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Ep 9: Top 5 Ways to Make Money on Your Homestead

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In this episode, we do so updates on our farm but also take a look at the top 5 ways to make money on your homestead. Many people want to be able to generate income from their homesteading efforts so they can stay home or have the money to expand their homesteading efforts. We offer the top 5 opportunities from our perspective. For more information on our homestead, visit redtoolhouse.com. To order fruit trees from a quality source, visit starkbros.com. Please support our sponsor, goatmilksuds.com. They offer quality goat milk soap and other products.
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Text Comments (246)
Knights Edge (1 month ago)
Has anyone tried ginseng?
Thomas Jensen (1 month ago)
You can't live this lifestyle unless you start out rich.....so this is all beyond 99% of the people's reach.
Terry Tyler (1 month ago)
Do those pigs have to eat that much? How much for feed?
Terry Tyler (1 month ago)
I like the feel of your channel.
sally tally (3 months ago)
Im a bit ignorant on these things. Im very new to barely even researching homesteading. I wish i started years ago..but oh well. Anyway, so, you sell the hogs once theyre full grown?? Or do you butcher the meat and sell it?? Do you butcher them for your own consumption? Ive sub'd to your vids. Very informative and helpful. Thanks. 👌🏼🙇‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️
We raise our hogs to a butcher weight and sell whole and half hogs to customers. We deliver to the processor and deliver to the customers once processing is done. Some of our hogs processed at that time come back to the farm to be stored in our commercial walk-in freezer so we can sell individual cuts to customers. At that time we also have hogs processed for our own consumption. Thanks for watching!
Terry Scoft (3 months ago)
Really nice hog,s what breed ,??
Terry Scoft (3 months ago)
Thanks for reply,,we're in Fl.,,they look show quality,,yea we really like that cross breed ,but it fair time here ant there really top dollar rite now ,,,I njoy your info 😁
Thanks! They are a duroc/hampshire cross and duroc/landrace cross.
amommamust (3 months ago)
You know how to make a million dollars o a homestead? Start with 2 million... Best of luck to you, from another hobby homesteader lol!
xgi36 (3 months ago)
Check out planting ginseng on your north or east facing slopes, not a fast earner but with prices not at record highs you could wait for the ten or so years to harvest then retire.
eitoobmiz (3 months ago)
where i live there are several show pig breeding operation's and they sell their cull piglets cheap
Hank Hawks (3 months ago)
I really like your content. You are very articulate and interesting.
Seng Hunter (3 months ago)
Let me come get the Ginseng and replant the seeds I'll pay you 60% of my haul. If not I still love your channel and God bless.
Seng Hunter (3 months ago)
Red Tool House - Homestead yeah that seems about right these days. You ought to buy you some stratified ginseng seed and rootlets from Wildgrown.com or from Billy Taylor. I have turned a small quarter acre growing spot where it would naturally grow in to a solid money maker for me. Take care and God Bless.
Haven't seen it around here in 18 years. I think it has been over harvested.
Tom Slak (4 months ago)
Ash trees will go the way of the Dutch Elm and Beech trees. truly sad.
We are afraid they will disappear. We don't have issues with Beech here. What are you seeing with that species?
Jason Roberts (4 months ago)
At 25:43 (a little before is where it starts) a black animal walked behind you in the woods. A decent distance back. At first I thought it was a black bear. Not sure though.
Black Lab. Less dangerous but still elusive at times.
Mitch Streetman (4 months ago)
I do not understand why you have to buy your Chicken & Hog feed. You have the land, seeds is cheap, i.e.; 7 to 15 seed variety 'Cover Crops'. Good for your soil & healthy for your Animals. See 'everything' on YouTube related to Dr. Elaine Ingham/Soil Food Web, and 'That Guy' about no-till cover crops. Take: 94.
Kernica1 (3 months ago)
Red Tool House - Homestead - that might be a priority? Sell just enough more timber for the animals to eat of cleared pasture
I do not have enough cleared land to grow the amount of feed I need for my current production levels.
Real American Patriots (5 months ago)
Red Tool House - Homestead @Red Tool House - Homestead Hello again, Brother. I don't know why, but it's been a while since I've watched one of your video's. Thanks again for the hard work and bringing all the useful information to us. Is there a way to combat those damn borer's and replant the ash so we don't lose them? I agree, they are fantastic and used for allot of things. Would be a shame to see them go, although as you said, will bring some good revenue for those storing the material. God Bless
The Fuddler (5 months ago)
I just had an ash in front of our house destroyed by those emerald ash bugs, this is my favourite homesteading channel, I just wish you were in Canada so I could get more localised advice, but brilliant advice regardless.thanks.
