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(Macro) Episode 33: Exchange Rates

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How do currency values rise and fall? Why would a country want to manipulate the value of its own currency? "(Macro) Episode 33: Exchange Rates" by Dr. Mary J. McGlasson is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
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Plazma dm (11 months ago)
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7906jun (1 year ago)
thank you very much !
dadamama (2 years ago)
Thank you so much for the video! You should just come to class and teach instead of the guy who was explaining these things throughout the semester without really understanding shit himself.
PyNinja (2 years ago)
Brian Faure (2 years ago)
Good one bro
Dr.Lalita Nanakong (2 years ago)
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Paul Huberts (3 years ago)
Thank you!! :) This is awesome
Robert Hernandez (3 years ago)
fuck economics id rather fight george bush
vivien leigh (3 years ago)
thanks for this :) I feel cool as beyonce now
unwanted angel (3 years ago)
I think if your planning a vacation, you could lose your mind worrying about exchange rates. Just use your credit card when you get there. Use banks for currency exchanges to save on added fees.
Elżbieta Piepiórka (3 years ago)
You are a life-saving genius
Dario Nazaret (3 years ago)
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promachacker (3 years ago)
Imports are not necessarily bad though
Abubakker Abubakker (2 years ago)
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Dean Hampton (3 years ago)
Very helpful! Thank you
david nhunhama (3 years ago)
It's a very good tutorial. Now I have a better understanding of the topic. Thank you.
Mahbub Alam (4 years ago)
really helpful..............................
Julia G. (4 years ago)
Why would the foreign country keep its good (in this case, Canada and its lumber) at the same price ($50,000 Canadian dollars) if its currency were depreciating and the good was worth more than 50,000 Canadian dollars in the reduced dollar value?  I recognize how that could be beneficial to the economy as a whole, but why would the individual producers want to sell their lumber for less than its worth (as U.S. citizens are plausibly willing to pay almost US$50,000 for it, not accounting for inflation or the appreciated currency, because that wouldn't make enough of a difference to make the lumber worth only US$32,000), or less than market equilibrium?
noorsoccer5 (4 years ago)
OMG!! Thank you so much!! This was very helpful, and concise!
hoài anh (4 years ago)
Thanks for your video ! Very helpful; <3
ih4cku (4 years ago)
what are the abbrs of each axis and curves?
Kissarne Joy Petalver (5 years ago)
This is the only topic that confuses me.. now it makes sense!
Kennard (5 years ago)
Great video!
Lingapuram Kiran Kumar (5 years ago)
thank u i now i understand exchange rater..... PRAISE THE LORD.
UtubeS (5 years ago)
Dean Bishop (5 years ago)
keijimikashi (5 years ago)
the only problem with your videos is that you speak too fast, some people may have a hard time understanding what you are trying to explain, and get confused. just my opinion though, anyway your videos are very helpful and informative :)
Harman Grover (5 years ago)
r u from nz haha
sbally995 (5 years ago)
I think the single most important economic variable, which is widely, widely misunderstand in the world, is currency - is the exchange rate. People in the world argue that exchange rate matters, exchange rate's most important variable affecting, trade balance. Actually it is not, right ?
ayeres James (5 years ago)
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Danish Siddiqui (5 years ago)
big thanks! :-)
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lewis matthev (5 years ago)
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Belle Vy (5 years ago)
Love your voice,too! I wish you were my teacher! I will never skip a day! Hihihi
Belle Vy (5 years ago)
morgan antonio b (5 years ago)
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deeb10101 (6 years ago)
Very helpful, thanks!
myevilbidet (6 years ago)
I lol'd at your 'Canadian' dollar bill :P $5 is the lowest our bills go. Google 'Loonie'.
