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Bitcoin Price To Reach $60,000 In 2018? Probably Not...

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articles on bitcoin predictions, EOS issues continue, more satoshi conspiracies, and the problem with mining and lowering prices. Sign up with coinbase. buy or sell 100 dollars in crypto currency and get 10 dollars of bitcoin for free with this link to coinbase. https://www.coinbase.com/join/59ab37900671d100b3c25cc5 Want to donate to the channel? Donate Litecoin and send me an email saying how much you sent and I'll try to thank you at the end of the next video! https://steemit.com/@mrsotko Litecoin donation address: LZaQgPhBvQT6PC2gAnLsQGPPaYDPm5dyNx Ethereum donation address: 0x125DE6B8FAb078701e0b11ECb1A6bDF3aF9E73dc Bitcoin donation address: 144vfND4SGhYxyjAWKHBETGncuwdYKmoyG [email protected] http://bitcoinist.com/bitcoin-price-to-reach-60000-cryptocurrency-expert-remains-resolute-on-january-prediction/ https://verifiedtopics.com/eos-has-issues/ https://verifiedtopics.com/six-fake-crypto-exchange-sites-busted-by-ukraines-cyberpolice/ https://verifiedtopics.com/satoshi-nakamoto-known-to-cia-fbi-created-by-nsa-search-intensifies/ https://verifiedtopics.com/this-week-in-bitcoin-an-end-to-51-attacks-and-who-controls-bitcoin/
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Text Comments (66)
Joe Williams (7 months ago)
Isn't it true if all the Chinese mining operations shutdown the difficulty be adjusted in 2 week because of the increased block times? I would think it would be adjusted to target the 10 minute block time.
MrSotko CryptoCurrency (7 months ago)
of course it adjusts, but it takes time to do that. so a massive drop in hashrate would take forever to find blocks and slow transactions until it adjusts.
eserve 247 (8 months ago)
Andrew Oliver (8 months ago)
id be happy with 10k lol
Senior Fact Checker (9 months ago)
...I believe it would take an end to price manipulation by the ppt &/or a global economic collapse (possible, but unlikely 'till after the next presidential election)...
NapalmX (9 months ago)
:D Eat some hay by the bay. I just may. What do you say? :D Happy Gilmore.
NapalmX (9 months ago)
MrSotko CryptoCurrency (9 months ago)
you're in my world now grandma!
abdul qaiyum (9 months ago)
only scam
Dave * (9 months ago)
The blockchain wouldn't support a sole crypto currency. It would lag miserably .
Greg Rickard (9 months ago)
Its what I'm thinking. Its halfway through the year now...
Dan Adams (9 months ago)
glad I was only in EOS for one day
Jon Wright (9 months ago)
I think Mr Sotko is Satoshi because he says Bitcoin wont be 60,000 dollars this year
Floyd Meyer (9 months ago)
Its just a guess...I guess that it would be awesome....I guess I would be doing a lot better than I am right now...I guess that it will not happen....I guess we are all suckers if we believe in everything we read....I guess I will just HODL....RINSE WASH AND REPEAT....EOS is a messy project right now with a ton of money behind it....Not sure what is happening but I am glad I didn't invest...CCN reported this today...."“There will be a massive exchange hack within the next year, taking advantage of an EOS vulnerability. That exchange will lose its hot wallet.”......Also this" 10 addresses hold 50% of all EOS tokens. In theory, 10 entities have the complete constitutional freedom to dictate the way this fundamental law turns out. I guess we shall see.....
Jason S (9 months ago)
I have $200 in Bitcoin, yet the fees are too high to even withdraw/exchange. So I'll wait until the fees are $5 or lower. Seems like the exchanges and whomever is charging the fees are making the money.....
MrSotko CryptoCurrency (9 months ago)
yeah many exchanges charge. but the fee for transferring BTC goes back to miners in the next upcoming blocks.
Jason S (9 months ago)
Well said.
Jakob Abfalter (9 months ago)
Testing is not enough for something that important as a blockchain with real money applications on it. Their protocol code needs to be formally verified and formally proven to be bug free. Such sort of verifications are expensive in time and money, but they have fucking 5 billion. Cardano "only" raised 65 million and they are formally verifing their protocol code..
Spiderlegz (9 months ago)
Adios EOS - Cuatro mil millones de dólares
hanwei zhuo (9 months ago)
I want to add more friends on youtube
Melpheos1er (9 months ago)
Definitely not hitting $60k... People were saying $ millions by 2020... I dont believe that too. However it could gain value because wiring fund between countries is a mess, slow as fuck and you have to justify yourself.
Noyfb (9 months ago)
BTC 1300 more likely.