Thanks! Sorry, about your ash tree. I would love to go to Canada. Niagara is as far as I have far.
Mike Stone (5 months ago)
Great info, thanks
Homestead Dad (5 months ago)
A couple years in, how are you liking your Stark Bros trees?
The trees are doing ok but the deer and the Japanese beetles are wearing them out.
Christian O'Brien (5 months ago)
Know it all
Keep firing away. The comments help grow the channel so more people can watch my "BS"
Christian O'Brien (5 months ago)
He bs'd his wife into doing this spent all her money doing it now rambles on and on with a YouTube channel about basically nothing. Phony fake homesteaders just a failed knmowitall
SamBo142 (3 months ago)
Uh, oh, now you are repeating yourself....
Christian O'Brien (5 months ago)
Hey this guy is a total bullshit artist he's BS his wife he's got about 500,000 projects going on he's not any good at any one of them and she's probably a professional sometime maybe a nurse or holding down a job and he's using all her money slowly sometimes quickly probably but he's full of beans this guy
There are tougher things to believe (Big Foot, Loch Ness, your ability to discern total strangers...) She retired when our first child was born. I bet you would be an ideal poker player...
Christian O'Brien (5 months ago)
Really?! I dont believe a word. Like how yall were on camera describing how you bought the property....but it was all you talking. I'd bet money you haven't worked a day in years and are living off her and she goes along with your silly (expensive) ideas. It's obvious dude ha!
You are wrong on so many levels, friend. She is a stay at home mom. I am self employed. I am using all of my money, however!
Southern Self Reliance (6 months ago)
Here's acouple ideas: Honey bees... great income once you're in year two. With good acreage leasing hunting grounds. Setup a couple primitive camping spots and list them online with Air BNB or similar... you'd be surprised. Do some kind of classes to share knowledge/skills with others.
Lazix VonBerg (4 months ago)
I've heard of people paying hundreds of dollars a night for "glamping". Could be worth.
All great ideas too!
tim kim (6 months ago)
Last scene was funny and cute
Robert Moore (6 months ago)
We have the same problem with oak in Arkansas . It's because there is no burning and the under brush.make ideal condition for the pest
Richard Best (7 months ago)
do you have a stream or creek on the farm.
Yes, we have a stream that runs through the center. Usually is an 11 month stream
Bethanne Adams (7 months ago)
He has a black visitor I believe its a bear. Oh my.
It is actually my black lab.
WE THE PEOPLE (7 months ago)
License to sell firewood ?? Fuck that
Stefan Grahn (8 months ago)
I must need to move to another part of the country. How do you get $4 for a dozen? Around here it's about 50¢, $1 if you want to get crazy.
Trey Ferguson (1 month ago)
My sister gets 3 a dozen. It's all about your clientele and marketing.
We see people selling for a $1 per dozen around us but it is all about how we raise our chickens and marketing to specific customers.
Lisa Kukla (8 months ago)
Haha! That ending was really funny! "Freshly squeezed goats" would get me to buy it. Haha thanks for that. I needed a belly laugh today.
We try to have fun at the farm! Glad you enjoyed it.
Who da lee who (8 months ago)
21:05 Makin' Bakin' oh yeah. BTW I really have been enjoying your videos since I found your fantastic channel. Cheers from Bay Area
Who da lee who (8 months ago)
Will be making my journey back to Appalachia hopefully late next year. I'm originally from Western North Carolina but have been in Ca. for 30 years. Can't wait to come back home and will be using your channel as a great reference as I will be looking for old farm land with a modest home on to settle and rebegin my southern roots I miss so much. Thank you for posting the great content!
Who da lee who (8 months ago)
You're welcome!
thanks for watching. I like the profile name!
UNSTOPPABLE-AR MARI (8 months ago)
Lol the ad was hilarious!! Well done
TTJ BigGunner (8 months ago)
lol love the ending
Tomas Tylecek (9 months ago)
So information, thx much
ZiggyLu 2022 (9 months ago)
Great videos. I always learn a lot. Thank you.
nathandelhi (9 months ago)
Goat milk suds at the end was gold!
