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This Couple Has Been Happily Living In A Sewer For 22 Year And You Should See The Inside

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Text Comments (6301)
Jeffery Thorndyke (26 minutes ago)
I wonder who pays the electric bill ?
Julia Kulit Sanchez (5 hours ago)
*Pennywise who?*
Nina Your Local Gay (9 hours ago)
🙎‍♂️ this is Malachi. 1 like=1 👕 year 👖 👞
Champ Marly (9 hours ago)
Amazimgly it looked just like a SEWER !
Belen Perez (9 hours ago)
Good they stop doing drug. And also they are safe
RockMusic (10 hours ago)
this announcer again lol
Jazz Jazz (10 hours ago)
I wish everyone was like them... thankful! ❤️
Dairaongatcha xoxo (11 hours ago)
Aww so cute
ThatOneDumb PS4Gamer (12 hours ago)
BIG TOE (13 hours ago)
Man .. this is sad ...what if they sleep and a flash flood come... but 22 year's . yah lazy...
Barney Miller (13 hours ago)
Get that dog out of there
Marco Polo (17 hours ago)
You just have to worry about the rats and roaches
Tonya Glover (23 hours ago)
kamran bartley (1 day ago)
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Deanne Hill (1 day ago)
This is really a really cool documentary. Ninja turtle love.🐢
Gigsand Busking (1 day ago)
THis looks like a service entrance to either pipes or equal, not a sewer, Romania is riddled with them, they are warm and dry! yes I have been down a few in Romania as a photographer.
Shogofa Rahimi (1 day ago)
Ninja turtles are not real , and u dont just say that
Pennywise 1985 (1 day ago)
Pablo Te'llez (1 day ago)
Justin huan (1 day ago)
U sayin Medellin wrong
miresly777777 (1 day ago)
And I'd love to visit their home....assuming I dodge those bullets Mr.Fact Verse mentioned lol
miresly777777 (1 day ago)
I'm so glad they found each other. 💖👏
fun with Olivia (1 day ago)
That's sad
Terri Cullen (1 day ago)
Thats said i fill bad i have hope for them 1 like = 1 pray
rosanaalicia (1 day ago)
I…I don’t want to live in a suwer
Marlene Smith (1 day ago)
U can say there livening large
Sophia Rose (1 day ago)
The Ninja Turtles are crated!
Fiona Minecraft (1 day ago)
Hi :3. They sound nice 👋
Fiona Minecraft (1 day ago)
Plz tell me how to highlight reply’s plz
Mandy Cartwright (1 day ago)
How are they happy 😅😅
¿ᄒCSUBI ᄒ (1 day ago)
If they can do it so can everyone else 😌
Lasalle Cadogan (1 day ago)
What about the cable
Lasalle Cadogan (1 day ago)
mid range (1 day ago)
They took, in order to kick drugs, you have to hit your bottom, in action.
Holly Clancy (2 days ago)
OMG who thought he said karina garcia
Frank Lee (2 days ago)
Its true, True Love is what makes you happy, Love was meant to make you happy, you can have stacks of cash on you and feel deppressed if you are always fighting with your gf or dont have anyone to spend your life with.
Terry Maillet (2 days ago)
I wonder if they had a kid
SupaNami (2 days ago)
@2:00 No wonder they got straight in life, they listen to Rush Limbaugh!!! #FuProgressives
Czer NY (2 days ago)
sub to my channel
Andrew Cole (2 days ago)
This guy litterly looks exactly like the guy in wheel chair in breaking bad...hector salamanca I think it was.
kate garcia (2 days ago)
wolfraisedgirl52 (2 days ago)
Now I want to see there house
Boyswhocry 334 (2 days ago)
Its amazing that they made a home out of the sewer btw where did they get the furniture?
phoebeh3 Watkins (2 days ago)
Great story especially helping each other to beat their addiction .that is amazing by it's self .it's self .. but to think of making a sewer there home was brilliant .. i think after 22 years i would want to move but on the other hand , you will have to pay rent , phone , cable , electric get furniture ... HELL You might as well stay where you are rent free , FREE electric , no phone , FREE cable , BUT HOW IN THE HELL DID YOU GET THAT COUCH IN THERE ? And all of that furniture !
Kitty BankZ (2 days ago)
Is that legal?
- iCrystal - (2 days ago)
What if it rains?
Abby Sylvanna21 (2 days ago)
this makes me laugh xD But yet its so sweeeet ;-;
Rina Maria Kristola (2 days ago)
i,m new
Marc Thomas (2 days ago)
Love triumphs all things!!!!!
michael navejar (2 days ago)
I never understand how videos like this get so many views. No facts at all lol
Joll Christ (2 days ago)
While some lives in mansions and comit suicide when they can t get more .
You'll float 2
Toxicide YT (3 days ago)
What if it Rain?
