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Sapphire RX580 Nitro+ V Pulse - Which is BETTER for you?

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Today Dominic takes a look at two of the best Sapphire cards on the market today. We put them together in a head to head, to see if the Nitro+ is worth an extra £40 over the Pulse. Read our full article over here: http://bit.ly/2OkRzxj KitGuru uses a variety of equipment to produce content: As of 27th April 2018: Panasonic GH5 Cameras Panasonic GH4 Cameras Panasonic G7 Cameras Various PC builds Final output – colour grading/titling etc: iMac Pro 18 Core/Vega 64/128GB Adobe Premiere Pro CC (PC) Davinci Resolve Studio 14/15 (Mac)
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Text Comments (79)
ThreeDogGaming (1 month ago)
Nice! I just bought the Nitro last week for thanksgiving (US) for $209. Good deal I think considering I first found it for $280ish. It should arrive this Friday so I'm pumped!
cereal master (1 month ago)
+thegribbs very
thegribbs (1 month ago)
Cool story.
Mouse's Mistake (1 month ago)
+cereal master Well it got out of control in many ways but hopefully I'm not part of this whole yellow vests thing so I'm fine
cereal master (1 month ago)
+Mouse's Mistake dam I bought it new but good for you . How's the protesting going
Mouse's Mistake (1 month ago)
+cereal master Used yet like new. We've got some pretty good deals in France
Herman Iskandar (1 day ago)
I owned pulse version, but the noises is so loud when I'm playing such a demanding games and the temp stay about 60-80c. Is it normal?
Low Budget Gaming (2 days ago)
Perfect. This was just what I was looking for. I have been considering picking up the 580 and the price difference between the Pulse and Nitro+ is significant in my area.
Nitro+ special (blue) is more faster) i will take it)) thanks for video
Tiaan Strauss (16 days ago)
Bought the Nitro+ brand new on amazon for $160 + 2 free games 😎
Zod of Heaven (18 days ago)
Seems to me that the Pulse is the wise choice.
Mat Fen (21 days ago)
I ordered a nitro from eBay for 115€
Air_ (22 days ago)
Like, found a 580 pulse 8gb for $140.
Ben Lee (29 days ago)
Best review, with data and charts.
Henning Malland (1 month ago)
None got my self a dirt cheap rx 470...
Zacarriss (1 month ago)
I have the Pulse and Frankly a Light Clock Boost to 1411 and the cards performance is Identical, a custom fan curve later and I can run it at that speed no issue. I can also get it to 1475 and the noise is the issue not the temps.
Zacarriss (3 days ago)
+Rares Gugu It depends firstly, if your monitor is a 1080p you can expect stonking good performance with good settings at or above 60fps, with it or a GTX 1060, either one's great, both are decently capable at 1440p though I do not recommend it at any resolution higher than that... If you are looking to get an Rx 580 don't expect it to be the greatest card, it's Upper Mid-Range plain and simple, no fuss gaming at 1080p, if you can get the 8gb Model under 200$ go for it, if you can get a 1060 go for it though I will personally suggest the Rx 580 on account of it's more unique features like chill and Wattman if your not into MSI afterburner... This does not mean the 1060 is a bad choice either, I got the 1050 Ti as a Back up card... Pretty good for a Budget... The GTX is a Good Over Clocker. The Rx 580 is simply Solid All-round out of the Box and while it can't clock much faster than 1500mhz it's got some serious grunt in the Memory Hash Rate... My next card is probably going to be a Navi as I don't feel like paying the Scalper Fee for the 2060... Hope that helps though what is your current card and specs... If it's older than 5th Gen AMD or Intel then well... You want to avoid Bottlenecks.
