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Glass Dome Eco House In The Arctic Circle

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SUBSCRIBE to the Barcroft network: http://bit.ly/Oc61Hj A NORWEGIAN family have built a seven metre glass dome around their off-grid house in the Arctic Circle. Benjamin and Ingrid Hjertefolger have spent £340,000 constructing their dream home, which is made entirely from all-natural materials such as sand and straw - in order to live sustainably. Located on Sandhorney Island, north Norway, the 7.5 metre high dome is made up of 360 glass panels and shields the entire house with a diameter of 15 metres allowing the family to grow their own fruit and vegetables inside. The project started back in 2012 and one and a half years later, Benjamin, Ingrid and their four children, Julia, 11, Gabriel, nine, Aron, six and Alvin 10 months, moved into their unique abode. Videographer / director: Benjamin Hjertefolger Producer: Danny Baggott, Ellie Winstanley Editor: Joshua Douglas Barcroft TV: https://www.youtube.com/user/barcroftmedia/featured Barcroft Cars: https://www.youtube.com/user/BarcroftCars/featured Bear Grylls Adventure: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzcUNwS7mypzPhW4gsjO7og/featured For more of the amazing side of life: For the full story, visit BARCROFT.TV: http://www.barcroft.tv/ Like BARCROFT TV on Facebook: https://www.Facebook.com/BarcroftTV Follow @Barcroft_TV on Twitter: https://www.Twitter.com/Barcroft_TV Check out more videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/barcroftmedia/videos
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Text Comments (297)
Kata List Productions (3 days ago)
Buckminster Fuller... teach your children about Bucky... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDY1Mak2i_o
ROBOX GIRL (16 days ago)
Like dine kmt om du e norsk🙄❤
Sailor Moon (1 month ago)
OMG... I LOVE this!
Nervorski (1 month ago)
damn it looks like the house of the banana dude from adventure time
sai prakash govindu (2 months ago)
Can I know how you built water treatment plant inside the dome,as treating the sewage water releases harmful gases ?
sai prakash govindu (2 months ago)
Could I know how you use black water from toilets ?
Carrie D. (2 months ago)
A geodesic dome home made of natural cob inside ???? This is my dream house 💟💟💟💟💖💖 The surroundings are breathtaking too. This couple is living a dream come true. These homes are the future.
Michelle White (2 months ago)
that is a smart design and I love it.
Bruce Cowan (3 months ago)
What a wonderful idea and vision, with the Solardome as the eco covering, designed and manufactured in the UK
Mary Sanchez (3 months ago)
Wondering how the plants get pollinated. Do they bring in bees or other natural pollinators that actually belong in that ecosystem? Won't those insects respond to the shortened winter photoperiod and hibernate or estevate?
Stampede98 (3 months ago)
Absolutely breathtaking, this is the way to live. Closer to nature. Less stress. Less bills. Learn to be self-sufficient. No annoying neighbors, just wildlife and a gorgeous environment. Plus the arctic air is some of the freshest in the world.
Chico916 (4 months ago)
I didnt know their was hippies in Norway
MrFelixify (4 months ago)
Lol. Hjertefølger. That is most likely not a family name but a make up taken name. It literally means heart follower.
Jo Feeney/Mason (4 months ago)
I have done nothing with my life
marko kovac (4 months ago)
Future of the humankind....
Car Boz (5 months ago)
Nearly every time I see a story about dome homes, the people are vegan tree huggers, who's only purpose in life is to remain "sustainable" and worship the earth. You know, there are plenty conservative folks out here, who are blue collar working joes and janes, and who would love to own a dome home or cabin. Monolithic and American Ingenuity domes guarantee their domes to withstand tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes. They are fire proof and termite proof. They are extremely energy efficient too. It just makes sense to live in a dome home. I would have a grow dome separate from my dome home though. I live in tornado alley, so a glass dome would not be a good idea.
Dale Smith (5 months ago)
What type of water filtration system did you use?
Kata List Productions (6 months ago)
well done european nordic people..
Guro Wandsvik (6 months ago)
César Gomez (7 months ago)
La casa perfecta !
Diana Konrad (7 months ago)
How incredible! I love the ingenuity and would love to create something similar. Perhaps even larger scale. How much water do you have to buy? What is your power setup? How warm is it in the winter?
Nevermore (7 months ago)
Dome houses are the future. We could easily mass 3D print them, lowering housing costs for everyone.
Bobby bob (7 months ago)
Very cool
Exiles800 (7 months ago)
Air exchange in winter?
