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How To Make $30 Per Hour Just BY WATCHING VIDEOS Online (EASY 2019)

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Text Comments (8919)
mujeeb afzal (9 minutes ago)
Very easy
Marlito Dinglasa (15 minutes ago)
Im gonna try this 3 websites, it would be a great help for me to sustain my traditional business in running and save from bankruptcy. I've been searching opportunities here in youtube and almost all of them are scam, I am so burnt out from my 8 hour shift and after that at night i need to go to my store for inventories and fetch my wife. I hope this one is legit, and by the way im subscribing to your channel for more info in online business.
Matthew Badalov (24 minutes ago)
Subscribed liked and clicked that bell! Please let me be part of that giveaway! And thanks for the legit video
Mir Saahil (36 minutes ago)
Want to See what kinda tests they set for us...make a video on that too.... Reply Awaited
Jessica njoku (1 hour ago)
I’m a new subscriber from Nigeria, love your videos and the way you talk... this is so informative, will sure try it out😘
yash wasnik (1 hour ago)
Such a real content
Miguel Rangel (1 hour ago)
Excellent video. Seems like a "to good to be true' scenario, but there is only one way to find out. Thanks for the Kevin!
When the video has a high quality content u feel like its fake..
Fungai Geezy (2 hours ago)
KD this is great thanks for that u r MVP
Jessie Kim (3 hours ago)
I'm still a bit skeptical about all this....but I'm definitely going to try these out and see if it's this easy
Wendy Sekwane (3 hours ago)
I want in
Walt Gordon (3 hours ago)
This is my best comment on YouTube.
Ashok Kumar (3 hours ago)
Superb..Like the way your explained, information and its gives a positive vibe for the viewers. :)
Libdath Ulla (4 hours ago)
Kevin .you're videos are very useful and motivation for me. Keep uploading videos like this.
Doron Krupka (4 hours ago)
So much money but so low video quality?
samuel onowugbeda (6 hours ago)
Kevin David, God bless you for this for helping us try to put extra in our pocket.
Sk Moseen (6 hours ago)
bro im from india may i do this
subir sharma (7 hours ago)
Does these sites carry on in india
I am a teenager and I have no account so to get paid I have to get a account ? I m from India Plzz is there someone who can help me out
Jhondy Apito (8 hours ago)
Yeah I haven't tried it yet but I think this will help in my collage needs
Shadow Blades (8 hours ago)
If you can read this I hope you have a good and nice 2019 and thanks for the video sir :>
Sai Sandeep (8 hours ago)
Hey, thanks for suggesting those websites because I wanted to earn money when ever I have free time.this video was helpful.
Ahmad Bin Asif (8 hours ago)
Do rich people have money leftovers?
lhou ellah (9 hours ago)
I'll try the 3 website since im looking for extra income 😊
Shraddha Payal (9 hours ago)
I have a question does these websites works in India??
#JJ&KK Squad (10 hours ago)
I love you I really am amazed of your videos and i feel like I might not win but your videos are amazing I subscribed and like just to make sure I live in fallscity Oregon in the tan apartments in 3 I love your videos I wish I could win I'm only 11
Tu Muy Bien (12 hours ago)
Hey I wanna watch videos and make 30 dollars an hour. Where is the link?
simraz jafeer (14 hours ago)
Thanks I’m a lazy guy but this video helped me to earn some quick money . Great job Bro keep up the good work.#money team 💰
LilBoss 05 (14 hours ago)
Good video and it really helps
Brittany Bares (14 hours ago)
I really like how you explain everything.
DRK Live Music Concerts (15 hours ago)
This video really helps . Thanks
Verifiable (16 hours ago)
*N E M P L O Y E [* 😂
Andrew L (16 hours ago)
not for me but nice of you to pay it forward. for those that don’t know KD he is fully legit. probably one of the top facebook ad guys on the planet.
Kevin David (12 hours ago)
Andrew, thanks for the endorsement!!😉
Joel Karr (17 hours ago)
PLEASE UPVOTE I've personally just tried this out on my Microsoft Surface laptop running windows 10 and when downloading the video recorder from (usertesting.com) it wouldn't let me start the testing process after the download was complete and installed.. this website was a no go from me and I really don't see the use in trying this from a different source. has anyone else had any better luck? please leave a comment down below. I hope this had saved atleast one person some hassle or made someone look into this endeavor further than what I had just done
Joel Karr (17 hours ago)
Kevin David teach me your ways sempi
Kevin David (17 hours ago)
Joel, some people hav already made money, sorry it was such a hassle for you!🔥
Denni (17 hours ago)
saw your nipples and body so I stayed....