Rares Gugu (3 days ago)
+Zacarriss hey, man. Could you please tell me what you think so far about the gpu? I am interested in getting one for myself
Zacarriss (7 days ago)
+DerScharfSchutzE Interesting, I managed to Undervolt my Pulse by -18mv and still get 1400mhz stable even which for the pulse is still more than the base 1366... So I've Squeezed the best out of both worlds... I figure Sapphire has a stock overvolt of at least 20mv... Pretty sure I am not going to complain when most of the competitive games I play are at or over 100fps at Decent Settings
DerScharfSchutzE (7 days ago)
I got my nitro to 1500mhz with some heavy overclocking and overvoltage but its not really worth it imo,the card takes any game at high 1080p over 60 fps. Unless its an Nvidia game but they got the drivers coming and that fixes the issue. Its a better buy than 1060 anyway, TeaM rED
Indian Vines (1 month ago)
I am confused please help me i am getting rx 580 sapphire edition for 314$ and rx 580 aorus edition for 281$ which one should i go the sapphire edition has oc and has base clock 1411 mhz and aorus one has 1350-80mhz around so which should i consider , the prices are based on indian currency value,please reply asap! Also tell about temps of both cards
Victor Ov (27 days ago)
+Sai Tin Nyi Nyi Zone Cooling for Aorus Sucksssssss
Sai Tin Nyi Nyi Zone (1 month ago)
Both card perform the same. Just go with the cheaper one, Aorus edition in your case.
Adam Aore (1 month ago)
Cut to the chase, it’s 10 minutes already, who cares if it’s 0.000001 heavier,,, give us the numbers!!!!!
renderdreality (1 month ago)
could you leave the graphics on screen longer and when comparative information, leaving them on the screen helps because you keep talking while you hasve to remember what the comparitive information was.
Styx (1 month ago)
Super great review!
Stephan Dolby (1 month ago)
At the moment, using Amazon.co.uk as a guide, the Nitro+ Special Edition (blue, like the 590) is £182, £196 for the one in this video, and the Pulse is... £274. The Special Edition is clearly a no-brainer in this instance. No game bundle through Amazon, however.
SI MO (2 months ago)
I ve got nitro+ 580 for 190€, it was the cheapest rx580 4gb so i must bought it
Devilion901 (2 months ago)
This channel is SO UNDERRATED, welldone!
Andrew Osei (2 months ago)
I got the powercolor red devil😊
Luigi Di Monti (2 months ago)
Great choice. If I hadn't planned a black and white theme pc, I would have chosen the same model
Munich FX (2 months ago)
They are not selling the Pulse in my country, but the Nitro+ is really cheap, even cheaper than Asrock's Phantom.
Orcun Acik (2 months ago)
thank u for great review
Fokosmok (2 months ago)
Pro review.
vawa-ID (2 months ago)
their used price is pretty similar, I'll chose RGB of course.
Insane (3 months ago)
Thats what I needed. Thank you man !
broadband lte (3 months ago)
In south Korea. Pulse is far cheaper than nitro+
Gameplay Relive (3 months ago)
But out of everything why 2 years warranty ?? Why ..
Raisean Joseph (3 months ago)
ty for clearing things up for me
Mutsukichan (3 months ago)
i got the nitro rx 580. i didnt know there was a program to change the led color!
ReAmped (3 months ago)
I think the trixx programm can do that.
Диск C (3 months ago)
Thank you very much!
Gui Bil (3 months ago)
I'll wait for the october 680 refresh if the rumors are true :)
aaron sas (2 months ago)
Yeah not going to happen there is a rumoured 590 coming though
Igor Damjanovic (3 months ago)
I can't wait rx 670 :D
Dy Savior (3 months ago)
ZenNecro  Of course buds, thanks for the tip but i already always wait for benchmarks. :P But if there is a 15% increase in performance, i'll def sell my 570 and buy a 680.
Gui Bil (3 months ago)
Maybe wait for the reviews to see if the gain is important before buying
Dy Savior (3 months ago)
Gonna sell my 570 if those bad boys come.
Nicholo Poriol (3 months ago)
Is it okay to buy second hand card like this from miner?
Nicholo Poriol (3 months ago)
KitGuruTech let's say im choosing deals at least was bought last 6 months ago. And still with warranty. Is it still good?
KitGuruTech (3 months ago)
They are good cards, but if you are buying it from a miner, it is likely to have been running 100% for a very long time, which would mean the fan has had a lot to do. Depends on how old it is, and if you are getting a good deal and he will cover it for damage when you get it. Pay by paypal is likely your best bet for cover.
