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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Hard Fork - How to double your BCH!

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Text Comments (324)
sunny decree (1 month ago)
*SHORT or LONG Bitcoin Cash on Bitmex:* https://www.bitmex.com/register/s0r1z5 *Claim both BCHs by holding BCH on Binance:* https://www.binance.com/?ref=16553332 *Claim both BCHs by holding BCH on Coinbase:* https://www.coinbase.com/join/59398125002bcc03276297d6
I don't give a Fork (7 days ago)
Dr Craig Bonaparte Napoleon Wright will dump his million Bitcoins onto the market....buy Ripple XRP
kim seongi (26 days ago)
guys tell me something please , if i have 5 bch , after the hardfork will i get option 1 : 5 bch , 5 bch abc , 5 bch sv or option 2 : 5 bch abc , 5 bch sv ???
Shugendo Sama (1 month ago)
+No No Hi, How do I found out does free-bcash faucet support fork or not? Or maybe you know?
Denzel Farrugia (12 days ago)
Bitcoin/Litecoin mining is a very profitable venture, this is only when you treat it as a real form of investment and give it a considerable amount of attention. Over the years bitcoin mining has been very tough either when mining as a pool or as an individual miner. Successful bitcoin miners are those who take their time to understand how it works, learn how to calculate a hash in a few attempts, detect New blocks quickly and those who make use of a powerful software. But I got linked up with a hacker that can double my coins. I got my coin doubled from 0.20 to 11.00. If you guys want to double yours, I guess you have to contact this group. Their email is [email protected] Com
Hi...can you pls make a video on how to split the coins if they are in Trezor? Thank you
JusticXcess (19 days ago)
I had my coins in a wallet from "Blockchain" before, during and after the hard fork. Is there any way for me to receive the BCH now if the fork has passed?
Thomas Lee (22 days ago)
Guys, I have a HUGE problem. I stored all my BCH at Blockchain online wallet and now I just CAN'T send it anywhere and CAN'T do ANYTHING (( Please, help me , what should I do?
Thomas Bromley (22 days ago)
Is coinbase can I claim my free BCH via t...as a hold BTC ?????
AlsteinLe (23 days ago)
Coinbase didnt split
Striker Burns (23 days ago)
My Bch is on Coinbase Gdax will I get the Bch abc & Sv?
Leon Wang (24 days ago)
I got Bitcoin is limited to 21 million. So it's not limited.
Cryptojay (24 days ago)
@sunny decree do you have a telegram channel or group?
Tix (25 days ago)
so should i buy bitcoin cash before this hard fork happens?
Micheal Lopez (25 days ago)
since BTC is low now is better I continue earning BTC with the help of Vosk Coin miners,they are actually fast as I heard and confirmed.
Home Stuff (25 days ago)
sir i have a question about coinbase will i get automaticly the new forked coin ? or im going to need to send some info to redem it ?
oko paul (25 days ago)
Bitcoin cash is scam Too. Much fork
N O (26 days ago)
ATTENTION!: I just talked with a support for binance and said that they only support the fork update and not a coin fork. "Binance FAQ Bot: Binance Statement Regarding Future Forks and Airdrops By default, Binance will endeavor to support airdrops and forked coins conducted by any project, where the project team reaches out and contacts Binance directly via email at [email protected] ahead of time. Binance will: 1. not support airdrops or forked coins by default if the relevant project team does not contact us directly; 2. distribute airdrops and forked coins based on the snapshot time and criteria set by each project team; 3. endeavor to open withdrawals for each airdrop and forked coin in a timely manner, depending on the amount of work involved; 4. Please note that airdrops and forked coins will not be automatically listed on Binance for trading by default, and are subject to the same strict listing process as all other projects." I was also confused and thought tht they will support the coin fork
DAMN. (27 days ago)
Do you need a full BCH token to participate?
shencez (28 days ago)
Will BCH fork be supported on blockchain.info wallets?
