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How to Invest $100 [for 2018] 💵 | Investing for Beginners When You Don't Have a Ton of Money

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Have $100 to spare? Alright... Let's get this investing party started. Be sure to subscribe to get more tips on making more money and building wealth: ✅ http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=goodfinancialcents Here’s how I’d suggest you start investing with just $100. And I’m not talking about just putting that crisp $100 bill into a fancy savings account. I'm talking about investing it into something that matters. I have a funny story about this topic, but before that, here's some info that will you started investing: ★☆★Resources Mentioned in Video:★☆★ Best Investment Platform Where They Choose Investments for You: 📈 https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/resources/betterment-youtube-how-to-invest-100.php Best Investment Platforms Where you Choose Investments: 📉 https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/resources/ally-youtube-how-to-invest-100.php 📊 https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/resources/tdameritrade-youtube-how-to-invest-100.php Micro-Investing Platform: 🤝 https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/resources/stash-youtube-how-to-invest-100.php Okay, back to that funny story 😆... Back a year or so ago, I caught one of our boys sneaking through my wallet. And in that moment I might have been a little upset because WHYYYYY Why whyyyyyy do you always have to go through my stuff? But the conversation that followed went a little something like … “DADDDD You have $100?” “Yes… I have $100” “ONE HUNDRED WHOLE DOLLARS? For Reals?” The first time my boys saw $100 in my wallet they thought it was insane. $100 to a kid is a massive amount of money💰 ... especially when your allowance is less than 1/10 of that. So whether $100 is a lot to have in your wallet or just pocket change, with just $100 you CAN start investing. For realz. See what I did there. For realz, son. In my latest video I'm sharing a few quick ways for How to Invest Your First $100. ★☆★Here’s what you’ll learn in this new video:★☆★ ▶︎How to start investing if you’ve got just $100 with one of the best robo-advisors. ▶︎How you can select your investment goals wisely and attain them. ▶︎What options I’d suggest for investing right from your iPhone with an investment app. ▶︎How long it takes to get setup to invest with one of these investment apps. (Spoiler Alert - It’s SUPER QUICK and easy!) ▶︎How buying THIS investment is well worth the $100 (Idea #5). ▶︎What some non-traditional ways to invest $100 are… for starters just $12 can get an online business started. ▶︎Why I think this Investment could be the BEST $100 you'll ever invest (and your spouse will thank me later, too 😉) ★☆★Resources Mentioned in Video:★☆★ Best Investment Platform Where They Choose Investments for You: 📈 https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/resources/betterment-youtube-how-to-invest-100.php Best Investment Platforms Where you Choose Investments: 📉 https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/resources/ally-youtube-how-to-invest-100.php 📊 https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/resources/tdameritrade-youtube-how-to-invest-100.php Micro-Investing Platform: 🤝 https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/resources/stash-youtube-how-to-invest-100.php ★☆★ Want More Good Financial Cents? ★☆★ 💻 Check out my blog here: https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/ Listen to my podcast here: 🎤 https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/good-financial-cents-podcast-investing-building-wealth/id775107294?mt=2 Pick up my best selling book, Soldier of Finance, here: 📗 http://amzn.to/2xOH78V Connect with me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/jjeffrose My most favorite inspirational t-shirt line, Compete Every Day: 👕 https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/compete
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Text Comments (1169)
Candice Marie (10 months ago)
Thank you for sharing, it's deff a mindset shift I had to get over because my whole life I always heard that you need to have hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to invest for it to matter. So for so long I didn't invest at all. So thank you for helping us realize that we can invest with just $100 or even less! Great video
Alberto Amani (6 days ago)
My advice is not to enter the market without basic knowledge. Forex trading is a zero sum game. It’s complex, so you need math skills to understand the market trends and different algorithm. What a party wins, the other loses. So the competition is fierce here. But a good system well developed with high tech algorithm, So trade with the *Blended Model Strategy* created by *Dmitry Vladislav* and make your balance double from it. carry out a search on it now on the internet.
