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Cryptocurrency News LIVE! - Bitcoin, Ethereum, Chainlink, & More Crypto News! (January 14th, 2018)

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Text Comments (90)
Michael (4 months ago)
TIMESTAMPS 00:19 Introduction 01:23 Crypt0's Dream 02:16 Ethereum (ETH) 05:40 Chainlink (LINK) Overview 08:39 ETHDenver 2019 / Other Conferences 10:55 Chainlink (continued) 12:51 Bittrex Opens OTC Desk 15:43 Government Shutdown / Bitcoin ETF 17:31 BAKKT Blog "Our First Acquisition" 20:40 Pre-Order The New Ledger Nano X Crypto Hardware Wallet (https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/77f9) 21:08 LedgerX Announces LXVX Volatility Index 22:34 Augur (REP) 23:21 Fake News: Russia's Alleged $10 Billion Bitcoin Investment 28:10 Fiat Leak (https://fiatleak.com/) 30:09 Bitcoin Will Still Bite The Dust Article 35:06 Sentiment / All Time Bitcoin Chart (https://99bitcoins.com/price-chart-history/) 39:14 Quote of the Day! 39:59 Conclusion
Karina Sloan (4 months ago)
Although the crypto space is still very much in the grips of a bear market, with smart trades and a well thought out strategy and subtle exploitations of market loopholes, you can always turn a considerable profit as have been proven by some traders, me inclusive. The technicality involved is knowing your entry point and also your exit point not a second later and this is where most traders fail including experts. I had this same problem and lost most trades while winning a few and I had to go back to the drawing board and do my research which led me to several online forums and youtube comment sections where I got to know about **Allan Shaw. I would urge you guys to contact him if you have any issues relating to trading crypto as his signals and strategies are off the chart. I trade better now and have turned out a very impressive profit margin ever since. You can reach him by [email protected]
Average Joe (4 months ago)
No max supply of eth though
Vince Dryy (4 months ago)
I think this may be a decent time to buy cryptos, but I prefer upgrading my rig than buying more atm (I believe that BTC will reach 1800 and range for a while/long). Pretty much safer and costless, added 2 more gtx 1060 to my 8cards ETH rig and using up to 3 phones to grab some free ETN on Android (ref : 6AF653 , you and I earn more, if u like to ). For those who dont feel secure in buying for the moment, start mining on low cost rig and benefits from free coins is an idea. Actually 1060 6gb are at decent price and bring some results for a low electricity cost. Good point is that hardware is used by gamers, so pretty much easy to sell in case price keep going down.
Yakui (4 months ago)
I wanna sell my link stack for eth, but what's the deal with this 32 eth thing? I can't afford that shit!
Crypt0 (4 months ago)
If they lower it too much, the reasoning is that there will be too many nodes, and this will bottleneck the network. The higher the staking minimum, the faster the network...everything is a tradeoff o.0
Erik C (4 months ago)
If you're using Brave, FiatLeak will not load w/o allowing scripts. It runs JavaScript which is blocked automatically on Brave.
The Great Gambino (4 months ago)
No High Fidelity meet up? Or did I show up at the wrong time?
The Great Gambino (4 months ago)
+Crypt0 no need to apologize. Had a great time in there and ended up staying for about 4 hours. Talked to a skeleton on a balcony overlooking a city LOL. The dude used to work for apple and now flies private planes. Both times I went in there I met very interesting people and it was well worth my time. No worries bro👍🏻
Crypt0 (4 months ago)
That was my mistake. Forgot to update folks. New date will be announced, man, my apologies to you personally.
Soshi Cryp (4 months ago)
No Dumb Money in ChainLink. So the paid FUD here is useless.
Matt M (4 months ago)
The issue many folks have with conferences are that most speakers end up promoting their own agenda / business rather than impart actually useful information. I attended Anarchapulco online last year and learnt nothing from it that I hadn't already gained from reading / watching the man speakers over the previous few months and reading TDV each month. Will this year's event be any different? I appreciate that actually being there and being able to network offers a completely different perspective, just thinking about the main stage events over the course of the week. Any feedback would be really appreciated!