CryptoStash IO (9 months ago)
How many times has Microsoft patched your version of Windows? How about your iOS or Android software? There will always be patches you simpleton.
lysergic (9 months ago)
Hello MrSotko, thank you for you quality daily video :) I have two concerns about cryptocurrencies in 2018 : 1. All expectations about future bullish market is based on chart evolution during the last years. The point is that the hype level of these last months was the most important ever in crypto history. I have the feeling that everybody is relatively aware of crypto world and nobody will jump again in the train like they did during 2017 (dreams and hopes of becoming an instant millionaire made BTC 20k worth in 2017)... Now "average people" are too afraid of loosing their money. Time will tell ! 2. Everybody is sitting on cryptos like stocks, that is right. But on the other hand, how can we expect people to use a currency that can gain or loose half of its value in some days ? This is just too much unpredictable ! A currency has to be stable enough to be trusted.
Christian Edwards (9 months ago)
I love how you keep it real. You tell your honest truth and sometimes it’s skeptical. It’s refreshing to hear vs all these YouTube’s that do nothing but push coins. Keep it coming!! 👌😎
MD (9 months ago)
EOS is a centralized joke...
Go play CSGO bro XD
PitManNCB (9 months ago)
glad i did not get any EOS looked good as ico but price was to hi. centralised, needs work, may be better in the futcher. i did like its potential, but not living up to the hype. this is tech, how many years do most apps last? erc20 and other alt coins are not here to stay, something better will be made.
dastardlyman (9 months ago)
no body is buying - everybody is watching. we are not at the bottom yet . . . . . . . .
Todd Krough (9 months ago)
You should be on the World Crypto Network show.
Compy TV (9 months ago)
Stop hoarding all that bitcoin lol hahahaaaaaa
impatient potato (9 months ago)
have to hodl when the blockfolio is down!
Barend Hammer (9 months ago)
If bitcoin goes to 60 000 , bitcoin is not expensive but the dollar is cheap. In a total collapse of the financial system the bitcoin could be worth 1 000 000 dollar or more. I do not see that happening.
Michael York (9 months ago)
Bitcoin has the best programmers in the world working on it. They could scale it at any time they want to. The reason they haven't scaled it yet is simply because they don't want to or have been instructed not to. Bitcoin is being groomed to be the digital standard for a store of value, replacing gold. That should be quite obvious by now. It will always be the slowest blockchain and the most secure as a result, just like it was designed to be.
dastardlyman (9 months ago)
- bitcoin was not ORIGINALLY designed to be a store of value. there is nothing written anywhere which says bitcoin will always be dominant . . . .
Alex Tran (9 months ago)
We can go to mars ans back with 4 billions dollars but hey we don't need mars we got EOS 😂
oscar ortez (9 months ago)
Sotko my NINJA ! Another solid video !
Eric Yasaratne (9 months ago)
EOS is this the CANON camera Line? I think Canon should sue their ass off! NEVER BELEIVE IN COMMUNIST COIN!!
Got Aerial (9 months ago)
Dear MrSotko please watch this video and expose this shill.. this is the most "amazing shill video ever created.. https://youtu.be/_SJqJCCnyh8
MrSotko CryptoCurrency (9 months ago)
saw it. the betting part is pretty shadey, but to each his own that wants to send their eth to a masked man. but yeah vechain will split and make the price just 3 cents or so. people like to buy into coins that have a low value so they get tons of coins. but its market cap is high already, not like a normal 3 cent coin with a low cap that can increase easily. it might result in a price hike though, we'll see.
The TechGeek (9 months ago)
EOS is going to decentralize the internet and the world. 😁 I'm holding my bags until the right time
Carla D (9 months ago)
A 2 year recession and then a pump !! 2013 Mt Gox again !! Just HODL, leave the miner running and exchange to bitcoin. The power bill is just saving.
MIKE HOLLYWOOD (9 months ago)
You'd make the same prediction last yrs.
volvo09 (9 months ago)
Bill Pitts (9 months ago)
Your sarcasm and $5.5 Billion repetition about EOS indicates a lack of research and unprofessional message to your audience. You sound like Bix Wier and Clifside High.
oscar ortez (9 months ago)
Bill Pitts OLD MAN FUD
oscar ortez (9 months ago)
That guy bill is mad he's probably one of the block creators and you're screwing with his 2 million a year ,lol
init4dawin (9 months ago)
MrSotko CryptoCurrency got em !
