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Professional Traders Vs Retail Traders 102 - Part 1

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axelfiraxa (3 months ago)
Technically it is 90% of day traders loose 90% of their money in 90 days. Otherwise anyone looking for long term investments just can't fall into that percentage range unless they happen to go in at the stat of a financial crisis and panic sell or whatever. Even then, holding would still retain about 60% of the value unless of course they went for some really highly speculated stock. This only applies within the limits of those 90 days of course. Long term many options exist depending on the choices they (the traders) make.
Pete Kennedy (3 months ago)
Never listen to a man wearing a black shirt
Anthony Cortes (1 year ago)
0:38 - 90/90/90 equals...
mcmoney135 (1 year ago)
Thanks Anton.I follow you now for a while>SUCH AN INSPIRATION!!!THANKS A LOT
Moaied Suhail (1 year ago)
great presentation Anton, and thank you for all the info man
Johnson Hung (1 year ago)
Great Content ! thank you for sharing !
COGS's CORNER (2 years ago)
So I guess trading at almost 2 years with 53% win rate on my longs and 65% win rate on my shorts, with 10.8% of trades being long and 89.2% of trades being short, Im doing alright. Hence why my account grows consistently. The power of supply and demand!
Harvey Parry (10 days ago)
Jeremiah John I’ve taken antons course and the broker you use doesn’t matter, just as long you can get a good breadth of instrumentation, any retail brokerage platform is fine, for equities and commodities have around 1-6X explosure and 5-8X exposure for Forex ( Anton says this is a good threshold)
Jeremiah John (5 months ago)
which broker do you use and what leverage?
James Keenan (2 years ago)
Hey there, I'm wondering if you can give me some advice.. In this video Antonin spoke about the 90-90-90 rule.. I consider myself a retail trader, I have a degree in business but it's not economics specific. I have been trading for over a year now, I have expanded my equity by over 40% and a good 80% of my executions profit.. I am not boasting, this 90-90-90 rule has made my worry, i do a shit ton of research into my investments, i know how to interpret and use nearly every graph and tool i have to my advantage and it's making me money.. But Antonin said Pro's are lucky to get 50% right.. Are they just being stupidly risky? Firing blind? I just don't get it!
John Ashtone (9 months ago)
+James Keenan I suggest you read 'Fooled by Randomness' by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. He explains how if you are day trading with a retail account, then you are very lucky. However you say, 'you consider yourself a retail trader', which suggests you are not actually signed with a broker and working on their terms and conditions? Also you may well be dealing in longer periods than interday trading, which is what day trading is all about. Day traders don't make the big money of dividends, and certainly not compound interest, over a ten or more years period which is the way to make BIG money.
Amirul Danial (9 months ago)
GoJMe yea true as win rate can flux but if hes doing it right, the capital will always grow no matter what the win rate is
Amirul Danial (9 months ago)
Yea i don’t think all of them are great in trading, some are just going to work there. I think most of the best trader in the world only trade for themselves ,not working for someone else, they called themselves professionals but they forget that there are talented mfker out there that will laugh at their ass. But dont get confused, the people that really move the market make hell a lot of money and maybe you win 80% but ur risk reward is low. Maybe they win 50% but their risk reward extremely high, idk man. Lmao
GoJMe (10 months ago)
you are just lucky, if u have an education u will know how statistics work... the longer you do it the more likely u will be pulled towards the average
A. Lanca (2 years ago)
Many people lose thousands of dollars without having heard Anton, if they had the opportunity to listen to Anton before, perhaps now would be millionaires. I am one of them and I'm not ashamed to say it. Even without having made any Anton program, I could understand it to be able to say that he is absolutely right. After losing 100,000 in the market, and become bankrupt, I can now understand each letter of his mouth. Thanks anyway Anton. Continue with your good work.
Rex Stu (1 month ago)
after watching his video for 2years now. are u millionaire yet?
piper.spirit (2 years ago)
Didn't you post this exact same message on another one of these videos?
reese_ ks (2 years ago)
how do you loose 100k?
Fly Oz (2 years ago)
The whole trading system relies upon the many Lemmings tipping their money into the bin. how else could it work? Everyone feeds off the next guy. profits are taken long long before ma and pa kettle ever put a penny down- they are there to pay for it all after the fact.
Jonathan Necessary (2 years ago)
I live in the usa interested in taking.the course. how.much is it? I recently heard it changed n increased in price.