Sahin Alom (28 days ago)
So will we have three coins or just Bitcoin cash SV and Bitcoin Cash ABC?
sunny decree (27 days ago)
Too early to say right now but it looks like those two (SV and ABC) are going to be the biggest ones.
raj shah (28 days ago)
Good video.....still have questions... I am planing to buy $10,000 worth of BCH, at coinbase now. After 8 am on 15th november u r saying i will have BCH SV and BCH ABC on top of BCH that i have already at coinbase?? they even don't have wallets for BCH SV and BCH ABC......please answer fast so i can make my decision....thank you.
ali lee (29 days ago)
***ALL BTC MINERS JOIN SV POOL ON FORK DAY ------ Revenge is a dish best serve cold Jihan and Roger. *** POST THIS EVERYWHERE!!!!!
John Stone (1 month ago)
Wait why store them at Binance or Coinbase, your private keys should be enough to get both after this. Uninformed youtuber. Sad.
React University (1 month ago)
when BCH forked off of BTC it was a new currency, so you 'doubled' your coins from whatever you had in BTC. This time BCH is splitting into three forks but no new coin is being created, so no, you are not getting double the coins. If you owned $1 in bch, you will now have 33 cents three times. Then in a few days or weeks, 2 or possibly all three will lose their value for splitting the network, hashing power, and support base, so you will end up with _maybe_ 33 cents left out of your dollar. disclaimer, I build blockchain software and apps that communicate with blockchains.
Vitor Madeira (1 month ago)
When will it happen?
Robert Ledingham (1 month ago)
Litecoin is the right coin as a means of exchange
SeanNorse (1 month ago)
I really don't think 2 functional coins will come from this.
Miami sands (1 month ago)
can i get chicken nuggets yet
Crypto Vic (1 month ago)
Will The Real Bitcoin please stand up!
Grant Lacopo (1 month ago)
invest $100 to earn $450 with the mining stream which is working perfectly earn better. All I want is more client and i get my commission you get your profit invest in bitcoin it pays daily
Ricko 769 (1 month ago)
"Don't ever, ever send your private keys to anyone but the best way to deal with this is to get your Bitcoin Cash over on Coinbase or Binance." EPIC FAIL! & WTF? Are you being paid by these guys?
cedracine (1 month ago)
Double the amount of Units of bch... But bch (already low credibility) will suffer from the selfish choices of its selfish leaders, so I am afraid the $BCH will not equal $BCHSV + BCHABC. Kiddiegamblers stockpile on BCH creating the (usual) Pump we see these days... Not being Nostradamus, I still predict price of BCH will start to go down around the 13th, then depending on the day exchanges reopen trading after the fork, then people Dumping their free coins will crash both sides of the fork due to confusion in the communities. Rip BCH Experiment.
cedracine (1 month ago)
It dumped already (compared to my comment's time rate)... Just digg deeper, BCH is a FakeCoin! ScamCoin! I personnaly believe Litecoin @LTC to be the Most Honnest, Valuable, Secure fork made out of the Bitcoin code. No Reason for Bcash to exist! Litecoin is The PettyCash to Bitcoin Saving Account. Atomic swaps available thanks to Lightning Network between both (and more coins) make LTC the Perfect bitcoin for Cash usage. (And Lightning Network allows you to pay for 1 newspaper article) Bcash is a selfish project by Selfish people, so much Selfish they now each pretend to be Bcash's father or "True Vision" RIP Bcash
s3lfFish (1 month ago)
ye but on the other side, when the next bull runs start you could get more hard to say, also it might not creat 2 coins, and just stay as BCH
Donald Bill (1 month ago)
I mine using the Antminer that mines at 24/Th per hardware with over 420 hashes on ehach
Ismail Fateh (1 month ago)
Poloniex Also Support This HardFork
Crypto Vape (1 month ago)
Robert atVitalityStar (1 month ago)
Adaptive Sound (1 month ago)
I am a musician that believes in the Blockchain, and I am inspired to educate everyone I can about it. I am currently accepting Bitcoin donations to fund my musician lifestyle, and If I receive .25 of a BTC I will write and release a space aged, rock and roll concept album on the 'renaissance' that is Blockchain and Bitcoin.      Leave your name in comments if you wish to donate (even .001 BCH)  I will thank you all publicly on the channel when it is released!   BCH wallet: 1zZcutg1whFedyyNCymHbAZFurtFWchHM See you all on the moon!