Crypt0 (4 months ago)
Being there is definitely going to be a wildly different experience...really worth it, for networking alone. Plus, the people who attend are some of the most interesting people I've ever met and been inspired by...seems to draw a great crowds of freedom fighting, spiritual people.
Crypto Cliff notes (4 months ago)
Clicked on channel it said 5 days ago ...clicked on vid it said streamed 7 hours ago smh.....good content as always
Crypt0 (4 months ago)
Thanks :) ...YouTube can be weird with livestreams.
GeneralDonut123 (4 months ago)
I honestly have no idea how crypto works and everything, but I get the feeling chainlink is a scam from my research. I recommend staying away from it.
Sam Son (4 months ago)
Invest in BTC instead
Umora Mayori (4 months ago)
I had a dream, friday night i think it was. Btc fell to 1200, then within minutes bounced to and broke 20k, then pluto'd to 170k. Fingers crossed. lol
Crypt0 (4 months ago)
LOL may our best dreams become reality :)
Josh T-H Æ News (4 months ago)
Chainlink is very interesting. If you like chainlink, you might want to look into aeternity, they are a platform (unlike chainlink) that has oracles integrated into the chain as first class objects, with aepps coming that interface with said oracles.
firstflyover (4 months ago)
Better start covering Cardano more. Shelly Is Coming... Will B Big!
unorthodox unorthodox (4 months ago)
0mar you the man!!!! informative!
good ol' Anime (4 months ago)
Nobody needs chainlink. You don't need a $300 million network to add some numbers and print the average value. Even a freshman CS student could do that. People already know how to set up a system like that but they don't. Wonder why? Ever wondered how you've never heard about this project before until this shill talked about it? Because NOBODY NEEDS IT. It doesn't improve anything. Sergey and co. are just another tech startup, nobody cares about them. There is NOTHING. The only way this charade hasn't collapsed yet is because they haven't released their little project yet. Just wait and see. When the main net is released. There will be no activity on the network. The price will plummet HARD. Some of the most retarded ones will pick up even more of this useless shit, thinking they're getting a huge deal, not realizing they're edging themselves off a cliff. Spoiler: You won't get rich. You're just one of the millions of people who got scammed by someone who is smarter than you. That's just how the world works. Don't take it personal.
Low Quality Beats (4 months ago)
jeffrey exposito (4 months ago)
Buy Zcash Monero and Dash.High demand plus very low supply equals $10,000 per coin in 3 to 5 years.
Fiddleplayer7 (4 months ago)
Seems like everyone on social media are having dreams!
cinder block (4 months ago)
This coin is for idiots. I would NEVER buy
Know One (4 months ago)
you should have played the genie in Alladin, not will smith
darkslayer469 (4 months ago)
Chainlink is a scam, mobius and enigma actually solve the oracle problem. Uploaded is a paid shill.
Lorenzo Zjalarre (4 months ago)
IF BTC doesn't updgrade it will continue to lose market share. Another coin with fast transacations, privacy, worldwide acceptance will eventually dethrone BTC.
