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This Couple Has Been Happily Living In A Sewer For 22 Year And You Should See The Inside

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Text Comments (8555)
Joshua Fante (15 hours ago)
Whatever works for them I'm cool with it. They not hurting no one
Liu Eletino (1 day ago)
God bless you guys
Renee Hallback (1 day ago)
GOD BLESS them....
Carrie Kishel (2 days ago)
2:01 Super Mario World??
Sarah Khan (2 days ago)
do not xpsox penson h
ČØŐƑƁǀưƨ (4 days ago)
Amiel Honra (5 days ago)
so their visitor is only pennywise
oh my gosh
Aditi sweet devil (5 days ago)
The Maniac (6 days ago)
narrator: "there's only two type of people in this world. the ones wh-" me: **britney spears song "circus" starts playing in my head** THERES ONLY TWO TYPE OF PEOPLE IN THE WORLD! THE ONES THAT ENTERTAIN, AND THE ONES THAT OBSERVE!!
6L1TCH64M3R 06 (6 days ago)
What a great couple and dog
Heaven (6 days ago)
SavageKingzy (7 days ago)
So would if it rains.... and leaks inside
Ginna Fraser (7 days ago)
This video looks fake, which picture represents their home?
vane lee (5 days ago)
no your face and family olso your home is FAKE lol lol lol
Araiguma Kiruno (7 days ago)
Im the only one who noticed the small random text on top left of the vid?
Jason Max (7 days ago)
This is so cool!! 😲😂
CreamyClouds (8 days ago)
Beautiful *Cries*
Amy and Mia (8 days ago)
Colette Chan (8 days ago)
Lodi Petmalu (9 days ago)
God bless the couple
pokemon lover (9 days ago)
Awww cute family
Shane White (10 days ago)
There's only one kind of human on earth:the unique ones
1 Why u bully me (10 days ago)
Now I wanna live in a sewer
Fabulous Hudson Hornet (11 days ago)
I would like that home
Elizabet Redda (12 days ago)
OMG so beautiful
Santino Starosa (12 days ago)
Nice bunker
Qurks Qiicks (12 days ago)
Damn. And 3:58 what you all *PROBABLY* came for (Inside of the sewer or something idk)
Hanyoko (13 days ago)
Home is where the heart is.
Bunnyfish (13 days ago)
nacima rahmani (13 days ago)
Cool video and 😎😎😎😎😎
HonuStyleImports (14 days ago)
*22 year* Wow these people who live in sewers sure change peoples grammar!
Hannah Madayag (15 days ago)
I have a cat named Blacky!
Prince Orphee (15 days ago)
Robbie Chatfield (15 days ago)
1 like = how much money I wish I could give them
Fortnite master (16 days ago)
If you aren’t great full you should not be alive and be happy for what you got
Jennifer Thomas (16 days ago)
Lol, it's funny how the narrator said about the grand tour of the inside.
Amber Ero (16 days ago)
That’s the most nicest thing I’ve ever seen 😁
Under punder (16 days ago)
I live in a sewer...... I mean my house is dirty enough to count at this point.
Dalmacio Wahayna (16 days ago)
It's man's adaptability to his environment, that keeps them going...
543bailey (17 days ago)
Queen Gacha kid (17 days ago)
Nasty AF
Faizan Khan (17 days ago)
Fake fake fake fake fake fake fake
Enderbrine Fun (18 days ago)
I have one very important question. Do they have to pay bills?
AquaWolf O (18 days ago)
You forgot the s at the end of years.
PD TV Productions (18 days ago)
That's super kool idea I love it
no one (18 days ago)
This is the sweetest video I've ever seen
lolシルビア (19 days ago)
I came for the doggo
My terrible Channel (19 days ago)
The husband says”I would be dead TODAY”witch day?