Jason Lucas (1 month ago)
sharon paul (1 month ago)
bitcoin tech Thankful to God I met this great hacker Hackerdavid. He saved me from been evicted. I'm forever grateful sir.....you can contact him through his mail or hangouts application @([email protected])
Filip (1 month ago)
Johnny Diaz (1 month ago)
so if the fork does not happen we will get double bit coins cash tokens correct? and if the fork does happen and it splits into 1 or 2 additional coins, what will be the approximate value of these coins?
stats con chris (28 days ago)
the market decides the prices.. you can have an idea by checking poloniex trading platform, they are already trading the bch new coins abc and sv...prices are lower indeed because you cut the original price in two...in theory thw 2 prices should sum up the original price but because of fluctuations this won't be identical ever...
JabsDer (1 month ago)
BitcoinCash = Bitman . On 08 November Bitmain sells their new Antminer S15 and "maybe" become al lot of BCH for this. Thus, Bitmain gets even more money for his machines at this moment. Price dump from 15 November, until then, Bitmain has sold the largest part. I no longer believe in coincidence at Crypto.
kalden wangchuk (1 month ago)
I am sorry, I do not agree with your view. Which coin will be called now Roger Ver's vison coin because BCH is going to be forked in to two coins. I think BCH will lost all credibility after the fork. People will pump BCH right now in order to get new coin so that they can sell it and buy coin for long term. However, good luck to you for hodling BCH for long term.
Camren Mcfarland (1 month ago)
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Easy Eagle (1 month ago)
One more reason to hate Bitcoin Judas. Now the same thing is happening to his BItcoinCash that he did to BItcoin. This hurts the crypto community.
Amit Kumar (1 month ago)
And how will they be named on the exchange ? BCCU1 AND BCCU2 or what ?
stats con chris (28 days ago)
ABC and SV
Tribulus Store (1 month ago)
Good video! I've got question: are you saying if I have 1BCH on Coinbase, after the fork I'll have 2(sorry, I'm a rookie at cryptos:)? I'll appreciate your answer, thanks!
PrimeDrift (1 month ago)
You probably won't get 2x of anything unless coinbase supports the fork, but if they do you will have Roger Ver's version of Btrash and Craig Wright's even shittier version
s3lfFish (1 month ago)
it depends on what happens scenario 1 : consensus = BCH stays the same (say you have 10 BCH, you'll still have 10 BCH) scenario 2 : no consensus = 2 different coins with different unpredictable values (you'll have 10 BCH 1 and 10 BCH 2) most likely less valued than what BCH is now.. but could go double during the next bull run... so it's a hard decisions for those who already have some. Sell it now or hodl whatever happens with it
Dominique Park (1 month ago)
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Geff Franklin (29 days ago)
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PrimeDrift (1 month ago)
XRP is fucking garbage
Miami sands (1 month ago)
your butterfly just got slurped down by a lizard!
Sylvie260177 (1 month ago)
The main reason I still trade cryptos is bcos of this man, Adams, and I can surely recommend him to anyone.
I have truly used and worked with Mr. Adams signals, he is the most reliable I have worked with.
mike77588 (1 month ago)
So, this sounds like the death of bitcoin cash, at least greatly diminishing
Chris Janko (1 month ago)
what will be the price of the second bitcoin cash coin after fork?
CryptoCracker (1 month ago)
Thanks for the info Sunny, I have been away for a long time but come back and now subscribing again. Peace bro.
Vic Boras (1 month ago)
What about Trezor? Have they made a statement?
CryptoJane (1 month ago)
Uselful tips, thanks so much!
Crypto Colax (1 month ago)
I will never touch that shitcoin
CryptoNite (1 month ago)
LMAO. Always fun to see how Sunny misleads people. There will be no split m8 - there is no replay protection - if u send coins from one chain it will be mirrored in the second one. Only one will prevail - there will be no double BCH stop misleading people :P
Jason Kellogg (1 month ago)
If bch doubles wouldn’t that cut the price in half? So will the money also double just because there’s double the coins?.. don’t think so. Out of the 2 versions which one is the roger ver one? I thought the new forked one will be bitcoin vs or something?
Random Video Chaos (1 month ago)
This only serves to add confusion into an already confusing sector. It also removes the supposed the anti inflationary properties of cryptos that have a static amount of coins (like bitcoin).
