1 month ago)
+Bruce Wannng just pay attention to the company's history and whether or not they have a chance to come back. Dont buy a penny stock that spiked down from its peak in the 90s and early 2000s. Only penny stocks that were founded recently. Also o hold dividend stocks and regular swing trade stocks. But nothing wrong with penny stocks lol.
Bruce Wannng (1 month ago)
Good luck. Don’t lose your shirt🤣
Steven Hill (1 month ago)
I'm closing my Robinhood account because they stole my money.
Bruce Wannng (1 month ago)
thats not good! How much did they take?
Jimmuel Emperador (1 month ago)
motherfucker lose money and showing off he had put in 2k in his account ? face palm
Bruce Wannng (1 month ago)
I love it 🔥
M Teresi (1 month ago)
Bruce Wannng (1 month ago)
Jimmy Dillinger (1 month ago)
Is this like forex?
Bruce Wannng (1 month ago)
Robinhood is a commission free stock trading app. Just regular stocks
GalacticBlader (1 month ago)
just started investing in this app. put 20 into my portfolio hopefully i can make some money
GalacticBlader (1 month ago)
+Bruce Wannng yeah I get why they wouldn't start. It's hard. Lot of data influences the value of a company
Bruce Wannng (1 month ago)
GOodluck man! Some people never start so your ahead of the game.
James The eggplant (1 month ago)
I wonder if Bruce just hearts every comment without reading?
Bruce Wannng (1 month ago)
Angela Green (1 month ago)
Is Robinhood a good platform to invest in? I'm a newbie in this stock investing if a thing, i need some advice.
Davis Moore (1 month ago)
i'll start with Nathan's Famous Inc. In this market, recommending a restaurant owner, let alone a hot dog restaurant owner, might seem silly at best. But there’s a strong bull case for Nathan’s Famous, Inc. (NASDAQ:NATH) at the moment. NATH, too, has seen a steady decline since late 2018. The stock touched a 52-week (and all-time) high just over $100 in July 2018. It’s since come down about 25%, yet the story hasn’t really changed all that much.
Davis Moore (1 month ago)
Okay, let me educate you a little about few of the stocks my asset manager Mr Pawel Olson explained to me.
Angela Green (1 month ago)
Well, i don't have much knowledge about this, i'm just seeking to make the minimum $5k - $10k monthly.
Davis Moore (1 month ago)
What kind of stocks are you interested in?
Angela Green (1 month ago)
Thanks for the advice , like i said i'm a newbie, I don't know where to get an asset manager to work with.
Martin Figueroa (1 month ago)
I barely started , how much do you think I should add ($)
Bruce Wannng (1 month ago)
Augustine Lark (1 month ago)
Sne has been very irratating lately
Linda hoe (22 days ago)
+Bruce Wannng no comment? Lool
Augustine Lark (1 month ago)
Sony Corporation... It's suppose to be alot happening for them in the upcoming months, & well into next year, but they keep dropping in price
Bruce Wannng (1 month ago)
Don't know what that is🤭
Crazy 808 (1 month ago)
Definitely great tips. I teach the same way for beginners but be careful when limiting price
Bruce Wannng (1 month ago)
sometime i use yahoo and Nasdaq.com
Crazy 808 (1 month ago)
+Bruce Wannng one question. Do you use Yahoo finance as well? Or do you use a different site for scanning the stocks?
Crazy 808 (1 month ago)
Exactly simplicity is the best method when dealing finances.
Bruce Wannng (1 month ago)
I try to keep a simple strategy. To lazy to keep up with the markets
TreesOnTheBeach (2 months ago)
I'm curious as to what software you use for your YouTube videos to show your phone screen while you're on there talking as well. It makes your videos look very professional! Good job.
Faith (21 days ago)
+Bruce Wannng Thanks for sharing.