MrSotko CryptoCurrency (9 months ago)
or maybe a 5.5 billion centralized operation that pays 21 people over 2 million a year that no one ever voted on because most of the coins in circulation are owned by just a mere 10% of the people. they were forced to print more just to get votes to go through and then their network entirely locks up. perhaps its them that makes an unprofessional image. i dont make the news, i just call it out.
bodybait (9 months ago)
I would disagree with crypto being solely a currency. One area is moving towards utility bockchains. POS coins add value by staking tokens. (keeping them)
bodybait (9 months ago)
Not sure what that means the industry standard doesn't run on hardware by the coin producer. IE bitcoin doesn't run with its own hardware. Ark doesn't run on its own hardware. The POW && POS difference is how they entice people to use their own personal resources to make the block chain work.
MrSotko CryptoCurrency (9 months ago)
then they never needed a coin, just make an immutable blockchain without them. just a cash grab in that case.
Sam Byrens (9 months ago)
Another big bug found in EOS. (5 billion dollars)
Rocket M.O.B. (9 months ago)
The realistic approach, nicely done as always.
SilverLine (9 months ago)
If a lot of miners quite mining bitcoin all at once I think the time it would take to find a block would be long. I seen a nicehash run on a coin last week raise the diffuculty 5 times higher then normal. and the next block (after hashrate returned to normal) took an hour when it's supposed to be 120 seconds, And bitcoins difficulty doesn't change every block, would be alot of transactions locked up if that could ever happen
CRYPTO STACKER (9 months ago)
seeing that EOS is turning into shit... looks like a good time to load up on TRON (TRX) because it's claimed to do thousands of TPS and it's also deflationary, meaning that each transaction burns a small amount of each TRX coin.. TRX is super cheap at around 4 cents per coin. a $3 TRX price per coin would cause the market cap to blow past BTC and put it in the #1 spot on CMC. BTC may never reach currency status for everyday use... It may just just be good as a digital gold representation because it's the oldest and reliable. A storage of wealth, backed up by gold or other precious metals would be a nice idea.. Meanwhile newer and faster crypto like TRX or even NANO with its block lattice structure that also does thousands of transactions per second would be a good move to the top spot and for everyday currency use..
SilverLine (9 months ago)
4 Billion Dollar Hack Job
stephanie laurie (9 months ago)
I really enjoy your videos, keeping it real, hoping Nano will double back to $6 before bitcoin hits 13000. Am I wrong to think that way with alts? Like ncash to .03 being an easier climb.
Obedience to flow (9 months ago)
My date for incremental spending is 2025. Accumulation of small slices for now. Bitcoin, is the coin. Open for applications of value, too.
Drtool23 (9 months ago)
my Elite friend told me that Crypto's will Rise & Fall from this point Forward till It's Demise...
T (9 months ago)
As always, I appreciate your objectivity and logical explanations, hence the reason I never miss an episode. Thanks for the info, MrSotko.
Fazal Wahab (9 months ago)
Someone did the maths and it was was revealed for every $1 Billion invested in crypto on average the marketcap increases by $37 B. Meaning that allthough Bitcoins marketcap is $111 Billion right now all we need is less than $4 Billion invested in it to increase the marketcap to $222b and double the price per bitcoin also under $40 B invested is needed to reach over $60k a bitcoin and a $1.1 Trillion marketcap for Bitcoin alone, I don't think this will happened over night but definitely it's possible in a few years when big institutions start investing. This $1B invested increasing market cap by $37 B is natural growth.
ken DRAKE (9 months ago)
Fazal Wahab so what will one bitcoin be worth?
Robust Crypto (9 months ago)
Probably yes. And cryptocurrency markets will go above 1 trillion at the end of 2018. What you're missing is that there's no f*cking 300-400 Billion dollars in crypto, it's all theoretical. 1 Billion in fiat = 50 billion in crypto. 50% of the "real money" is in Tether, and we don't even know if Tether has all of the $ to back all of it up. The figures can be even worse. If Bitcoin's price rises, so does the Satoshi value, which then means a coin which is 2 satoshi was 2$ but now it may be 2.5$ while still remaining 2 Satoshis. That is because Bitcoin value goes up in $, thus each satoshi price increases, thus the coin's price in $ naturally increases. That's why, even if 1 billion in new fiat comes into crypto, we will see another big boom. It's not how you or most people think. 25K$? You're just playing on the safe side, the 100% side. 50K$ is more realistic, the price can rise within hours if volume is enough. That means that there's not that much fiat in crypto, thus we will see faster growth this year, like we saw in 2017. Ye we get it, 25K$ you're playing it safe.
Crypto Turtle (9 months ago)
so many haters and he stated probably probably , i am sure MrSotko will not be bothered even if btc 60k lol
Mysterialj (9 months ago)
First :-)

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