Tripsolo65 (9 months ago)
Troy, at 25:21 moving down the hill behind you (left to right) in the light grass it an elongated figure moving like a cat. Do you know what that was? The info. you are sharing is very good stuff.
That is my black lab. She was walking down our driveway. She makes cameos in many of our videos!
jake glenn (9 months ago)
Hi Red tool. This guy is also good. He will give you many ideas. good luck. https://youtu.be/RKNgb9HGDNc
jake glenn (9 months ago)
red tool- this one is great. https://youtu.be/IWChH9MHkHg
jake glenn (9 months ago)
True, that is what I like about youtube, You get some many new ideas. Take a look at Vegan Athlete on here. he has many great ideas.
yes, I have seen this one before. Justin Rhodes is the man and this composting setup is huge!
jake glenn (9 months ago)
here are a few you can plant for free grains for both chickens and pigs. https://www.motherearthnews.com/organic-gardening/gardening-techniques/winter-grains-zm0z11zkon
jake glenn (9 months ago)
jake glenn (9 months ago)
You are on the right track but you can also pickup expired produce from all the supermarkets and this is free food for chickens and pigs. You can also plant grains to harvest for the chickens and pigs. Many grains and grass grow in the winter. also install compost piles with earthworms.
Kernica1 (3 months ago)
Red Tool House - Homestead - or grow vegetables for them?
By law, any post consumer waste we feed out to pigs we are going to sell has to be boiled to break a pathogen cycle. It is a very smelly mess. We do plant pumpkins for the pigs to enjoy in the fall as well. Thanks!
Bill Astell (9 months ago)
You need a license to sell firewood?  You guys should take the SOB who came up with that idea and give him or her a good spanking in the wood shed!  I thought you guys fought the American revolution got rid of bad taxation.
The city feels that if you come into city limits to sell firewood to the urban community, you need to have a business license and charge city sales tax. Bad taxes are creeping in every where.
Den SHERMIL (10 months ago)
which country do you live?
Den SHERMIL (10 months ago)
how old is that pigs at 6:00 ...
Asset Marketing (10 months ago)
First time I have seen or heard of furniture repair as a source of income for homesteaders...now my wheels are turning with other ideas. Great ideas some old some new one.
wade cooper (1 year ago)
When you squeeze a fresh goat, a lot of different products can come out. Especially if you use your chevy to do it.
Hayseed Homestead (1 year ago)
Totally lost it on take 5! ROFL!!
Working class Hero 72 (1 year ago)
Ooohhh boy gotta get me some goat milk suds LOL LOL LOL.
J M (1 year ago)
if you take a white board or a word doc and do a brain dump how many shows until you run out of ideas, also you might take a book list and get ideas there
I actually keep a spread sheet of potential video subjects. I figure I will run out at some point. All things must end in time...
Charles Burkhart (1 year ago)
Goat Milk Suds takes LOL
Candide Thirtythree (1 year ago)
The reason that you have to have a permit to sell wood is because the tweekers will roll up in your woods and clear them out if you don't catch them, they have done it in national forests too. They always claim that they thought they had permission or that it was their grandma's or uncle's property and the next thing you know, you are in court defending yourself and your property and having to prove it is actually yours and the tweekers are long gone.
Twenty Acre Farms (1 year ago)
Thanks for the tips! Always nice to hear other homesteaders ideas!
Sorry, I should have listened on to your explanation. I would still be interested to know if the option of growing more, not on the pasture itself is relevant. Thanks again.
Thank you for taking the time to reply
We are looking to edge plant perennials along the chicken pasture fence. These can grow up and drop edible material or we can chop and toss it to them. We think that will help reduce feed costs.
Hi, A question, if you don't mind: You talk about the cost of chicken feed. What are your considerations when deciding to buy feed versus growing something in order to use along side, to reduce costs? Thanks
Adam Raymond (1 year ago)
What do you sell each Hog for?
I try to respond to all of them but that doesn't always happen. Thanks for watching.
Adam Raymond (1 year ago)
Wow, a channel that actually answers the comments. You have earned a subscriber. Thank you.