Nemanja Canic (4 months ago)
Great video! Thanks
DAVID GREGORY KERR (4 months ago)
I suspect that will match the GPU integrated into the A10-7850K or A10-7800K in duel graphics mode. Hopefully these graphics cards are AMD based
ZetaGridLock (3 months ago)
what???? RX 580 to be on par with Bulldozer APUs? No way!
Arab Najjar (4 months ago)
I have the pulse and it was much cheaper in my area than the nitro+ .. I'm happy with it
Arashmickey (4 months ago)
Great comparison, but there's a couple more interesting details: the 6-pin power connector on the nitro+ is optional. Also you can buy nitro gear accessories for the nitro+ and the pulse, but the is pulse only supports the replacement fans while the nitro supports the fans and the custom backplate. Finally I heard these cards are undervolt very well but I haven't looked into that.
Pandu Biasramadhan (9 days ago)
So i can just plugged the 6+2 power pin? will there be any difference if i plugged the 6 pin as well?
Pablo Escobar (16 days ago)
I have that one ,if i dont conect 1x6 pin what will hapen .Can u tell me please?
Joe shmoe (4 months ago)
The chips dont scale well past ~1300 mhz. (diminishing returns in performance) Better to drop the voltage and then try o/clocking mildly, increase vram voltage a smidge and o/clock that,.. Basically just get them more efficient. The performance difference between these two will be tiny but the nitro might be even quieter set up like that.
Pc ColdWar (4 months ago)
little soft is so easy to use and in that matter probably the best one out there got the rx 570 8gb and was able to lower vcore about 10mvolt and get 1380 and ram at 2000mhz was about same performance than a stock and did not feel the card hot at all now i run a rx 570 4gb strix oc from asus and really not the same build quality very simple sapphire is the only compagnie now to have a premiun strong build in polaris line up thx to nividia gpp msi get there premiun msi twin frozen not available here same goes for the extreme edition from gigabytes which left only the asus 3 fan over priced and nitro the sweet spot for amd card sadly for me they where a to big margin to justifie the nitro premiun for 30$ more nitro+ is worthy but you can find cheaper card for nice price tang on the used market may not apply sadly againt more than likely nitro+ was a miner choice card so you may worry that a card been run for many month have less life spawn for the futur.
Joe shmoe (4 months ago)
xfx gts similar quality, price.
Justin Justin (4 months ago)
I’d be happy with either of them ... great video
spkt0r (4 months ago)
Alot of the RX cards are appearing on eBay, this video helps alot thank you.
resync5000 (4 months ago)
pro tip - both are shit.. move along
Philip Loadwick (4 months ago)
How is the 580 still carrying a cryptomining premium? They were released a year and half ago at a price of £219, surely AMD has got on top of supply by now?
spkt0r (4 months ago)
Miners are dropping these cards as well as Power Color's Red Devil on eBay. I got a few cards from the testing I just started they (sapphire 570, red devil 580) are doing really well so far.
Philip Loadwick (4 months ago)
+Jolinator yeah that will be a big factor for sure. There's a hell of a lot of money to be made if you can start up production of memory. Are chips and memory really that different? Couldn't GoFlo switch to producing RAM as no one seems to be using them to make chips at the moment?
Jolinator (4 months ago)
Memory cost
magottyk (4 months ago)
So basically the nitro + has better power delivery, better cooling, is quieter and slightly better overall clock speed for 15% higher cost.
Victor Ov (27 days ago)
I had the pulse its the same thing lol overlocked like a champ too
Marwen Mansour (4 months ago)
help guys, i can't decide between rx580 and gtx 1060 :(
Jesus McBeth (4 months ago)
Thinner thermal pad is better.
Sswizzy Mohamed (4 months ago)
Sswizzy Mohamed (4 months ago)
First ❤
Sswizzy Mohamed (4 months ago)
Hi Good morning 😇 I have the sapphire pulse RX 580 8gb I love it but should I trade it for Nitro + ?
spkt0r (4 months ago)
The difference is only in cooling, if you setup you rig with decent case fans then you could just undervolt and try a little bit of OC.

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