Can you do a video on how you actually created the video with the phone on one side of the screen?+Bruce Wannng
Bruce Wannng (2 months ago)
Final Cut Pro x
David Lopez (2 months ago)
Lol. Apple at 195 rn. If he still has it he’s making huge profits
Bruce Wannng (2 months ago)
Really did🤑🤑🤑
Jared Julian (2 months ago)
Dude is a buffoon. He hasn't "made" $2000 dollars! Dipshit
Bruce Wannng (2 months ago)
Tell me how you really feel!🤣
Barbara Dominguez (2 months ago)
So I bought one share on Robinhood and I want to buy more from that stock but it says trade instead of buy? I’m new😔
Bruce Wannng (2 months ago)
Thanks for helping!
Barbara Dominguez (2 months ago)
Martin Carranza thank you😬😊
Martin Carranza (2 months ago)
Selena Duenas once you click on trade , it will give you a sell or buy option
Robinhoodnoob (2 months ago)
Awesome 👍🏻
Bruce Wannng (2 months ago)
Sup noob
nice wan (2 months ago)
So sad Robinhood is not available here in Philippines 🇵🇭😒😔
Bruce Wannng (2 months ago)
😭I wish we all can get to invest
ColinTrades (2 months ago)
Cool video this is motivating !!
Bruce Wannng (2 months ago)
Watch the 3k portfolio
Ja boy T (2 months ago)
Man they’re called REIT’s lmao not riets
Bruce Wannng (2 months ago)
I’m a one man show. That one got past me and I don’t want to mess with the algorithm😅
SeeraTech (2 months ago)
Wait... How much do you make a month mining crypto?
SeeraTech (2 months ago)
Bruce Wannng Lol it’s that you have your mining rig in the desc
Bruce Wannng (2 months ago)
Tasheanna Marie (2 months ago)
Thank you! I’m interested in investing and have no clue where to start.
Bruce Wannng (2 months ago)
Reddit - Personal Finance is a great resource
Subscribe For Sandwiches (2 months ago)
Sub For A Sandwich
Subscribe For Sandwiches (2 months ago)
That's what I like To Hear!
Bruce Wannng (2 months ago)
Yes and yasssss
FLASHGABExMEDIAx (2 months ago)
I have been working on my robin hood app a lot
Bruce Wannng (2 months ago)
Get it!
임수혁 (2 months ago)
You did not make $2000!!!
DaRico Whetstone (2 months ago)
Yeah I had to take my like & sub smh. Asshole just want the invite stocks!
Bruce Wannng (2 months ago)
I wish I had the ability to create money. That would be cool😎
Peter's REVIEWS (2 months ago)
HI, I'm new to this so how dividends work? and do we have to pay any taxes when selling?
Bruce Wannng (2 months ago)
No problem👍
Peter's REVIEWS (2 months ago)
+Bruce Wannng oh ok, it's like working at restaurant. Sry for asking too many questions. I'm interested in investing on robinhood
Bruce Wannng (2 months ago)
Nope. File your taxes April 15. Need to report your earnings.
Peter's REVIEWS (2 months ago)
+Bruce Wannng do they cut the taxes from dividends or.....?
Bruce Wannng (2 months ago)
Have to pay taxes on dividends and it depends on your income level. 15% the. 25%
Tek Chao (2 months ago)
Did robinhood can buy international stocks ( China, Japan, Singapore, European) like that or not?
Bruce Wannng (2 months ago)
Guitar Coveristtt (2 months ago)
Is anyone under 18 doing this?
w a c k (2 months ago)
You can’t do it if you’re under 18, study and read some books so you know somewhat what you’re doing before you step in. Trust me.
Angel Calvilloo (2 months ago)
Bruce Wannng What are the consequences ? Should i just stick to the stock games😂
Guitar Coveristtt (2 months ago)
Bruce Wannng true
Bruce Wannng (2 months ago)
Prob not a good idea to do this under 18
Wally Morris (2 months ago)
Strange. You use #blessed yet make money from marijuana. I wouldn’t call that “blessed”.