We sell them at $3.50 per pound hanging weight on a whole hog. Check out Episode #14 that details the finances of our process. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFZOJ6iYg1E
Carl Schmiedeke (1 year ago)
Did you say $ 4.00 a dozen , ? Wow Are you selling many eggs
Yes, $4 per dozen. We have around 70 chickens and sell out every week. We have built a good customer base
Carl Schmiedeke (1 year ago)
My son was working for a big tree operation, & he used to drill into the trees for bugs to kill off the bugs ,that killed off tree from the inside out , & that was only like $10 a tree , something to think about to save your trees
Carl Schmiedeke (1 year ago)
And keep an eye on the ol lady , in the pig pen , if she falls they will eat her , there was an ol boy that had his ol lady out in the pig pen down the road , & she never came back so he went looking for her, all he found of her was a boot
Carl Schmiedeke (1 year ago)
Your going to need cattle fencing, unless you make that fence electric , they will rip that all down , you need to bury like 8 foot logs for scratching for the pigs, pigs will tear a house down
Carl Schmiedeke single strand of electric is what we use.
greg westfall (1 year ago)
this vid made me a sub.......if all youtube ads were like the end.......i would watch them all....hysterical
Thanks! We try to have fun with it. Glad you subbed!
Marcos Ba (1 year ago)
I pretty like all of your tips. But you should consider add Spanish subtitles to each videos. I know maybe pretty munch work but I’m sure you will get more followers
I will have to look into that. The only Spanish I know involves food.
walmars3curity (1 year ago)
Im young and would like to live on a homestead or farm one day. Is there quality lumber such as maple or woods for making furniture available where you live?
Some of the best hardwood is in our state. Hard maple, oaks, hickory, and many others.
Issac F (1 year ago)
Any plans to use solar energy?
Issac F (1 year ago)
Red Tool House - Homestead.. that’s cool. That could definitely be a DIY or how to video idea. Keep up the good work!
My chicken coop is solar powered and we plan to add solar to the cabins on our retreat at the back of the property. We would definitely like to do more.
Also do you have any products for sale at The Wild Ramp on 14th street in Huntington WV?
Red Tool House - Homestead Thank you. I stop there a couple times a month and was just wondering if you had anything there. 😊
pamshouse99 no, we are not at the wild ramp. We don’t sell any of our products wholesale. We retail directly to our customers.
Do you know anything about the egg distributor permits for wv residents that want to sell their eggs?
Red Tool House - Homestead Thank you. I had saw something about a permit and was wondering if you had to have your flock and farm inspected.
Yes, if you produce under a certain amount per week you just have to fill out an application for a permit that is free. You have to follow the guidelines on how you package your eggs to. Look on WV dept of Ag website for all the info and download the application.
Steve Smekar (1 year ago)
Isnt that a damn shame about those beautiful ash trees? Happened in northern Michigan to me, too. Great firewood.
it is killing me. i have a 25 inch diameter that is dead as a hammer. Taking it to the mill so we can least get some lumber. i have over 100 dead ash on the property
Albert saucedo (1 year ago)
Do you think solar energy would be a good form of passive income?
Do you mean installing and selling or providing energy back to the grid?
mrgearheadfromhell (1 year ago)
I'm just getting my homestead / farm started, I spent a lot of time researching information prior to buying or building anything. Now that I have actually started with the pork, I have been talking to people about future sales as I have yet to get a litter on the ground. The body shop manager asked me about getting one to cook at work for a cookout and I have had some interest from other coworkers as well. I'm somewhat excited about the idea because everyone at work will know where the pig came from so that could generate more sales. At this point making money isn't the number one reason I started my homestead, I got into prepping years ago and realized it really didn't matter how much of anything you have; Without the ability to restock you will run out. So that was when I started researching food production and preservation, while I still have a long way to go my ultimate goal is to have everything up and running by the time I retire. I have also committed a pig a year to a friend that will feed up for me when I go on vacation of weekend camping trips. I'm in it for the long term, the way I figure I will be able to provide myself with all the pork I can eat that will later include beef, rabbits, chicken, fish and a year round garden. While some of the animals take longer to grow they produce much more meat so it should work out where I have enough of everything until harvest time. As a certified diesel technician I make a decent living and have marketable skills, I'm not a one trick pony. I enjoy working with my hands and love a challenge, I have done many things in my 51 years however I enjoy turning wrenches the best; And it pays the bills pretty good to boot. So while I'm new to animal husbandry I'm enjoying the learning experience and looking forward to the production phase of the endeavor. I don't have the acreage to go large scale so I'm building as needed to provide areas for the livestock as I go, however the buildings I will be constructing will all be built to last until long after I will be worm food.
mrgearheadfromhell awesome plan! So many people don’t plan and get upside down before they know it. Love the diesel mechanic thing. You could work anywhere in the world comfortably with that skill. Thanks for watching!