Jamere Collins (19 hours ago)
So within this video i could have earned 10 dollars?
Jason Kioke (20 hours ago)
You are definitely losing 50% of your good customers wearing that shirt.
Rob (20 hours ago)
Need something else they are not accepting anyone at this time
Erick Howard (21 hours ago)
Yo your passion for sharing these jewels for us to make money is legendary
Kevin David (19 hours ago)
Thanks Erick, it's what I'm most passionate about, teaching others how to grab some financial freedom!!💸
arun kumar (22 hours ago)
Not works in India😥
Kevin David (20 hours ago)
I'm sorry Arun.....
Kray Lay (23 hours ago)
Wow that’s a different way of thinking the analysis is great . Thanks for the understanding
Echo Electro Music (1 day ago)
gonna try and see how things work out
Ivy May (1 day ago)
I try
Tiffany Crouse (1 day ago)
Ready to start making money!
ASHIK IS HERE (1 day ago)
I am 15 years old..can I?
Mike Baldwin (1 day ago)
Ninja g
Anita Marie (1 day ago)
I did this an it didnt work. They put software on my phone an it slowed my phone all day. Smh. I wouldn't recommend this at all
Anita Marie (1 day ago)
+Kevin David I'm sorry I meant my computer.
Kevin David (1 day ago)
Thanks for the feedback Anita, maybe use a computer??👍
hman plyer (1 day ago)
Is it for teens too?
Kevin David (1 day ago)
hmanplyer YT, I think you'll have to be at least 18, but that's a teenager still!😃
Alessandra Dagos (1 day ago)
Thank you it makes total sense, start with earning some money by testing websites - which will not only enable us to earn but also to learn / take inspiration / exercise the business muscle, and then start building a business that we can scale based on our inclinations / interests. Happy 2019!
Kevin David (1 day ago)
Alessandra, glad you got it, this was always meant as a way to save money to build a more sustainable long-term business!! Booya!!🔥
KryptoKash (1 day ago)
Thumbs up if you think KevinDavid's left nipple gets more exposure than the right one:)
Princess Onwuka (1 day ago)
Wow!!! This is your third video I'm watching and I'm intrigued... I'm a recent graduate and started my brand newly, Pwinchi Glamour House, this is just what I need.... Thank you so much for giving someone much to the public!
Kevin David (1 day ago)
You're welcome Princess, you've got a bunch more videos to watch so grab a cup of ☕and a 🍪 before you start!!😂
Sudyp Dahal (1 day ago)
Leta try my luck.. hahah
Kevin David (1 day ago)
Sudya, good luck!!😃
Is this ok in the Philippines?
Wenzhi Bb (1 day ago)
Helpful and solid info. Thank you Kevin David, I'm starting my new source of income thru your recommendation . All BIG thing start with baby step... U gave me confidence to start it up... Thanks a million
Kevin David (1 day ago)
Wenzhi, glad I could offer ideas and some motivation! You can do it, I believe in you!😉
otieno moses (1 day ago)
This is the best ever money making experience to have aver learned.. thanks soo so much
Hannan Iqbal (1 day ago)
This guy has swag lol
Kevin David (1 day ago)
Swag, lol! Thanks?🤔
Patricia Biagioni (1 day ago)
Thanks! Appreciate this 😇
Samara Hernandez (1 day ago)
OMG I needed this video we been struggling lately with money not being able to get the necessary things we need for our two daughters and this is very helpful and I pray it works thank you so much you are an amazing person
Skips Vs Technology (1 day ago)
hope i pass the test, thanks man, just waiting for my result hue! 1 sub here!
Wayne van Burick (1 day ago)
Hi Kevin, I am definitely going to use the methods you prescribe. It ticks my boxes, namely internet and easy. The advice at the end of this video is priceless. Thanks!
Michaela Mix Trends (1 day ago)
Ogundele Femi (1 day ago)
Can a Nigerian participate in the site?
Kevin David (1 day ago)
Ogundele Femi, google each site to see what their requirements are!!👍
Taahir Mahomed (1 day ago)
hope i win..normally all scammers...
TravisUnlimited (1 day ago)
So tired of being broke looking for at home jobs, I'll try these
Kenneth C F (1 day ago)
Man you helping me make cash while I jog
RASHWIN Rao (1 day ago)
Is that wark
Can i use that in Dominican Republic??
