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What is the banking union?

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The banking union is a fundamental change to the way banks are supervised in Europe to protect taxpayers and savers. How will it affect your daily life? Find out in a couple of minutes in this video! You can watch the second video in the series "The banking union in practice" here: http://youtu.be/sLFjz7u5e0o
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odu. uba. (6 months ago)
You should learn this technology! These people have developed a blockchain payment system for the MENA REGION: https://youtu.be/gWzAWASWE0U
Chris Mr (1 year ago)
So how come the Italians bailed out two banks a couple of months ago?
Spativm (1 year ago)
Centralized control in sugar coated disguise. European Central Bank to keep watchful eye... How convenient for "the few"... I guess more and more folks in power are desperately catching tools of last resort. It's nice seeing things falling apart for a change. _As Above, So Below_
Pedro Blanco (4 years ago)
Congrats! I think transparence is always a good way to belive in banks and in Europe after the crisis we need more than ever a good explanation about how the financial system works. But my main question is how is possible to have a "banking union" safe without 100% fractional reserve? How is this possible? Thanks.
MrBrotmafia (4 years ago)
it isn't.. it is safe for small issues but the € 55 billion fund and 8% from the creditors may not be enough if a large crisis would happen in the future.

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