JUDAH maccabee (29 days ago)
Your so beautiful 💖💖💖
Emma (4 months ago)
Candice Marie what website do you invest?
darian (4 months ago)
Candice Marie what did you do
Perica Lazic (5 months ago)
This is glorious, I been tryin to find out about "runescape investing tips" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of - Rondalyn Coinage Carnalite - (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my m8 got amazing results with it.
Discovaria (1 day ago)
I had lower than 1 dollar to invest
Jeff Rose (1 day ago)
Have to start somewhere
Drew M (2 days ago)
Please subscribe to my channel and it will show you how you can make money and make your life better!!! Thank you!
Erik P.T. (4 days ago)
I finally opened an investment account with Betterment I started with $200, I need to see this for myself and how I can learn to invest!
Jeff Rose (4 days ago)
Good job. 👏🏼👏🏼
AK Bennett (5 days ago)
Do you have any recommendations for starting? Maybe a recommendation on which mutual fund?
AK Bennett (4 days ago)
+Jeff Rose Thank you!
Jeff Rose (4 days ago)
Check out Betterment
Alberto Amani (6 days ago)
My advice is not to enter the market without basic knowledge. Forex trading is a zero sum game. It’s complex, so you need math skills to understand the market trends and different algorithm. What a party wins, the other loses. So the competition is fierce here. But a good system well developed with high tech algorithm, So trade with the *Blended Model Strategy* created by *Dmitry Vladislav* and make your balance double from it. carry out a search on it now on the internet.
Jeff Rose (6 days ago)
zuruckEQ (7 days ago)
i really hate the fact that all these sites are only for those living in the US, what about those living in the Europe
Jeff Rose (7 days ago)
I really hate that, too.
Paypa Plane Jayne (7 days ago)
Just talk bro..please stop all the slang talk you look silly
Jeff Rose (7 days ago)
I try
Alex Kudeer (7 days ago)
I believe that the best investments are cryptocurrencies. I advise everyone to pay attention to the Universal project. I'm sure it's worth project for the investment.
sasan132 (10 days ago)
Thank you Jeff for sharing these investing strategies and ideas. To be honest with you I never ever thought that I could start investing with $100 or less. So I'm ready to invest My first $100 in online courses towards learning about the stocks. Good Job, Thanks again. All the bests
DrHogfan (14 days ago)
told my guy at Ed Jones I wanted to buy some Dollar General . He said what do you want to do that for? DG was at $62 now it's at $107. Son of a bitch! No ,I didn't do what I Wanted to .
Jeff Rose (13 days ago)
Time to open account online 😉
Jennifer Thom (14 days ago)
Everyone should look up clark howard
Jeff Rose (14 days ago)
I like Clark
taylor law (15 days ago)
Invest in CryptoCurrencies! Before 2020 it will hit a extremely high $$. I would say now is a decent time to jump in and hit the bull run season towards the end of year. Take your profits then re-invest.
DJ NEWWORLD (16 days ago)
Your book
DJ NEWWORLD (16 days ago)
It's coming in the mail
Jeff Rose (16 days ago)
You buy it?
Akane Sasu (16 days ago)
Stupid thing when the The Nun ad trailer suddenly appear before I need to watch this tutorial. Thank god this video makes forgot about it.
Jeff Rose (16 days ago)
I'm intrigued about this Nun trailer you speak of
Chaz Meister (19 days ago)
Does this apply to people outside of America? Can Europeans invest in the same things?
Jeff Rose (15 days ago)
On the US based investments, unfortunately not
Fiora della rosa (19 days ago)
* it's free real estate *
Jeff Rose (15 days ago)
real estate for all!