Simon Gray (5 months ago)
Jonathan Necessary a
InstituteofTrading (2 years ago)
ask all your questions via the contact form on the website and the team in the London office will get back to you www.instutrade.com/contact-us/
InstituteofTrading (2 years ago)
+Jonathan Necessary same price. just go to www.instutrade.com/eduaction/ any questions send them through the contact form and one of the guys in the london office will arrange a call www.instutrade.com/contact-us/
jB murc (3 years ago)
I agree on the 90/90/90 when it comes to leverage ....swing/intraday trading equities market my personal preference ....
Aivars Kalvans (3 years ago)
80/20 rule is far more appealing
Mr P (4 years ago)
haters really ??????? listen and listen again 
James Z (4 years ago)
I can't stop my self to show up to say....yours setting there are waste the passion of mr. Teacher, cause you guys know nothing stock trading since you guys don't get the spence of humor of the teacher'
Dan O'Seaghdha (4 years ago)
*W O W* ... who has commissions that high?  I've heard that commissions are generally higher in Europe, but that's nuts ... Heck, I'd move out of Europe completely if commissions were that high ... or, what people are also not told *_negotiate lower commissions_* which is actually not that hard to do
dil s (1 year ago)
InstituteofTrading (1 year ago)
Spot on Alex! Sorry you had to find out the hard way. Most though usually have to. We knew when making this video it would be up for years and people always find out the truth in the end.
Alex (1 year ago)
To Mark and K M, What he is saying is that is if u take a 3:1 your win rate will most likely be 33%; if u take a 1:1 R:R your win rate would be 50%. I've watched this video a year ago i didnt believe what he said and found out the hard way that he is right. If u dont know what you're doing it is pretty much a coin flip. Trading schools and educators all teach this reward to risk bullshit that sounds great but doesnt work like what most people believe. All the "junk" that trading books or educations or seminar just amount to coin flips at the end. You lose money slowly through commission.
K M (2 years ago)
Seems to me he is saying is the commission on the buy and sell change the risk ratio; but those who taught them in the first place conveniently didn't teach them to take that into consideration!
Dan O'Seaghdha (4 years ago)
+Mark Blackburn It almost sounds like he's saying that r/r ratios are not risk management, which I'd agree with.  R/R ratios ( _which can vary all over the place and need to be taken in context with accuracy  Ill trade lower r/r ratios on a trade only if that method  works more consistently  Its always tied to an accuracy rate_ ) are only what they are, where determining where your risk lie is a whole other monster
Tilly4Rilly (4 years ago)
Thank you Anton Kreil for your efforts in increasing awareness regarding trading.  I have been avidly following your videos and have opened up an Etrade account to learn from experience. 
Jaydot (4 years ago)
Man do i love  how  reall and raw the people behind instutrade are. I hope to  be a  student in the near  future. Willing to make  an investment into  my  future.
Philippe Gianessi (4 years ago)
compounding interest with 2% yield/month over 7 years with GBP 10,000 at begining ends up GBP 59,431.33 not 1Mio. Or maybe did I miss something. Can someone explain
magiet12 (4 years ago)
+InstituteofTrading Could you explain a bit more extensively? Ofc not how leverage works, but what assumptions did you make? Thanks
InstituteofTrading (4 years ago)
Were using leverage...
Philippe Gianessi (4 years ago)
love these videos
Trader (4 years ago)
Here is another 90 / 90 / 90 rule   90% of fund mangers can't beat the s and p Index lol  Anton is obviously forgetting to mention that.
see below (1 month ago)
How is it possible that 95% of hedge funds don't beat the S&P? By randomly picking stocks within the S&P and just holding for the long-term, you have a 50% chance of beating it.
j (5 months ago)
Hedge Funds are NOT meant to beat the market - rather they are meant to make a fixed steady return forever & they are meant to avoid crashes!
The Timer (5 months ago)
yeah but when the s and p goes down 50%, hedge funds are down less than 10%
thefittest. us (1 year ago)
good fund managers doo not give a shit if they don't beat the s&p since their profit is not dependent on that
Tarom456 (1 year ago)
Hedge funds are forced to trade on a mandate. They dont care about making profit.
Sacred Rismak (5 years ago)
Why was this suggested under a video about a Rubix cube?
mablib412 (4 years ago)
optionsupdate (5 years ago)
city index had a trading contest with 8 newbies they were trained by city index "gurus" it was like a car  crash, think cityindex got embarrassed and stopped showing the trades only the positions. 
P T. (5 years ago)
Thank you for such useful information again anton.

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