Luis Gonzalez (1 month ago)
Hes a moron dont pay him any attention
Charlie Burton (2 months ago)
Wally Morris why isn’t that blessed?
Jk0f1 Music (2 months ago)
Someone said invest in cannabis yesterday. Someone else that doesn't even know them today said get to Robinhood app and invest in cannabis. I think God is telling me invest in cannabis. Might have to quit smoking it and spend 300 a month investing instead. Do I want to be high 24/7 or rich? Ahhhh, choices in life. Choices. So hard.
Damari Moland (2 months ago)
Jk0f1 Music if you believe it you can achieve it
Jk0f1 Music (2 months ago)
+Damari Moland Thanks I'll look into CARA therapeutics. I'll do both for sure, i'll become a millioinaire investor, and then start an instagram where I just show off my money and smoke weed.
Damari Moland (2 months ago)
Jk0f1 Music both but invest more in cannabis I have shares in CARA therapeutics
Bruce Wannng (2 months ago)
Mick Acacio (2 months ago)
Just want to know how can i receive my dividends? Ive been investing for couple of months, still haven’t receive any. I already checked my account history, and filter to dividends. I see nothing. Thank you for the answer.
Big Ballah (2 months ago)
+Mick Acacio 👍
Mick Acacio (2 months ago)
Big Ballah thank you very much
Big Ballah (2 months ago)
+Mick Acacio Remember some dividend paying stocks are monthly, quarterly, semi quarterly, or annually.
Mick Acacio (2 months ago)
Bruce Wannng thank you.
Bruce Wannng (2 months ago)
Dividend is dependent on the stocks that you have. There’s a lot of stocks that have zero dividends. If this isn’t the problem the. You should contact robinhood support
Joshua Bunyan (2 months ago)
Robin Hood does charge frees now.
Bruce Wannng (2 months ago)
Robinhood only charges fee for robinhood gold. Still no commission on trades.
Jack Bell (2 months ago)
Is he wearing lip sticks or is that just me🤔
DaRico Whetstone (2 months ago)
Jack Bell Nah he’s a gay chipmunk
Bruce Wannng (2 months ago)
It’s not lipstick. Just very bad color grading. 😭😭
King Reko (2 months ago)
Put in Ryans5820 for a free stock on Robinhood app.
Bruce Wannng (2 months ago)
Luke Miller (2 months ago)
Wow, great job trying to make a YouTube video in order to get free stocks lol
Bruce Wannng (2 months ago)
Vicente Martinez (2 months ago)
Statum Global
Bruce Wannng (2 months ago)
Sherwiza Filmz (2 months ago)
This hurts to watch
Bruce Wannng (2 months ago)
I ASK (3 months ago)
So that means that since you have $2000 dollars in your account, whenever you need that money, can you get it back into your bank? Or you can’t ever get that money back?
Bruce Wannng (3 months ago)
If I wanted to take my money back I would need to liquidate(sell) my entire portfolio. I only invest money that I don’t need so I won’t be doing that anytime soon. If you are thinking that you would need the money back anytime soon it’s better not to invest
HouseofAnime (3 months ago)
stupid af lol
Ez Prime (1 month ago)
I think you’re the stupid one that can’t understand what he’s even talking about. Don’t hate bro just keep it moving.
Bruce Wannng (3 months ago)
raihan shaik (3 months ago)
Great video...
Bruce Wannng (3 months ago)
Dr Minimalist (3 months ago)
Title is misleading but cool video brotha
Dr Minimalist (3 months ago)
+Bruce Wannng Why would you say that? You didn't make 2000 dollars. Period.
Bruce Wannng (3 months ago)
Its not misleading!!!🙃🙃🙃
Keyon Ricketts (3 months ago)
Just subbed you Fam, keep up the good grind!
Bruce Wannng (3 months ago)
t Cruz (3 months ago)
How many times can you buy, sell or trade per day?
Bruce Wannng (3 months ago)
Trading on robinhood is unlimited. But be careful of the pattern day trading rules. If you have $25k in your account this doesn’t apply.
