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Is Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash the true crypto Excalibur?

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Juan Galt and Roger Ver engage in an in-depth discussion on the virtues and shortfalls of crypto's original hostile brothers: Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Which will serve as the true crypto Excalibur, a tool capable of empowering the worthy in their quest to remake the world? --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sponsor site Komodoplatform.com Produced and edited by Arielle Friedman Juansgalt.com twitter.com/juansgalt facebook.com/juansgalt gab.ia/juansgalt juansgalt.com/youtube keybase.io/juansgalt Slack: Juansgalt
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Text Comments (4)
Mike Lorrey (6 months ago)
This is why I created Bitcoin Uranus, to be the one sphincter coin to rule them all.
MrKain134 (6 months ago)
When was this recorded?
sharperguy (6 months ago)
MrKain134 Probably anarchapulco at the end of Feb 2018
DigitalNinja (6 months ago)
Bcash has been around nearly a year as ver says because btc is "slow" "exspensive" but if you check the link below you will see that bcash isnt even being used. Its daily tx amount is a joke. Jog on Ver with your crappy alt coin. https://blocktivity.info

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