Bob C (6 years ago)
I've always found this stuff difficult to comprehend. You have a gift for simplifying this stuff.....thank you
Mich A.A.A (6 years ago)
I like your voice :)
Jay Vinayak Ojha (6 years ago)
This is a really, really amazing video, all of them are! They give great explanations with just the right amount of humor. I'm not going to be revisiting IGCSE economics after my boards in May this year, but I'm going to recommend this source to everyone who is, thanks again!
Panda Awi (7 years ago)
@FreeSoul790 central banks interest rate can affect both private bank and the Forex. like the OMO if the central banks would increase it's rates to incr. the demand for T-bond can, which decrease the money in an economy which increase its value in the FOREX. now the private banks only relay on corp. bond rate and corps. base their rates on CB's rates. i am not sure about it but i think its right and my explanation is not complete due to the limit of char. here hope i have helped even a little
st (7 years ago)
i wish i could give you my tuition! my macro professor was horrible this year! keep up the good work!
Mr.Muhumuza (7 years ago)
I LOVE MJMFOODIE!!!! Explains everything soo well, unlike my uni lecturers lol :) God Bless yaaa :D
WeAreAirborne (7 years ago)
Ignore this comment. This is just to prove to my ECON-1 teacher that I watch things she tells me to watch.
mjmfoodie (7 years ago)
@Xenu That's a lot of questions!! Yes, because the securities market affects the money supply (see the video on Monetary policy), it affects both the currency value and the market interest rate. Most rates are market (i.e., supply and demand) driven, but some, like the discount rate in the US, are set directly by the Central Bank.
Xenu (7 years ago)
Is there a correlation between the amount of securities a government sells and the value of its currency? Who sets the rate of interest on securities? Is that also the Federal Reserve? Does the interest rate on securities have any effect on other interest rates?
Stephen Emmanuel (7 years ago)
grear video --- from a cfa and mba grad .. cheers!
Peter Cuomo (7 years ago)
mjmfoodie (7 years ago)
@liebstandarteadolf Hopefully I don't come off as viewing the practice of pegging as right or wrong, just stating why it is that the US complains about it...? Thanks for the comment.
MrBIOSkunk (7 years ago)
complete;y clear !
unrivaled37 (7 years ago)
Thank you!
blazemk (8 years ago)
you have been very helpful thank you :) btw do you draw the pictures yourself ?
Anduy (8 years ago)
awesome! thank you very much!
milesflies (8 years ago)
good job! great narrator.
mjmfoodie (8 years ago)
@sirellyn I hope that's not the impression that I gave -- I had hoped it was clear that the equilibrium price of a currency is market-driven (i.e., demand AND supply)? In fact, when I talk about a country manipulating the value of its own currency, that definitely comes from the supply side . . .
sirellyn (8 years ago)
Whoa whoa. This video assumes the appreciation or depreciation of a currency is only due to it's demand, using that assumption it assumes that appreciating dollars make others buy less goods. MOST of the time, appreciation/depreciation with currency is from new money creation rate from the central bank. When this is the case (as it mostly is) a cheaper currency buys less of what it did before. There's actually more incentive for appreciation. Money itself gains value.
mjmfoodie (8 years ago)
You are exactly correct. So theoretically, overvalued or undervalued currencies will self-correct by that mechanism.
SomethingSoOriginal (8 years ago)
Very good video, one question. As the Canadian dollar depreciates and demand for Canadian goods increase from abroad, surely this increases demand for Canadian dollar leading to an appreciation in the Canadian dollar?
mjmfoodie (8 years ago)
Euro, or eurodollar? I'm guessing you mean the first, which is the currency used by (most) members of the European Union. The Eurodollar is something very different... In this video, all comparisons are bilateral, or only between two currencies, so the only way the euro would have an effect on say, the value of the US$ vs Can$, is if Canadians suddenly dump their holdings of US dollars because they want to hold Euros instead. Then the value of the US$ would fall relative to the Canadian dollar.
Muhammad Faizan Chaki (8 years ago)
Marry u can't imagine how much help u've provided me with this one, THANK U VERY MUCH
Pink Pink (8 years ago)
very helpful!

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