Bachir Nasser (20 days ago)
nothing usefull
Jeff Rose (20 days ago)
then you have it all figured out 👏🏼
Axel Gutierrez (22 days ago)
Love your humor dude lol. SUBBED 🔔
Jeff Rose (22 days ago)
Trina James (23 days ago)
Great video, new sub dude. First: when you said Jeff Rose holding your book, I thought you said Jethro's...don't ask. Lots of good info, good points and advice, Thank You! Oh, and if you don't have a spouse, then I'm guessing an app is a good replacement, oh wait: unless there's an app for a spouse, is there and app for that? lol :D Thanks again, God Bless Y'all and Big Love from Texas!
Jared Watson (25 days ago)
Too much fluff in the beginning....
Jeff Rose (25 days ago)
black dakar (26 days ago)
sorry u are boring : /
Jeff Rose (26 days ago)
😴 😴😴😯
matt c (27 days ago)
Holy f**k you are annoying
Jeff Rose (27 days ago)
Hugs for dayzzzzz 🤗
Jiloh5 (27 days ago)
Holy shit!!! Man i cant take learn and take you seriously with that humor. LMAO, good vid m8!
Johanna Callaghan (28 days ago)
this was so helpful
lijuan Duncan (29 days ago)
Tom Wilson got me more than $2000 with just $100 i recommend him
Jeff Rose (26 days ago)
Yeah you would. #scamcity 👎🏼
Anderson wills (29 days ago)
he manages my account, yes i do have good returns, i started with $500
lijuan Duncan (29 days ago)
i have been with now for 4 weeks, he gives me returns every week, hes honest.
Patricia Anderson (29 days ago)
how long did it take you, are still trading with him?
Pearl Ingram (29 days ago)
you do? how can i reach out .
MAJmufin (29 days ago)
started last week with a 100, now at 130, doing this on my phone wil I am on the toilet so this is something I do while I am at work. its a snowballing effect really.
GuyParodie (30 days ago)
Is he legit? What’s his background? First video I see of him but his entertaining side of him make me doubt his seriousness in finances.
Jeff Rose (29 days ago)
Thanks! I think I'll be alright
GuyParodie (30 days ago)
+Jeff Rose You didn't answer my question, so I'll take that as a no. Good luck with your channel.
Jeff Rose (30 days ago)
I wouldn’t trust me either 🤡
charlene vhuta (1 month ago)
Hie Jeff great video but i wanted to ask most of these videos seem to be only applicable to people in the USA but for someone who is in Africa its next to impossible to do it even while using those apps. how best can i do it? Any advice?
Jeff Rose (30 days ago)
With most of the apps unfortunately not.
InMy Bag (1 month ago)
Jeff Rose (1 month ago)
I agree
FootSplit (1 month ago)
8:16 alright, number 7
FootSplit (1 month ago)
good vid nonetheless, thanks for the advice :)
Jeff Rose (1 month ago)
Kirk Cavanaugh (1 month ago)
my girlfriend would be a smart investment. I never would have really even thought about that. Thanks for the idea.
FlavaFave (1 month ago)
right invest in that boob job, and you both will be happy and also both more confident !!!
Jeff Rose (1 month ago)
You’re welcome! Just make sure to invest in yourself, too 😉
Brent Sipper (1 month ago)
Investing in videos that are 5 mins and not 12.
Jeff Rose (1 month ago)
Doesn't matter the length of the video. What matters is you take action with the information you received otherwise it was a poor investment of your time.
daniel mendoza (1 month ago)
Is the text on your shirt backwards ??
Jeff Rose (1 month ago)
It is. It's messing with you isn't it? 😜
SuperQuickfix1 (1 month ago)
Investment or crap shoot. Not mentioning brokerage fee getting in and getting out. Hundred bucks take the wife out to dinner or go fishing either way at least you'll get a meal. .
Jeff Rose (1 month ago)
I'm reading the 1st part of your comment, and it sounds like you're searching for excuses why you CAN'T invest and make money. You can if you start. I started investing $25 per month and was paying a 5.75% commission on every trade. And with time I still made money and it's grown over the years.