Kevin David (1 day ago)
Alfredo, you just need to sign up to see!🇩🇴
Natural Beauty (1 day ago)
I don't hAve paypal account...
Aldrin Beqa (1 day ago)
dude is there any page like this that pays in a different way (so not by PAYPAL)?
esojlyrrag salujap (1 day ago)
very helpful tnx 😁
Shawn Spence (1 day ago)
Definitely gonna give this a try, Thank you
madison newton (1 day ago)
It really works
Kevin David (1 day ago)
Madison**, sorry!😀
Kevin David (1 day ago)
Thanks Maddison for confirming the sites work!!💸
Is this legit or not?
Kevin David (1 day ago)
BEAR, it does indeed, might want to read some of the comments!👍
What I like most about the video is what you said towards the ending.. Like trying to invest the money i get into other things that will fetch me more money...thanks for the video..
Kevin David (1 day ago)
Ijimakinwa Olatunbosun, that's what I hope most people will understand, use this money to invest in a more long term business!!🔥
Scented Ghost (1 day ago)
Helpful! Thank you.
Kevin David (1 day ago)
You're welcome Scented Ghost!! Good luck!!🌞
Joelle23 Youtube (1 day ago)
Will that work in syria
Kevin David (1 day ago)
Sorry, you just have to sign up to see!👍
JC BOY (1 day ago)
Shit only thing in SA is that WiFi and data are expensive. In a hour I need to pay a Bill of $500 just because I watched one or 2 vids.
Kevin David (1 day ago)
SA, San Antonio, South Africa, that is ridiculously high!!🔥
harry king (1 day ago)
Did I win
samitha dilshan (1 day ago)
Its actually working.. thanks maa broooo...
Kevin David (1 day ago)
Samitha, so happy to hear it!!😃
nwash224 (1 day ago)
Thanks for the video...great info! I didn’t even think about using Pinterest 👍🏾
Farah Etrata-Duca (1 day ago)
Josimar Alulema (1 day ago)
Yeeee good shit will try
sijo sijo (1 day ago)
Kevin David (1 day ago)
Hey sijo sijo, how are you today??😃
Creative Mind (2 days ago)
Your video is useful for me
Creative Mind (2 days ago)
Your video is useful for me
Failtv 14 (2 days ago)
Totally worth it!!
Stīvs Stīvais (2 days ago)
Why the fuck i choosed mastercard!!!
Stīvs Stīvais (2 days ago)
Why the fuck i choosed mastercard!!!
Ernest Chivheya (2 days ago)
This is supper David I really like this
Russell Grier (2 days ago)
as soon as he said you can make money just by watching videos, i scroll right through the comments to see if this is real or just bs
Drago Alcstreet (11 hours ago)
So,is it real?
Kevin David (1 day ago)
Russell, so what did you discover??🤔
salah alkhleaf (2 days ago)
rich people are really sad for tricking us poor young hustlers to make (lose)money online..honestly. im gonna try one last make money online course and ill keep y'all updated.
Hacker.gr (16 hours ago)
Mankaran Saggi (1 day ago)
So what happened?
• • • (1 day ago)
salah alkhleaf this is so true
sajad mushtaq (2 days ago)
Any other site to earn more money
sajad mushtaq (1 day ago)
+Kevin David make a new video bro with new site they give money per day
Kevin David (1 day ago)
Sajad, I'm always on the lookout for new sites to earn money!!😉
olutoye ayanfalu (2 days ago)
I think 2 of your main sites don’t allow for testers in Nigeria?
olutoye ayanfalu (2 days ago)
User testing.com is fully booked couldn’t get the paid tab to get me to the test.
Sungha Jules (2 days ago)
Let me win sir. If I win, i won't run just like ninja, instead I'll use it on our daily expenses including mom's medication. 😃
Jhay Arellano Romero (2 days ago)
Subs to subs?
olutoye ayanfalu (2 days ago)
Hope it is not closed yet!
razel sweetness (2 days ago)
@kevin pls help me to win...o just really need some money right now...pls pick me.😭😭 Godbless you
VAMPIRE AhrEihDie (2 days ago)
What is up to you all Amazing people around the world :) I'm just passing by to say Hello to everyone and ask you if you're interested to sub for sub, and if you do Please subscribe to my precious channel and leave a reply to this comment and i will subscribe to your amazing channel back :) thank you and have a good day :)
razel sweetness (2 days ago)
Thank you for this ..it really helps.i really need money right now.😭
Ravenken Channel (2 days ago)
Philippines this is cant

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