Optional Bits (4 months ago)
Once upon a time in a timeline much like our own lived Wagie Wojak. He gets up at 6:00am, eats a bowl of oatmeal with a cup of instant coffee. At 7:30 he serves breakfast at McDonalds. From 11:00am, he begins serving lunch. At 12:30 he gets a free lunch. He gets a Big Mac with large fries for himself and prepares an order for his friend.  A year ago, Wagie Wojak noticed the same guy would come to eat at McDonalds every day, at the same time, and always ordered the Big Mac with extra Special Sauce. The man loved the Big Mac Special Sauce and always asked for 3x. He orders two extra Big Macs and scrapes off the sauce to dip the fries in for one, and with the other he puts the extra sauce in his Oreo McFlurry. Whenever the man came to Wojak’s counter, Wojak would secretly give him 5x the sauce.  Wojak became friends with the Man. They would have lunch together. Wojak never learned more about what the man worked on or what his name is. He would just call himself Big Mac.  Today, at 8:00pm Wojak continued to work.  “Working late on New Years Eve?” Said Big Mac.  “I don’t have anywhere to go. I didn’t get a girlfriend again this year,” said Wojak. His skin pinkened as was normal. “It’s okay Wojak. You will get one,” said Big Mac.  “How?” Wojak turned angrily and grabbed the man by the collar. He had never turned his hand against the gentle Big Mac man but today was especially painful. On the last day of the year, he felt poorer and lonelier than ever.  “How can you expect me to get a girlfriend? I have never had a girlfriend!” Tears of blood streamed down his face. “My shitty car is 10 years old and I work at McDonalds!” “It will be alright Wojak. I love McDonalds,” said Big Mac.  “Shut up Big Mac! You don’t understand! I was supposed to make it. I waited all year! You don’t know what true disappointment is,” Wojak began to scream in his native tongue. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” Quickly the Manager dashed around the corner. “Mr. Wojak! You better stop right now.” “I was supposed to be rich! I was supposed to leave this job!” Wojak’s hair flamed like in DBZ, except into JUST’d hair.  “Mr. Wojak! You better unhand that customer right now or you’re fired!” “Do you understand what it’s like to be betrayed by someone you trusted? How all of your hopes dashed? Every day I waited. I sacrificed. I accumulated. For what? I’m going to end it all tonight!” Wojak began beating up the customer. Big Mac did not fight back.  The manager dashed in and grabbed Wojak to stop him. “Mr. Wojak I’m going to have to report you to the police. You are clearly a danger to yourself.” “I’m going to end it all! Fuck this gay Earth! I’m going to market sell all my LINK at midnight!” The police arrived and dragged Wagie Wojak out of the store.  “It was supposed to be 1000 EOY! 1000!” Wojak screamed.  After the police talked to him, they found that he did not mean he was going to kill himself but just market sell this “LINK.” They were worried about Wojak’s well being and gave him a suicide hotline number just in case.  “That won’t be necessary,” Wojak said. For it will be too late. By the time Wagie Wojak was released from the police station, it was 11:00pm. He walked towards his apartment, hearing laughter and partying all around. Dejectedly, he checked his portfolio.  Just like yesterday and the day before that, LINK was still $5.00. “They told me I was delusional,” Wojak thought. “I should be lucky if we even got $5 or $10 EOY.” He went to his local Wal-Mart to get alcohol. They detained him at the checkout counter.  “I’m sorry sir we don’t sell alcohol after 11:00pm.” Wagie Wojak didn’t believe them. He wanted to check the rules online but there was no signal inside Wal-Mart.  “Okay.” Wojak sighed. He went to go find bleach. All of a sudden, he heard a deafening explosion. Wojak fell to his knees. The floor shook violently. Wojak scrambled away just as the ceiling caved in behind him. He followed the screaming crowd outside.  “What is that?” Someone pointed.  “It’s the green dildo!” “It’s come!” Wojak squinted his eyes at the bright green light piercing the sky.  A blue and white Lamborghini sped through the crowd and pulled up to Wojak.  “Get in Marine!” “Who are you?” “I’m a brigadier General, I’m taking all the marines to Lamboland!” The man shouted, pointing at the green light.  “Lamboland is a real place? I thought it was just a metaphor.” “Oh, it’s real alright.” Wojak got in and they drove off. He heard gunshots going off in the distance and he saw buildings collapsing.  “What’s going on?” “The noLinkers are killing themselves.” Streets and windows were painted with blood. “Old money and old buildings cannot support The Fourth Industrial Revolution.” At the stop light, a man jumped onto the hood of the car.  “I KNOW YOU HAVE LINK! I’ll give you $500 for it!”  Five hundred? Wagie Wojak opened his phone to check the price.  “Back off noLINKer! You had your chance!” The general floored the pedal. The phone read 12:08am. Wagie Wojak looked up just as his noLINKer Wojak turned a critical shade of red and exploded.  