SuperQuickfix1 (1 month ago)
Jeff Rose well 4.95 plus exchange fee in 4.95 plus exchange fee going out, cost ya say ten bucks. 100 bucks unless your buying penny stocks gets you 4 shares of a 25 dollar stock so it's got to move up 2 and a half points to break even. Then agin it could be like frontier and do a 15 to 1 reversal split. Yes making money is possible but your guess is as good as mine wich stock will be the winner. Thirty years of trading proves the only money made is what's taken off the table lol
Jeff Rose (1 month ago)
Yeah, those $4.95 trading fees will eat you alive
Bella King (1 month ago)
Can you be the 15? I'm interested
Jeff Rose (1 month ago)
Yes you can but you'll need a parent or guardian to help you open the account until your 18
Mike Last name (1 month ago)
How did you start an account with a mobil investing app and immediately start investing in a few minutes, when it takes days to verify your bank account?..
Rashawn Campbell (28 days ago)
Jeff Rose (1 month ago)
You have to verify your bank in the account set up process
Barkaka P (1 month ago)
The music is so loud that by the time I hear talking my ears are ringing. Lol
Jeff Rose (1 month ago)
😫 ouch! Took care of that after this video. Hope your ears feel better!
Barkaka P (1 month ago)
Stupid loud music....
Jeff Rose (1 month ago)
J Cole (1 month ago)
Not true. Stash will pick ETFs that they think fit your wants/needs but you pick what you want to put your money into as well as about 50+ individual companies right now. And you get to buy fractional shares.
Jeff Rose (1 month ago)
ÉN (1 month ago)
I bought a freediving wetsuit for a competition it was 160$ and I won 2000$ by winning the competition. And I also sold the wetsuit with a profit.
Jeff Rose (1 month ago)
That is awesome!
mixgarage (1 month ago)
I started ACORNS 13 months ago. I deposit $25 month and do 2X roundups on all my debit card purchases. I'm now at $1400. Pretty decent for basic pocket change deposits, if I keep it up until retirement age (67 - 14 more years) I'll have around $40,000. Of course this isn't my only source of income for retirement but every little bit helps.
Jeff Rose (1 month ago)
great job! Every little bit does count.
Jeffery Danquah (1 month ago)
hello Jeff am Jeff, nice to meet you
Jeff Rose (1 month ago)
Jeffery Danquah (1 month ago)
Jeff Rose Wow, wasn't expecting a reply from you. You've just earned yourself a subscriber👌
Jeff Rose (1 month ago)
Coach J (1 month ago)
I'm going to start today. Thank you!
Jeff Rose (1 month ago)
Get you some!
Patryna's Writings (1 month ago)
Jeff Rose (1 month ago)
Elilta Williams (1 month ago)
Thank you for your recommendations! Very helpful for a beginner like me!
Jeff Rose (1 month ago)
Glad you enjoyed it!
Emad El Sammad (1 month ago)
Man you are good but you talk too much. Get straight to the point for god sake
Jiloh5 (28 days ago)
Jeff Rose hahaha I laughed so hard at this lol
Jeff Rose (1 month ago)
Try watching on 2x speed. It may change your life
Burner Fire (1 month ago)
You have to pay your kids to learn..I find that sad and rather depressing.
Jeff Rose (1 month ago)
Burner Fire (1 month ago)
I read more research papers than books. I also have experienced people I talk to. People sort of like you, but they don't get defensive ;). I also tend to watch things on 1.5 - 3x the speed so I can burn through videos by mentors, scientists, researches, medical fields, entrepreneurs, general science fields. Have you ever looked into any botany, what about botanical history? It's fascinating how old flowers are. xD You have amused me.
Jeff Rose (1 month ago)
I trust you my kids don’t. In fact, I’m curious..... How many books have you read in the past 90 days?
Rekway (1 month ago)
This is a Udemy sales pitch
Jeff Rose (1 month ago)
You’re welcome
Karina Espi (1 month ago)
great info!
Jeff Rose (1 month ago)
GolgiApparatti Playz (1 month ago)
New ali a intro lol
Vince Stark (1 month ago)
I don't know much about you, but If you were not an NCO, you're still one motivational guy. Keep doing what you're doing! I'm subscribing for sure.