Wallter51 (1 month ago)
Poloniex support HF too
Mine Inlakech (1 month ago)
Your video is deceiving and full of FOMO! This is the reality at this point https://youtu.be/Uv2MbsOGg-0
googlatube (1 month ago)
Thank you very much for the information, Sunny. Much appreciated.
Czepot Damian (1 month ago)
BCH = BCC on binance? Just stupid question 🙋 I just want to buy 1 and check if really will get two after fork. Thanks 👍
Martin Rommie (1 month ago)
Will Gu (1 month ago)
saying that it's "definitely profitable" is a bit too discretionary. it's totally possible that the sum of the post-fork market prices is less than the price right now. i don't see why it's definitely gonna be more. and yes for btc-bch fork, ppl did end up with more, but by no means that's guaranteed.
Will Gu (1 month ago)
it sounds like you are discouraging ppl from keeping their bch in ledger. but in fact, even though ledger is not gonna support the hard fork of bch any time soon, you are still holding both versions because you are holding the priv key anyways. it might just take a bit more effort to claim both.
s3lfFish (1 month ago)
so If I have a ledger I don't have to get my BCH out on an exchange ?
Charlie Lee (1 month ago)
I don't understand why people support bcash am sure Roger scammed u all to sell his coins now when he sold you all I wouldn't be shocked when he starts singing the new coin to be the next bitcoin and then again pump it. People never lose a chance to help that bitch to get more rich
Sunsettvu (1 month ago)
Thanks Sunny, plain and simple explanation.
leigh perks (1 month ago)
pump = dump whoop, whoop... fuck off BCH, buy ETN
leigh perks (1 month ago)
what happens when you polish a turd, you now have 2 shinny turds
LoTemps (1 month ago)
The state of crypto has become so lame and boring that the only interesting news event going on is the BCH fork! Does that mean we're nearing the end of the bear market?
Toblerusse (1 month ago)
When everything was spiking and exciting many people said the problem with crypto is the volatility . The boring/flat times are necessary.
Tee Kz (1 month ago)
Hi Sunny. Will both BCH have the same USD value ?
qwerty (1 month ago)
I don't understand, so if I have 1 BCH on my Coinbase wallet, does that mean on 15th Nov - once the folk occurs - I will have 2 BCH thus doubling my investment???
DragonBallForever (1 month ago)
You need to be 100% retarded to get catch on fork PnD lol buying and waiting till fork are money in toilets whit B-trash
I.Q.Greece.Company (1 month ago)
RealHealthNews (1 month ago)
You double your BCH coins but the BCH market cap will split in half. Which means the value of the coins will be 1/2 , right?
stats con chris (28 days ago)
right but one second later all will change because of the market. each market will behave differently. one may potentially die really fast the other may survive... just picture yourself..if you see one coin moving up the other moving down waht would you do? you will sell the crappy one to buy more of the one moving up..
90nomads (1 month ago)
I wonder if Binance will have markets for both chains?
Adam Farley (1 month ago)
Great explanation of bch
Gustavo Caro (1 month ago)
These forks are killing crypto...... Only 21 million Bitcoin they said..... Bitcoin is deflationary they said....
future Programmer (1 month ago)
I agree now we have hard forks of coins that were already hard forks. I'm selling all my Bitcoin cash now, at least I get the 30% gain plus I can go to better coins
Snorre Hjoelquist (1 month ago)
There's still only 21mio's BTC, no worry , but there's much more potentially alarming news : read about the Mastercard patent to introduce fractional reserve into BTC! (not FUD, just invite to DYOR).
SenSi milia (1 month ago)
NICE LION bro....lion of BRAVE ;)
R James (1 month ago)
Good to see markets green and heading up!
Artem Glushchuk (1 month ago)
Does anyone still have it ?
scott levy (1 month ago)
Will coinbase pro (gdax) support the hard fork?
James Davidson (1 month ago)
BCH won't have replay protection and you will double nothing. Also, Coinbase is misinforming and not telling there will be a permanent chain split. You are fuller and fuller of crap, I am wondering what happened with the good old Sunny...
Snorre Hjoelquist (1 month ago)
Sunny has shady facets...