He opened Delta to check the LINK price but the app crashed as soon as he tried to open it.  “Your phone can’t handle the singularity.”  NoLINKer Wojaks were no longer killing themselves - they were exploding into a river of blood right on the streets.  At the next light, a young woman ran up and pounded on the window.  “Wojak! It’s me, Stacey!” She pounded on the window. “What’s going on? Let me in!” Wagie wojak looked for the button to roll down the window.  “Take no one with you,” Said the General.  “But she’s my oneitis!” Wagie Wojak said. General slapped Wojak’s hand from the handle.  “Where we’re going, she’s a 1/10.” The General sped up. Wagie Wojak watched her in the rear view mirror for a while, then saw her walk off with a pathetic noLinker. At the third light, a man came up to the window. He was not a wojak.  “Son, I am prepared to offer you $700 for a LINK! I am buying 100,000 my good sirs.” The rich normie smiled confidently. He knocked on the window for General to let him in.  $700? Wagie Wojak searched for his wallet. He had so much LINK it wouldn’t hurt to sell just a little.  “Fuck off! We’re not selling,” the General flipped him off and drove off.  As they headed towards the giant green dildo, Wagie Wojak heard normies and noLinkers in the streets: “$900! Limit buy 100 LINK for $900!” “Market buying LINK! Market buy oh God please let my buy go through!” “The exchanges are crashing!” “Please, I’ll pay you in cash, just give me some LINK.” A normie grabbed a marine in the streets.  The General got out of the lambo and punched him. “How much is a LINK worth now? I have to know!” Wagie asked. He saw a LINK live price ticker on the dashboard. The General smashed it. “You can’t be tempted.” Wagie heard cries outside the window. “$1,100 for a LINK!” “I’ll pay $1,500 for a LINK!” The General turned up the music.  What’s going on? Wasn’t the singularity a meme? Wasn’t it supposed to only reach $1,000?  General drove faster. They arrived at the green dildo. It’s beam of pure heavenly light guided them. At its base was an incredible rocket ship. LINK marines were standing outside in a line. Wojak looked up, awestruck. It was as if all the CGI artists from Marvel and Pixar had fused into one super being and created it from their flesh.  Wagie Wojak got out of the car. There weren’t many Marines here. The General was right, there isn’t enough space on the ship to have taken Stacey and all the other people with them. Heavily armed guards let Wagie through as they kept the normies back.  They stood outside the spaceship in confusion, in excitement. Waiting. Wojak looked up at the door.  “Give us your Wagies, your NEETs and your unifags. Give us the kissless, the handholdless, and the virgins.” The air was still.  In the distance, a figure came towards them.  “It’s Sergey!” The crowd erupted into cheer. “He’s come to take us to Lamboland!” “It’s the pilot!” Wagie’s heart quickened... There he stood.  Big Mac man.  “Big Mac!” Wagie cried out.  Big Mac man still had a black eye from where Wagie punched him. Wagie ran up to Sergey. “Do you forgive me for punching you?” Wagie said. “Please take me to lamboland with you. I’m sorry!” “My son, today you are with me in Lamboland.” Sergey touched Wagie Wojak’s shoulder and Wojak transformed into a brilliant green Wojak. His mortal McDonalds uniform coil fell away. Sergey walked through the crowd. He had the key to the spaceship. The cheering from the marines intensified, the wailing of those left outside grew louder.  “The few. The proud. The LINK marines.” “1000 EOY!” “We’re not selling!” Someone began to say, “Tonight. Tonight. Tonight.” And they stomped in unison.  “Tonight!” “Tonight!”  “Tonight!” “TONIGHT!” Sergey opened the spaceship doors and turned around to face the crowd.  “Strap in, boys.”
Arthur Mcgonnell (4 months ago)
Surely The Work of a Virtual Harlan Ellison Love Child...from another time line..Naddair!💚
good ol' Anime (4 months ago)
+Debra Elkins yes ADA very good coin sir, great choice really have to be careful with Chainlink though, I heard its a pump and dump from the deep web.
Debra Elkins (4 months ago)
OMG that was special. You have to be a writer. 😀 I have felt that way about all my Cryptos. I am still at my job right now. Gonna do 12 hrs. One day gonna quit this fucking place. ADA XLM ZIL XRP to da moon 🚀🚀🚀🚀
bimble mcfudge (4 months ago)
Intentionally misleading video, let me put it this way... Chain link is the next bitconnect... It lures in gullible investors but will then immediatly crash down. The company is based in the f-ing Cayman islands for crying out loud and has repeatedly disregarded sub poenas from the SEC and subsequently the US state department. DO NOT BUY for your own good please help yourself. It's all out there
sunil singh (4 months ago)
Stephen Wolfram (4 months ago)
The CEO is a Russian scammer (what Russian isn’t evil) who was involved in hacking the DNC servers. He single handedly caused Hillary to lose the election. if you buy this coin you are supporting the evil nazis who did this! Ripple is a more sensible choice!