Jeff Rose (1 month ago)
Formerly known as SSG Rose. Hoooah!!
Lunar- Tick (1 month ago)
Okay so I’m really interested and only 17 but betterment is a US only website and app, what about Australia ? I’m so lost lmao
Burner Fire (1 month ago)
Crypto is easier, not as fast if you're broke as fuck but you have far more control.
Abhi Johal (1 month ago)
You that shit corny af
Jeff Rose (1 month ago)
sinofdusk3 (1 month ago)
I was half expecting a sponsor from skillshare or domain
Jeff Rose (1 month ago)
Maybe next time
smyleforleslie (1 month ago)
Love your last thing to invest on at 10:50 <3 Life isn't ONLY about just money and investing
Jeff Rose (1 month ago)
Agree 1000000%!!
I'm dat Guy (1 month ago)
I only have 100 bucks in my bank account
Jeff Rose (1 month ago)
Time to get a job
Norphas (1 month ago)
Hey Jeff ! I was wondering, since all of those advices go for American people, what do you advice for other guys like me (from France) to do the same ?
Jeff Rose (1 month ago)
#puke 😖
michael jamie (1 month ago)
Mr Salman is an awesome trader and has the most accurate signals, I appreciate all the hard work he puts in to acquire maximum wins in all his trades.
Akshara Lal (1 month ago)
Sarah feel free to mail him on his email or send him text on whats-app so you can get any information you need from him.
Sarah mangal (1 month ago)
Hello Akshara Lal, am from India. can i trade with him from here? i will really love to start trade with him.
Kemala Hamdani (1 month ago)
Thanks Akshara for this wonderful information. i will contact him now so i will start Trade with him. God Bless you..
Super video!
Jeff Rose (1 month ago)
D IY (1 month ago)
So people do your research about DIGIBYTE and BITCOIN its the future of money and wealth storage and DOY and make up your own mind but do not ignore the future not a financial advisor but a financial visionary .Adoption is all around us .you can be part of the new 1% i invested 100usd in Bitcoin and 100usd in Digibyte and thats al i need to have a nice future bye 2020 .Like the vids though
Mami_Vision (1 month ago)
Hello Jeff, What are your thoughts about the Stash App?? I have about $1000 invested within that app.
Mami_Vision (1 month ago)
Jeff Rose I have about $70 every two weeks on Auto Stash.
Mami_Vision (1 month ago)
Jeff Rose I’m invested in Blue Chips, Young Money, Conservative Mix, High Voltage, corporate Cannabis and Delicious Dividends. Is that spread too wide as a beginner?
Jeff Rose (1 month ago)
Great app to get started. What are you invested in?
Taureanbeaver (2 months ago)
One time I was just going through craigslist and found someone getting rid of a box of cds for $20. I hung on to the ones I wanted to listen to, brought the rest straight to a local music store and they bought them for $50. Then I just converted the ones I wanted to mp3 and traded those in later.
Jeff Rose (2 months ago)
imagine if you could do that daily!
Jacob Mccarthy (2 months ago)
You are extremely annoying. That's why I disliked this video. Please change your personality for the good of your fellow man.
Jeff Rose (2 months ago)
Diversified Dame (2 months ago)
I had no idea you could do this, like other I thought it took lots of capital to get in. Thank you so much, I Just opened a "Betterment" account and look forward to learning about investing :)
Jeff Rose (2 months ago)
Woo-hoo! Great job taking action.
AllTheMani (2 months ago)
RobinHood actually will not let you invest in fractions of a stock sadly.
AllTheMani (2 months ago)
Sucks because I wish it was true LOL
Jeff Rose (2 months ago)
I know. That was my bad for saying that in the video.
David Godfrey (2 months ago)
With TD Ameritrade you also have to pay commission per trade on most securities.
Jeff Rose (2 months ago)
That's a bigger deal if you're doing a lot of trading.