ButterCuppxx (3 months ago)
So if it sits in your robinhood account , how do you withdraw it ?
Bruce Wannng (3 months ago)
Regarding the cash, it’s easy to transfer it back and forth. To move stocks around from brokerages I’m not sure, easiest way is to prob liquidate your profile or contact robinhood directly.
barton694 (3 months ago)
The people saying he is click baiting dont know much.
Bruce Wannng (3 months ago)
Dajour Livingston22 (3 months ago)
I'm try this app. Hope to gain 15k in stocks.
B1nkBallot8ii0 (3 months ago)
Great vid tho lol
Bruce Wannng (3 months ago)
B1nkBallot8ii0 (3 months ago)
Just a few hours ago
B1nkBallot8ii0 (3 months ago)
Lol but I made $3 k in 2 days in Sony call
dude that's dope
Bruce Wannng (3 months ago)
Start a channel. I would love to see that!
Nate Frig (3 months ago)
Bruce Wannng, more like Bruce Wayne
Merp (3 months ago)
why are you click baiting like this? you made 78 dollars in 3 months. Just because you have a 2000 dollars in your account doesnt mean you made 2000 dollars
Miguel Bean (4 days ago)
I trade on Robinhood and I’m up more than you with less total money in my account
Jck Dnls (5 days ago)
You're a WANG alright
Hello My friend (1 month ago)
Bruce Wannng good work on what? Making you look like an idiot You selling people shit here saying you made 2k I know you didn’t actually say this is how much You made but it’s what people think you have by your word placement you don’t have real fans you just have viewers trust me keep it up and you will fail
m213 (1 month ago)
Right...WTF. waste of time
Judah McNiel (1 month ago)
Yeah if I put $100 a month I would have $2000 after a while as well.
Jen Y (3 months ago)
For someone that has literally learned in the past 24 hours what the terms stocks, bonds, dividends extra extra I completely understand your video. I just downloaded the app going to continue to educate myself a little more before I jump on the train. Thanks ❤
Earl Shipley (3 months ago)
Crmd going go up big
Bruce Wannng (3 months ago)
That's great, Investing is a long term game. Just take it slow and steady because there's going to be a lot of ups and downs.
maxjoey sirrock (3 months ago)
That's the idea I'm trying to do the same thing
Bruce Wannng (3 months ago)
Christopher Keller (3 months ago)
Do not invest in Robinhood app their customer service is shit and they cheat you out of your money.
Fly Free Nation (3 months ago)
6:32 This made me laugh 😂
Bruce Wannng (3 months ago)
A mans got to try. Lolol
Marcel Rodriguez (3 months ago)
CGC had such a good week lol
Bruce Wannng (1 month ago)
WHere is it at today? 2 months later
midds85 (3 months ago)
Word of advice for everyone...never chase yield. Almost guaranteed to to end up with capital depreciation. Having a decent yield is great, but when you start buying stocks to raise your yield you can get into trouble. It's happened to me. When a company is paying a high yield and hard times come to the business the dividend is usually the first thing that gets cut. Just look at GE. Was paying a $.12 dividend per share and had a stock price of around $30. Hard times came and now its a $9 stock and only pays $.04 dividend per share.
Bruce Wannng (3 months ago)
Yes! You are absolutely right. Don't chase yield as your main objective for your portfolio. I'm slowly building up conservative positions in the stocks that I find value in and you should prob do the same.
Congratulations on hitting 2k on your portfolio! I follow a similar concept. My portfolio consists of 60% Stocks/30% Index Funds/5% Bonds ETF/5% Precious Metals. How long have you been trading and investing in the stock market? Much success to you!
Jimmuel Emperador (1 month ago)
dont follow him watch ricky gutierez and learn . this dude lose 300 bucks and the 2000 is all the money he put in not from stocks 2 years and still losing not 1 you want to follow
omegachuck32 (1 month ago)
Can you show some examples of your portfolio? I'd like to diversify like you.