TDP_37 (7 months ago)
thats cool but you have to live in norway so id pass
Kimberly Burge (7 months ago)
That amazing!! Love it!
Very nice, now can I have 20 of them please?
i a (8 months ago)
Wanna a house like that! Here where i live there's a rain of dust every single day from September to December, it's tiring...
Exquiusme medidas sise of the dome ,please , frecuency, thank yuo
Drillzchaff (8 months ago)
Lols like dat house form fkn spongbob 😂
inb4y (8 months ago)
Nice, but not for me who don't like the cold and would rather spend time outside in the warm sun than freeze my arse off.
Harry Porter (9 months ago)
So wonderful
Ebony Lamb (9 months ago)
Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!
Shazzo (10 months ago)
you can't be in the arctic circle?
allelbows97 (10 months ago)
a Hipsters wet Dream......
sylphknight (10 months ago)
I wonder how they feel about immigration and strong borders
Ethan J. Connery (11 months ago)
Imponerende! =D
Lifestyle Of Freedom (11 months ago)
amazing guys,,love it
innerviews897 (11 months ago)
there are no planets
Sloan (11 months ago)
Probably the best way to live in that part of the world. This would be great in Florida but all that glass would melt anything inside. Granted a design that would be hurricane proof would be perfect.
ventura sunflower (11 months ago)
Your home has all the things I put together in my sketches, but I thought of two domes with a glass hall growing area between .the domes cob and partially subterranean. Framed in side for structural but with the Viking outer . I'm looking for land and will be praying for Divine intervention for direction and meeting the financial cost. I am scavengering all all resources for the build . solar panels and board are not yet secure and you know how that goes. But thank you for sharing I can inspire my husband with your video. He knows its my dream.he doesn't quite see it. I feel like I'm on a trip away from it and homesick. So share more please.thanks again.
Daniel B (11 months ago)
No thanks ...no stores ...no people .no hospital ....is there anything up there
shane phelan (11 months ago)
that's just awesome, but I've built many houses and I know windows are VERY expensive, I would like to know percentage of cost to build house was windows??? must be 75% of their money???? very cool tho.....to bad, I live in southern Canada and we hit 35C to almost 40C Celsius for 2x or 3x months a year and a glass house would just be way way too hot in summer, winter would be great tho.....guess if you could somehow make a removable roof to add overtop in summer, just to add shade, then open/remove some of the top windows to get airflow it might work, but for them more north, it's perfect, I love it
haifa (11 months ago)
goals tbh
Flic Seavey (11 months ago)
Stunning…Absolutely stunning.
SmoothPasto (1 year ago)
i dont understand how the dome is helping
(6 months ago)
Don't know what a greenhouse is?
Luke Morrison (1 year ago)
340,000 pounds thats a shitload of money for that thing might as well just build a nice regular house at that point. they sell these on alibaba all day for ~60 grand usd.
Laxmi Smith (2 months ago)
Luke ali baba is in china not the arctic the cost is high because of the remote location #dumbass
Solardome Industries (1 year ago)
Hi Barcroft team, if you could credit us in the copy as the company who made the dome, that'd be great. Thanks!
One Little Indian (1 year ago)
340,000 pounds,, rich elite
pontus laurell (1 year ago)
I love this, really inspiring :)
JAF (1 year ago)
it's so lucky to be their kids
volvo245 (1 year ago)
How often do they throw stones?🤔
Everything Tech (1 year ago)
I want to build a glass structure too around my house but our stupid government forbids it.
Allan Chemnitz (1 year ago)
This is exactly what I was looking for to build in Greenland
Santi Anzo (1 year ago)
Obsesive mother wants his children to grow old there, get her a psychologist
Patricia Hammett (1 year ago)
Music is so distracting.
savedfaves (1 year ago)
Legend has a Pioneer Kuro TV. You're a star.
semih oguzcan (1 year ago)
Please learn about Resource Based Economy! :)
hammouminator (1 year ago)
This is amazing
Sonny Uno (1 year ago)
Is the glass bullet proof for snow hail ?
J Nada (1 year ago)
The kids grow old with their parents? Sounds like a cultish nightmare
Miroslav Kuzlyaev (1 year ago)
прикольно, молодцы))
GuardedDig2 (1 year ago)
Hippy Level: 100
Hrvoje Baić (1 year ago)
did he say 340 000 pounds??
Airwheelz (1 year ago)
Naomi Maruyama (1 year ago)
con que material para vibrio?