Phuong Hoang (19 days ago)
Imagine farting in there AHHH
If they had a lid on that sewer that would be the best hiding spot during the purge or zombie apocalypse
Evelyn Reyes (19 days ago)
Evelyn Reyes (19 days ago)
I’m also thankful for everything
Jolenewiley Ramalho (19 days ago)
*walking down the street* omg i am so tired *falls* * what the fuck *looks around * im in a sewer ummm oh uh hi *Maria and Miguel look at each other ok i goda go *calls cops *911 what your emergency * umm there is people in the sewers *what* yes people in the sewer *do you no there names* uh no *go check* ok yo whats your name * tells name ok thanks there name is Maria and Miguel*oh i no them * umm * there my friends * oh ok *hangs up* what the fuck is going on
IsaMelLove Cabrera (19 days ago)
Hey my name is Maria but my mom just changed my name for the comments
NASA And the ESA (20 days ago)
Wow this is amazing how when you meet somebody and they change your life into a whole new one. Also that’s a cool way of living that’s probably how we’re gonna be living in 50 years is in underground bunkers but that’s just what I think 😅
Robert Orr Reid (20 days ago)
Planet Earth is a fucking sewer
Erin Gillick (21 days ago)
I'm watching this video and Columbia visiting
Crystal Chartin (21 days ago)
I Can't help but wonder, what happens when it rains?
Nuraishah Jaafar (21 days ago)
22 year??? You need english
Aloan Pikachu (22 days ago)
Is this some kind of sick joke
Black Flame (22 days ago)
Man pennywise
Patricia Perez (22 days ago)
Years Not year
Andres Tovar Servin (22 days ago)
But what happens when it rains
Thecoolvits 16 (22 days ago)
*cosy little sewer* Me: uh hmmmmmm
Delora Starks (23 days ago)
Try again
Delora Starks (23 days ago)
And don't forget in the sewer I just bought a mansion from Malibu just to relax coming from a long ride on my new camel from new York, and was very pissed it was not a parking space
Delora Starks (23 days ago)
If you believe this , I have land on Mont everest in Hawaii for sale because I lost my pet whale in lake Michigan, only for $100 come get while it's hot living in alaska
Delora Starks (23 days ago)
I see sneaky, bad comments are better than none
Delora Starks (23 days ago)
No home anymore ,if we can see so do the city and all will get their asses out all bull ,hate video like this playing on emotions and sympathy , whoever put this tràsh to be noticeable may you videos be dump in the sewer along with you
Delora Starks (23 days ago)
Rubbish ,lies and lies I rather believe a egg comes before a chicken or b come before a
Delora Starks (23 days ago)
Last I heard a sewer is for waste how in hell they had all what's this narrator was saying ? Once this story was told why they can get off from property invasions and taxes where the social worker it's all bullshit ,who don't believe get your asses in a damn sewer
Bass boss (23 days ago)
Fortnite NZ (24 days ago)
Fallout shelter for free
dominator 523 (24 days ago)
0:10 can you please put proper grammar. It's years not year
HER0B0SS (24 days ago)
--ninja turtles--
Koivu Gaming (24 days ago)
Damo2698 (24 days ago)
Man Pennywise must be pissed
Savage Mouse (25 days ago)
I clicked on this video and when it said facts verse presents I clicked of the video
Joshua Cintron (25 days ago)
Thats nice
Michael Rizo (25 days ago)
Which part of the city do they live
The Green Gorilla 309 (25 days ago)
Lazy pieces of shit
Omega19 (25 days ago)
I wouldent want to live in the sewer... But if their happy im happy :3 #WorldSatisfaction
Razzy (26 days ago)
Every video that asks for likes gets a dislike
Yves Smith (26 days ago)
So...do other people use the sewer or is it broken or? Like oh honey I forgot to tell you ms Parkson is on her period right now do let it splash ya. Guys this isn't really a joke but it's not meant to be offensive I just want to know
cat lady (26 days ago)
In The Netherlands we give people houses. Even the poor ones. We don't let them rot in a stinking sewer. This is a disgrace for the country they live in. Greedy government, no doubt. Cut the crap how they enjoy living in those conditions. What choice do they really have?
awesome gamer (26 days ago)
No te A ..
Shadow Shrowd (26 days ago)
I would get coustrophobic lol
practice dancing tiger (26 days ago)
then why did you post this if crims will know about this will you think off that!
hi (27 days ago)
Pennywise is their next door neighbor
Jesus Barraza (28 days ago)
L&L Onuki (28 days ago)
The dislikes must be the Noobs
Jatinder Grewal (29 days ago)
That is a nice story I hope you live long and enjoy your lives
Kihau Honeyman (29 days ago)
Ahh thats so cool
ninjaninja ninja (1 month ago)
Go commit sewer side
A Radic (1 month ago)
Does the city allow this
David Dockstader Sr. (1 month ago)
They are thankful because they live for feee!!! No different than other ppl who don’t want to work for a living. I don’t know why they are being praised.
OBA Gaming (1 month ago)
So how they shower
roBloX mAfF (1 month ago)
Pennywise and Pennylisa

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