David Godfrey (2 months ago)
I don't think Robinhood allows you to buy fractional shares.
Jeff Rose (2 months ago)
You’re right. I misspoke in the video
web (2 months ago)
I use Ally Invest. I like it.
Jeff Rose (2 months ago)
What made you choose them?
Reply Soon (2 months ago)
Mutual funds are meh
Jeff Rose (2 months ago)
Not investing at all is meh
James Corr (2 months ago)
My first investment? I was about 10, got some wood, built a shoe shine kit, bought some shoe polish, got some rags and went to the local barbershop and started polishing shoes.
Alejandro Camino (2 months ago)
I need some advice from you .
Alejandro Camino (1 month ago)
Jeff Rose nothing honestly I am afraid of losing what I have.☹️
Jeff Rose (2 months ago)
what have you tried?
Alejandro Camino (2 months ago)
Jeff Rose first of all , I am 44 of age and tired of working for a paycheck. I need something different .
Jeff Rose (2 months ago)
ask away
vladi_apps (2 months ago)
Just got a job and wanna start investing right away lol..any advice?I'm 17btw
Eve L (28 days ago)
Just by assets, assets make you money, Iove having $500 a week coming in each week from my assets , without having to work for an employer. So happy l retired from working at age 39. But was only able to retire because l saved up $10,000 every year from my $24,000 a year job. Saved up for 20 years, making me retire on $200,000 . Now l spend my days buying gold and silver coins and nuggets to sell 20 years from now , since it will go up in value over time , while cash devalues over time. I also spend my days attending courses, studying finance, studying it at various universities, and read lots of personal finance books to learn more ways to make money. If you can't attend a university right now , you can do free short university finance courses online at www.futurelearn.com or on www.ASX.com.au
J Cole (1 month ago)
Research a LOT. Really make sure you know what you’re doing and have a good understanding of things. It’s pretty straightforward and simple and the younger you start the better.
vladi_apps (2 months ago)
Jeff Rose just turned 17...will turn 18 next year lol
Jeff Rose (2 months ago)
How long till your 18?
Andrew Horne (2 months ago)
Is it me or is the words on his shirt backwards. But excellent video.
Jeff Rose (2 months ago)
yanet j (2 months ago)
Hi Jeff, how much should we invest in stash/acorns since they charge $1 per month? Is it a good idea to invest in both? I already have $100 betterment. Should I invest in acorns/stash?
yanet j (2 months ago)
Thanks :) I'll try stash first
Jeff Rose (2 months ago)
If you are comfortable with stash and/or acorns, then yes try them out 😀 You could always start within a minimum investment and see how it performs.
clayton martinez (2 months ago)
clayton martinez (2 months ago)
Jeff Rose I love you
Jeff Rose (2 months ago)
Investing is not for the faint of heart, you have to be willing to take risks, even if it makes you cringe 😂
Christopher Woodard (2 months ago)
Double fisting forks over here... Lemme pick at that brain bruh😋😂🤷‍♂️
Chris Fire (2 months ago)
Wolf of Wall Street
David Rojas (2 months ago)
Some of your little jokes are so cringey and I literally love it. Some people take themselves way too seriously when giving advice. You are not one of those people lol
Jeff Rose (2 months ago)
haha...appreciate that! 😂
Jonathan Goldsmith (2 months ago)
So is stash legit on long term ? I want to invest a little to get a feel on how investing works
Jonathan Goldsmith (2 months ago)
Jeff Rose thanks for the response what i meant to say is this app legit legit or will it just take my money and then disappear in a few months what do you think ?
Jeff Rose (2 months ago)
Long-term you're investing in the same sort of things you would in any other investment account.
Lingua Veritatis (2 months ago)
I'm scared to fill in my login and password for linking my bank, and SSN in the acorns app.
Lingua Veritatis (2 months ago)
Jeff Rose I got it. I checked out other apps, and saw they were asking for it too, so i figured. But thanks my friend.
