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Joe Rogan Experience #1169 - Elon Musk

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Elon Musk is a business magnet, investor and engineer.
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Bryan Baxter (1 hour ago)
We are truly living in one of the most interesting, remarkable times since the dawn of humanity. We are experiencing and witnessing it at its birth, and very early infancy.
Bryan Baxter (1 hour ago)
Not in a bad way, but this is one of the strangest things I have ever seen, on youtube or anywhere. Elon just seems so calculated and ... ironically, robotic.
Darko Klepač (2 hours ago)
tnx. U boys are great !! To Elon: Please consider: Drop plane supersonic pasinger glider ( with aded electrick engens) with vertikal takeof asisted platform ). for more detales [email protected] Darko Klepač
Rosie Darko (4 hours ago)
Ugh, why do people make such a big deal about him smoking a joint on air? How is that NEWS?
jake myszka (6 hours ago)
I was about to apply for SpaceX Tig weld job but I make $20 hr in Kansas and thats what web is saying I'd make in California welding for SpaceX. Cheapest apartment there is $1800 month. I have a house with giant garage and yard in KS for $750 month.. cost of living there is too high I couldn't survive as single father... I thought wages we're higher in California. How do average hard working people afford housing?
jake myszka (6 hours ago)
Huge fan of rogan and musk! Are elon musk's robots in his Tesla factory programming themselves or human? For example I'm a professional welder. Does his automatic welding machines have artificial intelligence to where they program themselves?
•Damager (7 hours ago)
Shoggo (8 hours ago)
Elon... Crunches his ice. Good boy.
Jonathan Rodriguez (9 hours ago)
Joe "I think about this all the time." Rogan
Kolby Roberts (9 hours ago)
"how do you manage your time to handle all these things you do?" "We sold 20000 flamethrowers"
Crystal Morales (11 hours ago)
one of the best interviews i've seen
Balls to the wall (11 hours ago)
David Icke!!! ✌🏼
Frankie Shaw (12 hours ago)
Wish Joe would quit doing that awkward laugh while he's looking at Jamie and Elon...Like Damn dude, if you don't know what to say just wait on Elon...
Neil Christensen (12 hours ago)
How uncomfortable Musk is talking about AI. He's keeping stuff from the audience. Then when the conversation moves on he visibly relaxes and starts laughing like crazy cos he's not having to act any more.
Robert Golden (13 hours ago)
No way this has more views still than Alex Jones's interview...
dinmolle (13 hours ago)
“A hole in the ground is better than no hole in the ground” 9:05 Is it though?!! Haha what a guy!
dnos (14 hours ago)
I absolutely love Elon, but he repeats himself a lot
Alex Williams (15 hours ago)
Elon’s long pauses make me check my phone to see if it died
snaplemouton (16 hours ago)
Listening to 2 geniuses talk is incredible.
MrPrayerSlayer (17 hours ago)
People most likely have said this already but i swear he has Asperger's Syndrome. High Functioning Autism at its finest.
joe s (17 hours ago)
Elon Musk us a Mel Brooks fan. I knew I liked him.
Dave Hampton (17 hours ago)
It looked like Joe wanted to get up and cut open Elon Musk with his samuri sword just to prove to himself whether Elon's human or not!
tforal2 (4 hours ago)
Lmao that's dark.
Ranger77 (17 hours ago)
elon is a AI. they way he talks and thinks and the remarks he makes, ESPECIALLY when he talks about AI
Kaylyn Dudich (17 hours ago)
Is this the only video with more views than Alex Jones lol 😂 the fuck is going on
James Thomas (18 hours ago)
joe pink shirt men framing women lookin ass
Juan Manuel-Pueblo (19 hours ago)
Never seen Joe rogan so stumped haha
Julian Adams (20 hours ago)
Why don't we build our buildings down?
Shaunn Hartmann (21 hours ago)
When you call out "Iron Man", then Elon and RDJ stand up.
Lil Scyth (21 hours ago)
Elon”A hobby company”Musk
1:07:57 hahaha, that's the only reason I find flat-earthers usefull
wan shyney (22 hours ago)
oldcamp whiskey....