Low Quality Beats (4 months ago)
Okay thanks for the heads up! I will be buying ripple
jmlrugby11 (4 months ago)
FYI the comment section is being brigaded by 4chan /biz/. they don't want your subscribers to know about chainlink because they want to keep accumulating while it's cheap.
Theodor Ghannam (4 months ago)
That's actually funny, because I too had dream about price crashing recently. In my dream I saw bitcoin just drop from 4k to 3k, to 2500, then to N/A. I was a little freaked out. However I remember seeing ETHs price not move at all, staying at 130~. It freaked me out! I thought we reached the Bitcoin goes to Zero theory! luckily it was a dream :D
djpaulywood (4 months ago)
Strange - I also dreamt about crypto 2 nights ago and I never ever have dreams about it :P
JoeTube (4 months ago)
You have to be very careful with Chainlink. Two people hold 65% of the total supply (!) and they could sell at any moment. I personally stay away from projects where >50% of the supply is in centralized hands. BTC and ETH have good chances to make it, why take such a big gamble?
Mike S (4 months ago)
I had sex with my cousin yesterday
Johnny S (4 months ago)
Great show 👍👍 keep up the good work 😃
Suwejen (4 months ago)
I don't know about ChainLink.. Their 2 man team hyped a Swift partnership last year at Sibos, but literally nothing happened. A lot of bagholders were born, I wouldn't invest in that.
Mike S (4 months ago)
1$ EOY
Nat Colch (4 months ago)
I would buy Bitcoin and Ethereum I'm not convinced on Chainlink yet however as it is most likely vapourware. Plus I heard it's only a 2 man development team. Disliking this video as you should only report on coins with an actual main net as they could be scams. I will be notifying reddit of this "Chainlink" potential scam.
DazzaBellz (4 months ago)
Just a glorified json parser
JC (4 months ago)
Check chainlink out on github
John Galt (4 months ago)
Mason A (4 months ago)
Personally: Bitcoin is the first, and everything else is a derivative of bitcoin. Copy cats generally. Bitcoin is decentralized because there are no owners. Most of these alt coins all have groups in charge of running them or investors making them centralized from the start. Bitcoin moves slow making it the perfect form of stable money. Bitcoin will not and should not be used to handle everyday transactions around the world. 1. It cannot sustain the worlds daily transaction rates and 2. It is to slow. However, Bitcoin would be perfect as a global standard of worth. It would be the 21st century version of Gold. Example: Everyone will store their money in BTC and then move it to other coins to make transactions and purchases in stores. If the world stores its money in BTC as a "Personal Bank" this means BTC could sky rocket to be worth millions or billions or more per coin. Then you would take small amounts out of your BTC to other coins and make your purchases. I personally believe at least 70% or more of the alt coins in the market today will hit zero and be worthless with no practical use in the future. With BTC being a storage, it wont matter who transacts coins. For example....If a coin came along and was adopted by all retail stores named "Retail Coin or 'RC' then your money will always hold its value in BTC but you would move BTC into RC and purchase items. Retail Coin could be 100% centralized and controlled to assist processing transactions as it would not effect your money's value. They are just a middle man for transactions. People can then convert the retail coin back into BTC at the end of the day knowing that there is no Government, IRS, NSA, or any group or association that can take, freeze, or liquidate your funds out of your account.
C. van der Pol (4 months ago)
Dont buy link, all i can say, i lost everything while sergey just ate big-macs, its pathetic really.