Astonishingly Me (1 year ago)
i feel kinda mean about typing this but,why doesn’t the child where pants or shorts I mean probably its hot and humid so maybe to keep cool the child doesn’t wear shorts or pants I guess? 🤨
Music of Life (1 year ago)
Dream home material . Love it.
Thomas von Welt (1 year ago)
<3 !
Putthatinur Pipe (1 year ago)
Lets go ! ! Lets build ! !Oh, 350000 pounds you say... Nevermind...
Janne Rahkamaa (1 year ago)
My Name (1 year ago)
stunnin and clever,just fall in love!
Hadwee the gr8 (1 year ago)
Isn't it called a Geodesic house? Something like that I think.
Hadwee the gr8 (1 year ago)
Empressah I don't think I got what you said or you didn't get what I said.
Empressah (1 year ago)
Haddz geodesic dome over a cob house. It seems heavenly:)
VASILIOS GREEK (1 year ago)
Super House, little Paradise
ATBricks.com (1 year ago)
Its an idea that came from the Eskimos, first they build a large tent to keep out the stormy icy winds, very little temp gain but the wind chill is gone, then they build another tend inside of the large one and a third one made from animal hides, this inner sanctum can be heated with a candle to a degree that you can sleep there naked, lots of work for a happy eve :-)
Bad Mllk (1 year ago)
Some people in the comments are too basic too live in that house or plant their own food.
SolarizeYourLife (1 year ago)
Isn't it wasteful making triangle glass panes out of a square pain? What do they do with all the waste?
mshekleton (1 year ago)
Evol (1 year ago)
Humans never cease to amaze me. Building all these crazy things in remote places of the world. I watched the tree house episode and the guy who built his house in a cave as well.
Robert Clark (1 year ago)
But, these two people have grown up on that island and lived there all their lives. That's home to them.
Woxineau Crows (1 year ago)
W aste of space and time and money so overdone and not realistic for a couple and 4 kids ( 3 to many btw) great learning for them tho and I bett my life you wont stay there long~so much wasted space. I lived in a 25 foot dome and it cost 1 tenth of what you paid, and in Canada were the snow is our main season we do just fine off the grid~
Big chungus (1 year ago)
I would love to live in that area
shygirlnow2011 (1 year ago)
their yard reminds me of the teletubbies.
Ryan Privee (1 year ago)
It's cool but I'm finding it very hard to believe they grow enough food to not need to bring most in...a lot of those plants they showed were not even food bearing...
Robert Clark (1 year ago)
In the video, the woman said they grow SOME of their food.
James Morrow (1 year ago)
That House is expensive
SoCalFreelance (1 year ago)
What a beautiful way to live
Pity Rain (1 year ago)
i envy this...good for you!
Hunter (1 year ago)
We need people like this. Their children need to live in that place and continue their ancestors mission. *To preserve the human race.* Once a meteor/war/plague wreaks havoc on the world, (like it has done hundreds of times in the past) these nomads will carry our species on through time. To dramatic?
Brilliant and effective design. Thank you for sharing!
kerc Chan (1 year ago)
I would live in that beautiful area
Lyubomyr Yushchyshyn (1 year ago)
Just WOW, amazing! I would like to move with my family to a similar place. Owners on the house how can I contact you?
Anggia Sovina (1 year ago)
Sumpah pengen banget rumah kek gini😂
RodCornholio (1 year ago)
Nice for off-grid, survival uses, but not ecologically friendly; it took a LOT of pollution to build it based on the (alledged) $500,000 cost. Think about it. Plus, if there is property tax, someone will always need to have an income...which usually means a job (which adds to more environmental problems). Generally, the higher the property's government-assessed value, the higher the tax...so instead of polluting the earth by working, say, 2 hours a week, you may need to work 4 to generate the governmentally forced money transfer. An EarthShip would have been better.
joachim schuster (1 year ago)
Where did they buy the dome ?
m1aws (1 year ago)
Brianna Cooper (1 year ago)
A really stunning  home, that provides endless inspiration. Thank you for sharing it with us!
POOPYTAM (1 year ago)
Zombie proof?
Jetzii Ophelia (1 year ago)
This is absolutely stunning.! ♡
zephyrarose (1 year ago)
Would you be open to the idea of a hippy chic moving in with you to help you garden and prepare food?
aadrianlee (1 year ago)
thats great
Madison H (1 year ago)
It looks stunning!!
Mix Up With Rehman (1 year ago)
I would die to live there....
authentic Vibes (1 year ago)
They're children are so organic looking 🌿

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