0 07 (1 year ago)
Hey how about that bear. What a neat neighbor.
0 07 she is pretty handy to have around
dukefan (1 year ago)
Great content! No nonsense
Wendy Anne Darling (1 year ago)
I didn't realize that channels only get the ad money if people watch them for 5 seconds! I don't like a lot of ads, but, in the future, I'll make sure to leave them on long enough to make the channels I watch some revenue.
lekkki1 (1 year ago)
loved the goat milk suds promos....., and the kitty in one of them.
Holleran Properties (1 year ago)
$4.00 per dozen for eggs? We can go to our local Walmart and get a dozen eggs for $1.24 . Just saying ....
Ryan Scott (2 months ago)
+Hidden Valley Homestead Almost 7.00
Rummy's World (3 months ago)
The most expensive eggs in supermarket are more than $5 and who knows if they are pastured or non gmo feed
Hidden Valley Homestead (7 months ago)
Yeah. Take another look at the organic egg section ...lol
I don't think comparing farm fresh eggs to Walmart eggs is a good idea.
RockyMtnGobblers (1 year ago)
If your trying to make money on eggs the best egg layers are leghorns and road Island reds
I only know that because I had the info sent to me. I did a video on it about which is the best breed and cite the reference in the video.
RockyMtnGobblers (1 year ago)
Red Tool House - Homestead I did not know that, I thought it was the leghorn. Good to know
I like both of those breeds although the leghorns don't do as well in the real cold temps. The record for the most eggs laid is still held by the Black Australorp. That is what most of my flock is. They have been great layers and the hawks won't mess with them because they mistake them for crows!
AugsburgBear (1 year ago)
Check out Walter Jeffries farm in Vermont. His hogs are raised outdoors year round on the mountain. Sugar Mountain Farm.
heyerstandards very familiar with his operation. He has a great setup
Raymond Pinkerton (1 year ago)
Get some dogs
Rodney Hendrix (1 year ago)
Thanks for your time and info.
Judi Flannery (1 year ago)
I really enjoyed this video of ways to make money from your homestead. I plan on purchasing land next year to start my homestead. Your video here gave me a lot of great ideas! Thanks!
Judi Flannery great! Thanks for watching
Freedom Bushcraft (1 year ago)
Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I'm working toward that goal.
Todd Schultz (1 year ago)
How did you go about finding and purchasing abandoned farmland?
Todd Schultz check out episode 22 - Homestead Startup. It explains how we found the land and how we went about buying it. Let me know if you have any questions. Good luck!
Heartiness Approach (1 year ago)
We just found you. What a great farm. We were glad to know you are still current since this video was 7 months ago. We are Jim and Rhenda with Heartiness Approach. We work a homestead as we age in place. Check us out and subscribe if you like it. We have subbed you.
Heartiness Approach welcome! We will check you out.
Faustino Hernandez (1 year ago)
😂😂😂 goat milk suds
Faustino Hernandez we try to have some fun from time to time.
sue mcfarlane (1 year ago)
Great use of hay I have seen pig sheds made of straw squash u are bales used like big bricks
Parsons Family Pantry (1 year ago)
Lol!! Still laughing about the Goat Milk suds takes! Thanks for the great content and the giggles
Parsons Family Pantry sure thing! We like to have fun with it. Thanks for watching!
Mike W (1 year ago)
Buck Slayer (1 year ago)
Will just have to figure out what to do with the coyotes and black bears lol oh and occasional wolf northern saskatchewan is alot of work
Buck Slayer we have a coyote issue here as well. The electric fence keeps them out and after the pigs reach a certain age, they would be safe. The black bears just like to focus on the neighbors garbage.
Buck Slayer (1 year ago)
what fencing do you use for the pigs
Buck Slayer I use a single strand of electric and it works fine. The key is keeping it hot (mine is 8kv) and keep it low. Pig won't jump over but he will go under even if he takes a hit. I try to keep it about level.
Buck Slayer (1 year ago)
I'm working on my homestead I have chickens, turkeys and ducks and will be expanding with pigs and I hope soon cattle I just can't figure out how to to chop up the land for fencing yard
Buck Slayer we use the pigs as "frontiersmen". They stay on the property that we are still clearing. They root out all the underbrush and tear down saplings. Once we have a clear pasture then they stay off of it. We don't have enough to sustain cattle yet but the plan will be to put cattle on pasture and rotate them with egg layers in a Salatin style rotation.