+Bruce Wannng Those tend to be the greatest lessons. What doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger.
Bruce Wannng (3 months ago)
2 years. Started with penny stock trading and got killed. Lol
Mike Jason (3 months ago)
Can you use RobinHood in Canada? Because theres no app for it and im wondering if you can use it on a laptop or something. Please let me know thank you!!
Bruce Wannng (3 months ago)
I believe the robinhood app is only for US at the moment.
Jennifer G (3 months ago)
Good for you!
Bruce Wannng (3 months ago)
Right now I’m in the green. Not sure how long this will last. 😀😀
Bobby Lee (3 months ago)
For anyone signing up for Robin Hood use my link well both get free stocks!!! https://share.robinhood.com/bobbyd186
Keep it Me7o (3 months ago)
I just subscribed! I just started robinhood on Christmas eve. My portfolio isnt really big ($662)
Bruce Wannng (3 months ago)
Welcome to the channel!
fix the title bro
Bruce Wannng (3 months ago)
damn my editor sucks!
B1nkBallot8ii0 (4 months ago)
You didn’t make $2000 you put $2000 in stocks
ItzVince:P (1 month ago)
Bruce Wannng 🤡🤡🤡
Bruce Wannng (1 month ago)
A penny saved is a penny earned!
Bruce Wannng (4 months ago)
jeffjd1970 (4 months ago)
why would you waste your time on 1 share? If i cannot get 200 shares of something i dont waste my time on that stock
PeRuViAnRoNaLdO (3 months ago)
that girl is probably uneducated and has no clues how stocks work, maybe she watched a movie about a person who bought one share and it went up to a million dollars, she lives in a bubble and is wasting her time...
Bruce Wannng (3 months ago)
lotto (3 months ago)
+midds85 Nobody said anything about that. Learn how to read.
midds85 (3 months ago)
The number of shares you own doesn't make a difference. You could own 1,000 shares of a garbage stock or 10 shares of a decent stock. Number of shares has no bearing on anything.
lotto (3 months ago)
I dont get it either. What is the point of owning only 1 share, unless you are continually to buy the stock overtime to add up your shares. Some girl that I worked with was debating if she should invest in a stock and I told her how much money is she trying to invest, and she said she only wants to buy 1 share, and the stock was only at $1.50.
Dot Com (4 months ago)
Consider splv another monthly etf sp500
Bruce Wannng (4 months ago)
Looks interesting. Thanks for the tips
Angie Stones Ph.D. (4 months ago)
I joined Robinhood in December and now understand what is going on. I am (was) good index trader, but it is too risky now, so trying stocks. What I don't understand is how are dividends paid (I didn't have any yet because I got yearly dividend stocks). Does Robinhood pay directly to the bank or just keeps it in Robinhood because I know they don't reinvest. Thanks.
Sean Miller (2 months ago)
+The 8th Wonder of The World - Compound Interest okay:) thanks
+Sean Miller Those stocks are considered fast growth valuation stocks with no dividends or you could go slow growth valuation with dividends which include McDonald's, 3M or Lockheed.
Sean Miller (2 months ago)
+The 8th Wonder of The World - Compound Interest So the stocks I buy, should they be safe stocks like Google, Amazon, Netflix?
+Sean Miller Absolutely! I would start my portfolio off with 50% Stocks/50% Index Funds. This is solid for a beginner!
Sean Miller (2 months ago)
+The 8th Wonder of The World - Compound Interest So you recommend index/ETF'S for beginners? Index S/P 500? I'm brand new and trying to learn...thanks
Joseph Morales (4 months ago)
You should look at MFA and NLY - Ive been investing In these 2 riets for years .
Bruce Wannng (4 months ago)
I’ll take a look at them. Thanks
Themrajester2 (4 months ago)
Just started, use my inv code help a brother out and help ya self https://share.robinhood.com/kylew2342

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