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The Bitcoin Price Prediction For 2018 That Might Surprise You...

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Text Comments (88)
William Alvin (3 months ago)
I received a hacked transfer from expeditetools com .They sent me over $32,000
Rene Bechtold (3 months ago)
lol, 15k it is 3500 in december
MD 8 (3 months ago)
canny3d (3 months ago)
5 months later... completely wrong analysis.. btc at $4300.
Costel Lungu (3 months ago)
and it will go below 3k, smaller market cap easier to manipulate and institutional adoption is not there yet
Bennett Hastings (7 months ago)
Valdemar Dragonborn (5 months ago)
is this a bull trap ?
Valdemar Dragonborn (5 months ago)
what do you think now ?
Bennett Hastings (7 months ago)
My point of view is that by the end of 2018, bitcoin is going no where near 15-20k
Investors Elite (7 months ago)
How...interested to hear your point of view
S1 S4 (8 months ago)
Like als je hier bent voor VAELTAX 😅😅
Sanko (8 months ago)
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B Rad (9 months ago)
Futures market is manipulating it
B Rad (7 months ago)
i agree, illuminati stepped in to get a piece of the pie and postion themselves. They should stay of out the decentralized world, crypto now is doing the opposite of what it was intended for, now becoming centralized as fuck,
anonymous (7 months ago)
B Rad if CBOE futures dodnt happen in Nov/dec 2017 bitcoin would be 30k in 2018 but being massively shorted..until a huge short squeeze happens it will stay 5900-8700
eserve 247 (9 months ago)
101% guaranteed till dec $9542 BTC PRICE. this year not guaranteed above $10000 BTC PRICE
Jd Dayanghirang (9 months ago)
Predicting it going down to around 6800 in a few days (maybe 6600), then going to 11,500ish then dip to maybe 5k, (or below) around end of summer, beginning of Fall, then big investors/corporations will take their place (Bull run)
anonymous (7 months ago)
Jd Dayanghirang ...WHY????
Vitaliy Syromyatnikov (9 months ago)
Thanx for your interesting video: I have shared it to my VideoBlog. Support our global initiative: Bitcoin price to $1 000 000 simple 4 steps plan More info here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqXN7kYh2n4
Sumit Lekhi (9 months ago)
I agree with you sir, very intellectual study👍🏻
prussian millionaire (9 months ago)
All the comments are very sensible..and the only thing I want to hear is "RELEASE THE KRACKEN!!!"😄
glad mono (9 months ago)
Bitcoin will not rise in 2019 because American debt...it will be a huge sell off one the Down Jones and nasdak and bitcoin will follow...
Randy Black (9 months ago)
Great Video . . . Thx. Below Video . . . ?
Samuel Foos (9 months ago)
Hello, I am interested in your course and joining your private trading group but would prefer not using facebook. I just downloaded telegram, wondering how to find your telegram group....let me know...thks!
michael (9 months ago)
we all want healthy growth, but bitcoin does not grow healthy. i call the next move will be parabolic again pushing us between 25-50k and then the next sell off will occur. if u want to see how it will look like just go to EOS chart and see, thats exactly what will happen with btc. so dont panic, dont fomo, get your position now and get ready to sell on the way up to accumulate when it breaks down again. this will continue throughout the next years pushing btc into the hundredthousands. mark my words.
Mariyana Munro (5 months ago)
Thank you for replying!
michael (5 months ago)
my cam has died, so atm i do no streams =/
Mariyana Munro (5 months ago)
+ Michael Enjoyed reading this conversation. How can one find you on twitch? B username, channel name? Thank you!
michael (7 months ago)
only the host, the viewers are in the chat and can interact. just go on twitch.tv and look for yourself.
Tyrone Catkiller Kang (7 months ago)
oh ok, I knew it had something to do with "live" but didn't know that is what it specifically is. this a stupid question but I figure you need to have a camera to do this and no other way, right?
Bryan Rosario (9 months ago)
The graph looks like a pump and dump
ros070 R (9 months ago)
verry nice ta bro
ros070 R (9 months ago)
it wipl be 4k or 25k is that the best ?
Useless Immigrant (9 months ago)
BROTHER Crypto can you do a review on EXRN it was just up 35% and the price is $.000079 it is ready to go just needs to be known about:) Thank you
Free Crypto Robot (9 months ago)
hi, all. chech free bittrex bot in my stream.

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