I like what i like (23 hours ago)
Elon Musk =Tony Stark
Tim Fuzail (23 hours ago)
1:20:03 that's the Endgame
Rosen Stoqnov (23 hours ago)
Joe Rogan predicted the fall of Huawei :D
Abdullah Maruf (1 day ago)
After watching this, go watch the Alex Jones interview. You'll also have the fatalistic attitude ingrained in your mind!
David Ban (1 day ago)
The awkward pauses lol
SirRiffsAlot (1 day ago)
06:45 For a guy who's this smart... even I understood what he meant by that. Extreme intelligence is a fascinating thing, it's razor-sharp in some areas, and dully unsophisticated in others. Yin and Yang I guess. Still, great interview and a real chic guy.
Discharge Summary (1 day ago)
Joe looking dissociative
FurryChopstick (1 day ago)
What if Elon is actually an android and he defected from the AI collective. His warnings are serious but we all say...oh quirky Elon. Come back in 4 years. Called it
Butt Lord (1 day ago)
Any dumb fuck that wants to convince me aliens are real should start talking about EM, and this is where they should start.
Handy Man (1 day ago)
This is hands down the most epic episode
Jupiter the planet (1 day ago)
I like the way Elon says "Yes". His "Yes" is so convincing.
Jonathan Buckwalter (1 day ago)
I’m really disappointed that we didn’t get to see the real Joe “Have you ever heard of DMT?” Rogan...
Metropcs Metropcs (23 hours ago)
U must be the ONLY one.
Frank Maitland (1 day ago)
The Judge Joe is talking about was elected
Frank Maitland (1 day ago)
kellz loyi (1 day ago)
I wish, i'd listened to my teachers lectures like i did to elon musk( Great Elon Musk)
MultiPanda (1 day ago)
I think Joe should get Elon Musk and Peter Joseph together to the show
Sw1ft (1 day ago)
2:10:30 was what ur here for
Jae Kim (1 day ago)
Rogan figured out musk. Rogan: “You probably can’t because of stock holders right?” Musk goes **aw fuck stock holders nobody tells me what to do**. Takes a hit.
Porco Tyl (1 day ago)
2:04:22 Elon Musk looks so happy, my heart man.
Ster Crack (1 day ago)
the judges in south florida are terrible, not just the judges but the cops, the city workers, everybody working for the government down here treats it like a 1875 wild west video game. WE NEED HELP!
Explo Diddly (1 day ago)
Did rogan wax and buff his head for this interview?
CroutonBomb (1 day ago)
I could only imagine “a bunch of explosions” all the time. I mean he is thinking when he is thinking(if that makes sense) watch his eyes as he talks. After that first drink though you could tell he was becoming more relaxed. Thanks Joe and Elon for this interview!!
Sumit Raut (1 day ago)
Hey Joe, Pls invite Elon for all your forthcoming episodes...and put an Elon Musk wallpaper on that wall behind you.
Dantes Inferno (1 day ago)
Elon Musk is the epitome of "well fuck it" 😂
323PAISA (1 day ago)
Joe wants a nice piece of Elk
PROXY 6 2.0 (1 day ago)
Queen Syddy (1 day ago)
Is it weird I understand everything Elon's explaining to Joe?
Tech Review Ireland (1 day ago)
Love is definitely the answer
4:54 is the most strange and awkward pause. I mean that look in his eyes. ALSO, if 20:37 isn't subliminal proof of him being from the future I don't know what is.
smk fce (15 hours ago)
If in anyway possible, that was true, that could explain why he is the only rich person sending rockets to space, cause he knows that one day he will make it happen.
linda comas (1 day ago)
Is it just me or is elon speaking in a way thats very careful like he doesn't want to say something to soon or give anything away by accident. And hes very philosophical when he speaks as if he's really thinking very carefully about every answer and wants every word to be meaningful
NIX 5 Cents (1 day ago)
I like how he measures his answers, or what he wants to say. At least that’s what Elon looked like he was doing.
It’s called thinking before you speak
Russ Pink (1 day ago)
Just call it a hug brain please..