Fabio Andreatta (1 month ago)
bcash is a scam
Daniel Kim (1 month ago)
What about having my bitcoin cash on robinhood? Should i transfer my fund to coinbase?
Mr. G. (1 month ago)
Nice usefull update !!
Tibor Kocsis (1 month ago)
Nice vid. One thing is not clear though. So what will happen to the price? Will there be 2 BCHs and so 2 prices for both versions? Or the amount of BCH will just double if I have any on coinbase?
s3lfFish (1 month ago)
most likely two prices or nothigng happens andn BCH doesn't spawn another coin
Jaky (1 month ago)
Ready for the big short
Murat SATIR (1 month ago)
Anlık olarak fiyat değişimlerini burada takip edebilirsiniz https://www.bitcoinfiyati.co
Jonnah Maz (1 month ago)
can we put a stop limit sell order of BCH incase the dump will be so hard after the hard fork ??, or this old BCH will be replaced with 2 new versions like BCH1 and BCH2 with 2 new prices ?
Ben Pressentin (1 month ago)
Get ready to short BCH on bitmex 15th of November
Pertinent Paradigm (1 month ago)
What if I keep my BCH in a Cold Storage Coin / Paper Wallet / Physical BCH Coin???!!!??? Will I receive double if the split in the fork holds??!!??
D3Barbaari (1 month ago)
88Zero (1 month ago)
Anyone remember the Bitcoin Private fork, yeah..
Jake olson (1 month ago)
Satoshis vision
0 times two
DigitalNinja (1 month ago)
Hopefully this is where bcash finally dies and fizzles away like the useless altcoin it is.
Vipple My Nipple (1 month ago)
Lol it’s worse then fiat currency they don’t say we are making a US dollar 1 and 2 that’s inflation of 100% instantly
Saeid rock (1 month ago)
sunny ur great man u know what i have a feeling this hard fork follows by our bull run we all been waiting for
primobol (1 month ago)
on binance bch fork twitt eveyone is laughing they won0¡'t give anything ?
J H (1 month ago)
Incomeking (1 month ago)
This is getting really stupid. Forking keep making money out of thin air. People just keep selling
Tommysparks71 (1 month ago)
Sunny the hardfork does have consensus its called “Nakamoto Consensus” Miners choose after all they have the most investment not developers, developers who are not economically minded they should not choose they are an importpart of the community & eco system but they are developers, look at BTC adoption stunted because because of developers & their funders ! Nakamoto Consensus is choosing which chain well survive there is no split all transactions will be broadcasted on both chains via different software clients ! So if one chain dies the coins on the chain that die will be worthless. This consensus is mininig pools deciding which version of the Bitcoin Protocol will survive if one chain dies again the coins may not be recognised please research ! Also I believe this is a good solution for Miners who are ultimately the people who are protecting the network receiving low fee’s but receiving huge rewards with the value of the coin appreciating anyhow nice video. Pleased you have been impartial we are not in a cult its about viewers & crypto visionary’s getting out of the legacy banking system long term for financial Freedom 🎯👍 Keep up the good work nice to see a BCH video for a change with no bad feeling ! Both BTC & BCH are both experiments & Bitcoin from the same gensis block the only difference is the chains are going on different paths as you indicated simple fact LN is not safe to use yet & is along way off from going mainstream could be 18months. BCH scales today with the block size upgrade so low fee’s & quick verification not like last december on the BTC network where people waited up to 4 days with high tx fee costs ! No one know’s the future but what I do know is BCH scales already & BTC does not at the moment ! So who do you believe Developers & their funders or BCH Entrepreneurs who are getting BCH adopted quickly as “HARD SOUND GLOBAL USABLE PERMISSIONLESS MONEY”
Valhalla Metals (1 month ago)
I dont know if you meant to make a click baity title but its totally incorrect. People wont be doubling their BCH when it hard forks. They will have exactly the same amount of BCH and then the exact amount of a new coin when it hard forks. Kind of like when Bitcoin forked and made Bitcoin Gold. What will they name this new BCH fork? MY guess is (BCHG) 'Bitcoin Cash Gold' :D
Valhalla Metals (1 month ago)
They will name this new fork .BCHG 'Bitcoin Cash Gold' :D

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