Buck Slayer (1 year ago)
refreshing to see all positive comments
Buck Slayer it is. So far things have been positive.
Mary Edmo (1 year ago)
I love the goat milk suds cuts😂
Mary Edmo (1 year ago)
if you haven't already, look into permaculture design with the orchard, but also with all aspects of the homestead. it's such an easier, wise, holistic, responsible way to manage land.
Mary Edmo (1 year ago)
awesome. I can't wait to see it. visiting your channel for the first time. thanks for all the good information.
Mary Mogusu great advice. We have studied it quite a bit. The orchard will actually be more of a food forest once it is done.
Mary Edmo (1 year ago)
also permaculture offers more efficient ways to burn wood
Arnold Romppai (1 year ago)
I hardly feed my pigs any grain at all, I have them in a big reeving were its all bruh, and the root up everything an eat it, my layer feed off the huge compost piles, I add a few bucket loads of new stuff weekly, no grain, eggs like crazy, and great sales on compost
Arnold Romppai (1 year ago)
I repair boats an motors an custom build pontoon boats an pontoon house boats, custom trailers and all kind of welding mfg itemsas I been a welder all my life
Arnold Romppai (1 year ago)
just a heads up I put that same 2x4 fence around all my new apple trees and the fist 5 year it was fine, then the dear smashed it all down an eat every tree, bbig loss, so when I replanted o built hoops out of 1/2 inch rebar with 6 1/2 inch long legs in the ground 4 feet and welded to each hoop 1 foot a part then wrapped it in barb wire, 10 years later there a bit damaged but the trees never been touched, as for your black ash, what we do here is cut them all down an leave the limbs on and run a 1/2 inch deep cut though the bark the length of the tree, cut them in summer, the bark opens an drys it out before it roots and its good for years just to lay there, we do the same with the birch trees
Allen Holt (1 year ago)
license to sale firewood. bring on the pitchforks
Allen Holt our city requires guys to have a city business permit to park on the side of the road in an affluent neighborhood with a truck load of firewood advertising it for sale. It gets a little crazy how they squeeze a man trying to make some extra money.
seamans life (2 years ago)
great video. i hope you get more subs. keep it up sir
seamans life thanks!
Verdonne (2 years ago)
I have used Stark Bros for the past 40 years......quality product.
Verdonne I have been impressed with them so far. We just ordered elderberry plants from them and they arrived looking great!
Rough-Hewn Homestead (2 years ago)
New sub and fellow West Virginian!  Looking forward to more videos!
Rough-Hewn Homestead awesome! Are you still in our wonderful state or are you a transplanted mountaineer?
KuroiMushi (2 years ago)
"the stack like sausages" 😂...they can't escape from their nature...and future 😂
The government always has its hand out for your income - taxes biz licenses, etc. I hope that POTUS Trump will do away with those pittily little stupid licenses for people to earn income without having to share. Claim the income on your taxes and that should be the end of it!!!! That is why so many Americans won't enter into entreprenureship!!!! I loved your show - thank you for sharing! God bless you up there in God's country!!
Never Gonnatell (1 year ago)
Pamela Prizant Yup. They're all social vampires. The do nothing's have been trying to feed off the producers since the dawn of time. The problem is now they've created a cartel called the government.
I also try very hard to buy from yard sales, and thrift stores. I have everything I need, and my money stays in our community - very little or no taxes paid, and at the thrift stores we buy from the money helps the Children's Hospital and the transitional programs for the sick and addicted. I love this. they only thing I buy is underwear and shoes. We all need to do that too! stop giving our hard earned money tpo designers and to other countries for goods. I also make a lot of my own things I need with crochet.
YUP That is why private sole and small businesses need to become the norm again in our country. We can buy and sell and trade to each other within our communities. Employees of big biz get all the really great tax breaks, and the 401K s are better for them than the employees because of the taxes they have to pay at retirement time!! We have to change all of this.
Pamela Prizant I too am self employed. It is great freedom but the taxes do aggravate me. If everyone had to write a check for taxes quarterly instead of it being deducted from their checks before they see it, we would all scream for more accountability of the use of our tax dollars.
Good I do the same - I have a little biz that because they took my disability away I do - I love that more - want to be far from the government!!! They get my tax payments each year!!

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