Jacqueline Mcnabb (1 day ago)
Musk is creeping me out. The way he just said in alien, with no emotion then goes on another topic leads me to believe he really is. They are walking among us. I'd rather know and know they are nice lol
Voice IT (1 day ago)
19:09 why he is a genius - in one sentence
Dmitriy Inc. (1 day ago)
2:10:34 ohh yeah
2:10:30 You probably were looking for this;)
Anime Lover (16 hours ago)
You are my hero!!!
Shawn MIller (1 day ago)
Joe "sleeping tight in gotham city" Rogan
Elon got so baked 😂😂😂🔥💪🏻
Andrew Dodds (1 day ago)
Joe Rogan doing a Neil degrasse Tyson impression is life.
Cody Williams (1 day ago)
@2:02:06 Joe setting the stage got Musk tipsy...blunt coming soon.
William Jones (1 day ago)
I'd love a Tesla. I can't even afford the cheapest model. Until its more affordable what are the middle class supposed to do?
Sorenzan (1 day ago)
Joe is probably the only comedian that can make an Elon Musk interview funny.
Joshua page (1 day ago)
Joe does he talk the same off the air, because I've buddies in the ai field and they always seem to talk like that over the wire, but in-person it's way different.
kevin musa (1 day ago)
Elon is a genius
Abel Sterling (1 day ago)
That mike Pence comment killed me 😂😂😂😂😂
Vali Andrei (1 day ago)
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J May (1 day ago)
This guy...lol...U can see the struggle Musk goes through to dumb down literally every word that comes out of his mouth. He's very intelligent, but if people would make an effort to understand, more than realize they could can get a handle on his concepts.
ImaEffinUnicorn (1 day ago)
Elon Musk stops buffering when talking about sex. Confirmed male human. 😂
Mike Platonov (2 days ago)
Every tome Elon pauses or stutters, he’s just thinking of how to explain shit to normal people.
Lupo (2 days ago)
He never seems to answer the fuckin question he's been asked lol
Liam dabrowski (2 days ago)
i love how he drilled a fucking tunnel and spent millions of dollars just so he can be in less traffic
matt cloke (2 days ago)
can AI beable to be a energy source since it would be thinking for itself to survive in some way ?
Laith B (2 days ago)
Where did they find the interviewer?crappy opening and terrible fake laughs
James Smith (2 days ago)
Joe Rogan, was such a prick in the fact he kept calling Elon weird... that's not invoking the whole "love" message... contradictive fuck!!
Francisco Alves (2 days ago)
Folks, the future is brighter than we think and that's my take away.
gunit 010 (2 days ago)
" You know, we should dig this pit, and then like, show Eric " - Elon Musk
gunit 010 (2 days ago)
He really has a hard time explaining himself
Boxajoe Gaming (2 days ago)
So much talk about pits lol
Boxajoe Gaming (2 days ago)
Just a Big Pit
Stephen Williams (2 days ago)
What is wrong with the 10k people who clicked the thumbs down on this interview!! Crazy phuks
Ambrew (2 days ago)
1:53:56 Stupidity squared
Joseph Orca (2 days ago)
Elon beat around the bush musk
Dana Meise (2 days ago)
He has the Superman curl
Anthony Juarez (2 days ago)
What is his reaction at 1:08 is that normal. He takes a deep breath and starts looking everywhere for like a second
War Monkey (2 days ago)
When I see Elon talk I looks like he is constantly thinking not like in a retard way but like he is trying figure out something at every moment but still is talking almost like his brain is in 2 places at once.
Anthony Juarez (2 days ago)
Check him out at 1:08
Mike Jones (2 days ago)
This dude doesn’t look human
Yahya Hamdan (2 days ago)
Elon Musk probably wanted to be like Tony Stark by selling weapons.
ThE RaGiNg GaM3R (2 days ago)
Why, re-watching this now, when he starts talking about his Neural Link it almost seems like he is using it, with the pausing (looking up the answer lol) the not focusing on Joe (looking at a screen in his mind lol) it’s actually weird to watch 😂😂 he seriously looks wild lmaoo
Anthony Juarez (2 days ago)
At 1:08
Matrix Note3 (2 days ago)
What a great interchange.

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