Swami Vivekananda (3 days ago)
Seriously your human beings ACT LIKE ONE.
SC PLAYS (3 days ago)
Some brats saying that they rather live in a tree house, than a sewer with some rude nonsense comments. how about replaying the video again? Do u idiots even understand what's the message? You bastards are lucky you have a decent life with a decent job unlike this couples who live happily and contented on what they currently had right now! Compare to us they gave up on drugs and change their lives, but the people who have magnificent homes but they live the worthless lifestyle! some uses drugs, slacks off, get wasted, and most of all grew completely full with their parents but not that noble when it comes to actions and attitude. What's the difference between you and these couples? You're more like a beggar than them with the attitude you people showing here. Have some respect and be thankful that you morons didn't live the life like they had 🖕
Argon Carbon (3 days ago)
What if they get a divorce?
david white (3 days ago)
SHIT that was interesting
Articfox90876 AJ (3 days ago)
I feel so bad for them!!!
Kevin g (3 days ago)
what about sewage? Where's the toilet?
Chris Horv (3 days ago)
Where does the citys storm water go?
Chris Horv (3 days ago)
Cant believe people go for this
Andrei Nastase (3 days ago)
In US they would get arrested and evicted for that.
Kaun Troap (3 days ago)
wait the sawer hole doesn't have a lid. what happens when it rains?
Allop s (3 days ago)
*After i watch this Video* YEAH IM GONNA MOVE INTO A SEWAR RN *2 minutes in the sewar* nahhh imma go home and play fortnite
Haydude The Savage (3 days ago)
Look at the title it said 22 year!
unicorn love (3 days ago)
Omg kind of what I did when I was 4 the I went to an orphanage and got adopted
Trevin Reed (3 days ago)
It actually sounds like a nice home to live in. Like if you agree
sunny singh (3 days ago)
What happens when rainfall comes
WEIRD GAMING (3 days ago)
So sadd
Dominic Silva (3 days ago)
im a an Sri Lankan on 3:16 That Sri Lankan Food
Ronnie Nam (3 days ago)
Good on them!
What if there's a earthquake...
SNEHA DEODHAR (3 days ago)
Whoever made this video probably fell on the couple and then thought yo let's make a video this is cool
Jayden aguirre (3 days ago)
It’s like a small room in there
1963921 (3 days ago)
If you think about home as place clean enough, place to cook and sleep and above you feel safe and sharing with person you are comfortable and you trust then I will say this couple have perfect home. If by word home you understand mansion to impress everybody around and you spending lot of time, money, health and stress to keep on the top of the line, then this is no place for you.
sachin singh (3 days ago)
if necessities are fewer....live in sewer 😁
Rica lineo asllim (4 days ago)
It’s not Me-dell-in It’s Med-a-Jinn or Med-a-yeen depending on where you’re from?
Francine Morales (4 days ago)
Its a cool place to live there. Person: There is a zombie apocalypse on the loose! Why aren’t you doing anything?!?! Me: Why should I worry when my home’s right under here? They won’t notice.
Shanksprey raven (4 days ago)
facts verse do not give clues for bad people to rob them really you just pointed something to make them vulnerable ,please take care of these things when you make videos !
XxxsnipperxxX cut it (4 days ago)
That seems like the best house because I like small places
uNsToPpAbLe GaMeR (4 days ago)
I would want to live in a sewer omg omg 😲😲😲😲
adam the warrior (3 days ago)
A clean one right
Gary Vernon (4 days ago)
Trump can actually boast about this and i will agree that he is the most successful sewer dweller in the world
Andres Angeri (4 days ago)
How would it feel like living in there during a hurricane
ted Clauss (4 days ago)
Maybe San Francisco or Los Angeles should be shown this video, but then again the streets are already the sewers.😂
Sirley Ray (4 days ago)
I do not believe this crap!
Liskook Forever (4 days ago)
There safe from everything except for pennywise oh and when u said Maria Garcia I thought it was the slime queen karina garcia
Aaliyah Murguia (4 days ago)
cOOkie m o n s t e r (4 days ago)
are they living with the ninja turtles
dcikaruga (4 days ago)
What happens when it rains???
ashwani kr (4 days ago)
amazingg..god bless guys
Nere Rodriguez (4 days ago)
Poor people
Denise Mitchell (4 days ago)
know a young all American girl who ran away from home lived in the subway underground hhhmm
Aiko Langot (4 days ago)
Sophia Kranich (4 days ago)
It’s like a storm shelter and a house in one
altha 2014 (4 days ago)
beats sleeping on the sidewalk
BrianShaneRushton (4 days ago)
I remember seeing something on tv about this couple many years ago. I'm shocked they're still living in the sewer.
D Ss (4 days ago)
I took a dump and flushed, should make it there shortly.

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