Mo Seghir (4 months ago)
Let me save you guys the hassle of trying to figure out if Chainlink is a good buy or not. Why would the financial and technology industries invest funds into a simple json parser and slap a new name on it, when they can have their dev team set one up in under an hour? Chainlink is a failed project. The only thing the Chainlink team did correctly was identify the oracle problem, but their solution is unorthodox and unreliable. If one node goes down, they all go down. Not to mention the flaws that have recently been discovered with GoLang. Chainlink is an insecure, invalidated, and expensive solution to an easy-to-fix problem. Anyone with a background in software development can tell you how easy it would be to create a simple middle ware platform in Java. If a first year CS student can do it, then slave-pay tier Pajeets can do it too. You faggots aren't going to the moon. You're not the crew of Apollo 11. You're the crew of Apollo 13, and you mother fuckers just stirred the tanks.
Gabriel Motta (4 months ago)
Mud Stuffin (4 months ago)
Thanks. Just sold 100k
Nick (4 months ago)
Biz has noticed this video so there will be a lot of FUD comments about Chainlnk being a scam incoming...
Crypt0 (4 months ago)
+C. van der Pol I'm not paid for any of this content. I disclosed anytime (rare as can be) I've ever gotten any kickback. I understand your apprehension, however, and carry it myself when digesting any content. Cheers, C. Van Der Pol, have a good week.
Crypt0 (4 months ago)
Interesting...do you have a link? Thanks for the heads up.
C. van der Pol (4 months ago)
Chainlink is a scam, dont invest, this is a paid promotor, i wish they invested more into development instead of paid shillers on youtube
Raspberry Indiana (4 months ago)
don't invest in link it was hacked last month. seems like the devs aren't really experienced.
Frouzo (4 months ago)
Chainlink is scam.. do not buy that
Joshua Hinson (4 months ago)
Mike S (4 months ago)
+Arch Arch My chihuahua is licking my balls right now
Low Quality Beats (4 months ago)
Good to know thank you
Arch Arch (4 months ago)
an empty barrel makes the most noise
ZaZa (4 months ago)
"news", yeah right! was just a big shilling show ffs
free shipment (4 months ago)
this guy is just shilling his bag. probably invested a lot in this scam token ''link'' and wants a pump before dumping it on us
free shipment (4 months ago)
don't buy chainlink. one of the founders is a known russian scammer. this is already his fifth crypto project, all his previous scam projects have been abandoned and gone to zero
Mike S (3 months ago)
+peepee muahahahahaahh
peepee (3 months ago)
+Mike S might buy some then
Mike S (4 months ago)
+JoeTube Don't forget its a coin for literal nazis too. Bunch of racist jew haters
Nick (4 months ago)
+JoeTube Dude stop replying to yourself
JoeTube (4 months ago)
This is actually true. Google Cryptamail, Email on Blockchain, which was one of Sergey's other failed and abandoned projects. Don't be foolish and buy the top of a pumped up scam.
RonRonGun (4 months ago)
Chainlink and Microsoft partnership http://archive.fo/cd47Y
BigPapaPump (4 months ago)
Geo Tom (4 months ago)
+baverfjant Maybe, but I read it in both Fortune and the Telegraph? Also, no the onus is on those that make extraordinary claims to provide actual evidence, not the other way around.
baverfjant (4 months ago)
+Geo Tom Feel free to challenge what he says. The news started with The Daily Hodl and their source is that Russian Twitter account. So yeah. Believe it if you want but it's 99% bullshit.
Geo Tom (4 months ago)
+baverfjant A link to random guys internet scrapbooking doesnt really scream legit.
baverfjant (4 months ago)
+Geo Tom It's not https://imgur.com/yN1mBrh
Geo Tom (4 months ago)
Massive IF true.
David Raborn (4 months ago)
Thanks bro. Informative vid.
James Hargreaves (4 months ago)
Can someone please tell me why tone vays keeps calling ethereum a scam
Andre (4 months ago)
Watch his cryptoscam series to know why
Tim Ulrey (4 months ago)
ah, maximalist, lol. Darn spell check.
Crypt0 (4 months ago)
+Tim Ulrey Minimalist XD
Tim Ulrey (4 months ago)
He is a BTC minimalist is all. He doesn't think that a "blockchain operating system" like ETH is valuable long term.
Casey Flores (4 months ago)
James Hargreaves because it is not bitcoin. I personally DCA Ethereum.
BigPapaPump (4 months ago)

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