Jeff Rose (2 months ago)
Any online broker/bank will require you to share your SSN
jb odyssey (2 months ago)
You cannot invest in fractional shares using Robinhood.
jb odyssey (2 months ago)
Thanks for sharing your ideas.
Jeff Rose (2 months ago)
Yup. I was thinking of another platform when I said that. Thanks for pointing that out.
Trinity Vlogs (2 months ago)
Honestly my favorite youtuber❤️😁
Jeff Rose (2 months ago)
I’ll take it! ☺️
Occams OX (2 months ago)
Sure sounds like a bunch of pyramid schemes.
Jeff Rose (2 months ago)
Which ones?
Knott Reel (2 months ago)
Not sure that books and blogs are the topics implied by your title.
Jeff Rose (2 months ago)
What classifies as an investment from your perspective?
Kent Peterson (2 months ago)
I invested $200 in bitconnect and lost everything. Did make money from bitcoin and litecoin
Jeff Rose (2 months ago)
at least you made some money! :)
Finch Gaming (2 months ago)
Invest in your spous really, what a cuck.
Jeff Rose (2 months ago)
Be sure to share your thoughts on that to your current or future spouse. They’ll appreciate it
Biremon Ioteba (2 months ago)
Very interested in this but I think it only for people in the States
Jeff Rose (2 months ago)
Mostly, yes
deacon theseer (2 months ago)
When I make money I'll buy her flowers
Jeff Rose (2 months ago)
Better do something sooner than that
southpaw3sox (3 months ago)
.....jeff, you have a lovely family.
Jeff Rose (2 months ago)
Thank you 🙏
Alpha and Omega (3 months ago)
Please stop trying to be funny.
Jeff Rose (3 months ago)
Raymond Morun (3 months ago)
lol books have got little to nothing with schools , in schools you got textbooks most of the time
Jeff Rose (3 months ago)
Ewan C (3 months ago)
Robinhood and Stockpile are all you need in 2018. You’re welcome. You’re all f*cking welcome!!
Jeff Rose (3 months ago)
what about Stockpile do you like?
Asa P (3 months ago)
An Aussie looking to get started with investing but was kinda disappointed when Betterment told me they only allow investments in the states :( Got any other international options?
Jeff Rose (3 months ago)
I don't ☹️
Kayvan Far (3 months ago)
oh wow this video is unwatchable because of the guy speaking. dude fix your teeth and stop coming closer and repeating some words thats not how you keep up the energy. sucked.
Jeff Rose (3 months ago)
You’ll be missed 😿
Moose Playz (3 months ago)
I'm only 13 and just had my birthday so I have about 100$ and found this on my recommended list and now I think I might invest I am probably going to look further into Betterment and Robin hood thank you so much and wish me luck.
Orion Meeson (9 days ago)
Moose Playz what about now?
Nikita Radion (14 days ago)
Did you invest???
SputnicK (3 months ago)
is this a commercial or a tutorial
SputnicK (3 months ago)
Well then that's false advertising. You should title this "Why you should use Good Financial Investments" instead of making it look like some generic tutorial.
Jeff Rose (3 months ago)
Kim Lee (3 months ago)
Thumbs up for Robinhood 👍🏽👏🏽
Kim Lee (3 months ago)
Jeff Rose Yes and watching your video confirms to me that I am doing something right. This made me feel better about what I am doing with my money, thank you!
Jeff Rose (3 months ago)
Have an account with them?
Irene Rolles (3 months ago)
back to the 1930 movie I was watching. I don't need a fortune, I'm dying of emphysema. This is why I know how short life is because I got a message from God not to worry because I have Him. I had investment because I worked for a stock broker and I did make money except it was taken from my ex husband.
Irene Rolles (3 months ago)
guess where you're going.
Jeff Rose (3 months ago)
Orion Carmine (3 months ago)
When should I start investing because I’m still very very young
J Cole (1 month ago)
As soon as possible. Never too young.
Jeff Rose (3 months ago)
You should start investing as soon as you can. I’ve never met anyone that said they invested too early

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